Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

It doesn’t matter who you are – we all get a bit busy at times and healthy meal prep gets tossed out the window for easy and accessible meals.

Rather than struggle with time management, or even with cooking for those who aren’t as confident, meal prep plans are widely available for subscription.

It’s a simple setup, as all the ingredients and recipes get delivered for pre-selected meals to offer up healthy alternatives that take half the time. 

While there are a number of brands making their way in this world, I’m focusing on two in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review to break down what both brands bring to the plate and where the differences lie.

About Every Plate 

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

Every Plate joined the market in 2018 based solely on price. A sister company to HelloFresh, this subset became all about cost-effective meals to stay healthy while saving money. 

Centered around the same notion of subscriptive meal delivery, this business stood out not only through lower cost, but kid-friendly selections and the ability to customize proteins or vegetables (depending on the dish).

Perfect for those who don’t have the time to be shopping or prepping a meal, this healthy alternative works to save money and health one bite at a time.

About HelloFresh

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

On the market since 2011, HelloFresh popularized the notion of healthy meal home deliveries to create the empire that exists today. This brand works around quality; from their top-tier ingredients to the step-by-step instructions provided for every meal, HelloFresh delivers on the highest level. 

Originally starting solo, this brand has since grown into the HelloFresh group that now includes 5 other meal delivery services centered around locations, budget, and meal types.  

While other brand names now offer cheaper versions, HelloFresh still stands as the original (and typically most popular) option.

What to Consider

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

While they may both be owned by the same company, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t differences at play to be considered. 

Each business joins the market with their own twist, so to figure out what take on meal delivery best suits the needs of the household, I’m going over some of the top things to keep in mind about each brand before buying in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review.

Target audience 

On the surface, both brands serve a similar demographic of individuals who can’t cook, don’t have time to cook, or are looking for easy alternatives to healthy meals. 

The biggest difference here comes from expectations as HelloFresh works with more unique recipes while Every Plate tends towards common and kid-friendly dishes.

Variety of plans 

Every Plate gives customers the choice of four selections when deciding on a plan. Customers can select between ClassicPlate, VeggiePlate, FamilyPlate, or EasyPlate with each serving up a variety of meals to fit the brief.

Customers can select from the weekly menu to pick their favorites of the 17 dishes offered and alter their meal plans as they go.

HelloFresh sees that variety and raises it by providing 6 plan selections of Meat and Veggie, Veggie, Family Friendly, Fit and Wholesome, Quick and Easy, and Pescatarian.

Again, weekly meals are displayed on the website for easy selection of the coming weeks, showing customers 6 weeks of meal selection at a time (rather than the 3 that Every Plate offers).

What you’ll need to bring

Both of these brands tend to lean into the customer’s own home cooking collection. The brands work from the assumption that individuals will have their own oil, salt, pepper, flour, sugar, butter, and milk. Basic pantry items that most households keep ready to go. 

Subscription flexibility 

As both brands are operated in a similar method, their subscription flexibility comes out the same. Both businesses offer simple substitutions, skipping, and alteration of meal plans at any time. Miss a week, pause the account, switch up a preference, it’s all done online with ease for both brands.


As both brands come from the same central group, sustainability attempts are mimicked by both businesses. These environmental efforts relate heavily to the reduction of food waste (as portions are precisely measured), ingredient sourcing, and tracking/reducing carbon emissions

While the head company states they’re working to reduce packaging, currently these brands include a lot of plastics to separate ingredients, so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.


Both brands are US-based and deliver within the continental US. HelloFresh also offers delivery in the majority of Canada and the UK, so Canadians, Britians, and Americans are free to sign up for meal delivery at any time. 

As for pricing, Every Plate comes in as the cheaper option with each serving costing roughly $5 vs HelloFresh’s own $9 per serving.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: How Do They Work?  

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

First thing’s first in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review, I have to go over exactly how these systems work. Both brands are all about providing easy access and a variety of choices to customers to help them create the weekly meal plans they desire.

Every Plate customers can select meals 3 weeks in advance, so make it part of the routine to log in and start selecting. Once registered, individuals can alter how many recipes per week they receive, their diet plan, subscription timing, and more. 

Every Plate provides a selection of over 15 dishes per week, so take time to go through each meal to check out the included ingredients, nutrition value, cook time, and more. It’s all online with just one click.

HelloFresh allows customers the same independence regarding their ability to alter information at any time. The key difference here comes from the variety. With 6 meal plans to choose from rather than Every Plate’s 4 as well as the over 30 dishes per week, customers have a number of options as they plan for 6 weeks ahead

The downside here comes from the info online. Customers can’t select recipes for more information and instead have to go off of photos, name, and cook time before buying.

I will say that both brands have their own apps to easily access information on services and meals. HelloFresh also provides an online blog and recipes for anyone (customer or not) to access at all times.

I’d have to side with HelloFresh for this one as they provide the additional features of recipes, blogs, and more recipes with better planning time.

Every Plate does a great job in terms of showing off what’s included in each recipe selection regarding ingredients and nutrition facts, but unfortunately, that doesn’t beat out the waves of offers coming from HelloFresh.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: Types of Plans 

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

Plan ahead when it comes to the meal plans offered by these companies. While they’re owned by the same group, they each stand alone in their offerings with a variety of options available through both brands. There’s a lot to break down here, so here goes.

Every Plate allows customers to customize by diet, the number of people, and meals provided per week. Select from 3 to 5 meals per schedule provided for either 2 or 4 individuals.

The real options here come from their dietary plans. Every Plate has 4 selections:

  • ClassicPlate – includes meat and seafood options alongside vegetarian meals for the full range
  • VeggiePlate – this one is veggie-only for vegetarians and vegans alike (or just people who don’t want to bother with the meal prep of meat)
  • FamilyPlate – specifically chosen to be kid-approved, these dishes tend to be more standard and classic meals that everyone in the family can enjoy
  • EasyPlate – all about ease of creation, this selection offers quick cooking and clean up times for a relaxing experience

Customers select one option upon registering, but they’re able to switch between plans online once a subscription is in place. Stick with a diet, mix things up, and just have fun with it.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

HelloFresh follows a similar standard in terms of customizing according to the number of people (2 or 4) as well as meals per week (2 to 6).

In addition to allowing for more or fewer meals per week than Every Plate, HelloFresh also brings two more meal plans to the table for a total of 6:

  • Meat and Veggies – the widest range including all types of proteins and vegetables
  • Veggies – all vegetarian all the time with natural and fresh ingredients
  • Family FriendlyKid-approved and tested, these dishes are simple to make and universally loved
  • Fit and Wholesome – health-hungry individuals can turn here for heart-healthy meals that taste great
  • Quick and Easy – short prep, cook, and clean up times for all dishes without sacrificing flavor
  • Pescatarian – seafood and veggies abound in this plan

I’ll be honest, due to the sheer amount of overlap, I’m likely to go with the latter in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review.

HelloFresh just offers more opportunities surrounding dietary restrictions as well as meals per week. I’m a big fan of options and customization.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: How to Sign Up  

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

Signing up needs to be a simple system in place for customers or interest gets lost. No worries with these brands as both keep things straightforward at all times.

Both systems start through the same three-step process:

  1. Select a plan, the number of people eating, and the number of recipes desired per week
  2. Fill in personal information such as email, delivery address, and payment info
  3. Start choosing meals for that first week’s delivery

That’s all it takes to get started. Once completed, customers are able to go online to their account to select future meals, skip weeks, pause subscriptions, change plans, or even cancel.

While Every Plate offers their $5 pricing in the setup selection, HelloFresh takes the time to break down the total cost to give a glimpse of the total (and realistic) cost of the subscription.

Due to this, HelloFresh really stands out amongst the crowd for that honesty of pricing without hiding behind the “per serving” title many of these companies use.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: My Favorites From The Menu  

I couldn’t have an Every Plate vs HelloFresh review without mentioning the food itself.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the meals available each week, but I’ve selected just a few of my favorites to showcase in this article to give you a taste of what’s to come from these subscriptions.

Every Plate Creamy Dijon Chicken 

Chicken tends to be a constant favorite (for those who eat meat), so it’s no wonder the Every Plate Creamy Dijon Chicken is making an appearance here.

Providing customers everything but the butter, oil, salt, and pepper (which, let’s be honest, tends to come down to preference), this kit saves time and money by creating a complete chicken dinner for a reduced price

Adding some tang to the traditional taste of chicken, this Dijon delicacy aims to introduce new flavors to the palate in one easy meal.

Throw in a side of crispy and golden Yukon potatoes with some zucchini (I promise it works), there’s not much missing from this one. Saucy, savory, and well-seasoned, this dish is one for the ages.

Every Plate Caramelized Onion Burgers 

We all love a burger from time to time, but why get stuck in a rut with the same order when Every Plate offers up their Caramelized Onion Burgers?

Taking a slight twist on the traditional burger and fries, this meal is all about new flavor combos. In addition to making homemade burgers and wedges (which are always better), this recipe brings out a kick in the sauce.

While caramelized onions are in the name for a reason, I’d argue that the star of this dish comes from the homemade horseradish sauce

A bit of punch from the wasabi, soothing sensations from the mayo and a bite of garlic make for an outstanding sauce to top a burger or dip some fries in. Do as you please.

HelloFresh Cherry Balsamic Pork

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that the Cherry Balsamic Pork just sounds fancy. This is a meal to impress guests with.

Despite the high-class title, the recipe itself is extremely easy and only takes 30 minutes from washing those hands to the final plating. While the sides are kept simple with standard broccoli and potatoes, the real shining star here comes from the sauce.

The pork itself comes with a nice sweet and savory mix, so it’s only fair to add something that takes those elements the extra mile. 

The sweetness from the cherries, the tart and tang from the balsamic, it’s an explosion of flavors with every bite. Share the recipe with others or keep this gem for yourself – either way, it’ll be enjoyed.

HelloFresh Southwestern Shrimp Tacos 

Leave behind the notion that shrimp can only ever be a delicacy and bring it into modern and casual cuisine with the Southwestern Shrimp Tacos.

Only 10 minutes of prep time and 15 to get things cooked and ready, this dish is a great one to serve up when time is limited (but the flavor is not)! Put together those sizzling shrimp and warming tacos with the addition of a homemade sauce.

This recipe sticks with Pico de Gallo for its hearty seasoning. Start slicing and dicing, toss some onions on top with a bit of lime for a kick and every bite will have you coming back for more.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: Quality of Ingredients 

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

Both brands take pride in their quality of ingredients, offering up customers what they deem to be the best of the best. Every Plate provides minimal information on their sourcing practices but assures customers that they aim for top-tier.

The issue with this comes from a lack of follow-up in not listing locations or practices required while gathering ingredients.

Customers seem to have no complaints surrounding flavor from this brand. Their organization of packaging has raised some eyebrows, but overall, the taste is there.

HelloFresh provides sections on sourcing for proteins, fish, and vegetables. While they admit that not all produce is organic, they do state that they follow strict guidelines on all food with quality assurance checks and domestic sourcing

Working with local farms to source as much produce as possible, this brand is open about their process and goals for nutrition, production, and more.

I’m not a huge fan of lacking information, so I have to go with HelloFresh in this section of my Every Plate vs HelloFresh review. Their FAQs section seems endless, so the pertinent information is always within reach about every aspect of the business.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: Price & Value

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

We all know that the real question of which brand to go with tends to come down to price and value which is why I’m putting a real emphasis on it in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review. There’s more to meal plans and delivery than just the food provided, but the price has to match up.

The prize for the lowest price clearly goes to Every Plate, which asks for only $5 per serving in comparison to the $9 per serving of HelloFresh.

Every Plate is known for their budgeting and deals, so it makes sense that their prices would be the lowest in the game. However, I have to question whether that additional $4 of HelloFresh is worth it.

To keep costs low, Every Plate provides ingredients aside from pantry food (flour, sugar, salt, etc), expecting customers to have those in supply at home. I have to admit, HelloFresh often does the same, so I can’t really judge based on that. 

The real difference in value here comes from the preparation and selection.

While both brands separate their ingredients into individual packaging, customers have stated that HelloFresh tends to organize the containers in a cleaner method to make things easy to grab on the go. With that being said, for a lower price, some don’t actually mind that extra step.

Selection comes into play here as the higher price equals higher-grade selection. Every Plate covers over 15 dishes per week through their selection segment, but HelloFresh crushes that with over 30 recipes to choose from per week. I

In addition to a higher number, the meals from HelloFresh tend to provide more ingredients and complex meals than the standard and classic selections of Every Plate.

I’m not saying that Every Plate doesn’t stand well on their own – they’re a great choice for those who need to keep budgeting in mind and the price does align with the value of the meals provided!

I would, however, go with HelloFresh on this one as their higher costs do come with more variety and exciting meals.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: What Do Customers Think?  

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

I couldn’t offer a complete Every Plate vs HelloFresh review without turning to customer thoughts. Both brands come out with heaps of praise, so it’s safe to say that this one may be on par.

Starting with Every Plate, when it comes to garnering top ratings, they’re easily a favorite. This brand has 4.1/5 stars on TrustPilot based on over 18.5k ratings. Their Facebook rating is also a cool 4.3/5 stars based on over 9,500 ratings.

So, what exactly is drawing customers in? Price is a big one. The cheaper costs per meal are a big draw for customers with a tighter budget. Add in the variety of dishes to try and perfect portion sizes? Customers are sold.

Need more proof? Check out just a few of the thousands of reviews online:

  • Very clean and fresh! I have had no missed items to report and zero waste. I have used up everything and the ingredients supplied take up very little room in the refrigerator.
  • “I am very pleased with my experience so far. I have tried new foods and meals I would never have tried otherwise.
  • All the meals have been delicious! I never cooked before using this delivery service. It’s made very easy, nice sized portions are perfect for my husband and I.
  • Fun and easy to cook. Food is really good. Portion sizes are acceptable.”
  • There is such variety that I don’t have to search the cookbook anymore. It’s all in the box, on time, fresh and tastes great. Thank you, Every Plate!”

HelloFresh also doesn’t struggle when it comes to finding online reviews. Their US TrustPilot page has 4.2/5 stars based on over 38k ratings

Add in the 43k on the UK page (3.7/5 stars) and the near 9k on the Canadian page (4.1/5 stars) and it’s safe to say that the numbers are there. Consumer Affairs brings in a 3.8/5-star rating based on another 5,600 ratings, so I have quite a pool to draw from.

The main positive point that continues to come across – the variety. Customers absolutely love the wide range of options to keep ideas and interest fresh. Introducing new dishes, sauces, and sides into a world of routine, the ease of packaging and preparation only adds to the beauty of the subscription.

Customers have plenty to say about this brand, but I limited it to just a few posts to show off how passionate the people are about this brand:

  • “If there’s one thing this company has mastered, it is the awesome sauce. Doesn’t matter what you ordered, the sauce is awesome and turns bland chicken into an elevated masterpiece.”
  • “I enjoy the flexibility of being able to order only when I want with no pressure. It is very convenient during the Covid thing.”
  • Great recipes, easy to prepare. Really helps during the work week.”
  • “I have tried three different delivery services and HelloFresh was by far the tastiest. The recipes actually opened my mind into new ways of cooking and preparing food. Their menu choices were great and always delivered on time with easy-to-read directions.”
  • “I really appreciate the variety of meals available and most of them are easy to cook once I have a feel for the pattern.”

Both brands have some negative reviews surrounding delivery and customer service, but those opinions sit in the vast minority. They’re worth mentioning, but don’t let them hold back any taste tests.

Numbers alone have me siding with HelloFresh in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review, but the fact is that customers clearly love both. Taste, texture, and selection seem to win over buyers of both brands, so it seems you can’t really go wrong.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: Promotions & Discounts

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

At the time of writing this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review, various promotions are running strong in addition to standard discounts. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Every Plate really only offers one standard deal throughout the year: a student discount. However, the wording is a bit confusing on this one. The company claims students get meals for $2, but then states the next two boxes get 20% off

Following up with the terms and policies only explains that after promotion pricing returns to $5 – so, I’m not quite sure what the full story is with this one.

Currently, HelloFresh is running a first-time promo that cuts costs to 50% off with free shipping for first-time customers. This is a steal as it can cut costs down from $70 to only $30 for an order.

For those interested in longer-term deals, this brand also offers:

  • Student Discount15% off every box
  • Hero Discount 50% off the first box with free shipping followed by 10% off every box after for medical, nurses, military, hospital employees, and veterans

HelloFresh keeps things simple, so I’m apt to go with them on this one. I love the low prices on Every Plate for students, but the language surrounding it was a bit too confusing for my taste.

Every Plate vs HelloFresh: Shipping & Returns 

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

Every Plate and HelloFresh follow similar protocols surrounding shipping and returns. Both brands ship using insulated packaging to keep food fresh 7 days a week throughout the continental US.

HelloFresh does have more variety in terms of delivery locations, but their practice of using UPS or FedEx with packaging tracking is the same.

Due to being app and online-based services, it’s incredibly simple for customers of either company to alter their plans. Both brands allow for skipping weeks, pauses in subscription, and flexibility in timing. 

I will say that shipping was the one issue that seemed to pop up for both brands in their reviews, with customers complaining of missed deliveries and lengthy wait times. However, as stated earlier, these opinions were far from the majority.

As for dissatisfaction, I wanted to really lay out the worst-case scenario for each. For Every Plate, here are the top facts to keep in mind:

  • Customers have 5 days from delivery to report any issues
  • Credits or refunds may be provided
  • Photographs are required for items of concern
  • To cancel a subscription, individuals must call or use the Live Chat option at least 5 days before delivery

HelloFresh operates under similar policies, but I’ve got the facts anyway:

  • Customers are able to cancel shipments or accounts a minimum of 5 days before delivery
  • A maximum of 5 days from delivery are given to list any complaints or concerns
  • Credits or refunds may be provided
  • Photographs are required for missing or damaged products
  • Subscription cancellations must be done through the phone or via email to customer service

There’s really no comparing these two as they operate under incredibly similar policies and practices. Safe to say, check the ingredients immediately upon arrival for the best chance of getting your money back.

Who Will You Shop With?

Every Plate vs HelloFresh Review

I have to say that when choosing who to shop with, it really comes down to your needs. Both are great options for those who struggle with cooking, decisions, and time management

Those who have a budget always in mind are likely to go with Every Plate for their lower costs. However, the verdict in this Every Plate vs HelloFresh review is that I would choose to subscribe to HelloFresh.

Honestly, it just comes down to the options. This brand has been in the game longer and has a wider variety of dishes, meals per week, and dietary plans.

I always love being given a choice, so the ability to select from such a wide range is an immediate win. Add in the thousands of positive reviews on flavor and I’m sold.

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