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Brightland Olive Oil Review

About Brightland 

Brightland Olive Oil Review

Have you ever wondered why your olive oil smells unsavory, even when you open it for the first time? It’s because most olive oil products in the United States have already gone rancid, even before they’ve left the factory. Brightland looks to change that.

Brightland Olive Oil bottles are all the rage on Instagram right now, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re pleasing to look at and even more pleasing to the tastebuds, or so their 56.1k followers say. The brand has also been featured in the likes of CNN, Business Insider, the NY Post, POPSUGAR, and other media outlets.

Beyond that, the company employs sustainable practices to ensure both freshness and contribute back to local olive farmers.

This Brightland Olive Oil review will cover the brand’s oils, what customers think, how their products stack up against the competition, subscription deals, and whether these oils are worthy of gracing your pantry.

Overview of Brightland

Brightland Olive Oil Review

Brightland Olive Oil operates a direct company-to-consumer business model, ensuring that their products remain fresh. That’s why they ship directly to their buyers. They strive to deliver the highest quality olive oil without any fillers or artificial preservatives. 

All the olives used in their products come from family-run California farms. These olives are picked straight from the tree. 

Aishwarya Iye launched Brightland in 2018 in California to cut through the slog of rancid olive oils. She and her husband kept getting sick when they cooked because they were using subpar olive oil. 

They realized many people don’t think about how oils affect their health and now pursue the goal of nourishing bodies through pure olive oil.

Another key appeal covered by this Brightland Olive Oil review is the company’s aesthetics. They’ve been making headways on Instagram due to their eye-catching designs

Their bottles are stark white with a UV-protectant coating. This coating is more than just easy on the eyes; it protects the oils from degradation owing to harmful UV rays.

Much like how their olives are locally sourced, all the artwork on their bottles is designed by independent artists across the United States.

Let’s see how well they deliver on that promise by stepping into the highlights section of this Brightland Olive Oil review:


  • Offers a large selection of olive oils 
  • No artificial preservatives or ingredients
  • Oils are designed to maximize taste and nutrition
  • recipes for inspiration available on their website
  • Positive customer reviews – 5/5 star rating out of 465 reviews on their website
  • Locally-sourced ingredients
  • The company is transparent about how their oils are produced 

Brightland Olive Oil Review

Brighton Olive Oils boast authenticity over everything else. This approach maximizes flavor in their oils while mitigating the risk of mold and rancidity. 

All of the products featured in this Brighton Olive Oils review are cultivated through a similar process. The olives are milled an hour and a half after they are hand-picked, then they’re cold-pressed with the other ingredients. This procedure ensures freshness in every serving.

In addition, every oil boasts a high 401-degree smoke point, making them all safe for cooking. And if you needed one more reason to consider Brighton Olive Oils, their high polyphenol count makes them great antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Brightland Olive Oils are just as much for the soul as they are for the tongue. Each of the products comes in a 12.7 fl oz bottle.

Brightland ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil Review

The ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil is one of two signature olive oils from the company. It’s made of California arbequina and arbosana olives for a well-rounded, nutty flavor. 

This Brightland Olive Oil review found that this delicate oil is best used as a finish for salads, dressings, or dips. While it’d make for a great cooking oil too, the ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil shines when it tops off a dish.

Speaking of shining, the $37 ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil can be used for more than cooking. Toss some through your hair to make it shine and shimmer, or lather it on your skin and face to rejuvenate your pores. 

Brightland ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil Review

The ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil is the companion piece to the ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil. Whereas Alive has a lighter taste, ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil is more complex. It’s best used while cooking to accentuate the flavors of the ingredients.

You’ll want to throw this oil into dishes like roasted potatoes, grilled chickens, and fried eggs. In case you hadn’t already guessed, its deeper flavor means it won’t make for as good of a moisturizer. Not that that’s a bad thing. That leaves you with more oil for cooking!

Like its sister oil, the ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil costs $37.

Brightland Rosette Olive Oil Review

After trying their two basic oils you may develop enough confidence to sample the brand’s infused oils. That’s an escapade this Brightland Olive Oil review recommends. Why not start with olive oil’s best friend, garlic?

The Rosette Olive Oil is the company’s garlic-infused olive oil made from frantoio olives. The garlic taste is assertive, to say the least. You’re going to notice this bad boy when you throw him into a dish. Thankfully, the flavor is smooth rather than overpowering

Garlic flavors pair best with Italian or Italian-American dishes like pizzas, pastas, and breads. At the same time, the garlic flavor also disqualifies this oil from being a solid skincare option, unless you want to really smell a certain way (but we’re not here to judge).

The Rosette Olive Oil bottle features artwork by multimedia artist Lilian Martinez. The Californian artist is renowned for her blend of contemporary aesthetics with traditional architectural design. The bottle’s art is funky like a late-night jazz concert at a hip plant shop.

The Rosette Olive Oil costs $40.

Brightland Lucid Olive Oil Review

It’s time to brighten up your outlook with the Brightland Lucid Olive Oil. This infused oil pairs the tang and zest of fresh lemons with frantoio olives. 

Since it’s both bright and oily, it’s a great finishing piece for dishes. The acidity best accentuates dishes the later you add it into the meal. Drizzle this on savory salads, turkeys, or anything you think needs some extra lemon tang.

The Brightland Lucid Olive Oil has some added versatility with its lemon zest. It’s great for fruit-focused dishes as well. 

And if you need a bit more pop beyond the oil’s taste, take a gander at the bottle’s abstract artwork. The paint strokes and brush lines were drafted by B.D. Graft, an Amsterdam-based artist. The design reflects the $40 oil’s complex and bright flavors.

Brightland Ardor Olive Oil Review

Maybe you’re looking for something with a bit of an edge, a bit of smokiness, and a dash of danger. This Brightland Olive Oil review says that the Brightland Ardor Olive Oil is perfect for you if that’s the case. 

As with all other Brightland Infused Olive Oils, this stunner costs $40. Red chili peppers, jalapenos, chipotle peppers, paprika, and heirloom frantoio olives combine in this barbeque-flavored oil. It’s a warm taste, but it’s not piercingly spicy.

Drizzle some over anything that needs a kick of heat at the end. If you like your pizzas and plates of pasta spicy, then reach for this.

Marleigh Culver painted the Brightland Ardor Olive Oil’s artwork, drawing upon her Thai heritage, the warm Southern California climate, and the heat of the oil to create a subtle yet very effective piece of artwork to adorn the bottle.

Brightland Arise Olive Oil Review

Garlic and olive oil might be the most common Italian pairing, but for this Brightland Olive Oil review’s money, there’s no better combination than basil and olive oil. Thankfully, our featured brand has us covered.

The Brightland Arise Olive Oil is their basil-infused oil. It has an herb-forward taste with hints of pepper and mint, but the basil speaks for itself with its perky flavor accented by the oil. 

We do note that this is not a cooking oil. Too much heat for too long will wither at the basil’s potency. You want to use this as a finishing flair to traditional Italian meals. 

Peter Som designed the sunny yellow flowers and charming white petals that adorn the Brightland Arise Olive Oil bottle. 

The New York-based fashion designer was influenced by Andy Warhol and summer tranquility. With that in mind, the bottle’s artwork has a pop-art vibe, distinguishing it from the rest of Brightland’s stellar artwork.

The Brightland Arise Olive Oil can be yours for the price of $40.

Brightland Subscription Review 

The base Brightland Subscription includes the ‘AWAKE’ and ‘ALIVE’ oils.

Together these are called The Duo and ordering them through the subscription nets you a 15% discount. That means the Brightland Subscription starts at $65.

After that, you can modify your orders however you please.  You can add products as one-time purchases along with your subscription or receive them with the same frequency as you would The Duo. Delivery rates can be adjusted too. 

The Brightland Subscription delivers on a monthly, bimonthly, and trimonthly schedule. You have until 24 hours before your order ships to adjust your order. 

This Brightland Olive Oil review discovered that you can skip or cancel a month at the drop of a hat too. Even better: all subscriptions all have free US shipping.

Non-edible items like the Brightland Spout can only be ordered a single time.

Based on the Brightland Subscription’s 4.9/5 star over 149 reviews, this is Brightland Olive Oil’s most popular product. People must be drinking these with how often they receive bottles of olive oil!

Who Is Brightland For? 

Brightland Olive Oil Review

Brightland Olive Oils are for home cooks, chefs, and people who like toying around in the kitchen. The products are so versatile that they can be used outside the kitchen as well. 

The oil’s purity means that they’re great if you’re searching for a sustainable and locally sourced oil for your hair, face, and skin. You can coat your skin and your dishes with the same product. Now, how about that?

Comparison: Brightland vs. ILA

Brightland Olive Oil Review

What good is a Brightland Olive Oil review if it doesn’t examine how Brightland stacks up against the competition? We’ll compare the company to a similar brand, ILA.


  • Their standard Olive Oils, ALIVE and AWAKE, cost $37 for 12.7 fl oz, though the price drops if ordered through the subscription
  • Ingredients are only sourced from California, meaning less energy expenditure for travel costs
  • Multiple olive oil products are available
  • Bottle designs and artwork are one of their key focuses, both for aesthetics and optimal storage


  • A standard bottle of extra virgin olive oil costs $42 for 15 fl oz
  • Products are sourced from across the globe so the company has a larger carbon footprint
  • Only one olive oil product
  • Minimalist bottle design

These brands are pretty comparable at the end of the day, but we have to hand it to Brightland and applaud their locally-sourced ingredients and the amazing artwork that graces their products.

Brightland Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Brightland Olive Oil Review

While Brightland Olive Oil’s online presence is scarce, the brand hosts a useful customer feedback section on their website. Overall, the brand holds a perfect 5-star average curated from 465 consumer reviews on their website.

Customers rave about Brightland Olive Oil’s freshness and great taste, as well as the gorgeous bottles.

One such buyer from their website celebrates the company’s diverse oil selection: 

Great! Loved the three oils I got..tasted them all with some really good bread….lemon, basil, and chili…all super delicious, basil was my fav! I try to save these oils for adding to dishes after the food is cooked cuz the flavor is so good raw…but I love heating them up too.” 

Another customer says, “I love all their products! I think I’ve ordered every single one and have bought some as gifts as well. Fast shipping too and nice packaging a great plus!

Who doesn’t love specifics? Here’s a sneak peek at how some of the individual best-sellers are rated on the brand’s website:

  • Brightland ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil: 5/5 stars out of 48 ratings
  • Brightland ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil: 4.9/5 stars out of 28 ratings
  • Brightland Lucid Olive Oil: 5/5 stars out of 26 ratings
  • Brightland Ardor Olive Oil: 5/5 stars out of 33 ratings
  • Brightland Arise Olive Oil: 5/5 stars out of 21 ratings

Love, love, and more love. It seems like Brightland have created some hit products judging by the rave reviews and ratings.

Over on the brand’s Instagram page, customers lauded the company’s new honey products. One Instagram user commented “Brightland + Honey???? Nothing SWEETER.” Many similar comments were found praising the brand’s taste and bold artwork. 

We wanted to include more veritable customer reviews, but the only other site we found any on was Trustpilot. But even then, there’s only a score of 3.4/5 stars from a single customer. Safe to say we can’t really get any concrete info from them.

All in all, we’ve found so much positivity for the brand online because of the products’ great taste and versatility. Nice customer service and shipping doesn’t hurt either.

Is Brightland Olive Oil Worth It?

Brightland Olive Oil Review

If you are someone who is invested in cooking, who thrives off of fresh ingredients, or who’s tired of rancid olive oils, then this Brightland Olive Oil review recommends giving their products a shot. 

The bottles are so beautifully designed that they are nearly worth the purchase themselves. They can be reused because of their UV-protectant coating. Plus, they’re pretty enough that you’ll want to keep them around even after all of its contents are delightfully drained.

Brightland Promotions & Discounts 

Brightland Olive Oil Review

The only discount Brightland Olive Oil offers comes from enlisting in one of their delivery subscriptions, where The Duo costs $65 as opposed to $74. Not too bad as far as savings go, especially since you don’t have to worry about reordering.

Where to Buy Brightland

Brightland Olive Oil Review

Brightland Olive Oils can be purchased through their website at and some specialty stores in California like Poketo and Salt & Pepper Gifts, Inc.


Brightland Olive Oil Review

Is Brightland certified organic?  

The Brightland Olive Oil Website claims that the mill that produces the olive oil is certified organic. They also highlight that their partners are certified organic. However, they make no mention of whether the olive oil itself is organic.

Where is Brightland olive oil produced?   

Brightland Olive Oil comes from the Central Coast in California. You can rest assured knowing it’s a local product of family-owned farms.

What is the best way to store my Brightland bottles?  

If you’re asking this Brightland Olive Oil reviewer about the bottles and not the olive oil inside, then they can be stored anywhere. They can rest out on the countertop in the sunlight because of their UV-protectant coating. 

That’s probably the best way to store them so that you can show off each bottle’s wonderful artwork.

How should I use Brightland’s different olive oils in my kitchen? 

Brightland’s Olive Oils can be used as both a cooking and a finishing oil because of their high smoke points, but be aware that it will impart a pungent olive taste. 

If you’re cooking Italian or Mediterranean dishes then this will have a different interaction with the food than it would with a Chinese style dish, for example. 

The Brightland ‘AWAKE’ Olive Oil is best used as a cooking oil in heartier meals like stews, pasta, and roasted vegetables. Conversely, the Brightland ‘ALIVE’ Olive Oil makes for a great finishing oil on a salad or in salad dressings and marinades.

How long do Brightland olive oils last? 

Brightland Olive Oils last up to half a year if you store them properly. Their honey will be good for a lifetime if they are kept in an air-tight container away from sunlight.

Are the white bottles recyclable? 

Yes, they are! They don’t release any harmful compounds into the air so they can safely be recycled or reused.

What is Brightland’s Shipping Policy?

Brightland Olive Oil offers three shipping options; UPS Standard Shipping, FedEx Home Delivery, and their expedited shipping option FedEx Overnight. 

The company offers free shipping for orders over $80. Shipping takes 1-3 business days but deliveries could take longer depending on environmental factors.

Sadly, Brightland Olive Oils do not offer international shipping at this time.

What is Brightland’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, there are no returns available for Brightland Olive Oil products. All sales are final!

How to Contact Brightland

You can touch base with the brand through the contact form on their website or via their email [email protected]. Brightland‘s customer service hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday EST.

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