Hug Sleep Pod Review

About Hug Sleep

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Hug Sleep is an ultra-soft, breathable swaddling pod that helps reduce anxiety and maximize comfort to help you get to and stay asleep. Made from a four-way stretch, the pod is lightweight, machine washable, and comes in Classic and Move versions for adults and kids.

Featured on Shark Tank, Hug Sleep was a hit with the sharks, landing a deal with Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban. Since then, the brand has been highlighted on Fast Company, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo, and has a growing following of 10k on Instagram.

Interested in learning more about how these swaddling blankets work? Keep reading this Hug Sleep pod review.

Here, we’ll fill you in on key information about the brand and its bestsellers, answer important FAQs, provide information on promotions, and more, to help you figure out if they’re everything you hoped they were (and possibly more).

Overview of Hug Sleep

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Hug Sleep is the creation of two people’s lives, trials, and skills. Husband and wife team Matt and Angie Mundt developed the pod in 2019 as an alternative to weighted blankets which help with anxiety, but slide off in the night and can be difficult to manage.

Before Hug Sleep, Angie had dedicated her life to helping others after seeing her mother battle depression, which eventually resulted in her suicide. Determined to do something about poor mental health, she undertook a Master’s degree in Community Psychology and now works in the mental health sector.

Coupled with Matt’s Mechanical Engineering background and personal sleep issues, his idea for the sleep pod made perfect sense for the pair. So, they set out on a mission to “help people sleep better,” ultimately improving their mental and physical health.

Ready to learn more about their swaddling blankets? We’ll get into them soon! Before we do, this Hug Sleep pod review will shine some light on the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Offers Classic & Move options
  • Versions for adults & kids
  • Lightweight, breathable & has a four-way stretch
  • Provides anxiety relief & improves sleep
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Multiple ways to save
  • Ships around the world
  • 30-Night Sleep guarantee


  • It may take a while to adjust to the pressure of the pod if you’re not used to it
  • Some shipping locations are temporarily restricted
Hug Sleep Pod Review

In the next section of this Hug Sleep pod review, you’ll read all about the Classic, Move Adult, and Move Kids pods. Though the Classic is different from the Move in the way that it doesn’t have the removable bottom, getting into your pod is the same for either one and they’re both made from the same stretchy, breathable fabric.

Developed using the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, Sleep Pod helps your body relax naturally without the need for sleep aids.

Using gentle compression to apply pressure on every part of your body (aside from your head—you’ll want to keep that out), the Hug Sleep adult swaddle blanket acts as an embracing hug, providing the same comforting touch that humans need to feel safe.

You can wear your pod any way you like, just on your legs, up to your chest, or even around your arms—it’s totally up to you. When it comes to color, both the Classic and the Move are offered in gray only. This may be due to the fact that gray is actually a very soothing and cooling shade. It’s relaxing to look at, making it a perfect choice for this kind of product.

Need a little extra support? All of the brand’s Sleep Pods are stretchy and can fit a pillow, but they suggest sizing up if you like to sleep with one in between your legs.

Let’s start things off with the model that started it all, the Classic.

Hug Sleep Pod Classic Review

There’s a reason why when you were a kid your parents tucked you in at night, securing the blanket all around you to help you feel safe and sound. The Hug Sleep adult sleep sack operates on that same principle, encasing your body in soothing comfort that can lead to you falling asleep faster and having a better snooze overall.

It’s essentially shaped like a giant sock, with a closed-off bottom that keeps your toes sheltered from the cold air around you. But, you do have the option to expose one leg or foot if needed, thanks to a well-placed pocket.

Mimicking the way you would have been swaddled as a baby, feel dreamy comfort with the Hug Sleep Pod Classic for $80 (normally $100).

Hug Sleep Pod Move Adult Review

Ever gone camping and zipped yourself into a sleeping bag? You can’t beat that kind of cozy comfort, but getting out of it to run to the bathroom can sure be a pain.

Though many love the encompassing feeling of the Classic, some find they need a little more freedom. The Hug Sleep Pod Move Adult provides just that, allowing users to pull the pod over both feet and up around their legs or body (think: sock turned leg warmer).

With the same soothing pressure of the Classic pod, this movement-friendly version is normally $100 but is on sale right now for $90.

Hug Sleep Pod Move Kids Review

Just like adults, it can be a struggle for kids to feel secure at night, and even more so, considering they have less time out of swaddling blankets. The Hug Sleep Pod Move Kids comes in sizes for ages 7-10 and 10-14 (it isn’t meant for kids under 7).

Giving them the easy-move option of freeing their feet, as well as the dependable pressure of compression fabric, this calming pod is easy to get in and out of while helping ease sleep troubles.

Help your kid sleep easy with the Hug Sleep Move Kids pod for $75, normally $100.

What Is Hug Sleep Made Of?

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Hug Sleep pod is made of a blend of polyester and Lycra. This blend provides a super-soft feel, with compression and enough stretch that you feel comforted and not restricted.

All of the brand’s Sleep Pods are machine washable and don’t require any kind of extra special care. Just toss them in with the rest of your bedding.

How Do You Use Hug Sleep?

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Think of the Hug Sleep pod as your own personal little cocoon. You’d put in the same way you would pants, albeit, very high-waisted pants.

To break things down further, we’ve outlined the process in 5 easy steps below:

  1. Sit down on your bed
  2. Scrunch your pod down like you would a sock
  3. Put your feet into the bottom
  4. Pull the pod up and over your legs, hips, and up to your chest
  5. Lay back and then put your arms in

If you prefer to have your arms free, you can stop at step 4.

Who Is Hug Sleep For?

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Love to snuggle? Hug Sleep is a snuggle machine. Swaddling you in ultra-comfortable, stretchy fabric, it’s ideal for anyone who struggles with anxiety, restlessness, or troubles falling asleep.

The brand has versions for kids and adults and offers a variety of sizes from S-XL for adults, as well as different kids and tweens sizes. The Hug Sleep blanket should not be used by anyone under 7 years old.

Comparison: Hug Sleep vs. This Works

Hug Sleep Pod Review

We all know the importance of sleep—without it, we literally can’t function. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why the amount of sleep-centered brands out there outnumber the sheep you use to try and count yourself down to Slumber Town.

To see what makes our featured brand so special, in this section of our Hug Sleep pod review, we’ll put it head-to-head with This Works, a 24-hr Skincare Solution brand that’s known for its relaxing sleep products.

Overall, This Works offers a wide range of sleep, skincare, body, and bath products made from clean, natural ingredients.

Because this is a Hug Sleep pod review and we’re focusing on catching them zzzs, we took a closer look at the competitor’s sleep section to see if there was anything similar to our featured brand, but in the end, came up empty-handed.

Though these two brands offer incredibly different product selections, their end goal is the same—to help people sleep better. While one person may prefer choosing a soothing Sleep Plus Pillow Spray from This Works for $46, another may like a cozy little sleep sack for $80 that will last you years.

If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to consider using the Sleep Pod and This Works sleep spray in tandem to create an ultra-relaxing environment.

Hug Sleep Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Hug Sleep is an intriguing concept. It certainly looks comfy and cozy, but it’s one of those things that we really need to hear from customers to understand fully.

In this section of our Hug Sleep pod review, we’ve rounded up a selection of feedback from around the web that sheds some light on what the brand’s pods are really like. We’ll look at what it feels like to be in one and how it can improve sleep quality.

First up, you’ll find a list of ratings for the two different versions of the sleep pod taken from the brand’s website below:

  • Sleep Pod Move: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 77 reviews
  • Sleep Pod Classic: an average of 5/5 stars from 71 reviews

The Sleep Pod Move is the brand’s newer model, so we decided to take a closer look at its comments section.

In terms of the difference the Move makes for sleep, one buyer wrote, “I have one of these and I love it! I often feel anxious for no reason, but using this sleep pod has made all the difference in my ability to fall and stay asleep.

Meanwhile, another Hug Sleep pod review reveals that the user gets a deep, painless sleep, thanks to the pod. Take this excerpt: “Day one slept through the night, difference being, I felt like I slept, no sore back or shoulders, just a great night sleep. Happens every night.

It’s pretty cool the way something as simple as a pod can make all the difference, in terms of pain and anxiety. And, even though the science behind it is really simple, it’s incredibly effective.

Next, we headed over to a Hug Sleep pod review on Jabba Reviews. The blog gave the Classic pod an 8/10 score noting that though tricky at first to get into, it was a “toasty” winter must-have.

The reviewer said, “This is better than a blanket, as it completely covers you, no little pockets of cold air coming in.” If you’ve ever grown frustrated at a blanket that didn’t cover your vulnerable toes while lounging on the couch, then you know how valuable a blanket like this would be.

Shuffling over to Amazon, we found a 3.9/5 star score for the Sleep Pod Classic from 737 shoppers and the following snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 56%
  • 4 stars: 13%
  • 3 stars: 11%
  • 2 stars: 8%
  • 1 star: 12%

Curious about how the pod feels when on, we came across one comment that read, “Let me start off by saying that this thing is soooooo soft. The best thing I can compare it to would be a pair of luxurious leggings. It has a lot of stretch and give to it.” It’s important for a product like this to be soft, can you imagine if it wasn’t?

Overall, it looks like the Sleep Pod Classic and Move are loved by those who use them. With high ratings across the board, the only big issue customers had—that the Classic was tough to get out of—was solved with the introduction of the Move.

Is Hug Sleep Worth It?

Hug Sleep Pod Review

Sleep is important, but so is compression. Like a warming hug, the brand’s sleep pods embrace your body, providing gentle compression that soothes anxiety and helps improve sleep.

The hug sleeping pods are sold for decent prices. They are a bit up there, but not out of the realm of appropriate for what it is, especially when it provides such great results.

When compared to a weighted blanket, which can range upwards of $200, the Hug Sleep pod is much more affordable, convenient, and is easier to clean.

Because these products deal with pressure, before you use the Hug Sleep tube, it’s important that you consult your healthcare provider. They’ll let you know if it’s something that’s appropriate for your current physical condition.

Hug Sleep Promotions & Discounts 

Hug Sleep Pod Review

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep—although the brand’s prices are still totally reasonable for the peace and comfort its products can bring. Throughout this Hug Sleep pod review, we kept an eye out for any deals that may pop up, and pop up they did. Take a look at what we discovered:

  • Shark Tank Sale
  • Get $10 off your next purchase + free shipping when signing up for the newsletter

Where to Buy Hug Sleep

Hug Sleep Pod Review

To take advantage of the brand’s sales and discounts, the best place to get your pods is directly from HugSleep.com.

Can’t get enough of Amazon? We don’t blame you. You can find most of the brand’s products on the internet warehouse, as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Hug Sleep Pod Review

Who owns Hug Sleep?

Matt and Angie Mundt own Hug Sleep.

Where is Hug Sleep made?

Hug Sleep pods are all proudly handmade in the USA!

What is Hug Sleep’s Shipping Policy?

Hug Sleep delivers all around the world, but right now, it’s restricted shipping to certain locations only. To find out if the brand ships to your location, add the product you wish to purchase to your cart, then checkout and check the ‘Country’ dropdown list.

Orders typically take under 72 hours to process, and once they’re sent, you’ll get a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to keep an eye on your package. If you haven’t received an email within that time, get in touch with the brand and let them know.

For US orders, shipping usually takes around 2-3 business days. International orders can take up to 14-21 business days.

What is Hug Sleep’s Return Policy?

Comfort differs from person to person. There’s a reason hard and soft mattresses exist, or why some prefer a knitted blanket over fleece.

Hug Sleep gets that their Sleep Pod may not be the right fit for you, and that’s totally ok. If you need to make a return, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You have 30 nights to sleep with it to decide if it’s right for you
  2. Those 30 days start once the item makes it to your door
  3. Give the Sleep Pod 10 nights of sleep before you return it, sometimes, it can take a few nights for your body to adjust to the pressure
  4. To make a return, email [email protected]
  5. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost

If your return is accepted, Hug Sleep will issue a refund to your original method of payment. Looking for an exchange in size instead? Send the brand and email and they’ll get it sorted out right away.

How to Contact Hug Sleep

We hope you found all of the information needed in this Hug Sleep pod review, but if any questions are still circling the ol’ noggin, use the Contact Page to get in touch with the brand.

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