Hush Blankets Review

About Hush Blankets

Hush Blankets Review

Hush Blankets is a Canadian-based brand that’s set to lead the bedding industry with its premium weighted blankets. The combination of sweat-wicking and cooling technology; along with innovative materials such as non-toxic sand glass and microfibres is a gamechanger. The results are a scientifically-proven, therapeutic, super soft and cozy blanket – perfect year-round.

The following Hush Blankets Review will guide you with an inside look into the brand and its product to ensure you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of Hush Blankets

Hush Blankets Review

One thing that’s never changed for me, growing up, is my need for a soft, warm, and cozy blanket. Say what you will, but, they’re perfect for days when I’m stressed, sad, sick, or simply just cold. What I didn’t know, however, was the full range of health benefits that a weighted blanket could provide.

Enter Hush Blankets. The brand delivers weighted blankets that are unbelievably soft, comfortable, and therapeutic. I’m amazed at their efforts and success to incorporate technological innovation; premium fabrics and materials; as well as, research-backed studies, into their designs. The results are even better than I had imagined as they’ve been proven to deliver significant health and wellness benefits.

Founded in 2017, the Canadian-based company initially began its venture by studying how weighted blankets could calm the senses of a child with special needs. Strategies, such as crowdfunding and working with Canadian sleep experts, helped launch Hush Blankets and their products which include, the Hush Classic; Hush Iced; and, of course, Hush Kids.

Now, there are tons of brands that offer weighted blankets, but, a major difference that sets Hush Blankets apart from its competitors is that they don’t fill the inner contents with more fabrics. Instead, non-toxic sand glass, inside densely packed pockets, are used to help distribute the weight evenly and consistently.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything either; although the prices for Hush Blankets are quite on the pricier end, you’ve got to consider the true value of the weighted blankets.

They’re durable, soft, and deliver high-performance. They also happen to be very practical for every season and work wonders to help get you the best sleep possible. Besides all that, the brand also offers interest-free payment plans to help with budgeting. Whatever reason you may have for not being able to sleep well, Hush Blankets may just be your answer.

The blankets were designed to reduce cortisol (stress hormones) with DTPS (Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation) to release serotonin (happy hormones) and melatonin (sleep hormones). The results are a deeper, faster, and longer sleep that’s perfect for children and adults suffering from a range of conditions; which can be found in the list below:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • Sensory processing disorder

Hush Blankets has also started their own “Hush GiveBack” program. The brand donates a blanket to a child, or adult, in need for every five blankets sold. The company has also expanded its partnerships with the likes of YMCA Greater Toronto; The Scott Mission; and the Red Door Family Shelter to help those in need. It’s a wonderful project that really makes a difference in local communities.

Check out the rest of our Hush Blankets Review for a breakdown on the features and benefits of their products. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons that summarizes their core values:


  • Great for those with anxiety; sleep anxiety; stress; insomnia; ADHD; OCD; sensory processing disorder; nightmares; or trouble sleeping in general
  • Weighted blankets tailored to different body weights
  • Fitted for all bed sizes
  • Designed to be adaptable to all seasons
  • Outer shell is made with “minky” material for maximum softness and comfort for all skin types
  • Inner layer is made with microfiber and non-toxic glass sand for effective weight distribution
  • Interest-free, installment payment plans available in partnership with Sezzle
  • Canadian-based company
  • The “Hush GiveBack” program works with recognized organizations and charities by donating blankets to those in need


  • Website appears “busy” with information all jumbled together
  • Slightly expensive
  • Canadian and International website differ for purchases and shipping

Where Are Hush Blankets Made? 

Hush Blankets doesn’t make it explicably clear where their products are made. Rather than that, the brand emphasizes their collaboration with sleep experts in Canada and the technological aspects behind their blankets; which I have, and will continue, to mention throughout this Hush Blankets Review.

Hush Blankets Review

Hush Classic

From the original collection, the classic weighted blanket with a duvet cover is what made Hush Blankets. The Hush Classic serves as the brand’s signature product line and is everything you could ask for. Whether you’re suffering from stress, sleep anxiety, or insomnia, the weighted blanket could be the cure. The superior level of comfort, softness, and flexibility does everything it’s supposed to – have me not wanting to leave my bed.

I’m in love with everything about the Hush Classic. The outer shell features a texture that melts over your skin for unbeatable softness and comfort. The inner layer is comprised of microfibers using a blend of cotton and polyester that’s filled with non-toxic sand glass in deep pockets to ensure even weight distribution across your entire blanket.

Similarly, Hush Blankets also offers a 2-in-1 bundle package for the summer and winter. Included is the inner weighted blanket; the Hush Classic with a duvet cover; and the iced cooling cover. The Hush Classic works great year-round and the 2-in-1 set makes it flexible to work for the hot and cold days even better.

Check out the latest deal on Hush Classic Blanket here.

Hush Iced

The Hush Iced is the original cooling weighted blanket designed by Hush Blankets. A recent addition to the brand’s product line, this special blanket is a gamechanger. The best thing I love about this particular blanket is that it actually wicks away sweat. You would think that weighted blankets would naturally absorb your sweat, with the weight and heat given off, but not with the Hush Iced.

It features a cooling cover made from a blend of cotton and bamboo for the extra soft, temperature-regulated, and stretchy feel. The non-toxic sand glass also works its magic to distribute weight consistently across the entire blanket; meaning you get the deep touch pressure stimulation that the weight offers, while keeping cool.

Another similar product that Hush Blankets offers is the Hush Iced set which includes a cooling sheet and pillowcases. The materials are made with the same bamboo, cotton, and spandex which makes the fit great for any bed, and perfect to control your temperature for those hot days.

Check out the latest offer on the Hush Iced blanket here

Hush Kids

The Hush Kids is the classic children’s weighted blanket. Designed for children suffering from sleep disorders, the blanket offers the same sense of security for a child. Not to mention, the blanket features different cover displays on either side which makes it also fun to play. Your child’s fort just got a lot cozier.

The Hush Kids uses soft cotton and breathable microfibres which gives the weighted blanket more flexibility for your child. It also features the same benefits as the adult line of blankets; which include weighted materials and technology to deliver the same therapeutic results for their health and wellness.

Other line of weighted blankets for children, that are offered by Hush Blankets, is the Iced Kids, which is the kids’ version of the Hush Iced. The bamboo and cotton cooling cover work wonders to regulate their temperature so you have a blanket for them all year-round.

Hush Blankets – Prices

Hush Blankets Review

Price, value, and individual budgets are important factors to consider before making a purchase decision. Brands that offer weighted blankets are expensive, and Hush Blankets is no exception. However, with that said, although Hush Blankets are pricey, I find the investment to be worth its value, if not more.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in the Hush Review, the technology and materials used in their products have been scientifically proven to deliver great health benefits. The weighted blankets also work wonders for every season making them a convenient and practical choice.

Below, I have listed the brand’s products, sets, and bundles, as well as the price you can expect to pay. All values are given in Canadian dollars, along with any current savings:

  • Hush Classic Blanket with Duvet Cover – $339 (currently $289)
  • Hush Iced Original Cooling Weighted Blanket – $269
  • Hush Kids Weighted Blanket – $179 (currently $169)
  • The 2-in-1 Weighted Blanket Bundle – $349 (currently $319)
  • Hush Iced Cooling Sheet and Pillowcase Set – $149 (currently $89)

Hush Blankets – Weight & Sizes

Hush Blankets Review

Hush Blankets deliver a humble, yet comprehensive, line of blankets that are made for children and adults alike. Their selection of weight and sizes offer a range of fitted options for teen to king-sized beds. While I did find the layout of their information to be a tad bit confusing at first, I’ve compiled and broke them down into the following sections in this Hush Blankets Review – availability, weight guide, size guide, and recommendations.

It’s important to remember that depending on your individual weight; the number of people using the blanket at once; and the size of your bed, that you should be well informed before making a purchase decision.


Hush Blankets offer three distinct types of blankets and an additional bundle package. Below, you’ll find the size and weights that are available for each product line. While the information given are tailored to one individual, you can refer to the rest of the sections for further details regarding situational circumstances.

Hush ClassicHush Iced2-in-1 BundleHush Kids
10lb teen
15lb twin
20lb twin
25lb twin
15lb queen
20lb queen
25lb queen
20lb king
25lb king
15lb twin
20lb twin
25lb twin
15lb queen
20lb queen
25lb queen
20lb king
25lb king
15lb twin
20lb twin
25lb twin
15lb queen
20lb queen
25lb queen
20lb king
25lb king
5lb classic kids

Weight Guide

As I’ve said, I’m also fond of the brand for scientifically ensuring that their products were made to accommodate different body weights. The purpose and priority of the blankets, remember, is to distribute enough weight on the user for better quality sleep. Below, you’ll find what Hush Blankets recommends for persons based on their individual weight:


Individual WeightRecommendation


Individual WeightRecommendation

Size Guide

I find that Hush Blankets did a wonderful job of covering all relevant sizes made to fit any bed. I say this because the brand fixates itself on the idea that blankets were designed to be wrapped around and made for individual use. Although their children’s blanket comes in one standard size, the blankets were designed to focus on the weight of the user, rather than their age or size. See below for exact measurements, calculated by inches, for available blanket sizes:

  • Classic Kids – 36×48
  • Teen – 42×72
  • Twin – 48×78
  • Queen – 60×80
  • King – 80×87


  • Selecting the correct weight and size are crucial to maximizing the effectiveness blankets
  • Ideal weight of the blanket should be 10% of your individual body weight (rounding up)
  • Individuals should have their own blankets – body weight differs from person to person
  • Heaviest queen-sized blanket or 2x twin blankets is ideal to accommodate two persons

Where to Buy Hush Blankets?

Hush Blankets Review


Hush Blankets doesn’t have commercial retailers, sadly. However, for Canadians, they do have a physical location which acts as their headquarters. Weirdly, they do not have a phone number, but nonetheless, the address to their location is found below:

16 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M5E 2A1


Yes, the Canadian company has all their products listed on their website with tons of savings, sizes, and colors. However, I found it tedious and annoying that Hush Blankets features two websites. The major difference is that the U.S. website allows for global checkouts when purchasing their products.

  • The Canadian website can be found here.
  • The U.S. and International website can be found here.

Are Hush Blankets Available on Amazon?

Good news and bad news. Good news is that Hush Blanket are available on Amazon. However, the bad news is that, the search comes with many other brands; and the prices for the Hush Blanket are similar to the listed prices on their website. By using Amazon, you can rest assured your order will be safely delivered and if there any issues they will always take care of it. We recommend buying Hush Blankets on amazon.

Hush Blankets – Coupons & Discounts

Hush Blankets Review

I’ve scoured the internet and managed to find a few Hush Blankets coupon codes you can use to save on your purchases. For now, the follow is the best that Hush Blankets has to offer:

  • Promotional coupons or offers cannot be used in combination with one another or when selecting the interest-free, installment payment plan
  • Hush Blankets currently offers a roulette wheel on their main website for a chance to get up to $30 off your purchase – must register with email and expires within 10 minutes
  • Hush Blankets currently offers a limited time sale on their 2-in-1 bundle set to save $60 with free shipping
  • Save $15 off any online purchase order using the following coupon code: SNIPS15
  • Save $30 when purchasing Hush Sheets using the following coupon code: LABOR30
  • Save $40 on any single Hush Blanket when purchasing online using the following coupon code: LABOR40
  • Save $100 when purchasing any two Hush Blankets products using the following coupon code: LABOR100

More Weighted Blankets

Hush Blankets Review

Looking for more options? Check out our in-depth review of Gravity Blanket.

TOP RATED PRODUCT: DREAMality Premium Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover Set (4.5/5 Stars)

Hush Blankets FAQ

Hush Blankets Review

Hush Blankets – Installing & Assembling

The Hush Blankets are quick and easy to assemble and can be done in five simple steps. For your convenience, I’ve listed the steps below:

  1. Turn the outer cover inside-out so that six hook ties are exposed
  2. Lay the inner weighted blanket on a flat surface to expose six hooks
  3. Lay the outer cover over the weighted blanket and align the hook and ties; tie a knot
  4. Flip the blanket outside-in once all hooks are fastened
  5. Zip the blanket

Hush Blankets – Washing Care

Another great thing I like about the Hush Blankets is how easy they are to wash. In three simple steps, I’ve outlined them below:

  1. Unzip the blanket and remove the inner weighted blanket by untying the hook from the ties
  2. Place the outer cover in the wash using soft detergent and cold water; avoid tumble dry and instead hang dry
  3. Hand wash the inner layers and hang dry

Shipping Policy

Hush Blankets ships globally. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • Free shipping for Canadians
  • PO Box should not be used when placing orders
  • Orders take 1-2 business days to process
  • Expected delivery date can take between 5-7 business days
  • Express shipping or rush orders can be inquired by emailing support at [email protected]

Return & Exchange Policy

Hush Blankets offers a flexible exchange and return policy. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • 100-Night Guarantee trial period
  • Returns and exchanges must be requested via email and require original customer’s information
  • Refund process can take up to 14 business days; standard process for funds can tale between 3-5 business days
  • One-time size change is available
  • All returns and exchanges will expire the 100-Night Guarantee trial period
  • Damaged products are ineligible for returns and exchanges

Warranty & Cancellation Policy

Hush Blankets offers a warranty on all their products. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • Available to original customers from Canada and the U.S.
  • Requires a copy of the receipt and access to email address used for purchase orders
  • A full list detailing what is covered, or not, can be found on the Hush Blankets Page
  • There is no charge to repair or replace a product
  • Hush Blankets does not renew, nor extend, their warranty policies on replacements
  • The Hush Blankets Warranty is in good standing for a year from purchase date
  • Includes a one-time replacement
  • If warranty is exercised, the 100-Night Guarantee trial period expires
  • Orders cannot be cancelled; returns and exchange processes must be followed

Contact Information

Hush Blankets Review

For more information, inquiries, and services, the customer service team can be reached by email, webchat (bottom right corner), in-person, or by submitting a request on their main website:

Check out our in-depth review of Gravity for more weighted blanket options.

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Ask a Question
Asked by Patrick (4 years ago) Reply

These blankets are horrible. Not only they ignore you If you want a refund, the Iced blankes actually has no cooling effect at all, it comes with a note to put in in a freezer – which is nowhere mentioned.
The shipping costs for 70bucks are without customs, means I paid 100€ just for shipping.
The quality is also horrible. 1 month and the stitches are coming apart.
And they do nothing, you can’t cancel the order once done (which I tried, while the actual shipment took 4 more weeks they weren’t able to cancel my order) and when you try to use the 100 night guarantee, they ignore you.
I have no words for how SCAMMED I feel.

Answered by Marie (3 years ago) Reply

I don’t agree with this review at all. I have the Iced blanket and it absolutely does keep things nice and cool. And at no point is there any suggestion to put the cover in the freezer!! It isn’t supposed to cool you down, it is supposed to keep you cooler. Quality is amazing, as is the customer service. I emailed them twice and they responded both times the same day. I will be exchanging mine for a lower weight and they have been nothing but helpful with the process. Anyone wanting to buy one of these blankets do not listen to that horrible review.

Answered by Bob (2 years ago) Reply

Totally agree. There refund policy is terrible. I’m told it takes 14 business days to “inspect” the blanket. In the beginning they told me I couldn’t return it right now, that I had to wait until they told me I could return!!!!
Be careful purchasing a blanket from Hush.

Answered by Terry (2 years ago) Reply

No mention that the company is rated F by the BBB

How much did they pay you to write this review

Asked by D Laverne Stadfeld (3 years ago) Reply

Dear Public, I purchased one, tried for 2 nights. Not cooling and caused a huge amount of pain due to osteoarthritis. Do not recommend for those that need to change positions during the night. Not worth the try, returned for full refund to store.

Answered by Shaw (3 years ago) Reply

Do you mind sharing which weight you tried? I also have osteoarthritis (and fibromyalgia) and I have the 20 lb twin which I tried a couple nights. I loved the sensation of the weight but it ended up hurting my knees and I woke up quite sore all over. I am hoping it is just because the weight is too high (apparently I am supposed to have the 15 lb for my weight) but I would be interested in your input into the issue.

Asked by Annonymous (3 years ago) Reply

Do not buy with this company!! They are a complete joke!! Made an order on the 29th of November for a king size 2 In 1 and still have yet to receive my order. They delete any comments you leave on their Instagram that are negative reviews. Very shady and vague when responding. They offered me a Queen or twin size in return?? I would like what I paid for!! Now I won’t be receiving my order till beginning February!! Do not buy from them!

Answered by Sandra Murray (3 years ago) Reply

I appreciate your frustrations. I ordered a 15 lb twin the end of November and am still waiting. I received an email 10 days ago saying it had shipped but when my tracking didn’t progress purolator informed me they had yet to receive it for shipping. I contacted hush again and supposedly the “skid was shipping out today” I’ll believe it when I see it! And they’ve had my money since I placed my order 😡

Answered by Susan Aylesworth (3 years ago) Reply

I tend to agree with you. I ordered a HUSH blanket on February 4. I have still heard nothing in regards to shipping. I wrote an email inquiry to them and having not heard back after several days, I wrote a second follow-up inquiry. To the second note, I received the following:

‘Hi there,

This is a quick message just to let you know we have received your
support request by email.

Currently we are 3-4 days delayed in responding due to a very high
volume of customer inquiries.

We truly appreciate your patience in receiving a response and we’ll be
sure to get your inquiry resolved.

IMPORTANT: Sending in multiple chats or emails will move your inquiry
to the back of the queue and delay your response time. If you have
further comments to add, please add them to an existing email or chat

The Hush Support Team’

Note that they very quickly advised me that if I sent multiple chats or emails my inquiry would go to the back of the queue. After seven days I received a response noting that there was a ‘delay coming from the dock and loading for the warehouse’ – when I queried whether they were coming from China, I did not get a response at all….. It’s now been 19 days and nothing…..

Asked by Keith (3 years ago) Reply

I bought from Kickstarter advertisement, well I paid from the ad but since the supposed delivery in May 2019, eight months and fifty emails later NO BLANKET. they say they started shipping which was they printed a label. This was a week ago. The Kickstarter message board if full of the same story as mine

Answered by Marco (3 years ago) Reply

Same, still waiting after 18 months after paying and 40 messages with support.

Asked by Leo (3 years ago) Reply

Bought one of these after it aired on Dragon’s Den in mid October 2019. The fist time we washed the cover (according to Hush’s instructions) the zipper and stitching fell apart. Hush has been telling me a replacement is on the way and even gave me a tracking number that does not work. Be careful with these guys they will literally rip you off!!

Asked by Veda (3 years ago) Reply

I had purchased 2x blankets (Classic & Iced) back in November thinking I would receive it in a timely manner.

After 2 weeks of not receiving anything, I reached out for an update.
I was told that my order was out of stock, and would not be available until January 2020.
I was given the option of replacing my order with whatever is currently in stock- which were very minimal choices, and most of them was not what I was looking for. And the one blanket in stock that I could settle with, I was told that the company cannot do partial shipments.

Classy move, Hush. Way to make my holidays a great cheer.

I can’t help but to be disappointed by the service and the company.

Asked by Jeffrey D Coles (3 years ago) Reply

Yep, BUYER BEWARE!! It all sounds so familiar. I agree, this company is a joke. It pains me to say that because it’s a local company I wanted to see succeed. I’m convinced now to find what I’m looking for elsewhere due to the deceptive advertising and absence of proper customer service.
I have a somewhat long story about my final worst decision of 2019, the online order of a blanket for my wife for Christmas. However I don’t need to, many of the above comments just confirmed my own issues with the Hushlers. I’m going to consider other options and cancel my order with Hush.

Asked by Julie (3 years ago) Reply

I tried to cancel my order the day after i placed it and they wouldnt do it. I assume they want you to keep it of you’re not happy to avoid paying to return it. Not impressed so far – hope i have better luck with the product

Answered by Bob (2 years ago) Reply

Same thing happened to me. But, they charge your credit card immediately!!!! I’m still waiting for shipment and then have to send back and hope I get a refund!!!!

Asked by Jordan Bingham (3 years ago) Reply

Worst online purchase experience ever. Purchased a weighted blanket as a Christmas gift. They charged my credit card immediately but failed to ship for a month. After many emails asking where my purchase was I finally asked for a cancellation and refund. Crickets… I gave up and launched a dispute with my credit card provider. Then, magically, a tracking number appeared. I refused to accept it, so the package was returned. Still haven’t heard anything.

Shady shady shady. Stay away. You can buy better weighted blankets way cheaper from your local retailer. Don’t waste your sanity on this company.

Asked by Karen Shields (3 years ago) Reply

Purchased 20# 2 in 1 for my husband for Christmas. Loved the product but wanted a 15# instead. Took 16 emails, 9 days and another $60 to get a shipping label for the return/exchange. Now the package has been rejected, the UPS tracking site indicating that the “receiver states the product was not ordered and has refused the delivery”. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SUPPLIED THE LABEL!!!! I have written them a letter and will lodge complaints to Consumer Protection, Ontario; the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Ontario; and the Better Business Bureau for starters. Note: BBB is indicating they cannot reach this company; they have a F rating and are not BBB accredited. Big surprise. Beware folks! Sorry for everyone else’s trouble, but all your posts were affirming. Good luck!

Asked by Brady Prentice (3 years ago) Reply

Bought 2 blankets that neither my wife or I liked because they were too heavy so we returned them within 100 days. Beware that if you exercise your right to return the blanket within the prescribed 100 night window that you, the consumer, are responsible for the cost of shipping the blanket(s) back. Shipping cost through UPS from BC to Ontario $100.00!!!!

Asked by Jennifer White (3 years ago) Reply

Same…ordered king and was told initially it would take 5-7 days, then it changed to 2 weeks, and here we are over a mth later, we paid extra for express shipping. Still no blanket. Visa was charged the same day ordered. I don’t understand, they have since lowered price …and are advertising for Valentines day. Perhaps get their Christmas ones put first. Poor customer service.

Asked by Stephanie (3 years ago) Reply

I placed an order on the 18th of January. I was using my mobile to place the order, and oddly the 4 payments didn’t come up when I paid. So I ended up paying full price, which I could not afford.
Right after i played the order (the classic), I saw the 2 for 1. I messaged the company asking to cancel my order so I can get the 2 for 1 which was only an additional $30.

The initial sales person I spoke to let me know that I could cancel and reorder. The next say I have an email that it was shipped.

So I messaged back and Aaron helped me. He refunded my initial payment, even though the blanket was on the way, with my agreeing to not accept the package. No problem!

The very next day the initial order was dropped off at my front door. I didnt open it.

The next day my 2nd order arrived, however it only contained the hushed ice and not the classic. Good thing the classic came the day previous, so everything worked out.

I havent slept under it yet…tonight and looking forward to it!
The minky cover is nice and soft, but a little on the thin side, (for my own personal preference).

They did respond quickly though. I had 3 back and forth with the initial customer service advisor… though I will admit she wasnt very helpful as I brought up a few issues and she only addressed 1 of them. The other customer service person was awesome.

Asked by Wendy TAYLOR (3 years ago) Reply

I ordered a Hush Ice Blanket December 21st. The confirmation email clearly states it would ship in “5-10 days”.
It didn’t.
I emailed and got a response mid-January from “Lior” saying I would receive it by late January.
It’s now February 4th, and not only do I not have the blanket I paid hundreds for in December, but NO ONE IS ANSWERING EMAILS!
I also messaged through the Facebook page and discovered I’m not the only one to be ripped off by this company.

Asked by Jason (3 years ago) Reply

Fraud. Ordered dec 26. Today is feb 6. Still no blanket. They delete all my posts on social media.

Asked by Allison Munro (3 years ago) Reply

BUYER BEWARE! I ordered 2 hush blankets and sheets as part of a black Friday promotion back on Nov 23, 2019. They have never been delivered. They have disabled their chat – they have no phone number and are not responding to email. DO NOT BUY! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY AND GET NOTHING IN RETURN!

Answered by Dots (3 years ago) Reply

Hi Allison,

I went through something very similar and I am looking to put together something formal.

Would you be interested in sharing your experience for it?

Answered by Jackie (2 years ago) Reply

Absolutely. My zipper came right off in my hand the first time I unzipped it!!! Very poor quality. Took me about 8 hours to get the zipper back together. I will never order from them again.

Asked by Jordan (3 years ago) Reply

Do not order from this garbage company. You’ll wait months for your order and they ignore you. Much like everyone above, I ordered in December, it is now mid February.

Asked by Blair Govan (3 years ago) Reply

Well I ordered two of the 2 in 1 blankets. One 15lb and one 25lb between Christmas and new Years. Just received them today. Im ok with that, as they were transparent and responsive when I emailed them a few times.

Yes it took longer than I had planned but in the end they arrived. Initial impression is very good quality. Time will tell.

Asked by Raymond (3 years ago) Reply

Worst customer service! Ordered blankets January 3rd and still haven’t received it and no indication of when it will be received. Horrible service so many other reviews are the same. Do not buy, get something else!

Answered by Carol Holmes (3 years ago) Reply

This company is a fraud and is ripping people off. I filed a complaint with the BBB.
I ordered 2 blankets in December 2019 and it is now February 28, 2020 and I still have not received my blankets OR a status or update from the company. I requested a refund which they did reply to. They won’t provide a refund until you receive the product and then pay to ship (a 20lb blanket) back to them. How convenient for them. I can’t ship a product back if I never received the product.
If anyone is thinking of suing, please contact me. This is unacceptable and they must be stopped.

Answered by Dots (3 years ago) Reply

Hi I am trying to put something together, this company is a complete scam. I am surprised this hadn’t gone further yet.

If you were serious in your comment I would love to chat and figure out what our possible next steps are.

Answered by Marco (3 years ago) Reply

Please let me know how to contact you. I would love to also get into this (am from Europe though) and have paid 18 months ago and have not yet received it.

Asked by John (3 years ago) Reply

Worst customer service! I will never recommend your product to anybody!! Extremely late delivery…. When delivered wrong product!!! Customer service only done by emaill…. Finally got return label to supposedly ship back for free….. Purolator charges me $100 for return….. To top it off Lush blanket state they will only reimburse $40…. Still have not received product 3 months after payment…..

Asked by andy (3 years ago) Reply


Answered by Adanyi Phillip (3 years ago) Reply

Hi I am trying to put together a formal complaint against the company would you be interested in sharing your experiences?

Asked by Jacqueline (3 years ago) Reply

My order was also extremely late in coming!! I have yet to try it out. The box says “made in China” for those who wondered…..I am disappointed that it was made in China! The main reason that I purchased it was because I was inder the impression that it is a Canadian product!

Asked by Jenny (3 years ago) Reply

do NOT order from this company. This was the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. I placed my order via mobile site and NOWHERE did it state that the 20 lb twin was pre-order for June. I then reached out to customer service through email (because they don’t even have a phone service), and their responses were short and of no help. They did not offer to switch to another weighted blanket that would be available sooner and ignored majority of the questions I asked. On top of this, they offered no apology and then REFUSED to give me a refund even though I CLEARLY do not want to wait until June for a product. I have never seen another company refuse to give a refund for a product that is not even shipped yet…. unbelievable. The chat on the site doesn’t work, and emails take 24 hours to just get one response that doesn’t even answer any of your questions. This is the worst company, you are better off going with the original gravity blanket website, at least they are legitimate.

Answered by Dots (3 years ago) Reply

Hi I am trying to put together a formal complaint against the company would you be interested in sharing your experiences?

Answered by Emily (3 years ago) Reply

I would be interested in making a formal complaint. I’ve had very similar experiences, have complained to my bank, to the BBB, and to Hush itself. The next step would be to contact CBC.

Asked by Ada (3 years ago) Reply

I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered as I would never had bothered. I ordered my blanket in December and the money was taken from my visa immediately. However I only received my blanket in March after many emails sent to them.
I’ve been using it for about a month and already the duvet has gone “piley” and rough.
I don’t notice anything any different or amazing about it either. False advertising and very sketchy in my opinion. Don’t waste your money folks.

Answered by Dots (3 years ago) Reply

Hi I am trying to put together a formal complaint against the company would you be interested in sharing your experiences?

Asked by Dots (3 years ago) Reply

Hi all, I ordered a blanket in November as a Christmas present there was an issue with shipping and it got sent back to Hush. I was worried about it coming in time so I ordered another before waiting for the first refund to process. BIG MISTAKE! They now had 2x my money. I tried for months to get my refund. Originally being told that I should receive it around Dec 23rd but might be longer because of the holiday (despite their 14 day policy). They would not reply to my emails so I moved to their online chat. They then removed that from their website. I sent many emails. In this time Christmad came and after trying out the blanket my partner did not like it. I started the process to get that returned. Just getting the info to begin the return process was taking forever. It took more than three months to receive the refund for the first blanket and I have yet to see the refund for the second. My advise is to send them messages and then go to your bank and do a money recall. Also I am looking to put through a formal complaint because this is just shy of a scam business which people take seriously because they were on dragons den. If anyone else has stories or input they would like to add please reply so we can stop this company from stealing people’s money.

Answered by Emily (3 years ago) Reply

Feel free to contact me. I’m very angry about this company.

Answered by Marco (3 years ago) Reply

Please tell us how to reach you if you are still doing this.
Backed via Kickstarter, paid in April 2019, expected delivery was in June or July 2019. 40 emails later I am still nowhere.

Asked by Lynn (3 years ago) Reply

I was very happy with my Hush Iced blanket until the cover started to come apart at the seams. Sure it took a while to ship, but I’m patient. Just beware of the quality.

Asked by Jennifer Alexander (3 years ago) Reply

Horrible customer service. I returned blanket for an exchange and now told blanket has been lost and they won’t send replacement.

Asked by Seriously (3 years ago) Reply

Blankets are made in China. Do your research. Stop trying to CYA.

Asked by Still waiting (3 years ago) Reply

I ordered a blanket in June which I was charged for. The blanket was to ship in August. Then I was told it would ship in mid September, then late September. The date kept changing. Then they said early October. It is now late October. They charged my card right away. There is no shipment in sight. I cannot get anyone to talk to me over the phone. The emails are fake and cheerful. I am going to contact Visa and have them try to get my refund as I am doubtful we will ever receive this blanket. I will copy this review and try to place it in as many places as possible. I wish I had seen the other bad google reviews prior to ordering. Do not fall for this company!

Asked by rob gould (3 years ago) Reply

My wife ordered two blankets in August and her credit card was charged instantly. Close to 3 months later we are still waiting. There was no indication that the blankets were back ordered. My wife contacted their customer service many times and we were told the shipment was almost ready and we would receive shipping info shortly. Now they are saying some shipping containers are coming in, and ours should be in an upcoming container. Their product may be good but the company and ‘service’ is bad. Look elsewhere for a weighted blanket. Our next step will be BBB.

Asked by Josh C (3 years ago) Reply

Hi all.
A friend was ordering and got me interested. She asked me if I wanted to join her order (she got a $40 discount) so I joined in.
Product came in 3 days. Mind you I live in Ontario.
I’ve been using it for 6 nights so far. Quite enjoying it. Haven’t washed yet but so far so good. Have not seen any fraying or seam problems yet.
I will update at some point after a wash or two.
P. S. It says right on the card that came with mine MADE IN CHINA.
No, I was not expecting that.
Good luck to you all.
Hopefully all that went wrong was just growing pains.

Asked by Doana (2 years ago) Reply

I’m beginning to think this company is a fraud. I’ve ordered the children’s weighted blanket for my really young daughter three weeks ago, hoping it’ll help. Turned out…multiple emails, text messages and still no blanket. My Purolator tracking seems to sit in “shipping label created” status.

Asked by Christine (2 years ago) Reply

Horrible customer service. I ordered the wrong size and tried to cancel immediately. There is no way to contact anyone other than email and they are not responsive. I watched the who thing ship and be delivered only to find out that upon return I would loose $40 even though I’m not even opening the package it was delivered in. Buyer beware.

Asked by irma (2 years ago) Reply

did not have any problem with the shipping I received the king size blanket with in 2 weeks the blanket was to heavy for us and I orders a single one they send me a return label no problem with in 2 weeks I got my single blanket and I love it (it did not fall apart yet )

Answered by Anna (2 years ago) Reply

Hi Irma, can you let me know how do the blanket package looked like when it arrived. Did you need to assemble it as they instructed? Or was it already put together, such that the inner blanket was already tied and hooked to the duvet cover? Thanks, Anna

Asked by Francis (2 years ago) Reply

Do not get fooled! At the beginning of December, I bought two sets, 2 in 1 bundle as a gift, and the classic model for me. On delivery the one I bought for me was defective. The sand from the glasses in the blanket was all in the bottom. Hushblanket does a weight-inside swap. I just get an empty cover. A month of waiting before he sends the right thing. Still to this day January 18, 2021 still not received the right part.

Asked by Maddie (2 years ago) Reply

I ordered a blanket with the wrong size and immediately emailed them to cancel it. litterally within 2 minutes and they told me they couldnt and that i had to ship it back to them and pay for the shipping. This really irked me since it didnt even process yet. my credit card was charged immediately. After over a month i got the blanket and asked to return it. They took of $35 for shipping. I didnt like that at all. Especially during the pandemic we shouldnt be charged to ship back a product we didnt want.

I wouldnt recommend them solely due to that. The blanket that i do have is okay, not worth the $200+ though.

Asked by Kara (2 years ago) Reply

Do not get fooled! This company is bogus! Don’t take the Hush $ 5 delivery guarantee, it’s only used to get you money, you pay and they send unverified defective material. About 150 emails exchanged with Hushblankets and still at the same point. two months ago i paid around $ 600 for two blankets and i only have one functional.

Worst experience in my life
Asked by Monique Rooke (2 years ago) Reply

I had the worst experience of my life just trying to get my order. There is something fishy about them! Do not order these blankets from them, this is my recommendation!

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