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About Paper Cosmetics

Paper Cosmetics Review

Paper Cosmetics is focused on creating eco-friendly, clean, and vegan deodorants for both men and women. They use only natural ingredients and ensure that all products are concealed in sustainable packaging

Paper Cosmetics makes it a goal to pitch in with conservation efforts. According to their website, they pledge 1% of their profit annually to the Archangel mission, supporting the replantation of more Redwood and Sequoia trees.

5.5K followers on Instagram have joined in on the journey, with many customers reporting their appreciation to the company and the effectiveness of its products.

For those hungry to learn more, keep reading this Paper Cosmetics deodorant review for more details. We will take an in-depth look at the brand and some bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Paper Cosmetics

Paper Cosmetics Review

It all starts with us. What can we do to help save the environment? Some opt for simple tasks like recycling and mindful shopping patterns.

Entrepreneur Daniel Alexander Roescheisen wanted to use his expertise in business to do more. So, in 2018, Paper Cosmetics was born with a vision to reduce overall consumption and waste within the beauty industry. 

With a primary focus on combining all natural ingredients with sustainable packaging, Paper Cosmetics only offers a line of deodorants.

Today, with their headquarters located in Los Angeles, the brand continues to be a leading example for all companies looking to go entirely green. 

A statement made by Paper Cosmetics: 

We aim to sustain. It is the only way. Not only do we look after mother Earth, we also only use ingredients that won’t harm you! We research, we search and we aim to create better. We believe in science, we are vegan, we don’t test on animals and we are conscious as human beings.” 

Now, it’s time for this Paper Cosmetics deodorant review to unfold some of the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • All of the brand’s deodorants are made using natural ingredients and are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free 
  • You can swipe the products on your skin rather than having to dip fingers into a jar, unlike other natural antiperspirants on the market 
  • Paper Cosmetics is involved in conservation efforts such as the Archangel mission to replant more trees
  • Paper Cosmetics deodorant subscription option to help customers save money 
  • The brand has a Create Any Bundle option so customers can buy their favorite products in bulk, or try out new ones without paying full price 
  • Paper Cosmetics packaging is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable
  • Customers are pleased with the coverage that the deodorants offer
  • Shipping is free on all orders $25 and over 
  • 15-day returns policy
  • Many ways to contact the company 


  • With the exception of Canada, they do not offer international shipping 
  • Limited amount of inventory on their website 
  • Limited reviews on external sources since it is still an emerging brand 
  • Some customers reported skin irritation 
Paper Cosmetics Review

It’s no secret that the beauty industry has a giant ecological footprint.

Culprits behind the heavy use of plastics, most companies are guilty of overusing key resources such as clean water and Palm Oil to manufacture their products. Fortunately, Paper Cosmetics’ production process has very little effect on the environment

Leading with the signature Paper Cosmetics sustainable deodorant, the brand currently focuses on making antiperspirants for everyone who needs one.

Moving forward, this Paper Cosmetics deodorant review will provide a selection of their bestsellers. Keep reading to see what piques your interest. 

Paper Cosmetics Eco-Friendly Deodorant Review

Not only is plastic non-biodegradable, but the material has also proven to harm ecosystems when it’s not properly disposed of. Paper Cosmetics takes this into account when designing its deodorants.

Below, you will see this Paper Cosmetics review’s take on a few of their top-selling clean, eco-friendly options that may be worth switching over to. 

Paper Cosmetics So Hot Right Now Review 

The great outdoors can bring forth a variety of pleasant memories. Toasted marshmallows over an open campfire; the smell of morning dew during the early sunrise…With these times we’re living in, vacations like these seem like a distant memory. 

The So Hot Right Now deodorant can at least give you the essence of what nature has to offer, even if you’re nowhere near the wilderness.

Suited for those that live an active lifestyle or sweat easily, it keeps the odors at bay. Stay dry and fresh until you’re able to hop into a shower. 

Scented Ylang Ylang and some added Patchouli and Sandalwood, Paper Cosmetics Hot Right Now provides all the musty fragrances you’re yearning for in a deodorant without being overpowering. 

For an experience that’s a far cry from the artificial, chemical-smelling perfumes that most competing brands offer, the So Hot Right Now deodorant costs $14

Paper Cosmetics Coastal Forests Review

If you could condense an entire David Attenbourough-narrated documentary into an antiperspirant, you would get Paper Cosmetics’ Coastal Forests.

The aromatic scent of wild fauna and crisp cedarwood can embody those picturesque woodlands and landscapes that you would see on your screens. 

Grounded with Cyprus and Wood notes as its base, this balm contains a hint of mild Italian Bergamot and the Paper Cosmetics Cedar Cypress essential oil. Escape for a few moments with Coastal Forests deodorant, sold for $14

Paper Cosmetics From Dusk Till Dawn Review

Summer usually evokes a lot of colorful imagery. Take, for instance, sipping freshly squeezed lemonade after hours of gardening, cold orange slices on glass rims, wildflowers springing up at the lakehouse.

The From Dusk Till Dawn deodorant encapsulates those nostalgic memories with its signature Paper Cosmetics palette. 

This unisex antiperspirant delivers notes of sweet Lemongrass, Italian Bergamot, and Citrus Grove. It’s ideal for those who want to smell like a hot July’s day all year round.

Leave behind those musty scents of sweat and dirt with the From Dusk Till Dawn deodorant, for $14

Paper Cosmetics Bright Shiny Morning Review

Baking a fresh loaf of orange cake on a Sunday, while breathing in the crisp air blowing through open windows…This is the best way to summarize the essence of Paper Cosmetics’ Bright Shiny Morning

The great thing about Paper Cosmetics eco-friendly deodorant packaging is that the creamy products come in a roll-on format.

If you’re tired of scooping out goop from jars and having to wash your hands after each application, these deodorants might be worth the upgrade. 

Swipe some on after showering, to tingle your senses and smell clean all day. This full-bodied scent harnesses Pink Grapefruit scents and Dewy Citrus Grove. A customer commented on Paper Cosmetics’ website, “You need to smell this! It’s so delightful, I want it in a candle.”

Compacted using Paper Cosmetics eco-friendly deodorant packaging, the Bright Shiny Morning antiperspirant costs $14 at checkout. 

Paper Cosmetics Sensitive – Bare Naked Review

Maybe fragrances aren’t your thing. That’s cool too. In that case, Paper Cosmetics offers an unscented alternative called the Sensitive – Bare Naked deodorant on their website.

It’s made with all-natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Tapioca Starch, and Shea Butter, and contains no baking powder or essential oils. 

Ideal for those who suffer from rashes or headaches, this antiperspirant ensures that it’s gentle enough for all users. The Sensitive – Bare Naked deodorant rings it at $14

Paper Cosmetics Create Any Bundle Deodorant Review

It’s not a bad idea to change things up every once in a while. Paper Cosmetics provides customers with an option to Create Any Bundle with their selection of deodorants. 

Buyers can choose up to 3 different antiperspirants to help save 20% off their final order. This includes formulas such as Bright Shiny Morning, From Dusk Till Dawn, So Hot Right Now, and others. 

It is totally up to you if you’d rather mix and match their deodorants, or get the same three for a reduced price. Stock up for the next couple of months by opting to Create Any Bundle for $38. This is compared to its estimated retail price of $42

Buyers can also pick more than the minimum amount. In this case, a 5-pack case costs $56 instead of the original price of $70

Paper Cosmetics Deodorant Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Paper Cosmetics Deodorant Review

As this eco-friendly company is still fairly new, this Paper Cosmetics deodorant review found a limited amount of feedback online. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of customer service or shipping experiences.

Still, we can take a look at buyers’ impressions of individual products on their website and Amazon. 

On their website, most of their deodorants garnered dozens of comments with average positive ratings. For instance, the From Dusk Till Dawn antiperspirant has over 591 buyer testimonials with a ranking of 4.7/5 stars. 

Customers have stated that the product smells good when applied. Additionally, a majority of users liked that the packaging was biodegradable and recyclable:

“Pāpr deodorant smells fresh and subtle and I love the plastic-free packaging. I also really appreciate the feel of wearing it—no thick sticky mess under my arms and no soapy residue,” one reviewer wrote for the From Dusk Till Dawn deodorant. 

On the Amazon product page for the Coastal Forest deodorant, a total of 442 reviews were written with an overall score of 4.1/5 stars.

Users have noted that this antiperspirant provided a subtle fragrance while preventing any armpit stains from forming. Plus, a good number of customers reported that this product was effective in preventing and removing unwanted odors.

One Amazon reviewer shared about the Coastal Forest antiperspirant that:

“Tried this Paper deodorant because it’s zero plastic, and found my holy grail! It smells great, even after 8 hrs of stress sweating, and keeps me drier than conventional antiperspirants. I have sensitive skin, but didn’t have any issues with the baking soda. Can’t wait to try the other scents.”  

This Paper Cosmetics review only uncovered a few negative experiences online. On the same Amazon page, a couple of users reported that they weren’t a fan of the smell, stating that it was too subtle.

There were other customers that stated that their underarms started to get irritated after using some of their deodorants. For those who have especially sensitive skin, this Paper Cosmetics review recommends doing a swatch test first:

“Used this product for about a month and after the first few weeks, my underarms started to get irritated with a small red rash. I used the product for another day or two until the irritation spread across my underarm,” one Amazon buyer reported for the Coastal Forest antiperspirant. 

Is Paper Cosmetics Deodorant Worth It?

Paper Cosmetics Review

Overall, this Paper Cosmetics deodorant review recommends this brand. Of course, we advise that customers carry a bit of buyer’s skepticism due to the lack of veritable reviews online.

But on the bright side, this company could very well be a gamechanger when it comes to eco-friendly deodorants. 

By focusing on producing all-natural formulas that are compacted in sustainable paper packaging, Paper Cosmetics visibly stands out compared to other competing product brands.

Their efforts in conservation and limiting their ecological footprint is also inspiring, as seen through their blog and company mission

In terms of negatives, their deodorants are quite expensive. All of their antiperspirants cost $14, and that doesn’t include shipping and taxes.

However, if you were to account for the cost of labor, and the fact that their products help replant more trees, then it may ultimately be worth it. Their bundle option also offers significant savings once you’ve found your favorite products. 

There’s also been a few reports of skin irritation when using their deodorants. While there are only a few cases attributed to this, this Paper Cosmetic review suggests testing the formulas out on a small area of skin before applying a generous amount on. 

For those on a mission to make their lives greener and become more environmentally-conscious consumers, Paper Cosmetics could be a great alternative when it comes to beauty products. 

Paper Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts 

Paper Cosmetics Review

This Paper Cosmetics review found out that if customers opt for a Create a Bundle package, they could save 20% off their final order. 

Buyers can also get 15% off if they choose to add a monthly subscription. For more specifics, instead of spending $14 every time, they would be billed $12 every period. 

You can also receive 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. For any updates on future promotions, discounts, or codes, this Paper Cosmetics review suggests following their social media platforms for any updates. 

Where to Buy Paper Cosmetics

Paper Cosmetics Review

Customers can get a Paper Cosmetics bag full of deodorants by visiting You can also find them at Amazon as well. This review hasn’t come across any other websites that you can purchase their products from. 


Paper Cosmetics Review

What is Paper Cosmetics’s Shipping Policy?

This Paper Cosmetics review found out that they offer free ground shipping on U.S orders that total $25 or more. 

It usually takes 2 to 6 days for packages to arrive. Customers can track their order by logging into their Paper Cosmetics account. Unfortunately, the brand currently only delivers to those living in the United States and Canada. 

What is Paper Cosmetics’s Return Policy?

Customers have until 15 days to return or exchange their order. This Paper Cosmetics review uncovered that this is only for products purchased directly on their website. To initiate this process, buyers are encouraged to reach out to their customer service team online. 

How to Contact Paper Cosmetics

For inquiries unrelated to this Paper Cosmetics review, you can contact the company through:

Direct messaging them on their Instagram or Facebook page

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