Sleeper Pajamas Review

About Sleeper

Sleeper Pajamas Review

Are you a fan of TikTok fashion? Perhaps it’s time to give Sleeper a shot. This online fashion brand is known to cater to several internet aesthetics, including cottage core and Y2K. 

Best known for their ‘world’s first walking sleepwear’ collection, Sleeper has gained a notable reputation in the media with over 294k followers on Instagram. Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Coveteur, and Marie Claire have all featured a Sleeper pajamas review.

Their designs are favored by various A-list celebrities, including Millie Bobby Brown and Brie Larson. 

For those curious about learning more about this fashion label, look no further than this Sleeper pajamas review. We’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, their collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth an Insta like and a buy. 

Overview of Sleeper

Sleeper Pajamas Review

It all began with the ghost of Christmas past. More specifically, Asya Varesta and Kateryna Zubarieva had a dream that one of them was standing in the middle of a pajama factory during that iconic eve. 

Taking it as a sign, the duo decided to leave their former jobs as Glossy editors to establish their own fashion brand. With a belief that sleepwear could be made both fashionable and comfortable, Sleeper made their official online debut in 2014. 

Based in Ukraine, this underground clothing label was quick to make waves within the fashion industry. After releasing their fall and winter collection shortly after launch, Sleeper was named the brand to look out for by acclaimed Vogue editor Franca Sozzani. 

With a dynamite team of professional designers, sewists, and stylers by their side, the brand ensures that their operations are sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical.

We know that elegant home clothes, delicious food, fresh bed linen, fresh flowers and loved ones at the dinner table can create a HOUSE from any room,” via a statement made by Sleeper pajamas.

Before we get into this Sleeper pajamas review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • A variety of stylish, internet-friendly clothing pieces to choose from, including slip dresses, sweaters, sweatsuits, and more
  • Sleeper ensures that their manufacturing processes are sustainable and eco-friendly. They state that they are part of the slow fashion movement 
  • Offered at various retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Provides Klarna as an alternative payment option 


  • Pricier than other retailers 
  • Limited customer reviews 

There’s nothing like a banging ensemble to put you in a good mood for the day. I’m sure anybody can rock a pair of sweatpants and the average t-shirt on a 24/7 basis, but this fashion label provides an upstyled version of our everyday basics. 

Their inventory includes designs for men, women, and children. The Sleeper collection is anything but limited, as they offer swimwear, pajamas, athleisure, streetwear, and so much more. 

From the classic summer dress to the average pair of springtime sandals, this Sleeper pajamas review will feature a few of their most popular designs for readers to peruse. 

Is silk good to sleep in? 

Sleeper Pajamas Review

Sorry grandma, I’m afraid your hand-sewn nightgown is too scratchy for bedtime. For those in search of a new set of pajamas, Sleeper offers their signature line of comfy and luxuriously smooth sleepwear. 

By using silk as their main choice of fabric, wearers can snooze seamlessly without any abrasiveness or chaffing.

If you’re looking for a more fashionable and dramatic twist compared to the average t-shirt and gym shorts combo, we suggest taking a peek at the Sleeper Feather Pajamas available on their website. 

Sleeper Slip Dress Review

Let’s be real, the classic nightgown is lowkey sexy. From the intricate lacing detail to its exquisite choice of fabric, it’s quite puzzling trying to figure out why they were considered outdated for a time. 

Thankfully, a few trendsetters realized that it was time to bring back that old-school glam. For those who need a reintroduction of this hidden gem, let’s slip right into some details about their fabulous dresses down below. 

Sleeper Silk 90s style Maxi Slip Dress in White Review 

Take this as a sign to bust out those hot rollers. Designed as a mishmash of the 1940s and the ‘Prince of Bel Air’ era, the 90s style Maxi Slip Dress in White features a timeless silhouette. 

Offered in a gorgeous porcelain white, this beauty is all about flattering those curves. Designed with a cowl neckline, the silky number also comes with trendy, tiny shoulder straps and an ankle cut. 

For styling tips, we highly recommend pairing this wedding-esque beauty with some ruffle gloves and a pair of strappy summer sandals. Perfect for garden parties or a romantic dinner out, the $470 90s style Maxi Slip Dress in White costs $329

Sleeper Carrie Blush Slip Silk Dress Review 

Who said that the classic nightgown is only for bedtime? The Carrie Blush Slip Silk Dress deserves to be worn in the spotlight. Offered in either romantic rose or sultry black, this wardrobe basic comes in a v-shaped neckline, skinny spaghetti straps, and a midi-cut

Since it’s quite minimalist in style, this Sleeper silk dress can easily act as a loungewear set or be part of a more standout outdoor ensemble. 

If you’re opting for a streetwear look, this Sleeper pajamas review suggests matching it with a white crop top. For the shoes, let’s go with a simple pair of cream-colored sneakers. 

Ideal for upscale events or couch potato days, the $275 Blush Slip Silk Dress is currently on sale for $192

Sleeper Kate Black Slip Silk Dress Review 

We’re getting some major Audrey Hepburn vibes from the Kate Black Slip Silk Dress. Reminiscent of Holly’s black gown in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this stunning number features a slimming cut and a v-neckline. 

If you’re going full 1960s, we suggest a pearl necklace and a pair of black gloves to match. It’s up to you to opt for that long cigarette holder.

This dress also comes in blush if you’re not a fan of black. Designed to be styled up or down, the Kate Black Slip Silk Dress costs $192, an absolute steal when compared to its old price tag of $275

Sleeper Atlanta Silk Dress in White Review

The Atlanta Silk Dress in White offers a modern touch of old Renaissance glam. Perfect for running across prairie fields and summer forests, this gown features a drop-shoulder, puffy sleeve, a smock top, and a billowing skirt. 

It also comes with a gathered, ruffled hem on the wrist to add a bit of elegance and help tie the whole look together.

In terms of outfit ideas, we recommend pairing this summertime gown with a set of heeled Sleeper shoes. There’s really no need to add a necklace, as it takes away from the simplistic nature of this stunning number. 

All in all, the Atlanta Silk Dress in White rings up to a total of $420

Sleeper Women’s Dresses Review

Say goodbye to your savings. It’s going to be difficult to say no to these timeless classics. 

From the ravishing loungewear dress to the autumn-friendly mohair sweater, this Sleeper pajamas review will go over a few of their customer favorites that might just become your next staple piece. 

Sleeper Atlanta Linen Dress in White Review 

It’s practically the gown of the century. The Atlanta Linen Dress in White should spark some familiarity if you’re a casual Pinterest browser. 

Featuring a set of billowing sleeves, a smocked crop top, and a flowing skirt underneath, this internet-famous ensemble is considered a favorite among the cottage-core cult. 

This Sleeper white linen dress can also be made into an off-shoulder number if you choose to pull the sleeves down. If you’re not a fan of white, this classic number comes in 6 different colors, including gingham blue, bright green, and lavender. 

Offered with a complimentary hair tie, the Atlanta Linen Dress in White costs $320

Sleeper Loungewear Dress in Lavender Review 

It’s time to ditch those flimsy beach coverups. The Loungewear Dress in Lavender offers a more elegant twist fit for lake house getaways or long walks down the shoreline. 

Inspired by the classic collared button-up, this gown comes with a ruffled drop-shoulder, puffy sleeves, and matching gathered hem. Cut in midi-length, this summertime ensemble is perfect for those hot July afternoons.

This Sleeper dress is also offered in 8 gorgeous colors, such as white, navy, pink gingham, and daisy print. Best paired with heeled slippers and a basket weave purse, the Loungewear Dress in Lavender is priced at $250

Sleeper Belle Linen Dress in Navy Review 

Honestly, you just need a white apron, a matching hair bow, and a book in hand to complete this Disney-esque look. 

Channeling our favorite childhood movie, the Belle Linen Dress in Navy borrows directly from this iconic leading heroine. It is constructed with a smocked top, gathered princess sleeves, and a peasant-vibe billowing skirt

Complete with a matching headband, wearers can also choose from 5 different colors and patterns. Say bonjour (bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour) with the Belle Linen Dress in Navy for $280

Sleeper Tickle Me Mohair Sweater in Pink Review 

Sorry Elmo, it’s all in the name of fashion. The Tickle Me Mohair Sweater in Pink comes in a fuzzy knit that’s suspiciously similar to that red-haired Sesame Street character. 

Offered in blush or mint green, this cozy number is designed to be seasonless due to its breathable composition. Made for winter or summer layering, this Sleeper Mohair sweater can stay put in your closet forever. 

When it comes to styling tips, we recommend pairing this throw-over with some casual jeans and a sports bra underneath. You can also wear this as an additional cover-up to your Sleeper polka dots pajama set. 

Made to be a permanent wardrobe essential, the Tickle Me Mohair Sweater in Pink costs $220

Sleeper Diana Athpleasure Sweatsuit with Pants in White Review 

Despite all the controversy, the royal family deserves some credit when it comes to style. Inspired by the ‘80s princess herself, the Diana Athpleasure Sweatsuit with Pants in White offers an elegant twist to the regular set of joggers. 

To complete the look, it also comes with a matching sweater with a stylized oversized collar. 

Designed with ribbed hemming on an elasticated cuff on the ankles and wrist, this set will help bring some class to your everyday couch-potato look. 

To add a fun spin to things, we recommend pairing the $245 Athlpleasure Sweatsuit with Pants with the Sleeper Lemon Slippers

Sleeper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sleeper Pajamas Review

This Sleeper pajamas review hasn’t found many customer reviews for this online fashion label. Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. 

Their Facebook page holds a total of 29 testimonials with an average grade of 4.9/5 stars. Several customers were happy with the quality of their garments, while others praised the beauty of the brand’s unique designs. 

The Sleeper team definitely takes pride in the quality of their garments, they put love, they take everything personal. Once you go with them, you are covered for life,” one Facebook reviewer gushed. 

A few media outlets, such as Charlotte Jacklin and PopSugar, gave favorable reviews towards this underground clothing label. Both authors found Sleeper garments to be whimsical, unique, and gorgeous in design. 

Other key highlights included comfort, longevity, versatility, and seasonless construction. This is especially apparent in their linen dresses and silk pajamas. 

“Colour and print wise, I just can’t choose. They do classic solid linens, such as black, navy, white and seasonal pastels, alongside seasonal prints. I think they are all in the realm of ‘classic’ and won’t date easily,” via a statement made by Charlotte Jacklin

This Sleeper pajamas review hasn’t found much in terms of negative testimonials. A few Facebook and Trustpilot users noted issues with their customer service team. Others reported delays in deliveries

“My order is delayed for some reason, customer support is not answering for 2 days. And this is not the first time I have such an issue with this brand,” one Facebook user wrote. 

Based on the few glimpses we’ve caught of proper customer feedback, it seems like the brand is an emergent hit. While it would have been great to see more buyer ratings, there can be no doubt about the stunning quality and designs of Sleeper apparel.

Is Sleeper Worth It?

Sleeper Pajamas Review

Trendsetters, we think it’s worth giving Sleeper a try. Due to the seasonless and comfortable fit, their collection seems to be miles away from the fast-fashion fad. Most of their pieces can be styled with multiple outfits, such as their line of silk dresses and loungewear sets. 

As a result, customers are more likely to wear these pieces daily. Their designs are far from plain since the brand makes a point to add their own unique spin to their clothing pieces. 

This Sleeper pajamas review is also a fan of their sustainability practices, as they are quite transparent when it comes to sourcing, packaging, and efforts being done when it comes to saving the environment. 

If we were to poke holes, their collection is quite expensive compared to other brands, but that’s to be expected for a designer label. Most of their pieces cost upwards of $100. In the end, if you are looking to treat yourself once in a while, don’t snooze on Sleeper. 

Sleeper Promotions & Discounts 

Sleeper Pajamas Review

This Sleeper pajamas review found out that the brand has a Sleeper sale outlet. By perusing through this section, buyers can find select items at discounted prices. Customers can also get 20% off certain clothing pieces if they use promo code: takeachance at checkout. 

Lastly, you can get 10% off your final purchase by signing up for their newsletter. 

Where to Buy Sleeper

Sleeper Pajamas Review

Customers can purchase their collection by visiting You can also find them at select retailers:

  • Moda Operandi
  • Net-a-Porter
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Goop
  • Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Neiman Marcus 
  • Anthropologie 


Sleeper Pajamas Review

What is Sleeper’s Shipping Policy?

This Sleeper pajamas review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $350 or more. It usually takes 3 to 5 days for standard packages to arrive. 

They also provide other options, such as express delivery, for customers to choose from. All costs are calculated at checkout.

To help monitor the status of your order, customers will be given a tracking number via a confirmation email. Fortunately, Sleeper does offer international shipping to select countries. 

What is Sleeper’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Sleeper Kids Dress because it came in the wrong size? As you peruse through the Sleeper size guide for a second time, the brand offers a 2-week window for returns and exchanges. 

Items must be unworn and in new condition to be deemed eligible. It’s worth noting that accessories like hair bands and sleeping masks do not qualify for returns. 

Unfortunately, Sleeper does not cover return shipping costs. To initiate this process, buyers can contact their customer service team for further instructions. 

How to Contact Sleeper Customer Service

For inquiries unrelated to this Sleeper pajamas review, you can contact the company by,

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