Vivint Smart Home Security Review

About Vivint

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

It’s crazy how much we attach to the idea of our home. It’s our safe haven, but that warm feeling can be shattered by a single intruder. Vivint is looking to keep you safe from situations like that with their stellar home security systems.

The company received the PC Magazine’s 2021 Editors’ Choice for All-in-One Security and Home Automation as well as gained over 52k Instagram followers.

Now then, let’s peer deeper into that safe house. Our Vivint smart home security review will sneak past the alarms, crawl under fences, and jar open any locked doors in order to help you decide whether Vivint is the company for you.

Overview of Vivint

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Todd Pedersen started Vivint over two decades ago in 1999 under the name APX Alarm

Since those humble beginnings, Pedersen and his company have only looked towards improvement. They are constantly tweaking their products and looking to push the home security market into the future. 

They focus on prevention instead of recovery – they want to keep your home safe from potential threats so that you won’t have to suffer after, for example, a break-in.

Vivint love to give back, which is why they’ve donated millions of dollars to military families, offer special discounts for active service members, and started their own volunteering program, Vivint Gives Back

Through this program, Vivint workers have invested hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours and brought in over $22m worth of donations.

Before we take a look at all the amazing products offered later in this Vivint smart home security review, let’s check out some of the company’s highlights to get the bigger picture:


  • Offers efficient home security systems
  • Fast and easy installation by a professional
  • Around the clock 24/7 monitoring
  • Friendly installation staff who are eager to answer all your questions
  • Can connect their products to Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other similar services
  • You can monitor your abode even while you’re away through the company’s app
  • Possible to move systems between houses if you relocate to a new address
Vivint Smart Home Security Review

We found that the company’s product line includes cameras, home security systems, smart home systems, smart locks, security sensors, and temperature control devices galore.

To find out how you can purchase any of these items to your Vivint plan you’ll need to contact the company. Don’t know how? We’ve attached some reliable contact methods at the end of our Vivint smart home security review just for you.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Review

How many times have you ordered take-out only to discover you were missing that side order of fries you craved? Instead of blaming the deliveryman and believing he ate your side before dropping your package at your door, you can confirm your suspicions with the Vivint Doorbell Camera.

The camera alerts whoever crosses its line of sight that they are being recorded. Its 180” by 180” field of view is among the biggest available on the market.

Now, before you cry “Vivint review writers, bigger doesn’t always mean better,” you’re right. However, this Vivinet camera challenges that assertion with its 1080p HDR resolution and mighty night vision camera.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Review

The Vivint Outdoor Camera is a powerful deterrent device with a 4k Ultra HD image sensing lens that can pick up objects up to 55 feet away.

It can connect wirelessly to your phone through the Vivint App so you can always see who is outside your door.

One of these Vivint cameras is capable of differentiating between people, cars, and animals, so it’ll only notify you of potentially harmful intruders and not raccoons digging through your trash.

Vivint Ping Camera Review

This is quite the deceptive-looking camera if we say so ourselves. It’s small, innocuous, and white. That being said, the Vivint Ping Camera can be a phenomenal tool to monitor everything that goes on inside your house.

Don’t get any dirty ideas, now.

This camera captures motion and can facilitate communication between house members through its live chat feature. 

It also has night vision capabilities, being able to capture high-definition nighttime activity. This thing sure would’ve been handy to have in Paranormal Activity.

Vivint Smart Home Review

The Vivint Smart Home system looks to integrate all your home security systems and tools into one easy-to-understand structure. 

Through it, you can watch footage your Vivint cameras have recorded, lock doors, open the garage, and maybe even take out the trash (if the brand continues to push their technology).

Vivint Smart Locks Review

Vivint Smart Locks provide you the opportunity to get in and out of your house without a key while still keeping your property safe. It works by using keycodes, which you can customize up to 30 and assign to friends and family.

The device also keeps track of which codes are used, meaning that you can see a log of who has come and gone from your abode recently. 

All you need to do is press the lock button to shut your house down and keep it safe from any possible intruders. You can also unlock your doors from the Vivint App.

Vivint Garage Door Control Review

There’s always the nagging fear that we left the garage door open, or that you forgot to open it. Our Vivint smart home security review team has heard horror stories involving both cases, but the Vivint Garage Door Control seeks to remedy both of those.

You can open and close your garage door from the Vivint App. That means you won’t have to worry about leaving it open when you’re already halfway to the office. Plus, the app tells you if you did leave your garage door open ajar.

Vivint Smart Lighting Review

What else can you do handlessly and with the power of your voice? Why, you can dim the lights with the Vivint Smart Lighting system.

The system connects to your outdoors and indoors light while labeling them by room. That means you can select a part of your house that you wish to illuminate without lighting up your entire abode or plunging your household into darkness.

Vivint Smart Thermostat Review

What’s more annoying than having to roll out of a warm bed in the middle of winter to a freezing cold house? We don’t know; probably nothing.

The Vivint Smart Thermostat should make that an issue of the past because it allows you to control the thermostat with your voice alone. It’s like the brand answered our prayers!

You can also maintain the Vivint thermostat at custom homeostasis to ensure that it’s always the perfect temperature just for you.

Vivint App Review

While everything we just covered so far is nice, it’s all for naught without the Vivint App. This is the camel’s hump, the KFC secret ingredient, and the mystical je-ne-sais-quoi that makes all your favorite movies timeless.

With this app, you can control any of the company’s pieces of equipment and security systems from your phone. You don’t even need to be in your house to access or modify them. 

You can adjust temperatures, dim lights, open garage doors, and monitor what’s happening outside your doorstep all through the Vivint App.

It also comes with a Vivint Keypad which can provide more manual control over everything if you’re ever without your phone.

Who Is Vivint For? 

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Vivint is suited for anyone who wants to add another layer of protection to their living abode for whatever reason. Maybe they live in a rough part of town, maybe they want to protect their families, maybe they’re cooking up the cure for cancer in their basement and are fearful some buster named Frank is going to steal their patent.

Either way, Vivint is for people who want to breathe a little easier, and that includes military officers who spend time away from their families.

Vivint items are also the ideal way to keep an eye on your house while you’re away. Why hire a house-sitter every time you go on vacation when you could just watch what’s happening in your house via an app? Studies show that it reduces the risk of house-sitter-associated college parties by 66% (note: we are not statisticians, we are Vivint review writers).

Vivint Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

This section of our Vivint smart home security review will go over what can make or break a company; their customer feedback. Why not begin this investigation at the scene of the crime, the Vivint website.

The brand features many interesting customer stories on their website. These stories highlight how essential Vivint products are for those who have made use of them.

After buying a Vivint security product many consumers reported feeling more relaxed in their own homes. Numerous Vivint smart home security reviews highlighted how they had previously been targeted by either a break-in or burglars, interfering with their conception of home.

Thankfully, they restored those feelings of serenity we often associate with our living spaces after buying Vivint goods. One customer said, “About two years ago, my home was broken into while I was at work and valuable items were stolen from me. I feel safe now knowing that my home is being monitored by Vivint.

Other reviews showed that the company was able to satisfy customers enough that they stuck with Vivint for years. Some consumers reported staying with their purchases even after moving to a new house! 

This next review explains that exact situation, “I recently had a new install in a house I had moved out of 6 years ago and they came in and updated the entire system for a fraction of what their competitors would have charged. I am an extremely satisfied customer and have been one for almost 10 years now!

This sense of protection extended to other family members. Some customers installed the products in the homes of their parents or grandparents who had difficulty taking care of themselves independently. It provided them a sense of relief knowing that their loved ones were safe and sound.

Don’t believe us? Our Vivint smart home security review teams are writers and researchers, not liars. Here’s the satisfied customer review showing how they put Vivint to good use: 

My dad was living on hospice at his home with 24 hr caregivers. I lived 65 miles away and was only able to be with him on weekends because I worked during the week. I installed a camera inside his home and had full access to the living area where he was 24/7 and was also able to monitor the caregivers that were caring for him.“

One particular customer testimony stuck out to us, and we figured it’s better to reprint the whole story so as to not diminish its impact: “What really sold me, though, was the wireless monitoring and the ability to control the entire system from my phone. I’m in the military, so I’m gone a lot. Knowing my family would be safe while I was gone was a huge bonus.

We didn’t limit our research to the company’s website. No, we went a few steps beyond. We consulted customer feedback reports from Safehome.org, which gave us a good picture of what the company offered.

Vivint scored well with customers overall, with four different aspects of their business earning praise. As a whole, over 35 customers rated the Vivint installation process 4/5 stars, the company’s products 3.8/5 stars, and their customer service 3.6/5 stars

Combined, these averages provided a respectable customer rating of 3.8/5 stars.

Finally, let’s journey into the true depths of customer depravity and declaration by scoping out what consumers said on TrustPilot.

Our Vivint review team was not surprised to read so many good things about the company. We took one look at the company’s 4.0/5 star rating from over 23,000 customer reviews and knew we were looking in the right place. 

Many customers complimented the brand’s exemplary installation process, citing it as fast, educational, and effortless. Most of the employees who installed Vivint systems were complimented on being open to any and all questions. 

One 5/5 star review said, “The sales and installation team are friendly and informative. They answered every question I had and made sure our home was secure and we had the best system for our needs. Adam went above and beyond when installing, interacting with my son and making sure I understood all of what he was doing along with how to run the system.

Indeed, customers were pleased across the board with how efficient Vivint workers were at installing their products, but that’s not the only thing customers loved about the brand. They also adored how great Vivint’s customer service phone line was.

Lastly, we want to know how many clients were left happy with the camera’s high quality. As one reviewer put it,  “Great home security options. The cameras are crystal clear and the interfacing is seamless. Can’t wait to hear about their solar initiatives.

You know a company is good when people are looking forward to their next products.

Overall, we can tell that Vivint satisfies their customers who all use the products in their own ways. Some use them to preserve their state of safety, some use them to keep an eye on loved ones, and others just like the voyeurism aspect. Either way, customers seemed pleased on all fronts.

Is Vivint Worth It?

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Based on the security Vivint offers and their 24/7 monitoring sensibilities, our Vivint smart home security review staff feels the company is worth the purchase. Remember, it only takes one bad accident to derail your living space, so you may as well keep your house safe no matter what.

Vivint Promotions & Discounts 

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Keep your loved ones close as we foretell a terrible truth: we weren’t able to locate any value promotions or discounts currently underway at Vivint.

That is unless you or a loved one is currently serving on overseas military duty. The company offers discounts and exemptions for potential purchasers in those cases, but you’ll have to speak with a Vivint representative to find out how much you could potentially save.

Where to Buy Vivint

Vivint Smart Home Security Review

The only place our Vivint review writers were able to purchase Vivint from was the company’s website, vivint.com. They’ve secured quite the exclusive deal.


Vivint Smart Home Security Review

Who owns Vivint?

Company founder Todd Pedersen owns Vivint and his prosocial attitude continues to fuel Vivint. That’s why they offer savings for family members of actively serving military members and have donated over $4M to military families.

Does Vivint ship internationally?

While Vivint doesn’t ship internationally they do offer their products in two of the three best countries in North America, the United States and Canada.

What is Vivint’s Privacy Policy?

This is all of the information that the company collects about you:

  1. The date when you created your Vivint account
  2. Your purchase history
  3. Your contact history with the company
  4. Device information
  5. Location information
  6. Web interactions with the company
  7. Cookies

Vivint only shares this information with affiliates, service providers, and advertising partners they believe will improve your experience. Besides that, they keep your information to both prevent any potential problems or to help troubleshoot any issues that arise.

What is Vivint’s Shipping Policy?

Vivint will send a company representative to install the system after speaking with you on the phone and helping you decide on which plan is best for you. 

In this sense, the company doesn’t use traditional shipping methods. That is, unless you want to count sending employees to your house as shipping, which, when we put it that way, gives our Vivint review team some nervous tingles about “shipping people” as goods.

What is Vivint’s Return Policy?

Our Vivint review team found that the company’s cancellation and refund policy is only activated in extreme cases like death, bankruptcy, or moving into an assisted living home. 

You must answer specific questions and provide accurate documentation if you wish to cancel your Vivint plan for these reasons.

They charge a small fee for cancellation even with these circumstances, so they will refund you everything you’ve loaded onto your prepaid account after deducting the fees.

How to Contact Vivint

We’ll conclude our Vivint review by covering all the ways you can contact the lovely customer support staff:

  • Call the company at 866-211-6474 or 800-216-5232
  • Accessing their Contact Us page through their website, vivint.com

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