Cozy Earth Sheets Review

About Cozy Earth Sheets

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

When I first heard about bamboo being used as a fabric[1], I assumed it would be scratchy and hot. It turns out it’s everything but—including sustainable, cooling, and breathable.

Cozy Earth uses bamboo to manufacture their breezy line of bedding and pajamas. The selection has natural temperature-regulating properties and is extremely soft[2]—and those are only some of the dreamy features of their bestsellers.

The brand is a favorite of Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Good Morning America and has 213k+ followers on Instagram. Is it worth upgrading your bedding for? Let’s find out.

In this Cozy Earth sheets review, I’ll check into the brand and its products, along with customer experiences, materials, and everything else that you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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Overview of Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

Cozy Earth was founded by Tyler Howells in 2011. I think it’s a brand that truly puts all of their eggs in one basket. Whether it’s sheets, comforters, blankets, pillowcases or even clothing, they use the same approach to create high-quality products that their customers love.

All products, from pajamas to pillowcases, are free of toxins and woven in a way that makes them durable for 10+ years. Additionally, I’m keen on their minimalist designs that go well with any interior design or bedroom set up[3]. What’s next for this Cozy Earth sheets review? I’ll now take you through the highlights.  


  • Eco-friendly production of bamboo sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and pajamas
  • A large range of sizes offered on both bedding and apparel 
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Sheets get softer as they age
  • Mother’s Day deals help save 20–25% on all products 
  • Free shipping and free return shipping in the US
  • Impressive 100-day return policy

Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Good?

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

From everything I know about the material, I’m confident that bamboo sheets are a great option for your bedroom. Not only are they fluffy, but the brand manufactures them in a way that makes them durable and long-lasting. Pilling is not an issue for Cozy Earth sheets, and customers report that their temperature-regulating properties are legit.

On top of all that, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and thin, which means they don’t hold moisture as easily as other sheets, making them much less likely to host bad bacteria. I’m all for that.

Customers also love the sustainability of these sheets. Because bamboo grows tremendously fast, fertilizers, pesticides, and other undesirable chemicals are not required for its cultivation. 

The end result, however, is comfortable and breathable, with all of the qualities listed above—Cozy Earth’s trusted team takes great care in their product design and creation.

Cozy Earth Bedding Review

This section of my Cozy Earth sheets review will focus on 7 best-selling nighttime products from 6 different categories. I’ll analyze the features of each product, including its pricing, materials, and more. Read on for all of the snuggly details.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set Review

I found that Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set is one of the brand’s best-selling products. It has 1,900 reviews and a 5/5 star average. That’s pretty impressive. Its key features include anti-allergen properties, the world’s highest-quality bamboo fabric, and resilience—even after many washes.

The Bamboo Sheet Set comes with a 10-year warranty and is extremely airy, allowing moisture to escape instead of building up and causing hot flashes and night sweats. I like to stay cool in the night, so this part definitely piques my interest.

What’s more, quality control also ensures that your sheets are free of toxic chemicals though the production and manufacturing process.

You can buy the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets King Size for $395, or in 4 other options: 

  • Twin: $311
  • Queen: $359
  • California King: $407
  • Split King: $419

No matter which one fits your needs, they all come with 2 pillow cases, 1 top sheet, and 1 fitted sheet—aside form the Split King which comes with 2 Twin XL fitted sheets.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter – All Season Review

This 100% organic-certified Quilted Comforter only comes in white—a consequence of Cozy Earth doing everything they can to avoid including unnecessary chemicals to their products. If white means my bedding is free from toxins, I’ll gladly take it.

I read that the comforter is naturally warm and durable, but since it’s made form bamboo, it’s a year-round keeper.

Cozy Earth washing instructions have you leaving it out in the sun for 3 to 4 hours twice per year, in order to revivify the scent and feel. Other than that, you can wash it on cold through the rinse cycle. Important note: never use the spin cycle!

This all-season Quilted Comforter can go into a Cozy Earth duvet cover, or function as a blanket all on its own. You can get it for:

  • Twin: $383
  • Queen: $455
  • King: $527 

Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover Review

I recommend using the Bamboo Duvet Cover for its obvious purpose, but in my reading for this Cozy Earth sheets review, I learned you can also use it as a throw blanket. The material is super soft and breathable. No matter how many times you wash it, the temperature balancing properties built into the fabric will remain.

You can buy this Bamboo Duvet Cover from Cozy Earth in Twin to King sizes for $287$347

Cozy Earth Silk Comforter Review

The Cozy Earth Silk Comforter provides a more lush and textured fabric compared to the bamboo option. While it has pros and cons when compared to the bamboo comforter, it is miles better than anything you can get from cotton, down, or polyester. 

Just make sure to wash it on cold, never with softeners or bleach, on the rinse cycle. Available with standard or extra fill options, I’ll breakdown the pricing for each size below:

  • Twin: $551$599
  • Queen: $719$767
  • King: $791$839

Cozy Earth Silk Pillows Review

I know this is a Cozy Earth sheets review, but I couldn’t skip out on pillows. I’m pleased to tell you that the AAA Silk Pillow is just as high-quality as the brand’s bamboo products are.

It also has the same quality control and hypoallergenic qualities, and here’s a crucial detail: the handcrafted filling will remain firmly in place (not lumping up all on one side). With that said, it does lightly mold to your head and keeps a medium height.

You can buy the Silk Pillow in Standard Size for $263, and in King for $311.  

Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket Review

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket is the Netflix and chill companion I’ve always needed. Supremely lightweight and smooth, and made from 100% organic bamboo, it’s perfect for every room in the house. 

Pro tip: You will want to take extra care of this blanket to maintain its longevity throughout the years. Buy the Bamboo Blanket as a baby blanket for $107, or in 3 other sizes:

  • Twin: $287
  • Queen: $335
  • King: $371

Cozy Earth Bamboo Mattress Pad Review

The Bamboo Mattress Pad is ideal for those with a naturally high body temperature, or who live in the horribly humid parts of the world. I fall into the first category. 

Its main purpose is to add extra cooling to your sleeping experience. But it also adds a luxurious soft layer that, combined with your Cozy Earth bamboo sheets queen size, turns you into a cozy sandwich.

And if you’re an active sleeper, don’t worry, a strong elastic keeps this lightweight pad snug on your mattress. You can buy Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Mattress Pad 4 different sizes:

  • Twin: $179
  • Queen: $203
  • King: $227
  • California: $247

Cozy Earth Pajamas Review

Loving your bamboo sheets? If you’re looking to get more out of what this company has to offer, well then my friend, you came to the right place. There’s no better place to start than Cozy Earth bamboo pajamas. 

Keep reading as I transition this Cozy Earth sheets review into the brand’s evening wear category and examine 2 of their best-selling products. 

Cozy Earth Women’s Short Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set Review

This Bamboo Pajama Set comes with refined piping detail and a breathable fabric suited for each body type. Its slick Monaco-yacht design gives you a style that stands out in a dream version of your favorite Parisian cafe or your cozy breakfast table. 

It’s pretty much my dream pajama set. Your color options are grey, ivory, and black—I’ll stick with ivory to keep the whole clean, pristine vibe going.

Made from 95% organic bamboo and 5% spandex, you can buy the Women’s Short Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set for $149 in sizes XS through XL. 

Cozy Earth Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set Review

This one is for those who never want to leave their bedrooms. I know a few who fit the bill. With the Long Sleeve Pajama Set, you carry the comfort of your bed as you sneak to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. Excessively soft and stretchy fabric flows gently from your body, giving you a 5-star hotel chic experience each day at home. 

I love that it’s tailored as a bit roomy for a luxurious fit that doesn’t overheat. You can buy the Women’s Long Sleeve Stretch-Knit Bamboo Pajama Set for $169 in sizes XS through XL, and in grey, ivory, or black. 

Cozy Earth Sheets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

After my research for this part of my Cozy Earth sheets review, I found that customers are, overall, extremely pleased with their purchases.

The high-quality products in combination with stellar customer feedback played a big role in the Cozy Earth Oprah event that launched the brand into primetime popularity. In case you didn’t hear, Oprah is big fan of the brand. And while she certainly has great taste, I’m also interested in knowing what normal customers have to say about it. Let’s look into some ratings from cozyearth.com.

  • Silk Comforter: 4.9/5 stars, 575 reviews
  • Bamboo Sheet Set: 4.9/5 stars, 3,756 reviews
  • AAA Silk Pillow: 4.9/5 stars, 298 reviews
  • Women’s Short Sleeve Pajamas: 4.9/5 stars, 2,445 reviews

Heading down to the comments section for the Bamboo Sheet Set, I found tons of praise. Whether it was words like “perfection” or “best sheets ever,” customers got their points across.

There are thousands of review on the Cozy Earth website that average to 5/5 stars. Again, I found customers praising the extremely soft and comfortable fabric, its temperature regulation properties (especially during the night), and that their clothing purchases were light and breathable

One reviewer encapsulated the overall sentiment by saying, “The blanket is beautiful! It is well constructed with a lovely binding that finishes it elegantly. The weight is light by substantial. It provides warmth without being heavy. I absolutely love the softness and smoothness of the surface finish. An absolutely gorgeous blanket. I’m pleased!!” 

The notoriously critical users on Trustpilot left Cozy Earth 442 reviews and gave it an average of 3.7/5. But it’s important to know that the vast majority of negative reviews relate to shipping delays outside of the company’s control and extremely rare defective products. 

Other reviewers said that Cozy Earth offers very comfortable clothing and excellent customer service. One customer writes, “I have tried many different sheets, but these are the best. Soft, cool and extremely cozy. The pillows are like sleeping on clouds. The best ever in my 60 years!”

Next, I looked into the brand on Amazon. Over a hundred Amazon reviews give Cozy Earth a 4.5/ 5 star average. They echo other reviews I’ve mentioned here, saying that the bamboo fabric is very comfortable. One buyer shared that Cozy Earth clothing is light and ideal for lounging all day, while another noted that the soft fabric is wonderful for people with sensitivity issues. 

The overall customer experience is well-represented in this review: “This is one of the softest duvet covers I’ve ever felt. Feels a lot more substantial than silk yet has the same softness that you expect from natural materials. I’m impressed and will be looking for more bamboo products. Worth trying!! Makes you not want to get out of bed.”

Consensus? If you’re looking for incredibly comfortable bedding and pajamas, Cozy Earth is where they’re at.

Is Cozy Earth Worth It?

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

I think Cozy Earth is worth it for anyone who cares enough about their quality of sleep (not to mention their overall health)[4] to invest in long-lasting and high-quality bedding and pajamas. 

Customers have written thousands of 5-star reviews for Cozy Earth, affirming that their mission to provide soft, breathable, eco-friendly bedding and apparel has been a great success.

While Cozy Earth’s catalog trends fall on the expensive end of pricing, the frank truth is that premium organic bamboo—with sophisticated design—costs more than your run-of-the-mill cotton products. 

So are Cozy Earth sheets worth it? Well, the brand is clearly so confident in your satisfaction that they offer a 100-day guarantee on all of their products. In the feedback I gathered for this Cozy Earth review, I also learned that their customer support meets the standard set by their products. To me, it sounds like an overall great brand to shop with.

Cozy Earth Promotions & Discounts

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

This wouldn’t be a complete Cozy Earth sheets review if I didn’t give you the deets on deals. Right now, the brand is holding a 20-25% off July 4th Sale, and in case you miss this one, I discovered it often has discounts through the year. To stay in the loop, I suggest signing up for their newsletter.

Apart from sales, the brand always has deals on bundles. Shop bundles to save 25% and if you’re a frequent customer, hop aboard the Reward Program to earn points and redeem them for discounts. 

Where to Buy Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

Cozy Earth products are available for purchase on CozyEarth.com and their official Amazon page.


Cozy Earth Sheets Review

Where is Cozy Earth located?

Cozy Earth is headquartered in Utah. However, the bamboo they use is sourced from organic-certified farms in China and the weaving is also done in the mainland. 

The brand assured me that all of their products are tested and found free of toxic chemicals, and that they are manufactured “under fair labor and fair trade practices.”

Are Cozy Earth sheets made in USA?

In my research for this Cozy Earth sheets review, I found that they are made in China, not in the USA. But it is good to know that the company oversees every step of production—from sourcing the bamboo to manufacturing. By doing so, they ensure high-quality products and ethical labor practices.

What are Cozy Earth sheets made of?

Cozy Earth sheets are made of bamboo, of course! The bamboo is organic and specially sourced from China. Their items are lightweight, thin, and great for dealing with humidity and preventing overheating at night.

What sizes does Cozy Earth have?

After examining their products for this Cozy Earth sheets review, I found they accommodate nearly every size. Plus, they offer a handy guide on their website. Here is a breakdown of some of their products: 

  • Cozy Earth bamboo comforter: Twin, Queen, and King 
  • Pillowcases: Standard and King 
  • Pajamas: XS, S, M, L, and XL
  • Sheets: Queen, Twin, King, California King, and Split King

What is Cozy Earth’s Shipping Policy?

US customers can expect their orders to ship within 2 business days. This 2-day window allows you the opportunity to contact Cozy Earth and make any last-minute changes to your order destination. Once everything’s all set, you will get an email with an order tracking number. 

International shipping is available; shipping times and prices are calculated at checkout. 

What is the Cozy Earth Returns Policy?

I’m pleased to say the company’s return policy is extremely generous. No matter what you buy, whether it’s a Cozy Earth Bamboo Bed or a Cozy Earth Bamboo Hoodie, you have 100 days to return or exchange it.

Sounds good, right? Well, Cozy Earth also includes a year-long warranty for all of their products. It covers defects of any kind. But, if you are 100% certain you want to return your purchase for a full refund, they’ll do right by you and pay for the return shipping (only in the US).

I’ve put together a quick breakdown of the return process (US only) just below in this Cozy Earth review:

1. Prepare your Order Number and the ZIP code of the address your item was shipped to

2. Contact Cozy Earth’s customer support team by calling 385-225-9268, or by using the online return/exchange form

3. The Returns and Exchanges Team is available to assist you Monday to Friday, from 8 AM–4:30 PM MST

4. It takes between 10 to 14 business days for a return to be processed

5. It will take up to 10 business days after the item was returned for the money to appear in your account

6. Once approved, you will receive a prepaid shipping label

How to Contact Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

For questions beyond what I included in this Cozy Earth sheets review, get in touch with the brand in any of these ways: 

  • Cozy Earth phone number: 385-225-9268 (Monday to Friday, 7 AM–11 PM MST)
  • Email: [email protected]

Use the contact form or live chat on their website

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