Cannondale Bikes Review

About Cannondale 

Cannondale Bikes Review

Don’t let the beautiful weather of Spring through to Fall waste away. Take advantage of the natural world while adding some exercise to your life with the help of Cannondale Bikes

Perfect for all forms of cycling, this brand sets up customers for a lifetime of joy whether racing, taking on trails, or just casually cycling through the park.

Cannondale isn’t an unknown brand in the world. They’ve actually already got 336k followers on Instagram just on their main account. 

Featured in Forbes, Insider, Business Insider, and The New York Times, among others, this name has appeared time and time again as one of the most trusted in the cycling world.

Circling the world of products, prices, ratings, and more, in this Cannondale Bikes review I’ll be diving in deep to discover all the trade secrets in determining whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Cannondale 

Cannondale Bikes Review

The year was 1971 and Cannondale Bikes came to life in a whirlwind of innovation, creativity, and just a dash of chaos

Based in a world of traditional cycling, the founders of Cannondale wanted to expand the activity beyond borders to new heights and speeds of excitement.

Leaving behind the dull, monotony of cycling through the park, this brand took to revolutionizing the sport through new materials, designs, and technology

Lightening the weight, upping control and traction, and shaking up the suspension to handle the biggest of bumps, these bikes pushed the sport into a new realm. 

Continuing the push towards a new purpose, this company keeps refreshing and exploring new terrain with each model released.

Fueled by their passion and dedication to the sport, Cannondale keeps moving forward with their craft. 

Cannondale Bikes Review

Their love for the industry is only one of the highlights this review stumbled across in our research. Take a look at just a few of the other reasons this brand steals the show:


  • Wide selection of bikes for roads, mountains, kids, and more
  • Bike Finder quiz
  • High-quality materials
  • Free bike shipping
  • Pre-assembled bikes
  • Financing options available with Affirm

There’s a lot to cover with this brand. Cannondale has a lot of makes and models to their name, so it can be a little overwhelming at first. 

Rather than toss readers into the deep end, I wanted to give a quick glimpse into some of the best-sellers from this brand’s top categories. This barely scratches the surface, but it’s definitely a good start to what is available.

Cannondale Road Bikes Review

Cannondale Bikes Review

I’ll be honest, there’s more to a road bike than just cycling through the streets. Cannondale Road Bikes are made to get you to your destination, wherever that may be. 

Whether heading out for a light ride through the park or taking on the gravel roads of the countryside, these featured bikes will keep riders in control no matter the ground beneath them.

Cannondale Bikes Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 1 Review

Hit the roads with confidence while riding the Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty 1 through the city and country roads.

Typically, road bikes come ready to hit the pavement, but this model prepares for a wider terrain with its full suspension. Capable of conquering any gravel or dirt road, I’d suggest taking to the hills for the full experience of this bike’s handling. 

Built to battle any bump, this bike takes no prisoners whether riding in the city or taking things off the street into a more natural location to power through with the best of them.

Speaking of power, I have to note the technology on board with this one. Not only does it come through with a 500Wh Power battery to deliver performance on any terrain, but this bike helps track effort. 

Monitored through a hi-res display, riders can watch their data, noting distance, time, speed, and more. Plus it offers a USB charging port to stay connected through the ride.

Take things off the road with this one for $10,000.

Cannondale Bikes Topstone Carbon Lefty 1 Review

Ride over gravel easily with the Topstone Carbon Lefty 1.

Similar to its Neo counterpart, this bike is all about taking on the worst terrain off-road and into the country air. 

Free yourself from city streets and head uphill with this bike’s dual-suspension keeping the ride smooth and sound off-road and sailing with ease on paved ground. Easy to handle on any terrain, it doesn’t take much to master this one.

Comfort is key to any bike, especially those tackling the off-road life. That’s why the Carbon Lefty 1 comes prepped with maximum traction and a refined rider position to maintain a good grip and control throughout the ride. 

Stable, secure, and speedy, this bike is ready to go on and off-road at any time.

Start cycling with this bike for $8,500.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes Review

Cannondale Bikes Review

Fan of the fast life? Take on any trail with Cannondale Mountain Bikes. Designed for speed, traction, and handling, there’s nothing quite like embracing the cool wind whistling by as you take on the trails. 

Focusing on only their best-sellers, for now, my Cannondale Bikes Review will be showing off some of the best in the business.

Cannondale Bikes Scalpel Carbon SE 1 Review 

Soar through unsteady terrain with the Scalpel Carbon SE 1 in control.

Mountain biking is about more than just biking on a mountain. These rides are about speed, ferocity, and going full force on the roughest of terrain

To sum it up, it takes a lot of courage. The only way to actually manage a ride is through depending on a bike you can trust.

This marathon master is ready to face the unknown. Built for the trails, suspension and traction is everything with this bike. 

Offering a shorter stem, this bike keeps the handles closer to the rider, securing better control and forcing a more aerodynamic position that will get anyone going fast in no time at all.

Keep control at hand on any terrain type for $6,100.

Cannondale Bikes Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 Review

Who doesn’t want to be a winner? The Scalpel Hi-MOD 1 was designed to make us all champions.

Noted by Cannondale as the “ultimate XC race bike,” this one is all for speed, control, and precision. There’s no going for the gold with this one – the gold is automatically given. Face any racecourse with a solid understanding that this bike doesn’t chase any titles, it wins them.

Managing top suspension without sacrificing weight, this bike manages to balance its lightweight feel with complete control of grip, traction, and speed

Designed with precise geometrical measurements in mind, the Hi-MOD 1 extends front steering for a stable ride with quick reaction time in all steering. Basically, it’s a dream race bike.

Aim for the title and start cycling for $10,250.

Cannondale Kids Bikes Review

Cannondale Bikes Review

Establish a love of exercising, cycling, and independence from a young age with Cannondale Kids Bikes. Designed to introduce the younger years to a world of speed through safe measures, these popular bikes are all about control, safety, and above all else, fun.

Cannondale Bikes Kids Trail Balance Girl’s Review

It’s never too early to get the kids cycling away. Start them young with the Kids Trail Balance Girl’s.

Who says kids can’t hit the trails with as much confidence as adult riders? If anything, kids tend to bounce back and take another try more often than adults do. Reduce future fear by bringing the trails into their youth with a proper gravel road bike. 

Capable of conquering street rides just as much as gravel roads, this bike is a great introduction to conquering a bit of rocky terrain.

Built for top handling, the Trail Balance is all about building up skill. Maintain control of this lightweight, alloy frame for a smooth ride through the streets. 

Responsive, durable, and comfortable in its seat and grips, this bike is the first step to a lifelong love affair in the cycling world.

Get kids going young for $225.

Cannondale Bikes Kids Quick 24 Girl’s Review

They’ve taken to the trails at a young age and are now looking for independence for travel. Enter the Kids Quick 24 Girl’s Bike to get them from point A to point B with confidence.

This one isn’t as much for the gravel roads or ravines. Instead, this bike is perfect for kids 7 to 12 taking street rides, leisurely trips to the park, or the mad dash of going to a friend’s to share the latest news. 

Quick, stable, and secure, there’s a lot we can depend on with this model.

Working with a lightweight frame to increase speed and control, this bike is all about the fast life. Speedy tires and a wide range of gears allow for riders to take their own pace in life. 

High-performance in its nature, this machine encourages activity, control, and independence. Forget carpooling, kids will be riding everywhere in no time.

Speed through the streets with this one for $500.

Who Is Cannondale Bikes For? 

Cannondale Bikes Review

Anyone can enter the cycling world with the assistance of Cannondale Bikes. This brand is built for every skill level from beginner to professional racer. 

Based on comfort and control, this brand has a make and model for every type of terrain. Whether adult or child, there’s something for everyone from this dependable name.

Cannondale Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cannondale Bikes Review

Rather than leave this Cannondale Bikes review solely up to my opinion and research, I felt everyone would benefit from a wider view of the public’s opinion. That’s why I turned to the internet to check into what real riders have to say about the brand.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy finding customer ratings for this brand, strangely enough. I did stumble upon quite a few blogs and business reviews (I’ll admit to using one of them here), but as for the product and company ratings for Cannondale Bikes, it was difficult to find a wider perspective. 

As a result, I did pull from more individualized ratings than larger groups, so I have to warn that the opinions gathered in this section may not represent the wider audience due to the limited scope I’ve collected.

Starting directly with the people, I went to Reddit for some honest and open opinions. The first glance looks pretty good for this one. Most Redditors seem to be pretty fond of the brand and they make it quite clear that they’ve put their faith (and money) into supporting the name.

Their love for the brand seems to centralize around quality and appearance. Solid and secure construction balances stylish aesthetics that just make cycling cool. 

One Cannondale Bikes review noted “I have a CAAD 8 and love it. Besides the good quality, I really like the aesthetics of Cannondale bikes compared to other brands in the market these days. They have a very “classic” look to them.

Cannondale Bikes Review

There’s something about this brand that just beckons to classic style. Their simple, yet stunning designs not only look great, but they also serve a purpose. 

Crafted carefully for optimum control and speed, these bikes welcome every type of rider to conquer all kinds of terrain with precision and confidence.

Cannondale makes awesome bikes. I race a CAAD9. Their aluminum bikes, in my opinion, are the best-performing out of the major brands.

Of course, Reddit riders aren’t the only fans of this brand. IceBike took a look at some of their pieces and loved them enough to warrant 9/10 stars

Cannondale always puts a lot of thought and effort into making quality bicycles,” this Cannondale Bikes review determined that “you can be sure that even at the bottom of the line, these bikes are pretty good.

The beauty of this brand not only comes from the bikes themselves, but also their accessories. Offering parts for quick repairs in addition to pieces to generally make the ride a more pleasant experience, there’s a lot to dig through with this brand. 

Finding the right bike is only step one, next comes fitting it with all the best pieces.

Providing solely Cannondale accessories, Amazon finds a minute crowd for these products, all seeing top ratings. In fact, the Cannondale Eileen 3 Center Mount Kickstand currently has 4.3/5 stars based on over 100 ratings. 

Cannondale Bikes Review

I’ll admit to being fans of a center mount kickstand – there’s something about them that’s just so cool over the rear kickstands (no shade though).

Whatever the preference of kickstand, these pieces sit solid and secure to the bike, mounting with ease on the surface. One Cannondale Bikes review commented that this stand is “a durable looking, well made stand. It fit right into the factory mounts and bolted right in.” 

Simple to install, this piece keeps bikes steady on all terrain. No more fear about keeping things standing strong, just kick down the stand and know that things will be safe and secure until it’s time to ride again.

Good price on a well made Cannondale branded kickstand. While Cannondale bikes are no longer made in the US, this kickstand lives up to the quality that made Cannondale bikes last. I should know I have one that is 30 yrs old and still going strong.

Consistent quality over the years seems to have made this a brand that customers can trust. Supportive, strong, and dedicated to providing the best, Cannondale serves up strong products both in bikes and accessories. Check out these other ratings for more evidence:

  • Cannondale Speed C Nylon Cage: 4.6/5 stars based on over 40 ratings
  • Cannondale Slice Top Frame Tube Bag: 4.2/5 stars based on over 25 ratings
  • Cannondale Mountain Rear Derailleur Hanger Kit: 4.7/5 stars based on over 110 ratings
  • Cannondale Block Gripper Bottle: 4.8/5 stars based on over 15 ratings
  • Cannondale Silicone Logo Bicycle Handlebar Grips: 5/5 stars based on over 10 ratings

I’ll admit to seeing a few mixed ratings on customer service for this brand. It seems they’re not incredibly responsive to all customers which can be a bit of a concern, but overall I’ve seen only good surrounding these bikes and their accessories. 

Seems like a smooth ride to us.

Is Cannondale Legit?

Cannondale Bikes Review

As far as I can tell after doing my research for this Cannondale Bikes review, this brand is legit. I didn’t find many reports or red flags regarding the products themselves. 

There were some issues with customer service and a few reports of lacking quality. However, the majority of ratings online reflect the brand as being well crafted and sturdy for cyclists.

Is Cannondale Worth It?

Cannondale Bikes Review

I can’t speak for all people and their personal experiences. With that being said, I feel pretty secure for the purpose of this Cannondale Bikes review to state that I’d recommend this brand. 

With years of experience behind their name, the company seems to offer steady quality and takes pride in their designs. Offering their customers a wide selection of models and styles, there are limitless options to choose from before starting the cycling journey.

I do acknowledge that there are some mixed reports and lacking numbers behind most of their online reviews, however, I feel it’s worth taking a chance. The majority of individual ratings seen online suggest little but satisfaction from their purchases. 

Take a chance and get riding on any type of terrain with Cannondale by your side (or, rather, under your feet).

Cannondale Promotions & Discounts 

Cannondale Bikes Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this Cannondale Bikes review, there are no running promotions.

Where to Buy Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Bikes Review

Cannondale Bikes works through an interesting trade. Their whole collection is available on, but once purchased, it will ship to a local bike store to be checked and assembled before being collected by the buyer. 

This system supports local shops and provides a central location for customers in need of assistance.

That said, there are a few locations that tend to have Cannondale products in stock:

  • REI
  • Sun & Ski Sports
  • Amazon


Cannondale Bikes Review

Who owns Cannondale?

Cannondale is currently owned by Dorel Industries.

Are Cannondale Bikes made in China?

Despite being an American company, these bikes are made abroad. While not manufactured in China, Cannondale Bikes are produced in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Does Cannondale ship internationally?

At the time of publication, Cannondale Bikes only ships domestically. You can, however, find their products at select international retailers.

What is Cannondale’s Shipping Policy?

Interested in the shipping process? Cannondale breaks it down by product type:

  • Gear costs $10 for shipping on orders under $50 with the ETA calculated at checkout depending on location
  • Gear purchased with bikes will be shipped directly to the home for free
  • Bikes are shipped free to local retailers for pick-up
  • All bikes will be assembled by the retailer for no additional fee

This brand tries to keep things nice and simple, so all assembly is done and checked prior to the pick-up. Just select the nearest location at check out and wait for that email to come in.

What is Cannondale’s Return Policy?

Something not quite the right size or fit? This brand wants the best for customers and that includes offering a 15-day return policy. So long as products are new, unused, and contain all instructions and cards, items can be shipped back for a full refund.

The return process doesn’t take too much work:

  1. Contact Customer Service for an RA number
  2. Follow included instructions on the packaging
  3. Return bike to retailer it was shipped to

From there, delivery will be arranged by Cannondale and the rest is taken care of. Just wait for the refund to appear within 10 days of receiving the product and everything will be signed, sealed, and delivered.

How to Contact Cannondale 

Have any lingering questions on your mind after reading through this Cannondale Bikes review? The brand has a few ways to reach out for support and solutions:

  • Phone: 1-800-BIKE-USA
  • Online Contact Form
  • Live Chat

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