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Charge Bikes Review

Some people live easy life. They want to roll out of bed, glide to work, sip on a coffee, then come home to pet their cat. That’s a pretty cushy lifestyle. The only problem is that it’s not always easy to get to work when you have to deal with traffic, public transport, or steep hills.

Thankfully, Charge Bikes create electric bicycles that can make your daily commute feel like a guided tour. Their products are some of the most eye-catching yet accessible bicycles on the market.

Charge Bikes’ developers include some of the biggest brains behind brands like Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, and Mongoose. Beyond that, they’ve gained 22.5k Instagram followers.

They’ve got the public’s support and a trusted group of experts at the helm, but are they worth your while? I’ll answer that question in this Charge Bikes review by examining their history, their vision, their products, their customer review scores, and more.

Overview of Charge Bikes

Charge Bikes Review

Turn the clocks back to 2004 and you’ll realize what a crazy a year it was. Spider-Man 2 asserted itself as the greatest superhero movie of all time, Martha Stewart went to jail on conspiracy charges, and Microsoft dropped the bombshell title Halo 2.

Another impressive thing that happened that year was the collaboration between Nick Larsen and Cannondale VP Peter Vallance. The two combined their decades of experience in the bicycle market to develop an electric bike that stood apart from the pack.

Their innovations brought about the creation of Charge Bikes. The company was founded on the principle that bikes should be accessible to everyone. The first tenant of that idea was the electric motor, an innovation that closed the gap between people who wanted to bike and those that physically struggled to.

Charge Bikes didn’t stop there. Larsen, Vallance, and their associates dissected every bicycle part to see how they could increase the vehicle’s overall accessibility.

They retooled brakes, pedals, frames, lights, and batteries to mitigate common problems that stopped customers from hopping onto the electric bike trend. Charge Bikes also makes their bikes easy to assemble and uses recyclable materials in their packaging. 

Charge Bikes is a company that cares about its customers and wants to build a community of people who live active and healthy lifestyles. How do they go about doing that? Keep reading this Charge Bikes review to find out. Let’s first look at the brand’s best features.


  • Consumer-friendly selection of accessible electric bikes
  • Easy to store and transport thanks to folding handlebars and pedals
  • Customers can test ride Charge e-bikes
  • All products are shipped in boxes made from 100% recycled material
  • Run by experts in the cycling industry
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Financing payment options are available 

Charge Bikes’ product selection is rather small but that’s because they dedicate their time and energy to making every product as good as it possibly can be.

They produce an electric bike for the city, one for more relaxing and leisurely rides, and one for off-roading ventures. They also craft accessories like helmets, water bottles, replacement batteries, locks, and mirrors. Let’s take a closer look.

Charge Bikes Review

Before I get into more detailed product breakdowns in the next section of my Charge Bikes review, there are a few universal features found in each of the company’s bicycles.

First and foremost, each bike takes only 10 minutes to put together once you take it out of the box. That’s remarkably faster than other straight-to-consumer bicycles that can feel like complex puzzles to assemble.

Speaking of boxes, Charge Bikes ships all of their items using 100% recyclable material, so you can feel good about shopping with them and not having to worry about your environmental impact.

Now, onto the actual riding experience. All Charge Bikes are outfitted with a motor that can give you up to 20mph worth of pedal assistance. That can be the difference between climbing the monstrous hill at the end of your neighborhood or sliding back down it in defeat.

The brand’s detachable batteries can provide you with enough juice to last 50 miles. You can charge the batteries by removing them from the bike. Every bike also has a display screen that tells you how close your batteries are to dying, so you’ll never be left stranded.

Narrow hallways and tight storage areas shouldn’t make you shiver with anxiety anymore, because the handlebars and pedals on all Charge Bikes can be folded into their side. So it should be easy to take the bikes with you by hand because you’ll carry them as one flat item.

Finally, every Charge Bike has a carrying rack to hold your goods if you need to make a trip with some important cargo.

With all that out of the way, let’s get deeper into each product Charge Bikes offers.

Charge Bikes City Electric Bike Review

Driving a car in a modern city can oftentimes be more effort than it’s worth. Think about it, how often do you usually drive your car when everything you need is within walking distance? And if you really do need to get somewhere far, you’re most likely to hop on public transportation than risk getting a parking ticket.

If only there was a vehicle that combined the convenience of a car without any of the headaches. Oh wait, there is. Say hello to the Charge Bikes City Electric Bike. This cycle was specifically designed to meet the needs of city folk. It does that job so well that it won a 2021 Biclcying Bike Award.

This electric bike has a light aluminum frame, tough Goodyear tires, 7-speed gears, and only weighs 45 lbs. Charge Bikes claim that that’s almost 20 pounds lighter than other bikes in its class.

You can purchase the Charge Bikes City Electric Bike with either the standard frame or a low-step frame for $1,799. It comes in three different colors: red, grey, and blue.

Charge Bikes Comfort Electric Bike Review

The next available option in this Charge Bikes review is a model that’s less suited for city slickers and more for people who want to ride in comfort. This bike has a laidback attitude with a classical frame and timeless vibe.

The Charge Bikes Comfort Electric Bike comes from the creators behind some of Schwinn’s best cycles, which may explain why it has an evergreen appeal. It’s meant to inspire people to move their bodies by making it easier than ever to bike.

The bike’s frame and seat are designed to optimize user comfort. The low-step frame can make it easier for people to mount and dismount from the Charge Bikes Comfort Electric Bike. This compounds with the item’s relaxed handlebars to provide an overall pleasant experience. 

You can purchase the Charge Bikes Comfort Electric Bike in either red, grey, black, or turquoise for $1,799.

Charge Bikes XC Electric Bike Review

The product section of this Charge Bikes review will conclude with the model that won CNET’s 2021 Award for the Best E-Bike. It’s the first bike in the company’s catalog that pushes the envelope on how an electric model can challenge the rough and tumble world of mountain biking.

The Charge Bikes XC Electric Bike combines the easy riding experience of the brand’s other products with off-roading expertise. This bike features a hefty Shimano motor that can propel it over rocks, weeds, and other obstacles in your path.

Charge Bikes also used fatter tires and absorbent shocks, a deadly and innovative duo that help this bicycle conquer uneven terrain and account for changing foliage. 

It’s heavier than any other bike offered by Charge Bikes, but not by much. The Charge Bikes XC Electric Bike weighs 55 lbs, meaning it’s still light enough to steer while being heavy enough to support you.

You can buy the Charge Bikes XC Electric Bike in charcoal only. It’s the brand’s most expensive product, coming in at $2,699.

Who Is Charge Bikes For? 

Charge Bikes Review

Charge Bikes are great for a variety of people. First off, they’re excellent for people who live in big cities and don’t have much storage space. Since the bikes can fold up rather easily, they’re easy to store inside small apartments.

They’re also a great choice for people who don’t want to spend tons of money on a brand new e-bike. Charge Bikes strive to make its products as affordable as possible without cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Finally, Charge Bikes could be a perfect purchase for those who want to ride their bikes again but have mobility issues. Charge Bikes are designed with ergonomics in mind, meaning that they’re a good option for those who aren’t quite as limber as they were in their youth.

Charge Bikes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Charge Bikes Review

Charge Bikes place customer satisfaction above all other aspects of their business. To test how well they meet their own standards, I looked at Charge Bike reviews from across the internet. I wanted to find out what real people thought about the brand, and I started with the brand’s official website:

  • Charge Bikes City Electric Bike: 4.6/5 stars based on 224 reviews
  • Charge Bikes Comfort Electric Bike: 4.7/5 stars from 207 reviews
  • Charge Bikes XC Electric Bike: 4.7/5 stars over 38 reviews

The bikes were unanimously praised for their low price and high quality. Customers couldn’t believe how powerful Charge Bikes were for how much they cost. The motor in Charge Bikes was considered a godsend by people because it allowed them to rekindle their love for one of their favorite hobbies.

Many people said that they stopped biking before they purchased their Charge Bikes, but that they couldn’t stop themselves from squeezing in rides nowadays. They said that the motor gave them the flexibility to ride how they liked. They could take things easy and let the bike carry them where they needed to go, or they could get a good burn by pedaling by themselves.

Here’s how one customer described the City Electric Bike: “The power “assist” feature sure makes pedaling easy. And the throttle Feature is a blast! I thought my riding days were through, as I have problems with my legs, but the Charge City allows me to get back On the trails again!”

Many customer testimonials echoed this sentiment. They were grateful for how Charge Bikeslong battery life allowed them to explore their surroundings more. Very few, if any, people said that they were worried about their batteries dying because they lasted long enough, the bike told them how much battery life was left, and the bikes were easy to pedal without battery power. 

Another person summarized the appeal of the Charge Bikes City Electric Bike in their review: “So far so good. Easy to set up. Easy to follow the instructions manual. Perfect for touring around town. I love the headlight. The acceleration is very cool.”

I also found some insightful Charge Bikes reviews on Reddit. Users there said that the company’s bikes were fine for flat ground, but that they may not be powerful enough to conquer more vertical terrains. They also wrote that the battery life was enough to get most people where they needed to go. 

However, other users complimented how convenient storing and moving the bikes is. One Reddit user wrote: “The ability to use the throttle without pedaling is super attractive to me, in addition to the folding stem & pedals.”

Overall, customers across the internet liked this brand for the value they got from these high-quality powerful electric bikes. In a market filled with different options, it’s good to know at least one company gets it right!

Is Charge Bikes Legit?

Charge Bikes Review

You may have noticed that in the previous section I didn’t mention any negative complaints about the company’s shipping or delivery. Well, that’s because I couldn’t find any complaints worth mentioning.

That is to say that I feel comfortable trusting Charge Bikes. No skeletons popped out of the closet as I looked through their reviews, nor were there any red flags. They are legit.

Is Charge Bikes Worth It?

Charge Bikes Review

E-bikes can sometimes wallop our wallets and be a tough purchase even if they’re top of the line. However, during this Charge Bikes review I felt that this brand’s e-bikes were worth checking out at the very least.

They were accessible for most people, easy to ride and assemble, and offered at an affordable price. That’s why they sit at the intersection of what I look for in a good e-bike.

Charge Bikes Promotions & Discounts 

Charge Bikes Review

If you’re in the market for a quality electric bike, you can use the discount code SUMMERFEELS. Using that at checkout will save you $150 when you purchase the Comfort Bike and get you free shipping.

You can also sign up for their newsletter and save 20% off your first purchase plus free shipping.

Where to Buy Charge Bikes

Charge Bikes Review

The only place where you can purchase Charge Bikes is through the company’s website,


Charge Bikes Review

Who owns Charge Bikes?

Although Nick Larsen is in control of the company’s operations, Dorel Industries owns Charge Bikes.

Does Charge Bikes ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Charge Bikes do not ship its products internationally. 

What is Charge Bikes’ Shipping Policy?

Charge Bikes can ship their items to any location within the continental United States. This means that they cannot send anything to Hawaii, Alaska, or US territories. The company tries to ship every order in under 24 hours after they’ve received it.

All orders over $49 receive free shipping. Charge Bikes says that shipping usually takes between 2-6 business days. Additionally, unlike other electric bike brands, all of their bikes come in an easily-assembled form.

What is Charge Bikes’ Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days to return any unused products back to the company. Charge Bikes will provide you with a refund, but you are responsible for covering the $175 return fee for bikes and the $9 accessory return fee.

How to Contact Charge Bikes

I’ll put a lid on this Charge Bikes review by going through all the ways that you can contact the company if you have any more questions. Check those out below:

  1. Contact Form: Here
  2. Live Chat: On their website

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