Beam CBD Review

About Beam CBD

Beam CBD Review

Beam’s line of hemp-infused wellness products is here to help you live life to the fullest. Its collection of powders, oils, and capsules is tailored to help with different needs, such as sleep, performance, or recovery.

Sourcing only the highest quality natural ingredients, this brand has certainly caught the attention of many. Despite being a fairly new company, its Instagram page boasts more than 67k followers. Beam has also been featured in the likes of Forbes, Maxim, and Realsimple.

But, is this company worth the hype? Stay tuned, because this Beam CBD review plans on figuring that out.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deep into the brand, its mission, collection, customer ratings, and more. By the end, you’ll have all the details you’ll need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of Beam CBD

Beam CBD Review

Beam’s founders Matt Lambardi and Kevin Moran were always active. Some highlights on their combined activity resume include professional hockey, professional baseball, CrossFit, and Ironman triathlons. Their bodies had experienced it all and were starting to pay the price.

Matt and Kevin began searching for a solution, but after wading through chemicals and shady business practices, they quickly learned that there wasn’t something on the market for them. So, the pair teamed up to develop their own effective CBD products in 2018 that used only natural ingredients.

The company’s products feature full-spectrum CBD oil but are completely free of THC—something that is very hard to find. But, they wanted to ensure their products were safe for professional athletes to use.

But, Beam’s collection isn’t just for the pros. The brand’s mission is to help everyone reach their full potential: “it’s our mission to help you realize your goals and test the boundaries of what’s possible.”

With the goal of producing “the best possible products,” the Beam company sources its CBD from farms in the US. And, the brand is committed to remaining transparent about what you’ll find in its formulas.

The company also has many top-performing athletes among its customers. For example, the Beam CBD Fittest Man On Earth collaboration—Mat Fraser is a particular fan of Dream, which he actually helped the brand formulate.

Today, the brand operates from its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Before we get into its products, this Beam CBD review will cover the pros and cons.


  • Range of CBD (and a few non-CBD) products specifically formulated to support a different function, such as sleep or focus
  • Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil is used in these products
  • No traces of THC
  • Lab test results are available on the company’s website
  • The brand is transparent about product ingredients
  • 30-day return policy
  • Multiple ways to save, including a subscription service
  • Offers Sezzle as an alternative payment method


  • Does not ship internationally, only within the US
  • Limited product range
  • Expensive compared to other brands
Beam CBD Review

Most of the brand’s products have a CBD focus. Up next, this Beam CBD review will dive deep into the company’s best-selling powders, oil, salves, and capsules.

Customers can subscribe to monthly deliveries of their favorite products. By doing so, you’ll save 20% on each order and get free shipping. Subscriptions can be modified or canceled whenever needed.

Shoppers can also opt to pay for their orders in four interest-free installments with Sezzle.

Beam CBD Oil Review

First up in this Beam CBD review, we’ll introduce you to the brand’s top-selling oil. Like other products in the company’s line, this formulation features sustainable and high-quality ingredients.

This oil is offered in two flavors: natural and mint. We’ll take a look at the mint formulation in this section, but customers should note that the natural version provides the same goodness, just without the minty aftertaste!

Beam CBD The One – Mint Review

The Beam CBD The One – Mint helps reduce stress and balance your mood. Best used at the same time every day, this product can be consumed under your tongue, or mixed in with your favorite beverage if that’s more your style.

To aid your body in absorbing the goodness that the cannabinoids provide, the CBD is complemented by organic hemp seed oil and grape seed oil. In a survey performed by the brand, 92% of its customers reported feeling calmer after using The One.

This Beam CBD one formula comes in four potencies: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg. You’ll receive the same sized bottle with each potency, which provides 30 servings (1 ml per serving), but the amount of actual CBD will vary depending on which option you choose. The brand recommends starting with the lowest dose if you’re new to this product.

The higher the potency, the higher the cost. Below, we’ve outlined the price for each potency, from weakest to strongest:

  • 500mg: $70
  • 1000mg: $95
  • 1500mg: $130
  • 2000mg: $160

Beam CBD Powder Review

Next up in this Beam CBD review, we’ll cover the company’s three best-selling powders. Formulated to help you sleep better, recover faster, and focus more intently, each option can be mixed into your favorite beverage—but the brand offers suggestions.

Beam CBD Elevate Recovery Powder Review

Ultimate hydration and beneficial collagen come together in the Beam Elevate Recovery Powder. Featuring a fresh lemon flavor, this is one of the company’s products that does not include CBD.

Instead, you’ll hydrate your body with a formula of electrolytes, branched-chain amino acids, and non-GMO collagen peptides. This blend also promotes joint and muscle health.

For added benefits, customers are also treated to coconut water, Himalayan salt, and zinc citrate in each serving. The company recommends incorporating this powder into your diet to aid in recovery, such as post-workout or when you’re suffering from muscle soreness.

Customers can choose between a 15 or 30 serving box. Each serving is a single-serve packet and can be taken on the go. The Elevate Recovery Powder is available for $39-$65.

Beam CBD Clarity Powder Review

Feeling that dreaded brain fog lately? Well, there’s still hope for you yet. Clarity Powder is one of the Beam CBD for focus products and works to jumpstart mental energy and provide you with a sense of calm.

This powder makes an excellent addition to your morning smoothie and will get your day started on the right foot, in the correct state of mind. This focus Beam powerhouse formula is made up of lion’s mane, ashwagandha, rhodiola, and 20mg of CBD.

One package contains 15 servings of the Beam CBD Clarity Powder and rings in at $50.

Beam CBD Dream Powder Review

It’s quite possible that this is the CBD powder of your dreams. Quite literally, because it’ll have you falling asleep.

The Beam Dream Powder aids sleep by relaxing your body to encourage you to wind down. About 30 minutes before bed, mix the powder into warm milk or water for a hot chocolate-like beverage, but without any calories.

This Beam CBD melatonin formula also contains reishi mushroom extract, magnesium, and l-theanine. These natural ingredients work together to support your natural sleep cycle, regulate your circadian rhythm, and promote calmness.

After trying this dream Beam powder, 99% of users reported feeling like they achieved better quality sleep. (Note: this study was performed by the brand.

Each package contains 30 3g servings. And, if you opt for the subscription, you’ll receive a free frother and mug. The one-time purchase will run you $95.

Beam CBD Salves & Capsules Review

Sometimes, popping a pill is the fastest way to get your nutrients. Whether you’re heading to work or off to the gym, these capsules can be taken quickly with water—or throw the bottle in your bag for later. Next up in this Beam CBD review, we’ll cover the company’s best-selling capsules and salves.

Beam CBD The Fixer Review

This product got its name for a reason. The Beam CBD The Fixer helps soothe aches, pain, and fatigue.

When applied during recovery, this product rejuvenates sore muscles after physical activity and eases inflammation. It also has moisturizing properties that your skin will thank you for.

This powerful little salve is scented with organic eucalyptus and lavender oil—this peaceful aroma will only aid its calming effect. This product costs $60 for a one-time purchase.

Beam CBD Revive Capsules Review

Meant to be taken daily and with food, the Beam CBD Revive Capsules assist with repair and recovery throughout your whole body. Its powerful formulation of nano CBD (10mg), as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, work together to soothe sore muscles, ease inflammation, and boost recovery.

Make this a part of your daily routine to kickstart your body’s natural repair and recovery process. A bottle of 30 servings rings in at $85.

Beam CBD 3 Nights of Dream Caps Review

The Beam CBD 3 Nights Dream Caps provides you with three single-serve packets of its sleep formula, but this time, in capsule form. Each pack contains two capsules, for a total of 20 mg CBD.

This CBD dreams bundle is perfect for testing out what the brand has to offer, or for taking your favorite sleep formula on a weekend getaway. Shoppers can get the 3 Nights Dream Caps for $9.

The Dream Starter Pack Review

Interested in what the brand has to offer, but not convinced the dreamy Beam products will work for you? Let us introduce you to this pack.

With the Beam CBD Dream Starter Pack, you’ll receive 10 single-serve packs to test the powder out for yourself.

Like the monthly supply, this product is formulated with 20g of broad-spectrum nano CBD, as well as melatonin and reishi mushroom extract. This introduction pack is not eligible for any discounts but is available for $35.

The One Subscription Review

Okay, so now you’re converted to the life-long benefits of CBD for living your life to your fullest. Now, it’s time to sign up for a subscription, so that your stash of The One won’t run dry.

As the brand’s most versatile product, this oil performs numerous roles. Whether you choose to consume it under your tongue or mixed in with your favorite beverage, you should notice an improvement in your mood, a greater sense of calmness, and an overall sense of balance.

Whether you opt for the natural or mint options, you’ll have to choose from one of four potency levels. Then, your 30-servings vial will be delivered on a monthly basis, along with free shipping and 20% off your order. Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • 500mg: $56
  • 1000mg: $76
  • 1500mg: $104
  • 2000mg: $128

Beam CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Beam CBD Review

To get a truly accurate picture of the brand, this Beam CBD review turned to the web to find helpful customer feedback. But, we quickly discovered that sentiments on the company are few and far between.

Most of Beam’s products haven’t garnered many ratings on its own site yet, except for Dream and The One. The former bestseller currently holds a 4.6/5-star average from 865 customers. Meanwhile, the latter measures in at 4.8/5 stars from 729 users.

On the sleep formulation, shoppers complement this kit for its delicious taste, convenience, and effectiveness in helping them sleep. Take this user’s experience:

I have used multiple different sleep aids to try and help me fall asleep. Beam has by far exceeded my expectations. It has a wonderful taste and helps me fall asleep and actually stay a sleep. My recovery scores have improved with better sleep quality. Great product.

Meanwhile, another user reports that it is worth the price: “I get sleepy within 20 minutes and ready to get in bed! And the best part it tastes like hot cocoa! Pricey but worth it.

Next, we turned to the blog JulesJetSets.com to see what the author had to say about the company’s products. In this Beam CBD review, the writer states that she was trying the product to aid in digestion because “research has suggested that full-spectrum CBD oil can have a positive effect on the microbial bacteria in our gut.” And, the results were impressive:

Since I’ve been taking Beam CBD daily, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my overall digestion and gut health.” She noticed improvements in other areas as well, such as her ability to manage stress and get a deep sleep.

Another blogger, this time writing for TimesofCBD.com, appreciates the brand’s focus on educating its customers. This writer continues to note that Beam’s quiz is very helpful, especially for individuals who are new to CBD.

Overall, users are happy with the effectiveness of the brand’s products. But, we’ll remind you that testimonials were very limited.

Is Beam CBD Worth It?

Beam CBD Review

By now you’re probably wondering, is Beam CBD legit? Based on the research we’ve conducted, the answer is yes! Now, let’s take a look at why.

We appreciate the brand’s focus on transparency. Not only does it divulge all information about the ingredients, but it is transparent with lab test results, too. So there is truly nothing to hide, what you read is what you get.

The company also offers shoppers a side blog to educate them on different CBD-related topics, such as recipes, gut health, hydration, or the Beam Endocannabinoid System 101 article. Plus, its quiz is very helpful for those new to hemp products.

Though Beam CBD reviews were limited in quantity, the majority of the ones that we did find were positive in nature. Shoppers report effective products that are made of high-quality ingredients, and they appreciate the educational aspect of the brand. Its sleep formulations seem to be a favorite of many.

Other perks this brand offers include multiple promotions, including hefty discounts for first responders and military personnel. And, it offers a 30-day return policy.

Ultimately, if you’re in the market for sleep, recovery, brain, or performance support in the form of CBD, we think Beam is worth checking out.

Beam CBD Promotions & Discounts

Beam CBD Review

This Beam CBD review discovered multiple ways for shoppers to save on the company’s products:

  • Save 20% on all subscription orders
  • Refer a friend—you’ll both get $20 off
  • Free shipping on orders of $70
  • Get 10% off with the code BEAM10
  • Save 20% with promo code HYDRATE
  • All military members, nurses, hospital employees, and first responders save 25% through ID.me

Where to Buy Beam CBD

Beam CBD Review

The brand’s products are currently only available online via its website: Beamtlc.com. But, the company occasionally opens pop-ups throughout various cities—keep your eyes and ears peeled to its social media pages if that’s something that you are interested in.


Beam CBD Review

Who owns Beam CBD?

Beam is owned by its two founders, Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran. Both are athletes.

What is Beam CBD’s Shipping Policy?

Beam currently only ships to the US, not internationally. Once you place an order you can expect a 1-2 day processing window. Once your order is processed you will receive an email with a tracking link to follow along with your parcel’s journey.

What is Beam CBD’s Return Policy?

Beam offers a 30-day return policy. If after purchasing, you are unhappy with your product you have 30 days to initiate the return. You can start the return process by emailing the company at [email protected] or contacting them via telephone at 833-904-2tlc.

How to Contact Beam CBD

Beam CBD Review 1

If you are looking to contact the team beyond this Beam CBD review, you can do so through:

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