Cora Tampons Review

About Cora Tampons

Cora Tampons Review

Cora is on a mission to provide women all over the world with effective period products. But, unlike other popular brands, this company is committed to using sustainable and safe materials in its tampons, pads, cups, liners, and other menstrual necessities.

Cora is also passionate about educating women about their bodies through its outreach programs. As a result of its effective products and ethical practices, the brand has caught the attention of ENews, Seventeen, InStyle, and other media outlets. Not to mention its 101k followers on Instagram and 38k on Facebook.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to healthier and more sustainable period products, you’ll want to keep reading this Cora tampons review. We’ll introduce you to the brand, its mission, its collection, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Cora Tampons 

Cora Tampons Review

Throughout her travels to third-world and developing countries, Molly Hayward learned how inaccessible period products were to some girls and women—things that we might take for granted in North America. Knowing she could make a change, Molly launched Cora in 2014.

Having seen the ineffective and unsafe items girls were using in place of period products (think tree bark, rags, and even animal dung), the Cora tampons owner started looking at what women in the US were using. These items can contain chemicals and pesticides that aren’t good for our bodies—and most people aren’t even aware of that fact.

So, Molly set off to design tampons and pads that were made from natural organic cotton. Over the years, Cora’s collection has expanded to include menstrual cups, disks, panties, bladder support liners, washes, and more.

Though products were initially at the center of what this brand offered, it has since expanded. With a mission to “give all women access to safe and effective period products as well as valuable and trustworthy information to educate and empower,” Cora offers the blog Blood & Milk, which helps educate girls and women about their bodies.

Cora Tampons Review

Plus, with every purchase a customer makes, they are also supporting girls in need from all over the world. While one box of a product sends someone else three months of period supplies, the brand also uses its proceeds to provide health education to girls in India, Kenya, as well as the US.

And, as a Certified B Corporation, Cora is committed to limiting its environmental impact by balancing “product and purpose.” Its materials are sourced from Europe, Taiwan, and the US.

Now that you know more about the brand and its mission, this Cora tampons review will cover the pros and cons.

Cora Tampons Review


  • Wide range of sustainable period and bladder-related products, including tampons, pads, cups, panties, liners, discs, and more
  • Disposable products are made of organic cotton, which is free of pesticides and other toxic agents found in conventional menstrual items
  • Ingredients are clearly labeled
  • Thousand of positive customer testimonials
  • Available at multiple retailers, such as the Cora tampons Walgreens collection
  • A fraction of every purchase goes to help women in need around the world
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Subscribe to save 5% on each order


  • Shipping costs vary depending on location
  • No international shipping
  • Pricing is slightly more expensive than drugstore menstrual products
Cora Tampons Review

Though the company offers traditional period products like liners, pads, and tampons, it also offers some newer options, like panties, cups, and even a unique disc. Not to mention items that are designed to make your monthly ‘visit’ a little more comfortable.

To give you an overview of what the brand offers, this Cora tampons review will cover some of its most popular products. We’ll also take a look at the convenient three-month subscription.

Cora Tampons Subscription

Cora Tampons Review

Nothing is worse than waking up to that visit from Aunt Flo’ and realizing you’re all out of your go-to period product. By ordering your tampons or pads in a recurring subscription, you’ll ensure you always have the essentials you need.

Cora’s subscription ships every three months and is fully customizable. Because the brand knows that most women’s flow changes throughout their periods, it lets you choose a combination of sizes to last you from start to finish.

If you’re on team tampon, you have four sizes to choose from: Light, Regular, Super, and Super Plus. If you choose just one size, you can select 16, 32, 48, or 64 tampons to be delivered every time.

But, you can also choose two or three different sizes. If you choose, for example, Cora tampons Super and Regular, you can opt to have 32-64 tampons delivered, and can choose differing quantities of each size to meet your needs.

Cora Tampons Review

Cora’s pad subscription works the same. Shoppers have three sizes to choose from: Regular, Super, and Overnight. Though you can choose to have 16-64 of the same absorbency delivered, you can also choose varying amounts of two or three options.

Customers can also choose to subscribe to deliveries of Cora’s one-size Period Liners. Parcels are sent every three months, and you can choose 18-90 at a time. Other subscription-eligible products include the Heat Relief Patches.

Your personalized delivery every three months means that you won’t experience that moment of panic as you reach into an empty tampon box. Cora has got you covered. And, you’ll save 5% on every order.

Note: the Cora tampons Amazon collection does not offer a subscription.

Up next, this Cora tampons review will introduce you to some of the brand’s top-selling products. With tampons, pads, cups, and even period underwear and disks, it offers everything you need when it comes to menstrual supplies.

Cora Organic Cotton Tampons Review

The Cora Organic Cotton Tampons are a safer and more sustainable option compared to your traditional drugstore brands. Free of fragrances and pesticides, and made with cotton that is 100% certified organic, these tampons are a solid choice for your body and the environment.

They are designed with an octagonal and w-like shape to ensure maximum absorbency and comfort. As the tampon expands, it’ll conform to your body so that you don’t feel it as you go about your day.

Depending on your flow, there are four absorbency sizes to choose from:

  • Light: under 6g
  • Regular: 6g-9g
  • Super: 9g-12g
  • Super Plus: 12g-15g

Customers can also choose to purchase these tampons with or without an applicator. Choosing to go without one means a smaller product that can be easily hidden in a pocket or clutch, as well as no unnecessary waste. On the other hand, an applicator means a smoother application process.

The Organic Cotton Tampons, with an applicator, can be purchased in packs of 16-64 for $10-$40. If you choose to forgo the applicator, packs of 18-72 will run you $9-$36.

But, customers can also mix and match absorbency sizes. For example, you can choose a pack that contains 36 Regular tampons and 18 Super tampons, sans applicator, for $27. There are 10 different mixed boxes available, all of which are available on the product pages.

Cora Period Pads Review

Made with cotton that is 100% certified organic, the Cora Period Pads provide up to eight hours of absorbency. Their wings ensure they stay in place as you move about your day, and the “cashmere soft” material ensures you’re comfortable, too.

Unlike other options, these pads are designed to be thin and invisible–not bulky. And, they’re better for your body because they’re free of pesticides, dioxins, fragrance, latex, and chloroform—who would have thought drugstore pads contained so many toxic ingredients.

Customers have three different sizes to choose from:

  • Regular: 16-64 per box
  • Super: 16-64 per box
  • Super Plus: 14-70 per box

Stock up on your period essentials for $10-$50, depending on your desired absorbency and box size.

Cora Menstrual Cup Review

The idea of cups can be quite intimidating to a first-time user. But, the Cora Menstrual Cup is a sustainable period product that is comfortable AND easy to use. The cups are designed with a finger indent which makes them easier to handle and fold for insertion.

These sustainable cups are free of BPA, dyes, latex, and phthalates. Plus, they’re made of an ultra-soft medical-grade silicone that’s comfortable, flexible, and safe for your body.

This cup can be safely worn for up to 12 hours at a time. You’ll have to make sure to sanitize it in boiling water for 5-7 minutes before insertion, but after that, it’s perfectly safe to reuse. With each purchase, you’ll also get a vegan leather clutch so that you can easily bring your cup on the go.

There are two size options available:

  • Size 1: designed for first-time cup users, women who have not had a child, and/or have a light or medium flow
  • Size 2: designed for women who have had a child and/or have a medium or heavy flow

A single Cora Menstrual Cup will last for up to 10 years. So, while it’s a bit of an investment upfront at $39 when compared to tampons or pads, it’ll actually save you money in the long run—and you’ll be doing your part for the planet as you reduce your waste.

Cora Period Underwear Review

The Cora Period Underwear is made from high-quality fabrics and without harmful and toxic substances. Designed to be worn as a backup for your tampon, pad, or cup, or worn alone on light days, these panties can hold the equivalent of three tampons’ worth of liquid.

Available in a sleek stain-resistant black color, these panties are offered in a traditional low-rise bikini cut. They feature an 8” long core that quickly absorbs and wicks away any moisture.

When it comes time to clean them, simply rinse them in cold water before washing them in a cold or delicate cycle. Then, hang or lay flat to dry.

The Period Underwear is available in sizes XS-XXL and costs $30 for one pair. But, customers can choose to buy three for $81 or five for $108.

Cora Heat Relief Patches Review

Along with periods come cramps… and for some, they can be absolutely excruciating. The Cora Heat Relief Patches are designed to help. Made to fit comfortably on your body, they simply adhere to your underwear.

These naturally warming patches soothe and eliminate cramps, and provide up to eight hours of warmth and relief. Plus, the small size means that you can pop one on before heading to the office, the mall, or anywhere else you might need a little help getting through the pain.

Like Cora’s other products, these patches are composed of sustainable materials, namely raspberry leaf, dandelion root, and cramp bark. Activated carbon is responsible for the natural warming of the patch.

The Heat Relief Patches are available in packs of 6-30 for $15-$75.

Cora Bladder Liners Review

Bladder leaks can be an uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, problem, even though many women suffer from them, especially post-pregnancy. The Cora Bladder Liners are designed for daily wear, to catch any accidental leaks while keeping you dry and comfortable.

These liners are ultra-absorbent, flexible, and feature a 100% organic cotton topsheet that will wick away and absorb moisture. But, they’re also thin, offering invisible protection.

Available in Regular and Long, the Bladder Liners cost $13-$65 for 16-180.

Cora One Wash Review 

Indulging in a little self-care during ‘that time of the month’ is important, whether it’s a quick massage, a glass of wine, or a steaming hot shower. Next time you’re lathering up, opt for the Cora One Wash.

This body cleanser is PH balanced and made with red raspberry, b-vitamins, and a tri-oil blend. It’s safe to use from head to toe, even on your most delicate areas. It’ll hydrate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

The scent is coastal in nature and features notes of lavender, sandalwood, and mandarin. Coming with a happiness guarantee, one 8 fl. oz bottle rings it at $16.

Cora Starter Kit

Cora Tampons Review

Calling all commitment-phobes. Look, you’ve probably been using your go-to period products since your teen years and it can be daunting to try something new. This is exactly why the brand offers the Cora Starter Kit.

This kit comes with a one-month supply of your choice of Cora products. After your first month, a regular charge will be applied… but you can cancel or modify your Cora contract at any time. Perfect for those who want to see what the brand is all about, try it for $5.

Cora Tampons Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cora Tampons Review

Though the brand’s period products, sustainable mission, and ethical outreach programs seem top-notch, this Cora tampons review wanted to see what real customers were saying. Ahead, you’ll find testimonials from the brand’s website, Amazon, Hello Subscription, and the BBB. Spoiler alert: shoppers seem to love this company.

On the brand’s website, its top-selling products have earned dozens to thousands of reviews. Collectively, they average about 4.7/5 stars, with customers reporting convenient, ethical, and effective items. Here’s an overview:

  • Organic Cotton Tampons: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 2.8k ratings
  • Organic Cotton Topsheet Pads: an average of 4/5 stars from 195 ratings
  • Period Liners: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 183 ratings
  • Cora Cup: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 95 ratings
  • Cora Disc: an average of 4.7/5 stars from 19 ratings
  • Period Underwear: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 47 ratings
  • Body Cloths: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 207 ratings
Cora Tampons Review

Because they’re the company’s most discussed product, we chose to dive deeper into Cora organic tampon reviews. Shoppers are happy with the discreet packaging, size options, and high-quality design.

One woman also notes the convenience of not having to go to the store each month: “So convenient to receive in the mail and not have to worry about running out. It feels good to know I’m using an organic product while also supporting a company who donates to women in need. Totally recommend!

Meanwhile, another Cora tampons reviewer mentions that these organic products are much more comfortable than chemical-filled alternatives:

These are the first organic tampons I’ve used, and they have changed my periods. I’m on my third cycle with CORA, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in cramping. I’ve experienced no vaginal irritation or burning that I’ve had with other store brands… The tampons themselves are durable and absorbent.

Cora Tampons Review

The Cora tampon reviews on the brand’s website were quite positive, so we turned to other sources to get a clearer picture of the brand. On Amazon, the tampons have been rated 2k times for an average score of 4.6/5 stars. So, it seems as though these period essentials are legit.

With 78% of customers giving this product a perfect rating, positive comments highlight comfortable and absorbent leak protection. Take this glowing Cora tampons review:

They work GREAT and I have never been happier with a tampon… My periods are less painful, not as heavy and shorter in duration now. When I began they worked great for the crazy heavy days with very little leakage. Only needed a panty liner!

Next, we looked at an in-depth review of the brand on Hello Subscription. After subscribing to a tampon subscription, the author concluded that Cora is definitely worth it:

I appreciate the whole concept of the product and their mission to help out and uplift all the girls and women in the world, especially those in need. The organic tampons are of excellent quality. They absorb liquid so well that there’s no need to change every so often… I would give them 5 stars for their efficiency, nice quality, and sleek design!

Cora Tampons Review

Overall, thousands of women stand by Cora’s products and its mission. Shoppers love that they are supporting girls all over the world in receiving necessary period care and education. Plus, having your essentials shipped to you without having to go to the store is incredibly convenient.

Is Cora Tampons Worth It?

Cora Tampons Review

This Cora tampons review has to conclude that the brand is worth it. There are thousands of women that back up its period products, and it’s easy to see why.

Cora seems to put women’s bodies first. By forgoing cheaper and more toxic materials, the company ensures that its products are actually safe. Plus, by using cotton that is 100% certified organic, its tampons, pads, and liners are sustainable, too.

What we love most, though, is that the Cora company donates a portion of its proceeds to women in need. Not only does it provide health education and menstrual essentials to women in developing countries, but the company has also donated 100k products to BIPOC communities who may face other obstacles when it comes to taking care of their health.

Finally, the convenient subscription service means that you’ll always have a supply of your go-to product on hand for when Aunt Flo’ hits. But, if you still prefer to shop in-store, there are many authorized sellers, such as the Cora tampons Target collection. For all of these reasons, we think that the brand is worth it.

Cora Tampons Promotions & Discounts

Cora Tampons Review

Though there are no active promo codes right now, this Cora tampons review learned that customers can sign up for a subscription to save 5% on every order.

Where to Buy Cora Tampons

Cora Tampons Review

Customers can shop directly from Cora.life.

For women who prefer shopping in-store, there are multiple authorized sellers that you can choose from. The Cora tampons CVS, Target, and Walgreens collections are among your options.

Unfortunately, the Cora tampons Amazon collection is currently out of stock.


Cora Tampons Review

Are Cora Tampons good? 

Cora tampons are made from high-quality organic products that are safe for your body. Plus, thousands of women attest to the leak protection they offer. So, yes, we’d say they’re definitely good.

Are Cora Tampons and Pads biodegradable? 

Yes. Cora tampons and pads are biodegradable.

Are Cora applicators recyclable? 

Yes. Cora applicators are 100% recyclable.

How do you use a Cora Tampon?

The Cora tampons instructions for both options are available on the product pages and in each box. The applicator version is inserted like any other tampon brand, but the plastic-free version is a little trickier. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Pull down the string and insert your finger into the base.
  3. Find a comfortable position.
  4. Holding your vagina open with one hand, slide the tampon into place. It’ll stop naturally.
  5. Wash your hands again.

How long can you leave a Cora Tampon in?

It is advised to change your tampon every 4-8 hours.

How do I cancel my subscription to Cora?

The Cora cancel subscription instructions are actually very straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cora account.
  2. Select cancel plan (found next to your plan name).

What is Cora Tampons’s Shipping Policy?

The brand only ships within the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. In terms of Cora shipping time, orders take one day to process, and you can expect to receive them up to a week later. Shipping will vary, depending on location.

There are no Cora tampons Canada options currently available.

What is Cora Tampons’s Return Policy?

Because of the nature of its products, Cora does not accept any returns.

How to Contact Cora Tampons

If you need to contact the Cora customer service team, you can do so via the contact form on its website.

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