Chirp Wheel Review

About Chirp Wheel

Chirp Wheel Review

Chirp is a company that sells practical solutions that solve neck and upper and lower back pain with their line of Chirp Wheels.

You might recognize the brand from the Chirp Wheel Shark Tank episode, where they secured a deal with the shark, Lori Greiner.

After the buzz of Chirp on Shark Tank, the brand has become a popular product for body pain which shows in their substantial 56.6k followers on Instagram. Chirp has also gained acclaim from Trail & Kale, FitnessClone, and RealSimple.

This Chirp Wheel review will educate you on the functions of the product and help you to make an informed purchasing decision if you’ve got a backache that you are looking to remedy.

Overview of Chirp Wheeel

Chirp Wheel Review

Chirp was founded by Tate Stock after he took notice of his aunt’s yoga wheel, a product that piqued his interest.

Tate sourced materials himself and created the Chirp Wheel which he then listed on Amazon. The yoga wheel became a back pain relief product and Tate began to sell over 500 wheels a day.

After he spent $100,000 on business development, his idea birthed a company raking in millions of sales per year.

The Chirp Wheel is a medical device that strengthens, stretches, and helps reduce pain within your muscles. These wheels are also an excellent way to remedy headaches and neck pain.

Lie on top of the wheel, with it aligned between your shoulder blades, and slowly roll back and forth keeping it at the center of your back. Et voila, a simple way to relieve pain! For a more visual explanation, you can look at YouTube Chirp Wheel videos to learn more.

Continue reading this Chirp wheel review for a list of pros and cons.


  • Designed for all people at all experience levels that helps build core strength with every use
  • All products are lightweight and don’t take up lots of space to store while providing flexibility and blood flow 
  • Chirp is FSA/HSA approved
  • E-Course with 5 modules for tips and techniques
  • Over 3,700 5-star reviews from happy customers 
  • Installment payment options available with Afterpay 
  • Chirp Free Shipping available for US orders 
  • Shipping offered worldwide
  • 60-day Chirp Wheel warranty 


  • Some Chirp Wheel reviews reported items breaking soon after use
  • Can be challenging to balance during your first few sessions
  • Not as wide as your average foam roller

Now that you have the basics, this Chirp review will now walk you through the brand’s top-selling rollers, correctors, and pain-relief tools that help ease back, neck, and joint pain with ease.

Chirp Back Rollers Review

With multi-packs, bundles, and other varying options there’s something for every variation and pain level.

All Chirp Wheels and products are:

  • FDA registered
  • Doctor recommended
  • Come with a 60-Day money-back guarantee

Plus, all of the Chirp Wheels are made from Compression Sensitive padding for easy maneuvering and some have an Afterpay option.

This Chirp Wheel review will cover the brand’s best sellers.

Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack Review 

They say that everything good comes in threes…just like this Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack. This pack features 3 wheels varying in pressure, from gentle, medium, and deep tissue. The pack comes with: 

  • 12” Gentle Wheel 
  • 10” Medium Wheel
  • 6” Deep Tissue Wheel 
  • A Chirp Wheel Video Tutorial 

The Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack is offering a free Posture Collector with every purchase of this pack at a $128 cost.

Chirp Wheel+ Ultimate Back Pain Bundle Review

Bad back pain is targeted and eased with the Chirp Wheel+ Ultimate Back Pain Bundle. This bundle includes the same three wheels as above but also: 

  • A Chirp Wheel Case
  • An Upper Back Posture Corrector
  • Video Tutorials
  • A Fix Your Dumb Back eBook 

These products utilize a 4-way stretch with Spinal Canal technology and deep tissue massage capabilities that compare to massage therapy. 

For the slightly higher price, you do get some valuable extras, and it’s worth the slight price increase. The Chirp Wheel+ Ultimate Back Pain Bundle sells for $154.

Chirp Wheel+ 12” Gentle Review

The Chirp Wheel+ 12” is the biggest of the bunch and is the gentlest, too. Suitable for milder bouts of back pain, this wheel provides the largest stretch which is an ideal solution for pain in the upper and lower back.

Additionally, you can use it to stretch out your hips and open up your chest. This Chirp Wheel has over 4k reviews with an average rating of 5 stars.

One customer stated that “It got rid of my back pain after my first time using it. So long to my Chiropractor.” The gentle Chirp Wheel+ 12” rings in at $84

Chirp Wheel+ 10” Medium Review

This Chirp Wheel+ 10” Medium size wheel, provides you with a little bit more pressure than the gentle version offers. This size will help remedy your back pain without overstretching your muscles and could double as a workout buddy!

One Go Chirp Reddit review reads “I just got this to stretch my back and it helps with some of my (unfused) scoliosis pain. Muscles feel looser after laying on it for 10 minutes a day.” The Chirp Wheel+ 10” Medium comes to $72

Chirp Wheel+ 6” Deep Tissue Review

The smallest of the group, this one provides the highest level of pressure. This Chirp Wheel+ 6” Deep Tissue roller is ideal for more stubborn muscles that need a little bit of extra love.

If you’re looking to purchase a single chirp wheel for acute pain, this is the pick for you. The Chirp Wheel+ 6” Deep Tissue is the most inexpensive of the three and rings in at $59.

Chirp Myofascial Massage Balls Review

Chirp’s Myofascial Massage Balls target the small sheath that wraps around the muscles, bones, and nerves to release tension, ease long-term pain, and decompress pressure points throughout the body. 

These balls come in three different sizes that offer gentle, medium, and deep tissue massage and all you need to do is roll them back and forth over the affected areas.

This set of Myofascial Massage Balls are currently sold out but keep your eye on the website for a possible restock.

Lower Back Posture Corrector Review

The Lower Back Posture Corrector relieves back pain by improving posture. Through the use of leverage capabilities, your lower back is pulled forward taking weight and tension off your knees and hips.

While using, your spine will remain upright, while training your body’s posture to improve.

This Lower Back Posture Corrector is currently sold out and not available for individual purchase on the site. Stay tuned for a restock on the brand’s website or Amazon.

Chirp Back Pain Relief E-Course Review

Still not sure what to do with a Chirp Wheel? The Back Pain Relief E-Course is a free document provided by the brand with helpful techniques on how to fight stubborn back pain, neck pain, and more with or without your Chirp Wheel(s).

Each of the 5 modules offered provides instructions on how to target certain types of pain or prevent pain from recurring. The modules include:

  • 21 Days of Back Pain Relief
  • Back Pain Relief: The Tools
  • How to Improve Your Posture
  • Neck Pain Relief
  • Traveling with Back Pain

Each of the modules is between 10-30 pages and many have benefited from the help of this pamphlet.

The 21 Days of Back Pain Relief course is a particular fan-favorite with a calendar routine for each day and 5 lessons about improving your back pain. This program is also adjustable to fit your comfort level and the severity/type of your pain.

Chirp Wheel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Chirp Wheel Review

Chirp Wheel has amassed a devoted fanbase who values the product for its incredible pain relief capabilities. With thousands of positive reviews on the Chirp site, Amazon, Reddit, and New York Magazine, Chirp has gained its share of positive feedback. 

One Chirp Wheel review on the official site dubs the product as life-changing, saying “this product has changed my life and, with regular use, has fixed problems that years of massages and pain creams and neck massagers couldn’t fix.”

A New York Magazine reviewer wrote a review praising the Chirp Wheels and even stated that:

“In the year since I bought my Chirp Wheels, I’ve used them for 15 minutes every night before I go to bed and have managed to unfreeze my bum shoulder as well as relieve that neck and back pain resulting from it.”

But, one Chirp Reddit review says their return experience “has been terrible.”:

“They make you fill out these forms and are slow to respond. They also charge you $15 to return for the shipping. I’ve been trying to return this thing for over a week and still have not gotten a final return label from them. BUYER BEWARE!”

One common red flag mentioned in the pros and cons list of this Chirp Wheel review is that the wheel break soon after purchase. As one Redditor described:

“I actually just got [the Chirp Wheel] myself and love it. HOWEVER, it broke within a few weeks. They are replacing it (8-year warranty or something) but still.”

Another Chirp Wheel Reddit review said that the product broke during first use! This leads some buyers to believe that the company has a slight problem with defective products

Is the Chirp Wheel Worth It?

Chirp Wheel Review

Is the Chirp Wheel good for your back? This Chirp Wheel review thinks this product is absolutely worth a try if you suffer from back pain. Chirp has carefully designed an array of products and options that ease common neck and back issues effectively.

Though defects are possible with any product, it’s worth the risk if the product you are purchasing has the capability of lessening your pain and leading to a better quality of life.

Though some reviews have pointed out that the products break easily or soon after purchase, many reviews still praised the brand for its warranty and friendly customer service when defects do happen.

So yes, if you’re interested in making a purchase don’t let new negative opinions sway your decision. There are always negative reviews for any given brand. So give it a shot and she if Chirp has got your back. Literally. 

Chirp Promotions & Discounts 

Chirp Wheel Review

Looking for a Chirp discount code? The Chirp site is currently offering a 10% New Year Discount on all orders, which is applied at checkout.

Where to Buy Chirp

Chirp Wheel Review

You can buy Chirp products off the brand website:, or most of their products can also be found on Amazon.


Chirp Wheel Review

What’s a Chirp Wheel? 

As previously mentioned in this Chirp Wheel review, the wheels are medical devices that strengthen, stretch, and help reduce pain within your muscles without medical care.

Who invented the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel was invented by Tate Stock. Stock sought to improve the yoga wheel after discovering one at his aunt’s home.

Where is the Chirp Wheel made?

Chirp Wheels are mostly manufactured in the USA. But some products are said to be manufactured in Asia.

How much weight can a Chirp Wheel hold?

Chirp Wheels hold up to 500 pounds of weight. If exposed to a heavier amount, they could break.

Which Chirp Wheel should I get?

Your choice depends on your level of pain (mild, gentle, etc.). If it’s substantial but not stubborn, your pain is medium. If your pain is deep-seated and excruciating, the deep tissue option is the pick for you.

How do you use a small Chirp Wheel?

A small Chirp Wheel can be used on your back, just like the others. But because of its size, it can be used for your neck, too.

What is Chirp’s Shipping Policy?

Chirp ships worldwide. US orders over $75 are eligible for free shipping. All orders under $75 will cost a flat rate of $7 to ship. Shipping for international orders varies depending on parcel weight and location. They usually ship by FedEx or USPS.

How do I return a Chirp Wheel?

Chirp offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Products must be returned in new condition and a $15 fee is taken off your return for the shipping. To initiate a return visit

How to Contact Chirp

If you have any questions beyond this Chirp Wheel review, you can contact the customer service team via telephone via:

  1. Phone: 855-440-0110

The Support Ticket function on their official website.

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