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About Yoga International

Yoga International Review

Yoga is not about self-improvement. It’s about self-acceptance. Yoga International provides instructional videos, courses, podcasts, programs, and other resources.

With a following of over 280k on Instagram, Yoga International has been spotlighted by many media outlets such as PopSugar, Inc.magazine, Men’s Journal, and Woman’s Day

This Yoga International review will explore the brand as we highlight their services, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if this company is worth signing up for. 

Overview of Yoga International

Yoga International Review

Founder of Yoga International, Todd Wolfenberg, sought to make yoga more accessible through a digital platform. With the desire to help people live happier and healthier lives, the company first started as a boutique print magazine in 2012.

Shortly after its establishment, Yoga International transferred its services online. Today, the company has a growing user-base of over 400,000 people globally

“Our entire mission is centered around helping people live happier, healthier lives – by making yoga more inclusive, available, and accessible to all,” according to Wolfenberg’s bio on LinkedIn. 

Yoga International provides customers with a diverse array of exclusive multimedia content related to yoga. The brand offers classes with 500+ expert teachers who specialize in various disciplines.

The company partners with yoga-based organizations including Warriors At Ease and Love Your Brain Foundation. Yoga International also donates a portion of revenue to companies focused on advancing yoga-based techniques. This includes Bright Kids Yoga, Accessible Yoga, and Climate Interactive. 

Yoga International Review

Before we get into this Yoga International review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • Instructional videos, courses, podcasts, and a community hub for improving users’ yoga techniques
  • Classes taught by 500+ yoga experts across disciplines
  • Customers can take yoga classes at their own pace any time on any mobile device
  • Customizable memberships
  • Users can become an instructor by signing up on the website
  • Positive customer reviews 


  • Customers can only use the live chat function on the website to contact customer service 

How Does Yoga International Work?

Yoga International Review

In order to gain access to Yoga International’s extensive collection of resources, customers must choose between a monthly or annual membership. If you’re hesitant to commit, the company offers a helpful 14-day free trial to test out their programs.

For two weeks, users will have access to any courses that have been purchased or gifted. The basic account comes with a limited number of articles each month, even though you are not billed within this free trial.

After purchasing a course, customers can access it through their account at any time. It is worth noting that users may be blocked from viewing members-only courses which are only offered in the paid plans. 

If you had an enjoyable experience throughout the free trial, you can upgrade to the paid monthly or annual memberships with access to members-only courses.

According to the Yoga International website, “these workshop-style offerings typically cover and expand upon a single topic to help deepen your connection to and understanding of your practice.”

All courses qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through Yoga Alliance and other yoga-based organizations. The company even allows users to gain experience to be certified in a specific program.

Customers can access the brand’s resources through the Yoga International app. Compatible with Apple devices and for Android users, participants can take a yoga class on the road to a nearby park or gym studio. 

Users cannot purchase courses without creating a Yoga International account. Customers can access some of the courses on Amazon, though.

This Yoga International review wasn’t able to find a single page that detailed all of their membership information, but questions and answers can be found on the online FAQ page

Once you’ve chosen a membership plan that works best for you, the company features a large collection of yoga-related resources to help get you started.

From the basics of Squat Vinyasa for Men to building your inner strength with ‘Chair Yoga for All: Open Hearted Warrior’, there are several Yoga International online classes to choose from.

There are also educational articles such as the Yoga International Dosha Quiz, meditation sessions, programs, podcasts, and a community hub for users to access. 

Next up, this Yoga International review will highlight their most visited resources to help you get started. 

Yoga International Classes Review

Yoga International Review

Yoga International classes are designed for all experience levels. Customers can simply filter through selections by deciding on video length, level of difficulty, instructor, or type of focus.

Lessons can be as brief as 5 minutes or up to 1 hour long. There are many different kinds of Yoga International classes that focus on pose variations and exercising a specific region of the body.

Users can view tutorials on standing, seated poses, backbends, twists, inversions, and more. Participants can also access live classes if they wish to join a virtual session

So, what kind of yoga can you learn? The company provides videos on Jivamukti, conditioning, Ashtanga, diverse movement yoga, and much more. Some of their popular Yoga International classes include:

  • Core Connection and the Water Element (75 minutes on levels 1 and 2)
  • 15 Minute Energetic Core Practice (15 minutes on level 2)
  • Evening Routine for Relaxation: Savasana (10 minutes on level 1) 

Participate in great classes wherever you go! By using the mobile app, you can enjoy yoga classes at a serene park, your condo gym, or share a session with a friend at their house. Integrate Yoga International classes in your daily routine to help achieve mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. 

Yoga International Meditations Review

Yoga International Review

As we grow older, we are tasked with undertaking more responsibilities, and with that usually comes feelings of stress and anxiety.

There are several ways to help maintain peace of mind such as taking a break from social media, a long walk, venting to friends, or partaking in your favorite hobby or activity. Yoga International Meditations are another way to better your mental health

Customers can filter what kind of meditation class they are looking for as they vary in time, instructor, focus, or given goal. Benefits of meditation include improved sleep, reduced stress, and increased focus.

Whether you’re an advanced pro or a newbie beginner, there are dozens of meditation classes to choose from. Classes range from guided meditations, yoga nidra, guided relaxations, and breathing practices (otherwise known as Pranayama).

Some popular Yoga International Meditations include:

  • Guided Walking Meditation (5 minutes) 
  • Conscious Waking Up (10 minutes)
  • Meditation For Runners Post-Run 1 (5 minutes) 

Meditation is great to start off your mornings or end a long, stressful day. Whether looking to connect with your inner being or an activity to control your racing thoughts and erratic heartbeat, Yoga International Meditations has it all. 

Yoga International Programs Review

Yoga International Review

If you’re hungry for more in-depth and specific content, look no further than the company’s array of Yoga International Programs.

Organized by difficulty including beginner, intermediate, and advanced, there are dozens of programs to choose from depending on personal preference. Programs range from meditation, yoga, refining your balance, strength drills, and more. 

Yoga International Programs vary by category and duration. Additionally, there are certain classes that can only be accessed by members, meaning that you must sign up for a monthly or annual Yoga International subscription. You do not have to pay for individual programs

Durations for all programs come with a small syllabus that includes the recommended duration for each day, classes per week, and the inclusion of reminder emails.

Each program is organized into a selected number of modules that you can do on your own time. Some popular Yoga International Programs include:

  • Meditation for Beginners (full duration is 1-hour with 2 new classes each week)
  • Asana Rx: Mobilize, Stabilize, and Optimize Your Movement (full duration is 3 weeks with 1 to 2 classes each week)
  • Refine Your Arm Balances and Inversions (full duration is 2 hours with 4 practices in total)

Yoga International Courses Review

Yoga International Review

Designed specifically for those who love yoga but can’t find the time in busy schedules to join a local class, the Yoga International Courses are convenient and user-friendly.

Taught by expert instructors, the classes feature more in-depth sessions on various types of yoga and meditation. The main difference between their classes and programs is that customers must pay for each course on top of their membership fee.

Customers can view prices for each course by looking at the selection on the website. Additionally, users can earn CEU points if they wish to gain experience in a specific field. 

If you’re looking to up your yoga game, this selection of programs is formulated to refine skills and help achieve end goals. Some of their most trending Yoga International Courses include:

  • Building Resilience Through a Balanced Practice ($239 for a 3-day virtual retreat)
  • Grow Your Yoga Offerings: Leading Retreats and Continuing Education Trainings ($199 for 8 hours of learning)
  • 7-Day Acro Yoga International Challenge (5 minutes per day) 

How Much is Yoga International?

Yoga International Review

In terms of the Yoga International cost, the monthly membership is priced at $20 per month. Customers are billed on the same day each month. For the annual membership, customers are billed a total of $120, which is a savings of 50% from their month-to-month rate. 

Yoga International Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yoga International Review

This Yoga International review found a generally positive customer response based on its research. On Trustpilot, the brand is ranked with a 4/5 star rating with over 2900 reviews.

Customers stated that they liked the extensive list of resources the website provided in terms of yoga and meditation. Additionally, customers noted the website was an easy way for beginners to get started with yoga

I’ve been using Yoga International for a month after taking 1 year to decide what sport I should do at home. I like how many options they have for classes and meditation. Short and long. More or less intense. And the teachers are warm and relatable,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

On their Amazon review page, Yoga International has an average of 3.6/5 stars with over 2,800 ratings and 135 global reviews. Most are quick to comment that the app is convenient, diverse in content, and easy to use. Others have said that it helped them keep in shape as well. 

“Yoga International provides classes available through Amazon Prime, so I can practice yoga at home at my convenience. The Instructor credentials are provided and the classes are diverse. I have nothing negative to say,” one Amazon reviewer wrote for their app. 

This Yoga International review found a few customer complaints online. On Trustpilot, there are some Yoga International reviews that detail issues with the 14-day free trial offer.

Additionally, customers had issues canceling memberships, which is also a common problem found on their Amazon page. Others experienced difficulties trying to contact the customer service team and those who did were met with inadequate answers. 

“I signed up for a free trial and I found it wasn’t for me.I have cancelled my membership within the trial dates. They still charged me for 2 months of fee,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. 

Is Yoga International Worth It?

Yoga International Review

This Yoga International review recommends this company to anyone looking to get started with yoga and meditation. If you are lost where to begin, Yoga International is essentially a central hub that includes all aspects of specific disciplines.

The company offers hundreds of classes, courses, and programs based on duration and difficulty level. If you’re already a seasoned yoga veteran, the company offers resources that can help elevate and upgrade your skills. 

Yoga International Review

The only major downside to Yoga International is that in order to view any class or meditation, you have to sign up for a membership first. Both types of memberships don’t cover the price for selected courses and are not covered through the subscription.

Ultimately, for the number of expert-taught classes and programs to choose from, this Yoga International review thinks the subscription is well worth the money

Yoga International Promotions & Discounts 

Yoga International Review

This Yoga International review found that the company offers a 14-day free trial for new users, however, the company offers a Yoga International 30-day free trial as well.

Users can also receive a $15 digital Yoga International gift card for every friend who becomes a member within 30 days. 

Sign up for Yoga International

Yoga International Review

If you’re interested in becoming a member, visit and click ‘sign in.’ From there, create an account and choose your preferred membership plan.

You’ll have access to programs, articles, and exclusive content including, the Yoga International magazine subscription. 


How do I cancel my Yoga International membership?

On the subject of Yoga International cancel membership, customers can cancel at any time. If you are a PayPal user, cancellations are implemented instantly. This Yoga International review will go through how to cancel a membership with a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Visit the membership section under account settings
  3. Click ‘cancel membership’ to fill out your cancellation form 

You can also cancel by using the app. Customers can find more details on this cancellation process by visiting the Yoga International website. 

How to Contact Yoga International

If you have inquiries that were not addressed in this Yoga International review, reach out to the company through:

  • Live Chat function on the website
  • FAQ page on the website 

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I'm disappointed
Asked by Benita Terrell (2 years ago) Reply

I’m disappointed that my credit card was billed for the annual charge without any advance warning, and that even though I caught it the same day and contacted the company, they refused to refund the $200.

Answered by laurie b (1 year ago) Reply

I had a similar experience – I was automatically enrolled in the monthly program. Very questionable approach – would not recommend to anyone – quite the opposite – would suggest they run and never give their credit card number to this company.
File a complaint to get a refund

Answered by Helen Dixon (1 year ago) Reply

Me too, I found their customer services were very poor, they use lots of incentives to get you in, but take more money from you, and when you challenge them, they have a stock answer, we don’t give refunds…. how so…. they are a mediocre site, far to expensive, and poor ethics…. Not one that I would recommend… rip off….

Asked by Helen Dixon (1 year ago) Reply

I have been very disappointed with Yoga international, as a long time teacher, i have found their content to be ok, one or two good teachers, but I only followed one, who if he was independent I would follow, but happy to forfeit him, as Yoga international took the annual fee which i agreed to, and continued to take the monthly fee, and then they doubled it… when I requested a refund, you have to jump through hoops, communicate via a robot, messages went into spam, and you need to log in to get a robotic reply, unfriendly, unfair, and someone is making lots of money from others misery….. not one to recommend …. try Do Yoga With me, they are so… nice… xx and a real person replies to you… xx

Very questionable business practices!
Asked by Kara Sawyer (1 year ago) Reply

I have had the same experience! I did the free trial and forgot to cancel, oops, bad on me. Hardly used it. Fast forward to a year later and they charged me again, only MORE this time! I immediately cancelled (3 days later) and they would not refund my money! The videos are mostly old (from the 90’s and 2000’s) and anything interesting you need to pay more money for. I have another online yoga stream that is MUCH better and cheaper to boot. I have a screenshot of them saying “they will no longer speak with me about cancellations or refunding my money”. Don’t sign up unless you intend to cancel immediately! They didn’t even offer to prorate the charge for a month, which would still be questionable, but at least a compromise.

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