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About Moxie

Moxie Fitness Review

Moxie connects you with your favorite fitness instructors and helps you discover new workouts via its online platform. Search through a wide variety of daily classes led by certified teachers of yoga, strength, Pilates, dance, and more.

With classes for all levels, Moxie lets you stream live or on-demand classes through monthly passes or as part of a subscription. Providing a convenient, accessible platform for instructors to teach, the service pays its teachers 85% of class prices.

The innovative service is just over a year old, but it’s already caught the attention of media outlets like The New York Times, Forbes, and Business Insider who praise it for its quick popularity and problem-solving in a time of closed gyms and increased stress levels.

Interested in finding out what this service is all about? Keep reading this Moxie fitness review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand and its top-selling classes. You’ll also find customer feedback, information on discounts, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth adding to your health and wellness regimen.

Overview of Moxie

Moxie Fitness Review

Since 2020 forced us to search for ways to get in a good sweat outside of the gym, there’s a good chance you’ve tried a few different at-home programs. In desperation, perhaps you even popped in an old Billy Blanks DVD (guilty) or took up jump roping and p.o’d your downstairs neighbors. Or, maybe you stopped working out altogether.

People flock to fitness classes for all different reasons. Some crave the group atmosphere while others appreciate the guidance from a pro. Whatever your reason, working out at home alone just isn’t the same—even if good old Billy is guiding you through some sweet kickboxing grooves.

This brings us to Moxie. The brand’s platform tells us that in 2020, its gang was set to launch some very exciting projects, spearheaded by tech startup enthusiast Jason Goldberg.

Thanks to shutdowns, all of their projects got pushed back. Instead of moping about it, they put their talents into developing something that the world needed at that time—Moxie.

To have “moxie” means to possess determination, character, or nerve. It sure takes nerve to create a business in the height of the pandemic, and determination by people to keep up a fitness routine when being a couch potato is so much more appealing.

Not only did Moxie provide a place for people to find their favorite fitness classes, but it also served as a place of hope and employment for instructors to keep their careers alive. Based in New York, the brand brings studio classes to the homes of people in 135 countries.

Want to see what kind of classes you’ll find on the platform? That’s coming up next in this Moxie fitness review. Before we jump into it though, have a look through its highlights to get a general feel for what it’s all about.


  • Wide range of workouts available, including yoga, dance, strength, and more
  • Classes divided into intensity and skill levels
  • Live stream, on-demand, and in-person options
  • 14-day free trial
  • Referral program
  • Available in 135 countries
  • Cancel your plan any time without penalty
Moxie Fitness Review

Browse through the platform’s independent instructors or search for your unique fitness level. Looking for a particular kind of workout? Choose between early morning, no equipment, or sweat-fest sessions, click, and start moving.

In the next section of this Moxie fitness review, we’ll walk you through a selection of the platform’s workouts to give you an idea of the kind of classes it offers.

Moxie Live Workouts Review

Moxie lets you browse its long list of classes by day, time, level, intensity, or equipment. Just looking at a day’s worth of classes you’ll find a range of activities from Sit & Stretch to Kickboxing.

Below, this Moxie fitness review will introduce you to the platform’s most popular workouts, starting with an in-studio favorite, MXT X-Training.

Moxie MXT X-Training Review

Taught in-person, the MXT X-Training involves circuits that take you through strength and conditioning moves with a focus on fun. Great for more advanced levels, you can take each stop on the circuit at your own pace with help and encouragement from your instructor.

Moxie MXT X-Training involves a level of conditioning that’s used for professional athletes. Sign up for this 60-minute class for $25.

Moxie Slow Flow Review

Ideal for yogis of all levels, Slow Flow takes you through a range of seated, reclined, and standing positions at a focused, enjoyable rate—no rushing through the movements here. The slower you go, the deeper the stretch, and often, the more intense the burn.

This class works up to medium intensity—not too hard, not too easy, just a powerful flow with a satisfying savasana to finish things off.

Your instructor recommends a belt and two yoga blocks, but you don’t need them in order to follow along. The Moxie Slow Flow warm-up room opens 15 minutes before class time starts. The instructors recommend getting in early to prevent missing anything in the case of technical difficulties.

Taught online, sign up for $10.

Moxie Work It Out Wednesdays Review

Moxie Work It Out Wednesdays is for everyone! With a lot of leg and booty work, this class kicks things into high gear for maximum calorie burn. You’ll need a set of dumbells (light, medium, and heavy are recommended), a mat, towels, and resistance bands.

Show up to class early to nab one of the 15 interactive seats. Your instructor will be able to see you, tell you what you’re doing right, and correct it if needed.

Grab a spot for $10.

Moxie We Got The Beat Cardio Drumming Review

Get into the groove with this DrumFit class. Taught virtually, you’ll get rocking to a sweet soundtrack as you pound stress away and increase your heart rate.

A great workout for your arms and abs, Moxie We Got The Beat Cardio Drumming is a light workout for beginners looking for a creative and interesting way to add some movement to their day. Available in live and on-demand classes, this light tempo class is perfect for all ages so get the kids or mom and dad involved.

Though the instructor uses drum sticks, you can use two wooden spoons or just air drum instead. A resistance ball is recommended but isn’t required. Join this 30-minute class for $10.

Moxie 45 Vinyasa Flow Review

Connect to your body and mind with the Moxie 45 Vinyasa Flow. A set that takes you through the Vinyasa sequence, it’s about a medium on the intensity scale but can be practiced by those of all fitness levels and ages. Two yoga blocks are recommended but not required to complete this flow.

Grab your mat and get moving with this 45-minute guided sequence for $18.

Moxie QStrong Strength Training Review

A women’s weight class, Moxie QStrong Strength Training is designed for all bodies and fitness levels. Those new to the practice are invited to start with one class per week before building up to more when they’re ready.

Clocking in at about mid-level on the intensity scale, you’ll be guided through a sequence of moves using dumbbells and resistance bands. Own a kettlebell instead? You can use that instead. Go at a comfortable pace as your instructor guides you through the set.

This 30-minute class is focused on having fun so remember to be safe and don’t push yourself too far. Grab a spot for $6.

Who Is Moxie For?

Moxie Fitness Review

Moxie was made for gym-goers and instructors to have a place to take and teach fitness classes during the pandemic, but it’s changing the way people are working out altogether.

With one reliable, convenient platform, you get your pick of Moxie live workouts and on-demand classes. It’s a great choice for those who don’t want to haul themselves to the gym but still want to get in a good sweat.

Ideal for rainy days, accountability, or those who don’t want to spend a fortune on live instructor-led classes, the platform operates almost completely online. If you live in the Bethesda, Maryland area, you can pop into the studio to take an in-person class.

How Does Moxie Work?

Moxie Fitness Review

Moxie connects you to professional instructors around the country and vice versa. For attendees, you’ll simply sign up to the platform, choose your classes, and subscribe to instructors if so desired.

When you sign up, you’ll get 14 days of free use, but depending on the plan you use, that could mean 12 tickets, 20, or 25. And while we’re on the topic of tickets, those are what you’ll use to pay for classes.

We’ll go over the monthly pass options a little later in this Moxie fitness review, for now, all you need to know is that tickets are your entrance into all of your favorite classes. Depending on the price of the class, the number of tickets you’ll need for each one varies.

For example, an MXT in-person class is 7 tickets (or $20), but Total Body Sculpt is just 3 tickets ($8). The ticketing ratio per class type goes like this:

  • Any on-demand class: 2 tickets
  • 30-minute livestream: 3 tickets
  • 60-minute livestream: 4 tickets
  • 30-minute in-person: 4 tickets
  • 60-minute in-person: 7 tickets

Contingent on your unique plan, you’ll have a certain amount of tickets to use each month. You’ll sign up for your preferred classes, then hop onto the Moxie app on your tablet or start up the web browser. Before each class, the service will send you a reminder with details about your class time and length.

When it’s time for your class, head to the class details page on your app or browser. To gain access to the room, click ‘Enter Studio’. The studio will be open for you 15 minutes before the class starts so you can head in there early to grab a virtual spot at the front. From there, you’ll work out, rinse, and repeat.

Moxie Fitness Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Moxie Fitness Review

Working out with an instructor has perks and many prefer it to fumbling their way through a self-led plan. But finding the right platform to subscribe to can be a trial and error process, so to help you decide if this one’s right for you, we’ll need to hear from those who’ve used it.

For this part of our Moxie fitness review, we combed the web to track down helpful feedback about the platform including what its classes and instructors are like, as well as the Bethesda studio. Ahead, you’ll see what we found out.

Our first stop was a little review site called Product Hunt. We’ll be honest here and tell you that there weren’t a ton of reviews for the brand on this site, but nor were there anywhere else—Moxie is a pretty fresh service.

One of the comments we scoped on Product Hunt talked about the platform from the angle of instructors. It read:

This is certainly one of the best online fitness studio solutions for professional instructors. I see Moxie rolling out new features all the time and it’s great to see a company who continues to innovate itself while scaling.

That’s something we really like about the platform—the way it helps out instructors in a time where their workplaces are closed down. Instead of having them give away free classes to keep their students happy, Moxie gives them a place where their regular students can attend, but so can new ones from around the world.

For our next stop, we headed over to Facebook. The brand has a 5/5 star score from 5 attendees and instructors who all recommend its services. One Moxie fitness review from a user read:

Many classes to choose from; Moxie is innovative and always doing something new,” while this one came from an instructor: “As a fitness instructor for 34 years, its been so hard to not work the past 6 months.  This is exactly what I needed to launch my own classes on my terms and be in charge of my destiny.

Moxie gives instructors control over their schedule, and ultimately kick-starts a business or helps it thrive. There’s no reason why instructors can’t teach outside of the platform as well, meaning they have a lot of flexibility.

Finally, we discovered a set of comments on the brand’s Google page for its Bethesda studio. One Moxie fitness review read:

I was there the first couple of weeks when they opened. Their staff are fantastic! Their workouts were energetic and dynamic – I was exhausted but happy and I kept coming back for more! Great gym, killer workouts, welcoming atmosphere – no matter what your level of fitness is.”

And all of that energy and variation is found within the brand’s online classes too. Overall, Moxie looks to be really enjoyed by those who use it. As the company continues to grow, we hope more users share their experiences.

Is Moxie Worth It?

Moxie Fitness Review

Moxie is a really cool platform that’s so much more than just a fitness service. With tons of variation in classes and instructors, we love that users from beginners to experts can find a great, satisfying workout.

And not just that, but the service offers tons of different classes from yoga to MXT, making switching up your workout and staying motivated all the better.

What we love about online fitness classes in general, is that users get to be a part of a group but not at the same time. Since the first 15 attendees get center stage with the instructor, if you arrive early enough you’ll get the attention you love from an in-person class.

In terms of cost, Moxie is super affordable whether you’re an avid exerciser or one who wants just one class per week. So do we think it’s worth it? Definitely.

Moxie Promotions & Discounts 

Moxie Fitness Review

Some of Moxie’s online classes are incredibly affordable, just $5, meaning that you can get a great workout in the comfort of your own home for less than you’d pay for parking.

To sweeten the deal for both you and instructors, the service has a Give $15, get $10 referral program. Once they spend $20 on classes, you’ll get $10 yourself, and you can earn up to $110 from just one friend.

On the other hand, if you refer someone who signs up to be an instructor, you’ll get $100 when they earn $200 from their classes.

Where to Buy Moxie

Moxie Fitness Review

Moxie is almost completely web-based aside from its physical studio location in Bethesda, MD. And though you can go there to take hardcore MXT classes, the only place to sign up for a Moxie Pass is right at


Moxie Fitness Review

Who owns Moxie?

Jason Goldberg. He’s the founder of a software company and started up Moxie out of the blue after several projects fell through due to Covid-19.

How much does it cost to use Moxie?

In general, Moxie online classes range from $5-$10 (2-3 tickets) a pop, with studio sessions available for $20 (7 tickets). The platform offers three different pass options:

  1. Starter
    • 20 tickets (about 5 classes per month)
    • Save up to 20%
    • 12 free-trial tickets
    • $45/month
  2. Active
    • 40 tickets (about 10 livestream classes)
    • Save up to 30%
    • 20 free trial tickets
    • $80/month
  3. Pro-Fit
    • 80 tickets (20 classes per month)
    • Save up to 40%
    • 25 free trial tickets
    • $150/month

What is Moxie Pass?

A Moxie Pass is like your membership card to the platform. It allows you to take classes with the service and is loaded with tickets (which you’ll use to pay for classes) and certain perks outlined in the previous section of this Moxie fitness review.

All Moxie passes start with a 14-day free trial, but the number of free tickets on your trial depends on which type of pass you buy. Tickets on your pass roll over, so if you don’t use them all that month, you’ll get them for the next month.

What is Moxie’s Privacy Policy?

Moxie has privacy policies for both attendees and instructors, but in general, when you use the service, it will collect certain information about you like your email, name, password, photo, and biography.

Even though you pay for classes on Moxie, the brand uses Stripe to process them and does not have access to your full credit card number. Moxie may use your personal information to send you relevant information about their platform or to help you log into your classes.

If you do not wish to receive emails or have your data collected, you can opt out by unsubscribing to emails and sending a message to [email protected].

What is Moxie’s Return Policy?

Moxie has quite a few different cancellation policies that cover instructor and attendee no-shows. 

  1. Class Cancellations & No-Shows
    • You have the right to cancel your reservation for a class up to 30 minutes before it starts for a refund on your tickets. Those tickets will go right back into your account and you are free to select another class
    • If you don’t show up to a class you paid for without canceling 30 minutes prior, you will not get a refund on your tickets
    • If an instructor cancels your class or doesn’t show up after 5 minutes, your tickets will be refunded back into your account
  1. Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions to an instructor are non-refundable. If the instructor ends up canceling the subscription plan, you will be refunded prorated Moxie credits
    • You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will not be charged at the next billing cycle
  1. General Refunds
    • Refunds are given on a case-by-case basis. To request one, send an email to the address listed in the very last section of this Moxie fitness review

How to Contact Moxie

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Moxie fitness review, reach out to the brand by email at [email protected].

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