MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

About MYXfitness

 MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

MYXfitness is on a mission to “deliver a studio-quality riding experience with a broad range of content that meets people where they are.” The brand combines state-of-the-art, at-home equipment with effective workouts to make living a healthy life easier.

Essentially, the MYXfitness stationary bikes help to improve your overall fitness levels while motivational workout videos keep guide you through every movement.

On top of fitness, this brand is committed to holistic approaches. It supports the H.O.P.E Center in Harlem—the two have partnered on Facebook to provide the MYX Mindfulness Movement.

Brad Palmer founded the company in 2016 in Greenwich, CT. Today, MYXfitness’s headquarters are in the seaside destination of Santa Monica, CA, though it provides stationary bikes and workout videos across the US.

Unsure if this brand is the right fit for you? Stay tuned. Below, this MYXfitness vs Peloton review will cover all the details on another brand that may pique your interest.

About Peloton

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Like many of the best brands, Peloton was born from dissatisfaction and the need for a solution. For years, the founder had struggled to fit workout classes into his busy schedule.

So, in 2012, John Foley launched Peloton. By combining at-home workout machines with live online classes, the brand combines the fun of workout classes with the accessibility of personal equipment—all from the comfort of your own home.

Designed by professionals, the company’s workout machines and classes are catered to your individual goals, whether that’s strength building or weight loss. Currently, Peloton is located in NYC with classes available in North America, the UK, and Germany.

Ready to cycle up a storm? Throughout my MYXfitness vs Peloton review, I’ll break down everything you need to consider before committing, including details on products, apps, workouts, and price, to help you decide which one aligns with your goals.

What To Consider

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Product Range

Of course, the product range is important to consider so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Both brands offer a variety of workout classes that focus on helping you reach different goals, but in this MYXfitness vs Peloton review, I’ll delve more into that later.

MYXfitness also offers a well-designed stationary bicycle, dumbbells, kettlebells, and workout mats. On the other hand, Peloton has two stationary bikes, a treadmill, and accessories like weights, workout mats, and cleats.

Target Audience

While both brands are designed for anyone on the hunt for an at-home fitness routine, there are a few key differences. MYXfitness is more targeted toward those who prefer to work out for their personal health goals while Peloton is designed for users who are motivated by competition and camaraderie.

Design and Technology

Depending on your goals, you might favor the features offered in one brand’s bike over the other. They’re both compact and quiet, and they come with interactive touch screens, but there’s a little more to it than that.

The MYXfitness bike has different color options and is a little smaller—if you want equipment that matches your aesthetic, you’ll find it here. Peloton focuses on crafting models that are offered in just one color, black.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to installation, both brands make things easy. Users can opt for in-home delivery or can work with a group of pals to move the piece in. Once inside, the bikes are pre-assembled and super compact. They only need to be placed near a power outlet.


On top of their at-home equipment, MYXfitness and Peloton offer apps and memberships that make it easy for users to stay on track with their goals. With both options, you’ll discover hundreds of different workouts.


Accessibility is important—the brand you’re interested in should be available to you. While classes can be watched from anywhere, Peloton bikes are available in the US and Canada, and MYXfitness bikes are sold in the US. The apps are easy to find through the App or Google Play stores.

When it comes to price, both options are more affordable than most gym memberships. Plus, when you add the cost of transportation, it’s easy to see why so many people switch to in-home equipment.

MYXfitness The Myx ll vs Peloton Bike Plus Review

The moment we’ve all been waiting for in this MYXfitness vs Peloton review; I’ll now take a look at how the brands’ stationary bikes compare. They both provide a seamless at-home workout experience and come with different features.

Up next, I’ll dive into the key details for each one:

MYXfitness The MYX II:

  • Available in two colors (black or white)
  • Rotating touchscreen (21.5”)
  • Pairs with Apple Watch
  • Tracks speed, cadence, and distance
  • Access to thousands of weekly workouts in tandem with the membership
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor (armband)
  • Adjustable seat height, depth, and handlebars
  • Bike footprint: 3’ 4” L x 1’ 7” W
  • For riders 4’ 11”-6’ 8”
  • 1 year or 2-year warranties optional
 Peloton Bike Plus
Peloton Bike Plus

Peloton Bike+:

  • Available in black
  • Rotating HD touchscreen (23.8”)
  • Pairs with Apple Watch to track heart rate, output, and more
  • Tracks speed, cadence, and distance
  • Access to thousands of workouts with the membership
  • Option for manual or automatic resistance that syncs to instructor’s directions
  • Adjustable seat height and depth
  • Bike footprint: 4’ L x 2’ W
  • For riders 4’ 11”-6’ 4”
  • 12-month warranty included

While there are a lot of similarities between the bikes, both options come with perks that may sway you one way or the other.

With Peloton, the warranty already comes with the bike, and there’s the ability to have automatic or manual resistance. Its bike’s touchscreen is also larger. MYXfitness is smaller but can fit a larger rider. It also comes with an armband to track your heart rate.

When it comes down to it, the differences between these bikes have more to do with your personal preferences—they’re both solid options.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Apps

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

With all the research done for this MYXfitness vs Peloton review, I am happy to report that both brands offer user-friendly apps to help you reach or maintain your fitness goals. Like their stationary bikes, each app comes with certain perks.

MYXfitness app:

  • Thousands of classes to choose from 8+ different categories
  • Workout with or without equipment
  • Access via different devices: Android, Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, and AirPlay
  • Stream from anywhere on a phone or tablet
  • Reach and track goals
  • Track calories, macros, and plan meals
  • Share accomplishments with friends and family 
  • Compatible with Apple Watch and Apple Health
  • 14-day free trial
MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Peloton app:

  • Stream 10+ workout types, each with thousands of classes
  • Workout with or without equipment
  • Access via different devices: Android, Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, and AirPlay
  • Watch or listen from wherever you want
  • Reach and track goals
  • Workout and chat with others
  • Earn achievements when you meet challenges
  • Compatible with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and Willful
  • Free two-month trial

As I mentioned earlier in this MYXfitness vs Peloton review, the main difference between the two brands is that the former is more focused on meeting your own goals and even has a meal planning and tracking section, while the latter is focused on challenges and competitions for motivation.

Both have free trials as well, though Peloton offers a longer amount of time. Peloton also has a few more categories and is compatible with more devices, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is also the more expensive of the two.

That being said, keep reading this MYXfitness vs Peloton review for more details on price and value.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Workouts 

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Now that we know a little more about how the apps work, it’s important to take a look at the workout classes offered. You’ll find live, on-demand guided workouts, as well as options that can be streamed anytime from both brands. But what about the specifics? Let’s check it out!


  • Dozens of world-class trainers to choose from
  • On the bike: climb, endurance, recovery, scenic, and more
  • Off the bike: programs like plates and meditation, walking and running challenges, strength training, and body-sculpting workouts
MYXfitness vs Peloton Review


  • Expert instructors at every level
  • Variety of cardio like running and cycling
  • Stretching, meditation, yoga
  • Strength training
  • Bootcamps

Overall, the workout selections are pretty similar and the two brands offer a wide variety of options from skilled instructors. Plus, both brands offer workouts on and off the bike so users can maintain a well-rounded approach.

That being said, the options are designed to be effective and efficient with different lengths, skill sets, and challenges to choose from.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Quality

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Both bikes are of professional quality and offer a variety of classes to keep users feeling motivated. That said, there are differences in how these bikes are made.

With bikes and treadmills carefully crafted at facilities in Taiwan, Peloton maintains a commitment to sustainability efforts. Just like its users, the company has goals, though they have more to do with a carbon footprint than workouts.

While MYXfitness doesn’t reveal much in terms of sustainability efforts or where the bikes are made, the workouts are designed to be sustainable. The focus on recovery and only working out in conjunction with your heartbeat means that users find it easy to keep pushing and strive for further success.

Some shoppers report more documentary-style production with Peloton, which makes sense considering the brand’s overall approach to working out is taking your life by the horns. On the other hand, MYXfitness is more casual and the instructors nudge users in the right direction.

Overall, the two brands are quite comparable in quality. Both have HD rotating touchscreens, are crafted from high-quality materials, and are designed to help you reach your goals. On top of that, the handlebars and seats are adjustable for the most comfortable ride.

When it comes to workout classes, both companies offer a similar selection. But, MYXfitness has a heart rate-based cross-training approach that is designed to motivate you with your own abilities, while Peloton displays the resistance as you work out and is driven by competition and challenges.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Price & Value

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

This MYXfitness vs Peloton review has filled you in on all the deets about the bikes, apps, workouts, and the overall quality. But, how do the prices compare?

And does this affect the overall value of each brand’s options? Below, I’ll list all the costs and then delve into what this means concerning the value you’re getting. 


  • Membership: $39/month
  • App Membership: $8-$19/month depending subscription length
  • The Myx II bike: $1399


  • Membership: $49/month
  • App Membership: $17/month
  • Bike Plus: $2495

At first glance, it’s clear that MYXfitness is the more affordable option. Before I contrast their offerings, let’s consider how they compare.

Both companies offer 30-day trials so users can really test out if the machines work for them. Financing is also available, so there’s not too much to stress about when it comes to commitment.

Plus, they both have similar workouts available with the best of the best when it comes to instructors. Customers comment on the high production quality of Peloton videos, which is important to keep in mind if you’re interested in recreating the feeling of a real class.

Speaking of, the Peloton bike and app are designed to work alongside the competitive atmosphere of in-person workouts, which is more appealing to some users.

The Peloton app also has a few extra features like connectivity to devices and a longer trial period, which points to why it may be more expensive.

Conveniently, Peloton offers bikes, HD classes, and extra equipment all in one place. Meanwhile, MYXfitness’s bike and memberships are more affordable.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: What Do Customers Think?  

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

Now that we’re nearing the end of my MYXfitness vs Peloton review, you may be wondering what shoppers are saying. Fortunately, I’m here with the scoop. I sourced ratings from the App Store, PC Mag, Consumer Affairs, and the Peloton website.

Let’s start with some overall scores:


  • App Store: 5/5 stars out of 9 reviews
  • PC Mag: 4/5 stars
  • Facebook: 3.2/5 stars out of 325 reviews


  • App Store: 4.9/5 stars out of 705.3k reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: 3.9/5 stars out of 827 reviews
  • Website: 4.8/5 stars out of 20832 reviews

Though both brands receive a ton of reviews, it’s still important to check out why shoppers are so impressed. Below, I’ll take a look at some of the highlights that came up throughout my search.


  • Good variety of classes and instructors
  • Bike is sturdy and high quality
  • Affordable price
  • Attentive customer service
  • App makes it easy to set schedules

On the App Store, one shopper lists everything they love about the brand: “I love that the monitor swivels to allow for a continuous workout on the bike and the floor. The variety of classes and coaches keeps each day fresh and engaging, and I love the mixture of bike, toning, yoga, stretching, and meditation!”

Another customer explains that the selection has allowed them to get in shape quickly while still operating at their own speed and having fun:

Overall I have loved my MYX experience. I’m in better shape than I’ve been in a long time. Despite having small children at home, the variety and intensity of my workout routine have both increased, and I’m having fun!

A few buyers report issues with slow shipping times but the brand is quick to offer a solution, as evident from the fast replies in the reviews section of the App Store. Plus, the app is updated regularly, showing the brand’s commitment to innovation.


  • Easy to use app
  • Plenty of categories and workouts to choose from
  • Makes working out fun
  • Sense of community
  • Motivational

A patron on Consumer Affairs explains that the brand is worth the investment because of the variety and quality:

I definitely feel my strength and endurance improving. The ride selection is diverse. You can choose anything from low impact, to sing alongs, to HIIT rides. The instructors have different styles and but are all very talented and motivating!”

Many customers on the Peloton website describe being surprised at how much they love the equipment.

One buyer writes, “I’ve had the bike for two months and have cycled 76 times, in addition to taking some meditation and yoga classes. My peloton bike is without a doubt the best investment I’ve ever made in maintaining my overall health and wellness!”

Similar to MYXfitness, some shoppers report long shipping times with Peloton. That said, white glove delivery service is included in the cost of the bike, so it’s nice that the brand offers complimentary shipping with such a large piece of equipment. Stay tuned for more info on that.

With MYXfitness, there were significantly fewer reviews available online, though what I did find was happy shoppers impressed by the quality of the bike and classes.

On the other hand, thousands of customers seem to be in love with all that Peloton has to offer. Both brands stand out with stellar reviews.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Promotions & Discounts

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

While promotions and discounts play a role in every purchase, I didn’t find much offered on either website for this MYXfitness vs Peloton review. Here’s what I did come across:


  • Take $150 off with code HAPPY150 and receive free shipping and assembly


  • Try the Peloton app free for two months

Overall, the two brands offer similar savings with their current promos. They also have 30-day trials with their bikes, so users can feel more confident in their purchase as they can try it out worry-free.

MYXfitness vs Peloton: Shipping & Returns

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

If you’re still feeling torn between the brands in my MYXfitness vs Peloton review, the shipping and returns policies may be the deciding factor. Here, I’ll fill you in on everything you need to know when it comes to trial periods and how soon you’ll get your equipment.

MYXfitness is currently only available in the US and takes about 2 weeks to arrive, depending on location and weather conditions. The cost of shipping is included, and the brand’s delivery partner, XPO, notifies you 24-48 hours before delivery to schedule a date and time.

On the date of delivery, the driver will again contact you 30 minutes before arrival. The MYXfitness bikes are pre-assembled, so the delivery person will simply bring the package indoors and place it at the customer’s request.

For returns, MYXfitness offers a 30-day trial, allowing users to decide if it’s the right fit. If not, the brand charges a $250 return fee, which is deducted from the refund amount. The subscription will end at the next billing cycle.

Once the brand has been contacted to start a return, a courier will pick up the package at a scheduled time and the refund will be issued.

When it comes to shipping, Peloton assembles and delivers machines for free with time estimates at checkout. For accessories, customers can opt for $7 standard shipping (2-5 business days) or $20 expedited shipping (2 business days). On top of that, Peloton is available in North America, Germany, and the UK.

First-time Peloton customers are given a 30-day free trial, meaning they receive a full refund (memberships included) if they are not satisfied. Otherwise, the brand offers a 30-day return period and the customer is responsible for the fees, which range between $250-$300.

All returned items must be in their original packaging and condition to be eligible. Also, apparel is eligible for 60-day returns and must be unworn and unwashed with tags still attached. Once sent, refunds take about 5-7 days to process.

Overall, both brands are pretty similar when it comes to shipping and returns. Peloton ships to more locations, but MYXfitness seems to have speedier shipping times.

So, it all depends on how fast you’re looking to receive the equipment, where you’re located, and which brand appeals more to you overall.

Who Will You Shop With?

MYXfitness vs Peloton Review

To truly boil the two brands down to what they are at their core: they’re both about reaching your goals, using high-quality equipment, and getting guidance and inspiration along the way.

That said, the key difference between the two brands is the simple fact that MYXfitness focuses on the user’s personal goals and heart rate during workouts while Peloton is more reliant on motivation via competition and beating goals.

Overall, MYXfitness is the more affordable choice, but Peloton offers a competitive, realistic environment. Peloton offers key extras like a focus on sustainability and connectivity to more fitness tracking devices that also make it worth the buy.

Each brand has its own perks that will appeal to different users depending on what they’re looking for. So, the final decision is up to you: will Peloton provide your motivation, or will you look to your heart with MYXfitness?

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