Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

Peloton vs NordicTrack  

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

The fitness frenzy of the past few decades has really introduced a new world when it comes to home gyms. Gone are the days of trying to self-motivate while sitting at home; technology has put forth online communities designed to inspire. For those who struggle with finding the force to work out, Peloton and NordicTrack offer some A+ solutions.

Peloton entered the scene in 2012, launching their fitness brand based on community and customers. Focusing on merging technology and fitness, this company became all about making fitness classes accessible from the comfort of people’s homes and their personal schedules. 

In addition to their equipment, they feature live classes with leaderboards, personal instructors, and recorded sessions to throw on at any time, Peloton is all about encouraging individuals to reach their best through community involvement.

NordicTrack has a longer history on the market. Launching in 1975, this brand covered all areas of fitness through their lines of equipment and weights for home and professional gyms. In addition to their heavy equipment, this brand also works through their iFit app

With live sessions, personal trainers, and a recorded library to select from, NordicTrack joins the journey into community encouragement through a variety of classes.

We’ll be honest, both of these brands are investments into fitness rather than a simple purchase. That’s why we’re here. Breaking down the companies into their details, this Peloton vs NordicTrack review is going to break a sweat to determine the ultimate winner worth investing in.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: What to Consider

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

There’s a lot to determine before buying larger equipment and subscriptions, so we’re going to start off this Peloton vs NordicTrack review by throwing some fast facts your way:

Product Range

  • Peloton – this brand’s key focus is their online community. With two bikes and a treadmill joining their limited accessories, most of their classes deal with cardio, wellness, flexibility, and other equipment-free forms of exercise.
  • NordicTrack – first and foremost, this brand is about equipment. With lines of treadmills, rowers, bikes, weights, and more, they’re here to provide the pieces to build up any home gym. Classes are offered more as guidance on how to use the pieces purchased rather than the key ingredient to their business.


  • Peloton –The brand is centered around their app, as the software plays a big part in guiding each user’s journey. Pairing with mobile apps and smartwatches, Peloton follows users to encourage them no matter where they are. 

Online blogs are available to motivate individuals with tips and tricks while the leaderboard and personal trainers of each program really set the pace as to how far you can go.

  • NordicTrack –While they also offer mobile and smartwatch apps as well as an online blog full of content, the difference here comes in terms of trainers and workout models. 

Users can text their personal trainers at any time for that one-on-one attention if they feel like they’re falling behind. 

The brand also adds another element to their workouts – while both brands will control the equipment to speed or slow the pace according to the class the user enrolls in, NordicTrack adds incline and decline into the party as well.


  • Peloton – Without any additional costs, the limited warranty on Peloton products is split between 12 months and 5 years. Larger aspects of the frame and machinery hold a longer warranty while the screen and technological aspects are covered for only 1-year. Extended warranties are available for up to 27 months.
  • NordicTrack – NordicTrack’s warranty differs depending on the product, but generally, the frame has a 10-year coverage, parts are covered for 2-years, while labor has a 1-year warranty. 

Extended warranty and mechanical options are available with 3, 5, and 10-year plans in place depending on the product selected.  


  • Peloton – Peloton keeps things nice and easy with installation by having the delivery service cover it all. Customers will receive a call when the truck is 30 minutes out, followed by movers to bring the new equipment in. 

Before leaving, the bike will be steadied, and the workers will ensure that the screen is logged in with the account set up and functioning. This usually only takes around 30 minutes.

  • NordicTrack – NordicTrack offers a few options to customers. Generally, this brand is more accessible to the public, sold in a variety of stores, and found in many gyms. For those who order from the site directly, there’s an option to have professional assembly or set it up yourself

Detailed instructions and videos are provided for those who wish to piece things together on their own.


  • Peloton – Peloton really calls out to anyone looking for a community during their workouts. For people who like the motivation of trainers and competitors, this app provides that encouragement with every step, transforming a home space into a fitness class. 

With many cardio-based classes, this brand is typically for those with limited space to build up their home gym.

  • NordicTrack – NordicTrack is all about the equipment. While they do offer cardio and wellness classes, this brand really thrives when it comes to personal training on the equipment purchased. Build up the home gym with larger pieces and then participate in live classes to mimic that full gym experience.


  • Peloton – When it comes to purchasing, the brand site is really the only place to get a new Peloton ordered. With their delivery and installation service so connected to the product, they tend to require a direct order rather than through external parties.
  • NordicTrack – NordicTrack is one of the most commonly available brands. Order directly from the brand site for the full listing of the stock, but third parties such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, Amazon, and more all offer these products in their own catalog. On top of that, they tend to be a brand found in many gyms.

Time to turn this Peloton vs NordicTrack review from the general into the specific. Checking out some of their top competing products, it’s a battle of the brands to see who offers the pros we’re looking for.

Peloton Tread vs NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Review

When it comes to running, treadmills are a necessity for those who want to keep up year-long training. Both Peloton and NordicTrack offer their own twists on this basic piece of equipment to make it into their own. 

Rather than go into endless paragraphs to describe the highs and lows of each brand, we’ll keep things nice and quick with two lists:


  • Smaller belt to save on space
  • Manual adjustments for incline and speed
  • 24” touchscreen to access all classes
  • Screen tilt up to 50 degrees
  • Minimalist design


  • Larger belt for full strides
  • Fold up belt to save floor space
  • Auto adjustment of speed and incline
  • Streaming to live and recorded workouts
  • 30-day free trial of iFit
  • Flex Select Cushioning Deck for more comfortable steps
  • Built-in fans

When it comes to treadmills on the market, these two are an even match for pricing with both sitting around the $2,500 mark. Peloton is definitely more of a minimalist option for those who want a straightforward base for running while NordicTrack makes things a bit cushier for the customer.

While both brands offer a variety of classes to follow for training, we’re giving this one to NordicTrack for their cushioned belt and built-in fan. Comfort really is key when consistently working out those joints and muscles so you can eke out that extra mile easier.

Peloton Bike+ vs NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle Review

Big into biking? Both of these brands offer up a great selection when it comes to exercise bikes. To really showcase what each company has to offer in this Peloton vs NordicTrack review, we’re keeping it to the key pros and cons of each product:


  • The iconic product that built the brand (for good reason)
  • Up to 100 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 21.5” touchscreen
  • Many live and recorded classes to choose from


  • Automatic incline up to 20% and decline to -10% with the push of a button
  • Digital and magnetic resistance
  • Sold with bike mat, water bottle holder, and 3lb dumbbells
  • Rotating and tilting display screen

We will say that both bikes offer a solid workout for customers. The Peloton is lighter and smaller, also slightly limiting the size of those who can use it. With that being said, their programs are extensive, and the brand was built around this product, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

When it comes to NordicTrack, this bike is the far cheaper option (we’re talking $1,600 vs Peloton’s average $2,500 cost). The added accessories and swivel screen offer a lot more in terms of workouts not being strictly limited to the bike itself.

Ultimately, we have to go with Peloton for this one. While NordicTrack is a great cost-effective option, Peloton’s endless recorded and live classes alone make this brand come out on top against others on the market.

Peloton App vs NordicTrack iFit Review

While we can debate about equipment forever, the real competition between these brands comes down to their apps.

Both companies have launched fitness apps that track users’ workouts, offer classes, personal training, and function on the go. So, which one ultimately offers more for its price? Let’s find out:


  • Thousands of live and recorded classes
  • Organized categories for an easy class selection
  • Choose classes by the playlist for that perfect motivational soundtrack
  • Instructor-guided outdoor sessions
  • A bigger online community to help with motivation


  • Classes covering rowing, ellipticals, treadmills, strength equipment, and more
  • Challenges, progressive series, and global workouts included
  • Complete fitness including sleep and nutrition monitoring
  • Works with Google Maps and Street View to create individual map-based workouts
  • Offers waiting rooms to converse with personal trainers prior to sessions

Both apps go for similar monthly payments of around $39. The exception here is Peloton, which offers a lower cost of $13 per month for non-equipment membership.

Let’s get down to it: for those who require a constant community in order to find the motivation needed to survive those weekly workouts, Peloton is the one to choose. 

With that being said, iFit seems to offer a wider variety of classes and challenges for users. With more features coming into play, we’re saying iFit is generally the way to go unless you’re big on biking and community living.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: Ease of Assembly 

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

While the apps are generally great on their own, a big part of these brands is the attached equipment. We’ll be honest, the worst part of home gyms is the setup. We’d be remiss to ignore this aspect in our Peloton vs NordicTrack review, so we need to take a quick look into the assembly process.

When it comes down to it, Peloton removes any customer frustration from the process. Professionals deliver the equipment to the ordered address, bring it inside, double-check its security, and ensure that the online aspects are all up and running.

It takes under an hour to get everything together and in place as though it’s always been there.

NordicTrack doesn’t quite follow that method. We will say, those who order directly from the site have the option of professional set-ups. This means products will be delivered and installed by those specifically trained to do the job. 

For those who want to avoid the extra cost or who buy from other retail locations, these machines are straightforward when it comes to assembling. 

While the process may take longer (we’re talking 30 to 90 minutes depending on how dedicated you are), the instructions are clear and laid out to be easily understood.

This element isn’t quite as clear-cut as the rest of them. Both brands offer a similar installation service, but we have to say NordicTrack’s option for self-assembly in addition to clear instructions does give them an edge. 

After all, not everyone likes having strangers in their homes. We can’t fault Peloton for wanting to make sure their products are set up professionally, though.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: Price & Value

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

No exercise equipment on the market can actually be considered to be cheap. Any equipment purchased should be seen as an investment into health rather than something decided on a whim.

Peloton’s app without any equipment involvement comes out the cheapest. This subscription goes for $13/month and can typically work with other gym equipment brands. 

However, to fully take advantage of what this brand is offering with classes, their equipment is required, and that’s when things move into the $1,500 to $2,700 range for the larger pieces in addition to the $39/month fee for the app. This does make sense when paired with the quality of these pieces, but it’s still a heavy investment to make.

NordicTrack keeps things a bit easier on the wallet, with their app coming in at a steady $39/month or $180/year fee. When it comes to their exercise equipment, NordicTrack has options upon options. With a variety in prices from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the item, generally, these pieces are a more affordable option. 

All frames come with a 10-year warranty with a limited warranty on pieces and labor, leaving the whole machine covered for much longer than most Peloton pieces.

When it comes to just the app, Peloton is the better choice for those after a cardio-based workout. For the equipment itself, NordicTrack has the upper hand with a wider range of equipment for lower costs.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: What do Customers Think?  

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

It’s easy enough to break these down by prices and products, but what do the numbers really mean if customer responses don’t match up? We had to turn to online ratings to really round out this Peloton vs NordicTrack review and give a complete image of what buyers of both brands think.

When it comes to Peloton users, most are thrilled with their purchases and programs. The brand’s own site has them listed at 4.8/5 stars based on over 14k ratings. 

TrustPilot ratings from the UK share that love putting the business at 4.6/5 stars based on over 3,500 ratings. Unfortunately, the US TrustPilot score for the site doesn’t sit quite as high in their ratings, but the majority of complaints regard customer service rather than the product itself.

Workout enthusiasts are thrilled by the community aspect and home training from professionals. Need more proof? Here are some top ratings of this brand:

  • The bike is amazing, it’s so challenging but so much fun. There are so many features that I love.
  • Absolutely brilliant. The iPhone of exercise bikes.
  • “This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Yes, it’s an expensive outlay, BUT so worth it.

While NordicTrack doesn’t offer a rating for their whole site, most of their products rake in numbers around 4.6 to 4.9/5 stars based on thousands of ratings. Their Commercial 2450 Treadmill alone has over 7.8k ratings and sits at 4.8/5 stars

Customers absolutely rave about the iFit program instructors and easy home equipment. Their T Series Treadmill has over 20k ratings on Amazon, resulting in a score of 4.5/5 stars for the product. The equipment is steady, reliable, and offers a fun and exciting daily workout for users.

Here’s some more positivity straight from the horse’s mouth:

  • It was packaged well and the building process was documented very well on their BILT app as well as in their manual. I preferred the app as it was very interactive.
  • The equipment quality is superior, bar none! Shipping was quick. I’m always nervous about receiving large items that have been shipped due to all the things that can happen during that process, however, this experience was so pleasant.
  • The iFIT program is incredible and supports the treadmill really well!

Both brands seem to have loyal customers to really build up their followings. They offer steady products and immersive programs that continue to motivate users. 

The one reason NordicTrack stands slightly above Peloton here is the complaints about Peloton’s customer service. However, thousands of individuals would argue that the brand is great in every respect.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: Promotions & Discounts

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

At the time of writing this Peloton vs NordicTrack review, Black Friday is approaching. That means big deals on pretty much all products.

For those shopping after the fact, not all hope is lost. Big sales holidays like Boxing Day and Black Friday tend to bring out the best prices from both businesses.

With that being said, Peloton isn’t known for going on sale. Other than those big discount days that most businesses follow, the brand tends to keep steady prices. 

NordicTrack offers frequent seasonal and holiday sales for customers, so it’s more likely to see a deal pop up from them than their competitors.

For anyone looking to save big money throughout the year, NordicTrack is the more likely of the two to offer those penny-saving promotions.

Peloton vs NordicTrack: Shipping & Returns 

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

Ordering is always a big concern – no one wants to pay insane amounts only to wait months for an item that may or may not arrive. That’s why we dove in during this Peloton vs NordicTrack review to find all shipping and return info.

We do have to state that Peloton’s delivery service has altered since Covid-19 came into the picture. Contactless delivery is now available with users supported through the set-up process. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All Peloton equipment is delivered by professionals
  • Customers will receive a call 30 minutes prior to delivery
  • 30-Day Home Trials are available to test equipment prior to purchase
  • All items may be returned within 30-Days of purchase for a refund

NordicTrack offers more options when it comes to their deliveries. Three services are available for delivery:

  1. Threshold Delivery
  2. Room of Choice
  3. White Glove

As the names suggest, the different levels of service offer the customer choice in how much help they’d like in the moving and installation of equipment. Any equipment can be returned within 30-days of purchase, but be sure no wear and tear has occurred for that full refund.

We will say, based on customer reviews, Peloton has a mixed bag of ratings when it comes to their delivery and installation services. Some have had great experiences while others have reported issues. 

Due to their options and levels of service, we’re saying NordicTrack has the upper hand here.

Who Will You Shop With?

Peloton vs NordicTrack Review

This is a Peloton vs NordicTrack review, so a final recommendation does have to come. Ultimately, it depends on what the user is looking to gain and how they respond to certain training.

Peloton is a great choice for those looking for a more cardio-based experience. With a focus on two types of training equipment and non-equipment cardio, this choice is all about making the body move. 

Community is also a big part of this brand as leaderboards and live classes are a huge part of why this business has been so successful.

NordicTrack offers a wider selection in terms of equipment and range of classes. While they do offer a cardio focus, they also run classes and programs for other forms of exercise in addition to their nutritional and sleep monitoring services. This brand focuses on overall health rather than just a simple workout.

We’ll wrap this Peloton vs NordicTrack review up with this: for those who require community motivation and don’t care as much about changing up their routine, Peloton is a great choice. 

On the other hand, the more rounded and inclusive (not to mention cheaper) choice is NordicTrack. Each brand has their merits and offers great options depending on what you’re looking for.

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