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About Vissla

Vissla Review

Vissla is an American beachwear and surf shop that sells clothing, surf gear and swimwear to ocean-loving men, women, and children.

Their clothing will give you the relaxed and carefree look of an experienced surfer, even if you’re just wading in the splash pad with your kids.  

While this company is known for their high-quality wetsuit line, they also sell boardshorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories.

This Vissla review will shop through their best-selling products and check out their history, buying highlights and customer feedback, to help you decide if you’ll be catching your next wave wearing Vissla!

Overview of Vissla

Vissla Review

Vissla was founded in March 2014 by South African businessman Paul Naude. Naude has been a surfer since the age of 10, growing up in coastal Durban, South Africa. 

He’s had his finger on the pulse of the surfing and swimwear world for a long time, turning his childhood passion into a lifelong career. Paul is a veteran in the beachwear clothing industry – he was the company director of Billabong for fifteen years!

With Vissla, Naude and his company are on a mission to make beachwear and surf gear that captures the spirit of surfing and is stylish, durable and freeing! 

Naude explains that Vissla wants to “embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship. This is a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality.” 

Vissla also aims to create ecologically friendly clothing that respects the ocean environment

Vissla Review

They’re responding to customer concerns about the environmental crisis by using organic and recycled materials in their clothing.

Most notably, Vissla uses CocoTex fabrics, which are made from coconut husks, to create their boardshorts. They also share that they do not use harmful chemicals such as PFCs and Fluorocarbons.

This brand is also reimagining wetsuit designs, using naturally-derived materials such as Limestone-Based Neoprene and recycled elements such as recycled nylon and polyester. They even source their wetsuits’ Carbon Black from used car tires! 

Join me as this Vissla review covers the highlights of buying from this new brand.


  • Beachwear product lines for men, women, and youth with a focus on comfort and sustainability
  • Founded by surfing enthusiast and notable beachwear entrepreneur
  • “Eco-Zy” line of shirts and sweatshirts made from recycled polyester
  • Natural, organic or recycled materials used in many products
  • Fantastic selection of tops, bottoms, and surfwear
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • One-year warranty on some wetsuits

Vissla Wetsuits Review

This company is best known for their Vissla wetsuits. Whether you’re a surfer, snorkeler or bodyboarder, their best-selling suits offer something for everyone. 

Vissla Vissla X Axxe 3-3 U Zip Full Wetsuit Review

The Vissla X Axxe 3-3 U Zip Full Wetsuit is made from “100% Japanese Premium Proprietary Neoprene” and is hand-crafted by experienced surfwear artisans in Japan.

Vissla explains that this premium wetsuit is designed to be worn in cold water temperatures (52-60 degrees) and claims that this 3mm suit should give you maximum comfort, ease of motion, and warmth in the cold waves.

According to the brand, the Vissla X Axxe 3-3 U Zip Full Wetsuit is “triple glued” with blind-stitched seams to give it excellent durability. It also has a GlideSkin neck and cuff seals to help keep water out while keeping the suit comfortable. 

Another cool feature of this wetsuit is its built-in kneepads, which are made to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent surfing.

This black wetsuit is long sleeved and has pant legs that extend down to your ankle. It has a “Hybrid U Zip,” which is meant to make this wetsuit easy and convenient to put on and take off. 

To get into the Vissla X Axxe 3-3 U Zip Full Wetsuit, follow these steps: 

  • Reach in and pull the waistline out
  • Gently step into each leg, adjusting the fabric as you go
  • Pull the rest of the suit over your torso and insert your arms
  • Reach behind your head and pull the neck piece over your head.
  • Complete the U Zip and make sure the zipper is closed

When in doubt, you can always follow the convenient video instructions on their product page.  

This wetsuit is available in small, medium short, medium tall, large short, large tall, and extra large. 

The Vissla X Axxe 3-3 U Zip Full Wetsuit comes with a one-year warranty on its seams and neoprene. Pick it up for $750.

Vissla Boardshorts Review

If your water activities don’t require a full wetsuit, check out Vissla boardshorts. This best-selling waterwear is designed to keep you comfortable and mobile during your warm weather beach adventures. 

Keep reading as this Vissla review takes a look at the Vissla Fever Fiber Boys 17” Boardshort.

Vissla Fever Fiber Boys 17″ Boardshort Review 

The Fever Fiber Boys 17” Boardshort is a comfy and flexible bit of beachwear.

These youth boardshorts have a 4-way stretch to give you the comfort and mobility you need while you boogie board, surf, or swim.

They also have sturdy triple-needle stitching and a tethered drawstring waistband that helps you control how snugly they fit and ensures they stay put while you move.

As the name suggests, these shorts have an outseam measuring 17 inches.They’re patterned with a geometric shattered line print in a faded blue, yellow, green, and purple ombre.

These shorts are designed to be used in and out of the water, and are made from the following eco-conscious materials:

  • 50% Repreve recycled polyester
  • 38% coconut-based polyester
  • 12% spandex

They also have a built-in key rope and  one side pocket big enough to carry your phone or other small items.. 

The Fever Fiber Boys 17” Boardshort is available in Boys sizes 22 – 28 for $50.

Who Is Vissla For? 

Vissla Review

Vissla caters to women, men, and youth who love the beach and all the activities it offers. This brand is on a mission to craft high-quality, responsibly made beachwear, and it shows.

Many of Vissla’s surfwear products are handmade in Japan out of quality materials. This company has taken the time to film their manufacturing methods and to offer customers instructions on how to wear and take care of their suits

Surfers and snorkelers who want to invest in a durable and comfortable wetsuit will appreciate the way their suits are made, and the design details that make them both easy to wear and functional.

Vissla’s efforts to make suits you can move in and rely on will be appreciated by veteran athletes and rookies alike!

This Vissla review proves that you don’t have to be a pro surfer to shop with Vissla. This company offers a range of practical and comfortable clothes anyone can enjoy, in or out of the water. 

Many of their styles channel the carefree hippie vibe of Cali and Hawaii surf culture, and will appeal to people of all ages who love the surfer lifestyle and aesthetic.

Vissla’s efforts to put sustainability at the forefront will also appeal to anyone who wants to help take care of our beaches and oceans while enjoying all they have to offer.

Vissla Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vissla Review

Vissla does not share product reviews or customer feedback on their official website, but their products have been discussed and reviewed by surfers and beachwear enthusiasts elsewhere online.

The brand has been reviewed by the experts at, who covered the special features Vissla wetsuits have to offer

Their reviewer praised the brand’s High Seas wetsuit for its fantastic functionality, writing in his Vissla review, “The most flexible and free movement of any wetsuit out there, the High Seas Vissla wetsuit uses the latest technology to give you the most comfortable suit that will allow you to paddle and surf with hardly any resistance at all, which in turn allows you to perform at your best for longer.”

The surfing enthusiast at tested out Vissla’s 4/3 Seven Seas wetsuit on a fall day in San Diego, and liked the aesthetic and comfort of the suit. He shares in his Vissla review:

“For $215, it’s hard to see how you’d find a better mix of sex appeal, comfort and utility, so long as the suit is warm enough for where you’re surfing.”

Vissla Review

The surfers from also reviewed many of Vissla’s wetsuits, and called their High Seas Full Wetsuit the “Best Affordable Full Suit.” 

They explain in their Vissla review: “It is effortless to put on and take off, fitting you like a glove. The wetsuit features a tailored fit with anatomically precise body contours for the best freedom of movement.”

Overall, Vissla reviews have shown that customers appreciate this brand for their commitment to quality construction as well as their comfort and functionality.

Buyers are happy to wear suits that let them move freely as they enjoy the water without worrying about weak seams or stitching.

Is Vissla Worth It?

Vissla Review

Vissla has varied product lines for people of all ages and genders, and offers the relaxed, boho-chic vibe you would expect from a beachwear and surf shop.  

Veteran surfers will appreciate the chance to invest in hand-made, high-quality wetsuits, while rookies will like their affordable spring suits and boardshorts.

This Vissla review has learned that the brand demonstrates their commitment to ecological manufacturing by including many recycled materials and organic fabrics in their product lines.

Their wetsuits are even made with limestone-based neoprene – derived from nature and not destructive petrochemicals.

Vissla has also earned high praise from surfing enthusiasts and experts for their comfortable and resilient designs. 

For these reasons, this Vissla review can happily recommend making a purchase from this forward-thinking company.

Vissla Promotions & Discounts 

Vissla Review

Vissla doesn’t have any promotions or discounts at this time – check back at their official website to stay up to date on all their latest deals!

Where to Buy Vissla

Vissla Review

You can purchase all Vissla products online at their official website. Vissla also has their own stores around the US, selling Vissla and their sister brands. 

Their products are also carried by many online and brick-and-mortar sporting, outdoors, and surf shop stockists.


Vissla Review

Who owns Vissla?

South African entrepreneur Paul Naude owns Vissla.

Does Vissla ship internationally?

Yes! Vissla ships to a number of international sun, sand, and surf destinations, including:

  • Barbados
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Cuba
  • India
  • Guam
  • Namibia
  • St. Lucia

What is Vissla’s Shipping Policy?

Vissla will ship orders throughout the continental US for a flat rate of $15, or for free if you spend over $100! They also offer 2nd Day and Next Day shipping for an additional fee. 

Vissla also ships to many international countries using DHL. My Vissla review has found that this company will calculate your shipping costs as you check out with your order.

Your exact shipping fees will vary by destination and customers are expected to pay all duties and taxes that may be placed on their order.

Whether you are a domestic or international customer, Vissla will provide tracking on your order from whichever courier they use.

What is Vissla’s Return Policy?

This Vissla review has learned that customers have 30 days to return their items after purchase. Only products in new condition can be returned, so make sure you don’t wear your Vissla gear in the water before you’re sure you love it! 

To make your return, follow the Vissla website’s instructions and fill out their return request form. Then use their prepaid shipping label to send your product back to the company. Vissla will take a $10 processing fee off your refund amount.

According to Vissla, items such as books, surfboards, gift cards, prints and stickers are all final sale.

How to Contact Vissla

Our Vissla review has found that you can contact the company in the following ways:

  • Phone: 1-800-571-4116  

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