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Klattermusen Review

Whether you’re going on a roadtrip with your best pals, spending a few days camping in the woods, or finally making the mountain trek you’ve been dreaming of, high-quality, durable, and warm clothing is a must have. 

Fortunately, Klättermusen offers just that, with a vast collection of men’s and women’s outdoor clothing, gear, and accessories for a seamless travel experience every time. The brand is best known for its range of backpacks, which are ultra-durable and feature many pockets, ideal for anything from hiking to camping trips.

Klättermusen has earned an impressive following of 45.2k followers on Instagram and 21.9k likes on Facebook. Plus, the brand has been featured in Ski Canada Mag and Proper Mag for its quality outerwear and innovative designs.

With all that in mind, my Klättermusen review will be your guide through everything this brand has to offer. I’ll share the deets on the best selling bags, apparel, and more, as well as highlights from customer testimonials and important FAQs to help you decide if it’s worth the buy. 

Overview of Klattermusen

Klattermusen Review

Committed to creating the best sustainably made outdoor equipment and apparel, Klättermusen was established by a group of climbers in 1975. The focus was on making gear that would last through all weather conditions and terrains, while still being fashionable and functional. 

At first, the Klättermusen developed custom tailored pieces that would be able to withstand constant outdoor use. But by 1980, inspired by real experiences and needs, the product range expanded to include backpacks, jackets, apparel, and more, to suit every need and every adventure. 

On top of all that, Klättermusen remains committed to sustainability and the environment. The pieces are carefully crafted from sustainable materials, either recycled or organic, to ensure minimal impact on the planet. 

Today, Klättermusen continues to operate with one philosophy in mind: “Maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature.” The products are made for explorers in need of high performance equipment, and the brand now provides users all over the world with the gear they need to stay safe and warm.

Now that I’ve got the origins of the brand covered in this Klättermusen review, I will delve into some key highlights to keep in mind.


  • Wide collection of carefully designed and durable outdoor apparel, gear, and equipment
  • Crafted from organic and recycled materials
  • Designed for all weather conditions and terrains
  • Tested in real-world conditions
  • Made in Sweden
  • Repairs offered
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free returns
  • Free shipping on orders over $350
Klattermusen Review

Klättermusen offers a refined collection of Scandinavian mountaineering equipment with a focus on functionality and durability, as well as environmentally friendly production. You’ll find a broad variety of backpacks, apparel, accessories, and more—basically, any wearable gear that you’ll need on a hike or camping trip. 

The styles are simple and neutral, though they feature innovative designs that maximize utility and comfort, living up to the brand’s mission of being the best and most sustainably made gear. 

Below in this Klättermusen review, I will cover the options from each category to give you an idea of what all the hype is about. 

Klättermusen Backpacks Review

A school backpack doesn’t exactly do the trick when you’re trekking up a mountain and need more than a laptop and some pencils. Fortunately, the top selling Klättermusen backpacks come in different sizes and colors with numerous different features to suit every need and every trip.

Klättermusen Everyday Backpack 21L Wunja Review

Klättermusen Everyday Backpack 21L Wunja Review
Klättermusen Everyday Backpack 21L Wunja

Ideal for hiking and commuting, the Everyday Backpack 21L Wunja is exactly what the name claims it to be. It has a large U-shaped zipper opening so you can easily peer through the selection and place larger items in the bag.

It also features a 15” laptop pocket for safekeeping, pencil sleeves, and ergonomically shaped straps for the most comfort. The back panel is a rigid foam to ensure the bag does not gap or crumple and cause any uncomfortable carrying.

With a zipped front mesh pocket and a water bottle sleeve, the Everyday Backpack 21L Wunja comes in black or gray and will go anywhere you go for $176, on sale from $220.

Klättermusen Summit Backpack 10L Tjalve Review

Klättermusen Summit Backpack 10L Tjalve Review
Klättermusen Summit Backpack 10L Tjalve

If you’re interested in something more minimal and compact, opt for the Summit Backpack 10L Tjalve. This lightweight style is ideal for intensive activities and can carry the essentials you need, such as a water bladder, sunscreen, or windbreaker.

The bag comes with an elastic cord that holds the mesh and breathable shoulder straps close to the body. It also has a waist belt for extra security when traveling swiftly, as well as two mesh pockets on the outside for extra necessities. 

Made from 100% recycled polyamide, the Summit Backpack 10L Tjalve retails for $150.

Klättermusen Women’s Review

The Klättermusen women’s collection consists of a broad range of apparel and accessories designed to protect wearers from nature, with a minimal impact on nature. Below, I’ll cover some of the top sellers to give you an idea of the collection.

Klättermusen Cutan Ski Mountaineering Jacket Jolner Review

Klättermusen Cutan Ski Mountaineering Jacket Jolner Review
Klättermusen Cutan Ski Mountaineering Jacket Jolner

Made from waterproof ventilated fabric, the Cutan Ski Mountaineering Jacket Jolner features 3 layers for extra warmth and durability, as well as a layer of Duracoat™ on the shoulders and sleeves, while still being flexible for necessary movement. 

Ventilation is focused to the front of the jacket to accommodate backpack usage, while the hood is fully adjustable to fit over a helmet. There is also a zippered safety pocket and inside cardholder for the necessities, as well as a soft chin guard and extra pockets. 

Crafted from a blend of ultramid® bio-mass balanced polyamide, recycled polyester, and bluesign® approved fabric, the Cutan Ski Mountaineering Jacket Jolner comes in four colors and retails for $520, though it is currently marked down to $416.

Klättermusen Mountaineering Shell Pants Brage 2.0 Salopette Review

Klättermusen Mountaineering Shell Pants Brage 2.0 Salopette Review
Klättermusen Mountaineering Shell Pants Brage 2.0 Salopette

Once you’ve got a jacket picked out, it makes sense to opt for a pair of snow pants as well. The Mountaineering Shell Pants Brage 2.0 Salopette is an ideal choice, featuring a stretchy fit with 3 layers for extra warmth.

The snow gaiters seamlessly make room for a boot, while the lower leg area is reinforced with Duracoat™ for extra durability. The pants also include two zipper pockets, a drop seat, ventilation zips on the thigh, an adjustable hem and suspenders, and a soft inner fabric for comfort and convenience. 

Made from waterproof recycled polyester, the Mountaineering Shell Pants Brage 2.0 Salopette comes in 3 colors for $680.

Klättermusen Men’s Review

Like the women’s selection, the Klättermusen men’s pieces are designed for maximum safety, with a broad range of clothing and accessories designed to be used outdoors. Up next, I’ll delve into the most popular options to paint an accurate picture of the collection.

Klättermusen Shell Jacket Brage 2.0 Review

Klättermusen Shell Jacket Brage 2.0 Review
Klättermusen Shell Jacket Brage 2.0

Made for hitting the slopes, the Shell Jacket Brage 2.0 is made to be durable and flexible with a thick 3-layer construction. It is also fluorocarbon-free, made from the brand’s Oculus® 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

The jacket features pre-bent elbows and an adjustable hood for extra comfort and movement, as well as an adjustable bottom and sleeve hem and a detachable powder skirt. It also has an angled front zip for ventilation for when things get a little too warm.

Duracoat™ is also used around the hips and arms for extra durability. Available in 3 colors, the Shell Jacket Brage 2.0 currently retails for $800.

Klättermusen Expedition Mittens Greppet 2.0 Review

Klättermusen Expedition Mittens Greppet 2.0 Review
Klättermusen Expedition Mittens Greppet 2.0

Designed to keep your hands warm and protected, the Expedition Mittens Greppet 2.0 are crafted from a taped, completely waterproof blend of polyamide, Kevlar® fiber, and PU

bluesign® approved fabric.

They also come with an adjustable cuff and cinch opening for extra comfort and protection from snow and cold. Plus, the thick lining is made from recycled wool for extra warmth.

Available in carbon black and sizes S-L, the Expedition Mittens Greppet 2.0 retails for $270.

Klättermusen Duracoat

Klattermusen Review

In this Klättermusen review, I’ve mentioned a few times that some products are protected with a layer of Duracoat™. Essentially, this is a surface treatment that improves durability for areas that are more vulnerable to wear, such as the knees, shoulders, and elbows. 

There are no extra seams or fabrics added, which keeps the material flexible and comfortable, while still adding necessary durability for high impact movement. The coating also doesn’t add any shape or distort the fabric, acting as a seamless protectant. 

Known as the brand’s most innovative and unique design, Klättermusen Duracoat™ is featured on most of the pieces. 

Who Is Klättermusen For? 

Klattermusen Review

Whether you’re a mountaineer, frequent camper, or seasoned hiker, you’ll be happy to find Klättermusen. The range includes options for every season, with a focus on warmth and durability, to ensure that they’ll keep you protected everywhere you travel.

Klättermusen products are also carefully crafted with a focus on the details, providing breathability, comfortability, versatility, and quick-drying features. Plus, they are sustainably made, and therefore a great option for an eco-conscious shopper.

Klättermusen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Klattermusen Review

When it comes down to it, customer testimonials have a big impact on your shopping decisions. So, for this Klättermusen review I’ve gathered ratings and comments from real shoppers from the brand’s website, Facebook, and Outdoors Magic to paint an accurate picture of what the products are like.

On the Klättermusen website, the brand earns 4.4/5 stars out of 1506 reviews. One customer loves the versatility of their new backpack:

I wanted a backpack that I can use for different occasions, not only for the outdoors but also in the city and can use it for grocery shopping with my wife lol. So 30L for me is a perfect size for day trips, short outdoors, shopping and other uses in the city.

Another patron explains that the brand lives up to all of its goals, writing, “A really nice piece of garment. Well – made technical fabric and beautifully executed design. Warm, comfortable, breathable. Fits perfectly and the color is rich and vibrant Overall, A+ and highly recommended.”

One reviewer focuses on the impressive durability and design, stating, “Straight up best jacket I’ve ever had for ski touring, alpinism and outdoor life in harsh winter conditions. Sturdy and solid. Zippers are great and never jam up. Amazing hood, great fit. High and adjustable protective neck piece. Super venting possibilities. Well placed pockets.”

The brand earns a similarly high rating on Facebook, with 4/5 stars out of 41 ratings. One shopper determines that the brand is worth the investment because of the quality designs and customer service:

I have a few klättermusen items now (gungner 50l and ratatosk backpack 2.0 plus helmet holder, vidblån jacket, waterproof pants, chalk bag and now misty climbing pants) and have never been disappointed. fantastic, simple and friendly service as well. And it’s eco-friendly.”

On Outdoors Magic, the brand earns lots of love for its careful design and focus on the environment, as one reviewer writes:

This material is stretchy, comfortable, and as quiet as a particularly stealthy (climbing) mouse. As well as being fluorocarbon-free, the jacket’s Ultramid Bio-mass Balance Polyamide uses renewable resources; meaning it scores well on the environmental front.

All things considered, Klättermusen is one of the most appreciated outdoor apparel and gear brands. It is highly rated for its top notch customer service, the quality and thought that goes behind every design, and the commitment to the environment, all at the same time.

Is Klättermusen Legit?

Klattermusen Review

No matter what you’re shopping for, it’s important to know that you’re visiting a website that is legit. Fortunately, I’m here to help, with deets that identify whether or not this brand is safe to shop from.

Backed by a strong customer base and plenty of reviews, it’s easy to state for the purpose of this Klättermusen review that this brand is the real deal. Plus, it has been around for a number of years and has been noted by many popular media outlets, making it a trustworthy and established store.

Is Klättermusen Worth It?

Klattermusen Review

Well, in my Klättermusen review I’ve already established that the pieces are well loved, carefully crafted, and sustainably made, to last through every venture you have on the planet, all while being earth friendly. 

That being said, Klättermusen products are an investment. They aren’t made for an Instagram pic (though they are definitely Instagram worthy), but rather are crafted to keep you warm and comfy through every hike, camping trip, and outdoor activity you can think of. 

Plus, they are made to be ultra durable, ensuring that they’re not only worth the investment, but that they won’t end up back in a landfill as more material waste. 

Klättermusen Promotions & Discounts 

Klattermusen Review

At the time of this Klättermusen review, there are a few different savings opportunities on the website. First, shoppers can shop the “Archive,” which is the sale section, for up to 50% off. Plus, customers can sign up for the newsletter to receive 10% off their first purchase.

Where to Buy Klättermusen

Klattermusen Review

Did something in this Klättermusen review catch your eye? Here’s a few places you can shop the brand:


Klattermusen Review

Who owns Klättermusen?

At the time of this Klättermusen review, the brand is owned by Peter and Eva Askulv, with Peter serving as acting Managing Director.

Does Klättermusen ship internationally?

Interested in adding a Klättermusen jacket to your collection? Luckily, the brand offers worldwide shipping, with free shipping available for most orders and a common shipping fee around 15 euros or pounds. 

That being said, total shipping costs and delivery estimates are calculated based on the destination country. Also, duties may be DDP or DDU depending on location. You can check out the details on shipping for your country here.

What is Klättermusen’s Shipping Policy?

Anxiously awaiting your order from this Klättermusen review? Fortunately, the brand offers speedy shipping via UPS Express Saver. Most orders placed before 4PM CET will be shipped the same business day, though processing may not show up immediately on the tracking information.

Shipping within the US is a flat fee of $30, though the brand offers free shipping on orders over $350. Plus, the estimated shipping time for most orders is as fast as 2-5 business days. Deliveries to the USA are Delivery Duty Paid and the product prices displayed are inclusive of taxes and duties.

What is Klättermusen’s Return Policy?

Not sure if the Klättermusen Wunja backpack is right for you? Fortunately, the brand offers free returns within 30 days of delivery. Items must be unworn and undamaged with all tags attached and original packaging. Here’s how you can start your return:

  1. Fill in the online returns form
  2. Replace the shipping label with the supplied return label
  3. Include return slip in the package with items
  4. Drop the package off at the designated location

Refunds will be issued within 14 days of receival, excluding a $30 handling fee. Exchanges are not currently available, but items can be returned and repurchased in the proper size, color, etc.

How to Contact Klättermusen

I hope you enjoyed this Klättermusen review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by using the live chat feature or by emailing [email protected].

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