SprayGround Backpack Review

About SprayGround Backpack

SprayGround Backpack Review

Take on the world with confidence by showing off limited edition styles wherever you go. SprayGround offers a range of backpacks, travel bags, and apparel, working solo as well as with a number of collaborations for fun and exclusive products. 

Select from brands and businesses to show off that favored fandom or eclectic fashion and let the world know just who’s walking around.

The company has really taken off since their launch just over ten years ago and their business in exclusivity has led them to a following of over 774k on Instagram alone

Working through collaborations with Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, NBA, Peloton, and dozens more well-known brand names, SprayGround has found their footing and they’ve been running ever since.

Refusing to get swayed by the extensive mix of styles available, in this SprayGround Backpack review we will check out services, prices, products, and more to determine whether these bags are really worth buying.

Overview of SprayGround Backpack

SprayGround Backpack Review

Since launching in 2010 with founders David Ben David and Eddie Shabot, this brand sought to change up standard boring backpacks by appealing to wild designs, quality material, and unparalleled function

Aiming to be the rebellious name in the backpacking industry, SprayGround is all about pushing boundaries, mixing textiles, textures, dimensions, and colors to create ultimate designs previously unseen. 

Furthering the notion of individuality through their limited collections of each design, buyers can feel confident and elevated in knowing that they own one of 65 (or whatever the number for said design is) and that their bag will stand out amongst the rest.

Hitting the ground running, each SprayGround Backpack understands what innovation means and inspires creativity, color, and a bit of pop culture into its fashion. In addition to looks, the brand has focused on function, ensuring top quality in durability, comfort, and, most importantly, pocket size.

Starting out in the US and Canada, the brand has now expanded to locations across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. In just over ten years in business, this name has come to exist in over 30 countries internationally.

While we could carry on with company history, we feel that moving on to highlights may be of more benefit to potential buyers – and when it comes to this brand there a lot to talk about in this SprayGround Backpack review:


SprayGround Backpack Review
  • Offers an extensive range of backpack, luggage, travel bags, and apparel
  • International shipping available
  • Collaborations with over 40 big names and businesses
  • Nostalgia-focused collections
  • All products are limited edition

SprayGround Backpack Review

We understand that this brand is about more than just their backpacks, but let’s be serious, that’s the main draw here. At least it is for us anyway. So, we’ve selected some of our favorite designs (which was hard because there are so many good ones to choose from) to highlight in this SprayGround Backpack review.

Remember, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. There’s far more to wander through when the schedule has time to spare. The endless designs are more than worth the effort.

SprayGround The Lost In Space Backpack 10 3D Gold Metal Astronauts Review

Any space fans here? Or just fans of fun styles? The Lost In Space Backpack (10 3D Gold Metal Astronauts) fits the brief for both.

Yes, the style is set against a bland and boring black backpack, but that’s the only plain thing about this bag. The black backdrop fits the space setting, placing 10 3D model astronauts climbing across the bag, desperately searching for a way out of the vast darkness of the galaxy.

The shining star of this bag clearly comes from the astronauts grasping the fabric for dear life. With that being said, we can’t ignore the rest of the piece. 

Plush straps to comfortably rest against the arms and shoulders, a laptop pocket, mesh pocketing, and zippers to spare, there’s endless room to match the vast distances of space that the bag represents.

This limited-edition piece goes for $150.

SprayGround The Golden Age Teddybear Backpack Review

Refusing the notion that all teddy bears are cute, The Golden Age Teddybear Backpack brings a whole new perspective to bears in business.

Bright, bold, and beautiful, this bear is all about intense patterns, creativity, and standing out in a crowd. Strengthened by the dollar sign across its chest, the SprayGround Money Bear returns in this design to claim that top title of king. Sporting a gold chain and a block of cash, this bear is ready to hit the streets and take whatever it wants from the people.

Durably designed with water-resistant fabric, there’s more to this bear than its looks. Zips on each arm, the belly, and the back leave room for storing those essential items – like cash of your own. Or maybe just some headphones. Either way, there’s space to spare hidden inside this colorful creature with adjustable straps to comfortably get the bear resting against the back.

Cash-out with The Golden Age Teddybear Backpack for $80.  

SprayGround The Chaturanga Shark 1900 Backpack Review 

The Chaturanga Shark 1900 Backpack really steps forth as unique in shape, sizing, and appearance for those who want to make an impression.

Almost everything about this one comes from a vintage inspiration of the early 1900s. Back when travelers all used trunks and bags were more boxes, this brown checkerboard-patterned bag comes reinforced with wooden siding to keep all sides intact in the classic boxed shape. 

Named after Chaturanga, an old Indian game that first featured the checkered pattern so loved today, this box is all about classic vibes. Plus…there’s even a shark.

A sturdy leather handle on top allows for travel both slung across the back or held in hand. Clasped with a golden piece front and center, this wide bag opens diagonally from the top to reveal a cushioned box interior with pocketing attached to the far side for laptops, tablets, phones, and more. 

While it may look tough and boxy, this bag comes quite cushioned both inside and outside for the best travel experience in a unique manner.

This bag goes for $150.

SprayGround Richie Rich Money Shark Backpack Review 

Classic cartoon fans – this one’s for you. The Richie Rich Money Shark Backpack is all nostalgia, all the time.

Who doesn’t want to flaunt money like everyone’s favorite little rich kid? This stunning brown and black checkered bag features the vibrant colors of Richie Rich in his never-ending money bag. Doesn’t matter what age the buyer is – anyone can appreciate these cartoons and the joy they bring.

Cushioned with mesh padding lining the back of the bag, this backpack will gently rest against the body with utter ease, not pulling or stressing the muscles as it moves. 

With a separate compartment just for the sunglasses (how cool is that?) this bag is all about access through the variety of zippered pockets and spaces for storage of laptops, books, lunches, or more. 

It doesn’t matter what’s tossed inside, the vegan leather of this bag will withstand the weight and weather, keeping all items contained.

Zip back into childhood with this one for $70.

SprayGround Ski Mask The Bear Teddy Bear Backpack Review

Money Bear makes its return with the Ski Mask The Bear Teddy Bear Backpack.

Showing off that same gold chain, this time Money Bear comes as green as the cash it’s trying to steal while wearing that selective ski mask to hide all identifying elements of the face. Toting a blue vest with pockets to keep the cash, this is one bear backpack that did not come to play.

Despite the mask and vest, this bear’s gnarly teeth and dollar sign design remain well within sight. 

Just because those aspects are doesn’t mean everything is available at a glance – hidden zipped compartments in the arms, belly, and back ensure privacy and security for whatever’s being brought along for the day. Essentially warning off the pack, this tough bear isn’t here for fooling around.

At the time of writing this SprayGround Backpack review, the item is currently unavailable. Money bear is sad.

SprayGround SpongeBob Japanime Backpack Review

We had to end this SprayGround Backpack review section with a childhood dream gone dark – the SpongeBob Japanime Backpack.

Cute, loveable SpongeBob has seen better days than the one depicted on this bag. Featuring sharp teeth, utter fear in his eyes, and Japanese characters across the bottom of the bag, this one is sure to make a mark on all who survey it. We’ll say right off the bat that this one isn’t for any children who adored the soft yellow sea sponge.

The darker and terrifying turn that this design takes definitely makes it more interesting than others on the market. Any childhood fan looking for a more mature way to show their love for the show is sure to adore this SprayGround Backpack SpongeBob style. 

Roomy with zippered compartments to spare, this bag is all about appearance and function with both a laptop pocket and mesh pocket hidden beneath the water-resistant fabric.

Nickelodeon fans unite around this $65 bag.

Who Is SprayGround Backpack For? 

SprayGround Backpack Review

We would say that these bags have a pretty wide target market. While not all designs are child-friendly, this brand does offer more PG styles featuring favored characters and brands.

Honestly, the number of collaborations they do really opens up the gate for more target markets. NBA fans can show their love for their teams, Peloton users can shine a spotlight on the brand they’ve been working with, Marvel fans can keep confident with Spiderman watching their backs.

There’s no age limit for needing backpacks and travel bags. The one thing we’d note in this SprayGround Backpack review is that this brand tends to go bold and creative with colors and designs so those who lean into subtle shades won’t find as much to offer their tastes here.

SprayGround Backpack Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SprayGround Backpack Review

We wanted to make this the best SprayGround Backpack review we could, which meant turning to online users for a well-rounded picture of how this brand holds up over time and use. 

Unfortunately, we actually struggled quite a bit to find the numbers online to make any significant claims. We did find a few sources, but we have to warn that the numbers aren’t huge, so the picture may not be as accurate as we’d like.

In fact, Google Reviews probably has the highest number of ratings online for this company with 4.7/5 stars based on over 130 ratings. There aren’t a crazy amount of SprayGround Backpack reviews to pull from here, but customers seem to be thrilled by the fun and exclusive designs offered to them through this brand.

One individual stated that beyond the fashion of it all, it’s “Super soft with lots of pockets, even a secret extra one in the back. Great size and light weight. Must have padded straps are awesome and they don’t “self adjust” when I’m walking like others do.

Comfort is one of the three core values of this company, so it’s always good to see that businesses truly uphold those aspects in each of their designs. Comfortable fabric, cushioned back padding, and endless pockets are really all it takes to turn a bag into a great backpack.

Redditors agree with this assessment, with one individual posting that the “quality and comfort are really good in my opinion. I feel good about no one’s bags ever coming close to mine at school.” S

Standing out amongst the crowd, this company knows how important individuality and creative expression are at every age. Through their collaborations, SprayGround has been able to provide constant content with products spanning an incredibly wide range of interests in pop culture and colored designs.

While the brand itself doesn’t list any reviews on their site, Knoji’s review platform sits them at 4.3/5 stars based on over 60 ratings. Judging based on products and services, the brand rates well overall with many customers satisfied by both the products and the purchasing procedures.

Some complaints have been found surrounding shipping, but the number sits quite low, so it’s hard to know if that’s an overarching issue or a select concern for that area or period in time.

We will say that Fashbox agreed in the assessment that while the bags can be pricey, their exclusive titles really add something to the purchasing power.

Their SprayGround Backpack review stated, “you are getting a limited-edition bag and the design will never be brought out again. They are super dope looking too and you do get those Bape and Supreme vibes.

Not only do the bags look cool and get the job done, but the exclusive right to know that you own one of a limited number makes them all the more precious. Not a bad deal in the end, right?

Is SprayGround Backpack Worth It?

SprayGround Backpack Review

Those who want to make a statement rather than fade into the background will happily love these bags. For this SprayGround Backpack review, we would go on record saying that the brand produces wild and fun styles that also pay attention to quality and function with each item.

While it’s hard to recommend what styles to buy since all products are limited in quantity, we will say that the number of designs and collabs means there’s something out there that’ll suit needs and fashion for anyone looking to go bold. Go big or go home for anything in life – backpacks included.

SprayGround Backpack Promotions & Discounts 

SprayGround Backpack Review

We searched endlessly for SprayGround Backpack coupon codes, but couldn’t find any promos at the time of writing this article. We’re not saying deals are never available, but currently, it’s looking slim.

Where to Buy SprayGround Backpack

SprayGround Backpack Review

The most obvious place to grab one of these bags would be the brand site at

For those who want to look around for other options, we will say there are a variety of stores that sell these bags third-party. They won’t have the same supply that the brand store does, but give these sites a glance for some new options to buy:

  • Zumiez
  • FansEdge
  • Beyond Hype
  • Walmart
  • Bloomingdales
  • NBA site
  • Peloton site


SprayGround Backpack Review

Who owns SprayGround Backpack?

The founders of SprayGround, David Ben David and Eddie Shabot, continue to own the company. The duo launched the brand in 2010 and has kept going strong ever since.

Where are SprayGround backpacks made?

SprayGround backpacks are all USA made. Products are shipped from New Jersey, USA.

Does SprayGround Backpack ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. Currently, this brand ships to over 30 countries internationally.

What is SprayGround Backpack’s Shipping Policy?

Getting down to the wire, we need to give shipping information a bit of the limelight for a minute. 

We want to note that this brand has really been building since their initial launch in 2010 and they now ship internationally to 30 countries worldwide. International customers can breathe easy knowing that they’re still able to get some of these fun designs.

Shipping costs (both domestic and internationally) don’t have any flat rates provided. SprayGround shipping costs are dependent on the location and weight of the purchases, so it’ll really depend on where you are and what size bag is making its way to that corner of the world.

Here’s a few quick facts that customers need to know:

  • Standard shipping takes 7 to 10 business days (though that can depend on location)
  • Expedited shipping (1 to 2 days) is available for an additional cost
  • Orders placed before 12 pm EST will ship that day
  • Orders will come with tracking numbers provided once the item has shipped

That’s all the basic shipping info in one go – there’s not a lot to worry about with this one.

What is SprayGround Backpack’s Return Policy?

While it’s not common to return limited edition pieces, we can understand how quickly the mind changes. Luckily, the business understands too and offers a 30-day return policy as a result.

Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to send items back. Unfortunately, exchanges aren’t admissible with this one so it’s really all or nothing. Customers will be responsible for shipping costs as well unless the return is due to damage or a defect.

All items returned have to be in prime condition, so make sure they’re unused, unwashed, and have those glorious golden tags still attached. Basically, don’t destroy them right out of the box.

So, how exactly does a return work? It’s actually pretty simple:

  1. Head to the online Return Portal
  2. Enter in order number and email used for the order
  3. Follow the guided steps  and print out the provided shipping label
  4. Package things up and ship them out

One last key piece to know here – defective items have a 90-day return date. Should things be looking great until they suddenly aren’t, customers have three months to report any defects for a refund.

How to Contact SprayGround Backpack

SprayGround Backpack Review

We believe that in this SprayGround Backpack review we answered the questions we set out to, but in case there are any gaps, feel free to reach out to the brand themselves. This company has a few easy ways to get in touch. 

Customer service operates from Monday Friday, 9 am – 5 pm EST. Anytime within those hours, just reach out for some answers to those inquiries via:

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