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Outdoor Research Review

When you’re braving the elements, you want to make sure your gear is there to support you 100% of the way. If not, things can definitely go sideways. With brands like Outdoor Research, who create products you can rely on blindfolded, you know you can head out without any anxiety. 

With features in Trail Runner Magazine, and partnerships with Human Powered Health, Outdoor Research is getting all the attention it needs, and for good reason. As their 428k followers on Instagram might showcase — once a convert, always a convert. After all, it’s hard to pass up quality, affordable adventure gear.

So, without further ado, in this Outdoor Research review we’re going to take a nosedive into exciting territory, which is the history, mission, and portfolio of the brand, along with some great FAQs for those who might be extra curious. Let’s begin!

Overview of Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Review

Outdoor Research was founded in 1981 by true outdoorsman Ron Gregg, who left his desk job in science to pursue a job in adventure. Originating in Seattle (where it’s still located to this day), the company was created to design and manufacture functional and affordable gear that could go on any adventure.

When Gregg died in an avalanche in 2003, his legacy and wishes lived on through the brand. To this day, the company strives to create adventure gear that hits every niche while maintaining a functional and affordable quality. With their Infinite Guarantee and commitment to ethical and environmental tactics, this company does it all!

Before we dig into the meat of this wild animal of a company, let’s take a quick look at some highlights that make Outdoor Research stand out from the crowd:


  • Payments with Klarna
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • 60-day returns
  • Infinite Guarantee for the product’s life
  • Available in third party retailers
  • For sale in-store or online
Outdoor Research Review

Out in the cold or harsh environments, all your brain is concerned with is surviving. And with Outdoor Research gear, you might just be able to do that. 

With integrity, durability, and comfort at the heart of their mission, this brand reels in the attention of the masses with their affordable prices and stylish designs. And we’ll look at their best-selling items next! 

Outdoor Research Gaiters Review

First thing’s first, we want to give you a thorough look at the company, and in this Outdoor Research review we’ll settle for nothing less than a well-rounded tour. Naturally, it seems smart to tell you about their best-selling items, since those are the items people keep coming back for. In this case, we’re going to check out 3 categories: gaiters, gloves, and boots.

Let’s start with the piece of equipment that put this brand on the map — the Outdoor Research gaiters.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Thru Gaiters Review

These simple and durable Outdoor Research Ferrosi Thru Gaiters are a perfectly packable and adjustable foot cover to keep debris out while maintaining comfort and integrity. These breathable and stretchy gaiters can cover any hiker or running shoe, complete with a drawstring cinch and shoelace hook for a secure fit. Never again fear the puddle!

These award-winning protective and comfortable gaiters are made from a blend of nylon and spandex, and are available in sizes S-XL. They also come in 4 different colors, including burgundy/naval blue, black, sprout print/naval blue, or flint/fatigue. They retail for $39, with the burgundy/naval blue color on sale for $27.

Outdoor Research Cascadia II Gaiters Review

The Outdoor Research Cascadia II Gaiters are waterproof, can handle harsh winds, and you don’t have to worry about your legs sweating. These puppies go all the way up to your knee with an elastic bottom, top buckle closure, and Gore-Tex coating to keep you dry on those super wet treks. 

Made from nylon, these can fit over runners, boots, or hikers, and have a reinforced shin panel for extra durability. The Cascadia II Gaiters come in black, and in sizes S-XL. They’re $79, and have a convenient, universal fit.

Outdoor Research Gloves Review

Since we covered one extremity, what about the other? Your hands are just as important when you’re out dealing with harsh elements. The best way to cover your fingers, and keep them from getting frostbitten, is with some Outdoor Research gloves. 

Outdoor Research Exit Sensor Gloves Review

When you’re out trekking in the cold, you definitely want to make sure your gloves can withstand any extreme weather. In those situations, the Outdoor Research Exit Sensor Gloves are what you want covering your hands. With its wool, fleece, and leather combo, you’re ready to handle anything that comes your way. 

These high tech gloves won’t weigh your hands down and can keep them from sweating, even coming with a suede thumb and index finger for those times you need to use your phone or touch screen. Available in charcoal or loden, these mitts are available in sizes XS-XL, and regularly retail for $59, but are on sale for $41.

Outdoor Research Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves Review

The downfall to wearing gloves is doing anything intricate with your fingers can be a pain. Not to worry, the Outdoor Research Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves are a great solution when you need that extra bit of dexterity. 

These iconic mitts now come in 100% merino wool, for moisture-wicking and extra insulation — 7 gauge, to be precise. With natural, odor-resistant qualities and quick-drying capabilities, these fingerless gloves come in charcoal, and are available in size S/M or M/L. They retail for $27.

Outdoor Research Hats Review

Though the belief that you lose the most amount of heat through your head is false, it’s still important to keep your noggin covered when out in freezing weather. And what better way than to check out a couple of the Outdoor Research hats? 

Although this brand has a serious selection of hats to choose from, we’re going to talk about two of their top-sellers in this Outdoor Research review. We do encourage you to check out their site for the rest of the selection. 

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap Review

The Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap is about as fantastic as it sounds. Not only does this chapeau shield you from the sun, it’s flexible. This hat has mesh side panels and a snap-on neck cape, for those days when the sun is just a bit much. With UV protection of 50+, you won’t even need sunscreen!

Made of nylon, this breathable cap has a drawstring neck cord to wear it around your neck. Available in 7 colors, including white, khaki, lead, and zinger, it comes in sizes S-XL. Bonus? It retails for $38.

Outdoor Research Gradient Beanie Review

For those casual days when you’re hanging out with friends around the campfire, the Outdoor Research Gradient Beanie hat is your best bet. This 100% merino wool keeps you super warm, preventing odor and your head super dry. This beanie comes complete with a polyester fleece lining for added comfort, and is embossed with an Outdoor Research iconic logo.

The beanie can be worn virtually anywhere especially if it’s chilly, and comes in one size. It’s available in 3 colors, including night, charcoal heather, and treeline. Depending on your color selection, this beanie is anywhere from $25-$36.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants Review

For this Outdoor Research review, we’ll also focus on some trousers that the brand is known for — their Ferrosi Pants. These are built for comfort and durability with a breathable and lightweight quality that allows some stretch and some style. If you’re heading for a hike, a climb, or any adventure, these pants should be invited.

With a UV 50+ sun protection and draw-cord cuffs, these mountaineering pants can dry quickly, and have rip-stop technology. Made from a nylon spandex blend, these pants come in 5 colors, including pewter, loden, and black, and range in sizes 28 x 30 to 38 x 34. They currently retail anywhere from $56-$80, depending on color and size.

Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie Review

The Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie is our last stop for this best sellers review. With all the good qualities, including quick dry, odor control, and UV protection, this ultra lightweight hoodie can go with you on any adventure, even fishing, hiking, running, and kayaking. You name the sport, this hoodie is there by your side.

Made from 100% polyester, this hoodie features thumb holes and moisture wicking technology. It comes in sizes S-XL, and available in 3 colors, including pebble, treeline, or burgundy. Depending which size or color you choose, this hoodie retails anywhere from $46-$65.

Who Is Outdoor Research For? 

Outdoor Research Review

Outdoor Research gears itself towards those who adore the outdoors, including runners, kayakers, mountain climbers, and hikers. And, those who need to get inspired to get outside without breaking the bank. Their authenticity shines through due to their history of creation; their founder was an outdoorsman and wanted to create efficient and useful gear.

Now, their biggest audience is customers who appreciate consistency, quality, availability, and affordability. Yep, Outdoor Research offers all those things, which is likely why so many folks who enjoy the outdoors also enjoy what this brand has to offer. 

Outdoor Research Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Outdoor Research Review

Sure, we can praise all about this brand but it’s time we take a closer look at the customer Outdoor Research reviews that are lingering on the web, so that a clear and honest picture can be drawn up for this company. 

First, let’s get started with a compiled list of star ratings from the brand’s site before we jump into what customers are saying: 

  • Outdoor Research Ferrosi Thru Gaiters: 2.5/5 stars, with 11 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Exit Sensor Gloves: 4.5/5 stars, with 26 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Fairbanks Fingerless Gloves: 4.6/5 stars, with 49 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap: 4.7/5 stars, with 137 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Gradient Beanie: 4.1/5 stars, with 12 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants: 4.6/5 stars, with 872 customer reviews
  • Outdoor Research Echo Hoodie: 4.7/5 stars, with 316 customer reviews

Outdoor Gear Lab, a group of experts in adventure gear, did a focus on some of Outdoor Research’s jackets and supplies. In the end, they gave the brand a score of 76/100, and a 5 star rating. Here’s what they had to say:

“If you’re seeking a durable rain jacket with ample ventilation and top-tier weather protection, the Outdoor Research Foray is an obvious contender. It will keep you dry through all kinds of pouring rain or blowing sleet and offers excellent ventilation. Its durability makes it exceptionally versatile, though it might be a little overkill for folks who want a lighter, more packable model.”

Altitude Sports, a third party retailer who sells plenty of Outdoor Research gear, showcases tons of positive reviews for the brand. A women’s jacket featured on the website has gathered a 4.4/5 star average with 15 separate Outdoor Research reviews, including this customer feedback:

“I really like the way this jacket is made. The shoulders and hood use a waterproof material which will do a lot to keep the jacket dry when it’s snowing heavily. It is really warm and has a nice comfortable cut that will make it great for hiking. lots of nice features and the gray color is nicer than in the pictures, more like a space gray color.”

Last but not least, MEC features lots of Outdoor Research gear, including their men’s Foray Jacket, which holds a 4/5 star rating, from 164 reviews. This 5 star customer review is one of them: “I used this jacket during a bike trip to northern England and Scotland. Some cold wet days, strong winds, and significant climbing.

“The jacket performed very well, providing an excellent balance between waterproofness and breathability. The underarm/side vents are very good, allowing the jacket to become a poncho almost on the fly, which allows for fast ventilation when required. Another good feature: the hood can be rolled/folded into a collar and secured with a velcro strap. Velcro wrist closures.”

With so many positive Outdoor Research reviews, we can see how it might be hard not to love what this brand does. We can assure you that we came across a few pieces of negative customer feedback, but the resounding message was clear: Outdoor Research does it well, and with expertise. 

Is Outdoor Research Legit?

Outdoor Research Review

From what we could discover throughout research for this Outdoor Research review, there weren’t any red flags to worry about with this brand. They wear their hearts and their information on their sleeves. They’ve got an easy return process and openly state their shipping terms. 

And, while they offer an Infinite Guarantee, there’s no hidden agenda. They truly want their gear to impress you, and if they’ve messed up or it malfunctions, they want to get you a replacement, to show you what they’re made of. All good things!

Is Outdoor Research Worth It?

Outdoor Research Review

From what we can tell, Outdoor Research has a pretty fantastic bottom line, and they’re dang proud of it. They should be! There’s not too many companies these days who stand by their products with guarantees and warranties that are lasting and honest. We also love that their entry-level prices allow the masses to enjoy their gear without breaking the bank.

The original founder of Outdoor Research had a vision, and the company still honors this approach. With adventure and comfort in mind, this brand continues to develop and design outdoor products that impress and inspire. If you want to know what we think after giving this Outdoor Research review? They’re definitely worth it!

Outdoor Research Promotions & Discounts 

Outdoor Research Review

Currently, Outdoor Research promo codes aren’t being advertised, however, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be notified for early access for their upcoming winter sale.

And, as any great retailer might, while writing this Outdoor Research review we found that the brand has a pretty great sales page where a lot of their coveted gear is available at a discounted price.

Where to Buy Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Review

As always, the best place to grab your Outdoor Research gear is on their own website and where you’ll find the most selection at the best prices. If that option isn’t available, check out this list of online or in-store retailers to find some Outdoor Research goodies:

  • Amazon
  • Valhalla Pure
  • Altitude Sports
  • SAIL
  • The Last Hunt
  • MEC
  • True Outdoors
  • Great Lakes Outfitters

To see if there’s a store location near you, use their store locator tool on their site. 


Outdoor Research Review

Who owns Outdoor Research?

Ron Gregg was the original founder of Outdoor Research, but the company was purchased in 2003 by Dan Nordstrom.

Does Outdoor Research ship internationally?

Technically, yes. Outdoor Research currently only ships to the US and Canada but not to any other countries. However, since their gear is available on third-party retail platforms, you might be able to locate their stuff somewhere that does ship to your country of residence!

What is Outdoor Research’s Shipping Policy?

Outdoor Research offers free shipping on orders over $49. For anything less, they charge $7. It might take them 4-10 business days to ship, with about 1-2 days to actually get the order out. Hawaii and Alaska might have to wait a little longer for your delivery.

There are different types of shipping with different costs, listed below:

Ground (about 7 business days)

  • Over $49: Shipping is $7
  • Under $49: Shipping is $13

2 & 3-day shipping

  • Costs will depend on the location and weight and will be estimated at checkout

PO/APO/FPO shipping

  • Over $49: Shipping is free
  • Under $49: Shipping is $9

What is Outdoor Research’s Return Policy?

It’s super easy to make a return with Outdoor Research. If you’ve changed your mind, you have a 60-day window from the order date to send your product(s) back. 

To start a return, all you have to do is:

  1. Locate the purchase order number on your receipt.
  2. Go to the US guest returns portal.
  3. Put in all the necessary information. 
  4. Locate your order either by email or zip code. 
  5. Click on the ‘return’ link, then choose the item you want to return. 
  6. Print the return shipping label and drop it off. 

The return will cost $7, which will be taken from your refund total. 

How to Contact Outdoor Research

Still have a few more questions that we haven’t answered in this Outdoor Research review yet? There’s a few ways to get in touch with the brand, including the following options:

  1. Contact form
  2. Phone: 855-967-8197 

Their customer service team is available Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm PST.

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