Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

About Hatchet Outdoor Supply

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

As we grow older we usually realize that our mothers were correct about more than we thought they were. 

Yes, it is important to eat your vegetables and yes, we should treat people the way we want to be treated, no matter how long they blasted our rearview mirrors with their high beams.

The most revelatory statement we’ve come around to be true is that when our mothers told us that we should probably wear another layer, they were right. We’re only getting older, our bones are only getting frailer, and we no longer have teenage hormones to keep us warm.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply can have you outfitted in the perfect attire for any outdoor excursion. The curation brand selects the best products for camping, hiking, adventuring, or just leisure. They distribute hard-to-find items available through some of the most popular brands in the world.

Their closet has attracted over 20k Instagram followers. Could you be one of their next followers? 

Find out by reading our Hatchet Outdoor Supply review where we’ll dive into the company’s foundations, some of their available goods, what customers really think about them, and more.

Overview of Hatchet Outdoor Supply

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

The first steps in any journey are the hardest. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new career, approaching someone at a bar, or literally going on a journey, it’s easier for us to maintain momentum than it is to generate force.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply takes the first steps for customers in regards to smart fashion choices. The Brooklyn-based company is a clothing curator that selects their favorite items from certain brands and resells them to customers.

Thus, you won’t have to sift through pages of subpar garments when browsing the Hatchet Outdoor Supply website. The brand’s team personally selects items that fit their criteria, including the following:

  • Products must be sustainably manufactured
  • Items have to be made for outdoor activities
  • The clothing has to look good

Hatchet Outdoor Supply does the majority of the legwork by supplying garments that excel in those three categories. This means that costumes won’t have to compromise on their ideals in order to look good on their adventures.

The brand has been operating with this framework since 2013. They currently have two retail locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Los Angeles. Their supply is either delivered or available for pick-up at those stores.

Now that we’ve covered a bit of their history and ethos, let’s dive into a few promising aspects of this company in the next part of our Hatchet Outdoor Supply review.


  • Curates clothing and accessories for the modern explorer
  • Houses hard-to-find brands
  • Regularly runs promotions and sales on items
  • Financing payment plans are available through Sezzle
  • High customer review scores on Yelp
Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

Hatchet Outdoor Supply handpicks items like apparel, shoes, bags, briefcases, tents, lighting fixtures, water bottles, and more.

What’s more exciting are the brands that you can find available on their website or in their stores. Their brand library is dauntingly large and includes fixtures like Adidas, Birkenstock, Carhartt WIP, The North Face, Kapital, Timex, and more.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

This section of our Hatchet Ourdoor supply review will cover some of the company’s best garments. Each of these pieces will keep you safe from the weather and looking hot.

Question: if you’re dripped out in the forest, but no one is around to see you, are you even well-dressed? We’re not philosophers; we’re writers, so we believe that it’s safer to be dressed your best at all times, and Hatchet Outdoor Supply can help you do just that.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Moleskin Seattle Shirt Review

A button-up black shirt is like the steamed broccoli of fashion; people may knock it, but they don’t know what they’re missing until they try it for themselves. 

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply Moleskin Seattle Shirt is one of our favorite black button-ups. We could harp on about its simple yet fetching appearance but we’d rather tell you about its fabrics.

This shirt is made of cotton-sueded moleskin, giving it a soft feel unlike any other shirt. That material is equally protective. It’s both water and tear-resistant, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about Mother Nature dampening your style.

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply Moleskin Seattle Shirt can be yours for $195.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Cosmos Tee Review

Let’s continue with the food simile of our previous Hatchet Outdoor Supply review entry. If a black button-up shirt is like steamed broccoli then a simple t-shirt is like rice; versatile, understated, but nearly necessary n

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply Cosmos Tee has all of those qualities packed within its effortless frame. More important than that is its peculiar colorway. The white is slightly muted and punctuated with small multicolored. 

It’s not attention-grabbing but the shirt definitely has a je ne sais quoi quality about it thanks to these colors.

You can space out in the Hatchet Outdoor Supply Cosmos Tee for a cool $40.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Steep Tech Light Rain Jacket Review

We can already hear the techwear enthusiasts filling out the product checkout form for the Hatchet Outdoor Supply Steep Tech Light Rain Jacket. This item is practically a techie’s dream. Come on, just look at all of those zippers!

The jacket is just as much a functional weather-proof item as it is an r/teachwearclothing moderator’s holy grail. Its sleek exterior and thick material can protect you from the rain. Thankfully, it’s still extremely light so you won’t feel like you’re hauling around extra weight.

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply Steep Tech Light Rain Jacket is actually a collaboration with The North Face, which is probably why it’s so eye-catching. 

You can grab it in an all-black color or in a combination iron, mist, and agave green pattern for $300 regularly, or act fast and get it on sale for $210.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Taper Fatigue Pants Review

Despite their name, we highly doubt you’ll ever grow tired of these pants. 

Their evergreen design and shape could make them a staple item in your wardrobe. You might stop wearing any other pants in general once you get your hands on the Hatchet Outdoor Supply Taper Fatigue Pants.

They’re a tapered pair of pants with a slightly wider fit around the thighs and butt. That somewhat bulky yet reserved shape benefits from the pants’ minimal accessories. There are some buttoned pockets and creases close to the knee, but overall the pants are tame.

They’re made from 100% cotton in the United States. Their material can allow them to serve multiple purposes and, alongside their appearance, could be your go-to trousers. Test them out in black or the natural color for $90.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply 875 Moc Toe Review

Unless you’re the Liver King, we’re going to assume that you leave the house wearing shoes. 

If we guessed correctly, then you should check out the Hatchet Outdoor Supply 875 Moc Toe. If we guessed incorrectly then we apologize. We weren’t trying to insult your lifestyle choices.

But let’s get back to the item at hand in this Hatchet Outdoor Supply review. These leather boots have a shape and style that most people should recognize right away. They have the Red Wings’ famous style, which is one of the hottest boots this year.

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply 875 Moc Toe would be a smart pick for a pair of fall or winter boots. Their leather exterior insulates your feet while the fabric lining can keep your toes warm and dry. You shouldn’t be slipping on ice either because the boots have rubber soles.

Optimize your footwear game with a pair of Hatchet Outdoor Supply 875 Moc Toe for $280.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Aistear Socks Review

The final item we’ll call attention to in our Hatchet Outdoor Supply review is a pair of socks. We’re not underselling them by calling them what they are. Actually, we’re demonstrating that the Hatchet Outdoor Supply Aistear Socks speak for themselves.

$35 for a pair of socks may seem like a high cost to pay, but that’s only if you don’t think about how warm your feet will be when you wear them. These socks were made alongside the Japanese brand Chup. They’re thick, durable, and reliable.

The Hatchet Outdoor Supply Aistear Socks come in three different colorways:

  1. Teal
  2. Fossil
  3. Shadow

One pair in any color will cost you $35.

Who Is Hatchet Outdoor Supply For? 

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

Based on the brands that Hatchet Outdoor Supply carries, it’s clear that they’re a brand tailored for people who want to look good first and foremost. 

While they have some camping materials and accessories, their primary purpose is to give customers a platform to purchase rare garments. 

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

It’s important to give Hatchet Outdoor Supply reviews from customers a platform as they can provide new dimensions to a company. 

In this case, buyers can inform you about what it’s like to buy clothes and accessories from this curation brand. Are they any better than a guy who drop-ships vintage pieces through his Instagram account? Keep reading and find out.

We took to Yelp to read what customers said about Hatchet Outdoor Supply’s two retail locations. 24 visitors gave the company’s Brooklyn store an average score of 4/5 stars

The Los Angeles storefront did just as well. It also earned a 4/5-star average score from 10 pieces of customer feedback.

The first thing we noticed about most customer Hatchet Outdoor Supply reviews was the number of people who lauded the product curation. People reported that nearly every item on the store shelves caught their eyes and that many of them were nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Here’s how one customer describes their experience shopping at the Brooklyn location: “Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co. is awesome. What they are best at is curation- everything they have is cool and hard to find outdoor / camping gear. The staff is also incredibly friendly and accommodating.

He wasn’t the only person who commented their gear catalog. Another buyer praised Hatchet Outdoor Supply for similar reasons:

I bought a large Herschel backpack (Trail Collection) to use for traveling a few weeks ago, and just had the chance to use it last week. Very sturdy and satisfied, and I’m happy with my purchase! The workers here are friendly and helpful. Prices can be steep, but they have great sales!

People were equally as enthusiastic on NiceLocal. The brand amassed a 4.3/5-star average from more than 45 fan reviews. Some customers were happy to empty out their bank accounts to purchase the rare items Hatchet Outdoor Supply offered.

Additionally, many people spoke favorably about the company’s staff. They said that Hatchet Outdoor Supply workers are eager to help them decide on products and knowledgeable about all their brands. People said that their shopping experience was much easier because of the brand’s great staff.

There was one repeating comment among customer testimonials that can either be a positive or a negative depending on your perspective. Some people said that the brand was more about the feeling of being outdoors than actually selling good outdoor equipment.

What these critiques mean is that Hatchet Outdoor Supply was more focused on fashion than it was on function. What we gathered from this is that if you’re looking for a mountaineering tent then you should probably shop elsewhere.

On the flip side, the company stocks some of the most sought-after outdoor clothing brands around. That’s a large advantage seeing as how brands like The North Face and Patagonia are now hot-topic companies.

We’ll conclude this section of our Hatchet Outdoor Supply review with a final morsel of customer feedback:

Went in here on my day off to splurge a little on a Patagonia windbreaker. Found a great one on sale. Really liked the vibe in here–good chill music playing, cool art on the walls, and the staff were a couple of good bros. Gonna be back here in the fall for sure.

Is Hatchet Outdoor Supply Legit?

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

There weren’t any red flags or troublesome customer reviews that painted Hatchet Outdoor Supply as being insincere. They appear to adhere to their goals and are completely legit.

Is Hatchet Outdoor Supply Worth It?

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

Here’s the crux we’ve arrived at after concluding our Hatchet Outdoor Supply review research. The company is definitely worth trusting when it comes to clothing. You can find pieces and brands that would otherwise be a headache to track down.

That being said, we’re a bit more cautious about their other products. That’s not to disparage them since it’s not like they’re selling you snake oil. Our point is that their clothing selection is deeper than the rest of their catalog. 

On the third hand, if you want a one-stop-shop for fashion, tents, and other camping gear that’s been assembled by trustworthy designers, then Hatchet Outdoor Supply may be perfect for you.

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Promotions & Discounts 

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

There are some items we included in this Hatchet Outdoor Supply review that are currently available for a reduced price. 

This sale is the brand’s Spring Forward sale. Certain products are available at a 70% discount

Where to Buy Hatchet Outdoor Supply

Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

There are only three places where you can shop from Hatchet Outdoor Supply. You can either order an item on their website at or buy directly from their Brooklyn or Los Angeles stores.


Hatchet Outdoor Supply Review

Who owns Hatchet Outdoor Supply?

The company’s founder Gene Han owns Hatchet Outdoor Supply to this day.

Does Hatchet Outdoor Supply ship internationally?

We assume that Hatchet Outdoor Supply ships internationally based on some of the jargon found on their website, but we weren’t able to find out any details about their policies.

What is Hatchet Outdoor Supply’s Shipping Policy?

All shipping costs, delivery estimates, and taxes will be calculated during the checkout process.

What is Hatchet Outdoor Supply’s Return Policy?

You’ll have 14 days to contact Hatchet Outdoor Supply after buying an item to apply for a return. You must apply for this refund as the company will not honor any returns they receive in their stores if they haven’t already been authorized.

It’s up to the customer to pay for any shipping fees associated with returns.

How to Contact Hatchet Outdoor Supply

We’ll conclude this Hatchet Outdoor Supply review by telling you how you can reach out to the company if you have any questions left unanswered:

  • Message them on their Facebook page
  • Fill out a customer contact form on their website
  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Call their Los Angeles location at (213) 221-7459
  • Call their Brooklyn location at (347) 763-1963

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