Ohza Mimosa Review

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Ohza Mimosa Review

Whether you’re having brunch, enjoying the day on the beach, or living it up on a boat with your best pals, mimosas are a classic and delicious drink. But, we’ve all shared the same troubles: pouring too much bubbly, too much OJ, or not enough of either. 

Enter Ohza, a company committed to providing the perfect blend for a tasty beverage—with fewer calories and sugars at that, in a convenient, ready-to-drink can. This up and coming brand has earned an impressive 20k followers combined on social media with only three years in business. 

Before you go adding cans to your cart, check out our Ohza Mimosa review. We’ll be your guide through the ins and outs of the brand, its best-selling drinks, customer testimonials, and more, so you can decide if it’s worth the addition to your Sunday morning traditions.

Overview of Ohza

Ohza Mimosa Review

The story of Ohza begins with some friends on a boat, the need for refreshing drinks, a few recipes gone wrong, and a sticky mess that had to be cleaned up. After realizing that you can’t exactly mix a mimosa every time you want one, entrepreneur Ryan Ayotte decided to create a brand that offered premade mimosas in a can.

The cocktails are designed to make life easy, with a number of different fruit juice and sparkling wine blends to suit every palate preference. They’re conveniently canned and come in variety packs or a set of your fav flavor. 

The blends are created by mixologists who focus on putting the best, tastiest ingredients into every drink. They’re made with 80% less sugar and have 60% fewer calories than your average mimosa, and even come in sustainable packaging. 

The mimosas are made with sparkling wine produced at several Finger Lakes wineries and are then mixed and packaged. Now that we’ve got the origin story out of the way, this Ohza Mimosa review will delve into some top highlights to keep in mind.


Ohza Mimosa Review
  • Delicious canned mimosas sold in variety packs and multiple flavors 
  • Bright, fun merch
  • Made with authentic sparkling wine
  • Vegan, gluten free, and zero added sugars
  • 60% fewer calories than your average mimosas
  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Collabs with popular brands such as Lululemon and Nalgene
  • Year-long shelf life (refrigeration not required) 
  • Free shipping on orders over $49

Ohza Mimosas are the ideal choice, whether you’re looking for a bottomless brunch or a sweet midday pick-me-up. But, good drinks aren’t all this brand has to offer. It also has a collection of merch, featuring vintage vibes and vibrant colors. 

To find out more, keep reading our Ohza Mimosa review, where we’ll cover some of the most popular options. 

Ohza Mimosa Review

All Ohza Mimosa drinks contain two main ingredients: sparkling wine and fruit juice. In fact, 12 cans of Ohza is equivalent to mixing four bottles of bubbly and two juice cartons. But, they’re much easier to carry around than a number of jugs and bottles. 

With that being said, our Ohza Mimosa review will check out some of the top selling packs and flavors down below, so you can get an idea of what all the buzz is about.

Ohza Mimosa Variety Pack Review

Whether you’re having a get together with your best pals, want to test the waters, or simply like to enjoy all the different flavors, the Variety Pack has everything you’re looking for. 

As the name would suggest, this set contains an equal amount of each of the different flavors: classic mimosa, bellini, mango, and cranberry.

The Variety Pack also comes in a few different sizes and customers can also opt to subscribe and save for a discount of 15% with recurring shipments every 15, 30, or 60 days:

  • 12 Pack: $39 
  • 24 Pack: $75
  • 48 Pack: $139

Ohza Mimosa Classic Mimosa Review

If you’ve got a love for the classic OJ and sparkling wine combo, you’ve met your match with the Classic Mimosa. This can offers 100% real orange juice and traditional, premium bubbly with less sugars and calories, but the same great taste.

Available in packs, the Classic Mimosa comes at a few different price points and subscribe and save is available:

  • 12 Pack: $39 
  • 24 Pack: $75
  • 48 Pack: $139

Ohza Mimosa Classic Bellini Review 

The Classic Bellini is ideal for warm summer days and pairing with a charcuterie board and lots of fruit. It features real peach juice mixed with delicious sparkling wine for a great taste and creamy, sweet finish.

Like the other options in our Ohza Mimosa review, the Classic Bellini comes in a few different sizes, and subscribe and save is also available:

  • 12 Pack: $39 
  • 24 Pack: $75
  • 48 Pack: $139

Ohza Mimosa Mango Mimosa Review

Interested in something a little more tropical? Try the Mango Mimosa, which puts a twist on the classic combo of orange juice and champagne by trading the citrus for the creamy texture and bold taste of mango.

The Mango Mimosa also comes in different pack sizes and subscribe and save is available:

  • 12 Pack: $39 
  • 24 Pack: $75
  • 48 Pack: $139

Ohza Merch Review

From Nalgene water bottles to knitted beanies and crewnecks, Ohza Mimosa merch has a classic, vintage feel and comfy, casual vibes. If you’re interested in the brand’s must haves, stay tuned–we’ll cover the most popular options down below.

Ohza Sweater Coozie Review

If you’ve got sensitive fingertips, love to keep your drinks cool, or have a love for all things fun and quirky, the Sweater Coozie is a must-have. Made from 100% cotton, this fun mini sweater is designed to keep your 12 oz. can wrapped up and protected from the heat.

It features a classic Christmas sweater design, trading reindeer for champagne flutes and red and green for a bright orange synonymous with mimosas and the Ohza brand. Cute and simple, the Sweater Coozie is quite affordable at only $12.

Ohza x Lululemon Belt Bag Review

Have a love for all things Lululemon and drinks made for morning brunch? The Ohza x Lululemon Belt Bag was literally designed for you. The style is classic yet trendy, ideal for wearing while you work out or run errands. It holds all the necessities, from your keys and your wallet to your phone. 

It also features the classic Ohza bright orange color, while both the company name and the Lululemon logo are embossed on the corners of the bag. So, rep your fav brand and drink in style with the Ohza x Lululemon Belt Bag, which retails for only $39.

Who Is Ohza For? 

Ohza Mimosa Review

If you’ve got a hankering for a ready-to-drink, refreshing blend of sparkling wine and low-cal juice, look no further than Ohza Mimosa. The other thing worth mentioning? These drinks are pre-packed. 

Say goodbye to lugging around a big ol’ bottle of champagne and a collection of different jugs of juice, and hello to a few simple cans that are ready to go. They’re ideal for bringing on picnics, brunch with your best buds, boats, parties, and more. 

Plus, they’re easy to store in your fridge. OJ goes bad and sometimes you’re not in the mood to down the full bottle of sparkling wine before all the bubbles fizzle away. But Ohza Mimosa’s stays fresh and ready for any time of day.

Ohza Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ohza Mimosa Review

Our Ohza Mimosa review wouldn’t be complete without first taking a look at what customers are saying about the products to see what all the hype is about. So, we sourced comments from the brand’s website,, and Drizly to paint an accurate picture.

First up, on the brand’s website, Ohza Mimosa earns 5/5 stars out of 4,242 reviews. One shopper shares how yummy and convenient they are: “These are good mimosas. They are ready whenever you are, keep them cold and on hand pull them out when you are ready to enjoy.”

Another patron mentions that they appreciate the different options as well as how ideal they are for little getaways, writing, “We live in Grayton Beach in the panhandle. We are always looking for a cocktail to bring to the beach that is great tasting, refreshing and not in a glass bottle. Ohza is the perfect answer especially because it comes in a variety of flavors… Everyone can find one they like!!!”

One buyer also mentions that the mimosas make a great gift, stating, “I love all the Ohza flavors, so this is a perfect way to mix things up. Plus it’s a perfect gift idea! I gave these to people at work for the holidays, and everyone loved them.

On, the company is rated 4.9/5 stars out of 856 reviews. One customer says that they’re easy to store and serve:

I’m always craving mimosas but never seem to have the ingredients unless it’s a planned event. Ohza is so nice to have in the fridge as a ready to go mimosa. Great tasting and when poured into a glass you can’t tell the difference.

Another shopper says that the brand lives up to its mission, supplying convenient and delicious mimosas for the every day: 

We take these everywhere! Soccer, pot lucks, bbq’s, the BEACH (most of all) – no need for glass bottles or juice jugs – these make mimosa enjoying an absolute BREEZE. There isn’t 1 single flavor I dislike! I order 48 cans a month on auto-ship. You could say they are a staple at our house!”

17 shoppers on Drizly rate the brand 4/5 stars. One patron puts it clearly when it comes to the nutrition facts: “These were so good! Love that they are lower calorie and lower sugar – not as heavy. Will be perfect for the beach or on the boat.”

Overall, Ohza Mimosa reviews make one thing clear: these bubbly drinks are definitely worth the try. There’s a wide variety of flavors that are ideal for storing in the fridge, bringing on the go, or sharing with friends and enjoying at any time. 

Is Ohza Mimosa’s Legit?

Ohza Mimosa Review

Our readers knows that wherever you’re shopping, it’s important to know it’s legit. While it’s a little newer to the scene, the brand is quite established, with a strong social media following and plenty of mentions in popular media outlets and magazines.

On top of that, there are plenty of happy shoppers who stand behind the brand and all it has to offer. So, our Ohza Mimosa review deems this brand a legit option on the market. 

Is Ohza Mimosa’s Worth It?

Ohza Mimosa Review

Takes all the guesswork out of making your tasty bevvy and also offers an abundance of low-cal juice and sparkling wine blends. So you can opt for the classic choice or a variety of different flavors, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Our Ohza Mimosa review also appreciates how the company focuses on what’s in every drink, with less sugar, no additives, and fewer calories. But, they’re still delicious and easy to drink, making them an incredibly enjoyable option. 

Ohza Promotions & Discounts 

Ohza Mimosa Review

If you’re looking to save time with a delicious, ready to drink mimosa, chances are you’re looking to save a little moolah too. So, our Ohza Mimosa review scoured the brand’s website for all the best promos and discounts. Here’s what we found:

  • Receive 4 free mimosas when you sign up with your email
  • Earn free shipping on orders over $49
  • Successfully refer a friend, gifting them $10 off their first order over $50, and receiving $10 off for yourself
  • Subscribe for recurring shipments and save 15%

While there is no Ohza discount code floating around at the moment, there is also a rewards program for access to extra savings and fun merch. Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a member of the Bub Club
  2. Start earning points right away with every purchase
  3. Redeem your points for rewards in the form of merch or cash to use towards your next order

Where to Buy Ohza Mimosa‘s

Ohza Mimosa Review

If you’ve got your eye on a fruity can of bubbly, our Ohza Mimosa review found that the products are widely available through, nearby liquor stores, or restaurants.


Ohza Mimosa Review

Who Owns Ohza?

Wondering who’s behind the big ideas of this brand? Created in June of 2019, our Ohza Mimosa review found that the company is still owned by its founder, Ryan Ayotte.

What Is The Alcohol Content In An Ohza Mimosa?

Made to be enjoyed, our Ohza Mimosa review found that the company is transparent about nutrition facts and contents as well. Each mimosa can contains 140 calories and 5% alcohol-by-volume, with 11 grams of sugar and zero added sugar.

Where Are Ohza Mimosas Made?

Made with sparkling wine and different fruit juices, Ohza Mimosas are produced with several Finger Lakes wineries.

Are Ohza Products Safe?

Our Ohza Mimosa review has already mentioned that these products are made with less calories and sugars while still having the same great taste as original mimosas. But, like all alcoholic beverages, it’s important to consume them in moderation.

Does Ohza Ship Internationally?

Due to shipping regulations surrounding alcohol, this Ohza Mimosa review is sad to announce that the company currently does not ship internationally or to AL, AR, KY, MA, MI, MS, ND, SD, and UT. They also do not ship to PO boxes, APO/FPO addresses.

What is Ohza’s Shipping Policy?

To purchase alcoholic beverages, the customer must be 21 years of age or older and proof of age and a signature will be required at the time of delivery. When it comes to shipping, orders take about 1-2 days to process. 

Then, they are sent from New York via FedEx or UPS with delivery times and costs varying depending on location. For Illinois customers, orders are sent through UDS every Friday, while Texas orders are sent through LSO every Wednesday.

The company asks that customers in Hawaii and Alaska contact them before placing an order to ensure the proper procedures are put in place. 

What is Ohza’s Return Policy?

Because of the nature of the product, our Ohza Mimosa review found that returns and refunds are not currently available. Cancellations and modifications are available but not guaranteed and the company asks that customers contact them ASAP.

If there are any issues with an order, contact the brand within 15 days of delivery with the name, order number, the issue, and which items were received.

How to Contact Ohza

Ohza Mimosa Review

We hope you enjoyed our Ohza Mimosa review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them by using the live chat feature or email form on the website.

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