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About Assouline

Assouline Review

Assouline is a luxury brand focused on high-end culture that supplies everything you need for the modern, classy library. The brand has an impressive 249k following on Instagram and various accolades in celebrated publications, such as New York Magazine, Departures, and Singapore Tatler

This premium coffee table book supplier offers many exquisite products but doesn’t come cheap, so we want to find out if their items are worth buying. This Assouline review will take a deeper look at the brand and see if it lives up to its word! 

Overview of Assouline

Assouline Review

Assouline came into being in 1994 when the husband and wife team, Prosper and Martine Assouline, wanted to create a book that commemorated their favorite hotel in France, La Colombe d’Or. 

After receiving rave reviews for their book and praise for its artistic value, they decided to start a publishing house dedicated to capturing the essence of culture. And so, their luxury book brand, targeted to the elite bibliophile was born. 

Throughout the years, the company has done various collaborations with luxury brands, such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and Valentino. They’ve also delved into other avenues, such as high-end home décor, and expanded their collection with exquisite items that compliment any luxurious library. 

In 2007 (and about 1,500 titles later), Assouline moved their headquarters to New York City and is still going strong today. In a world where print publications are dwindling and the rise of digital media is taking over, Assouline is still promoting and selling solid books. They stand by their doctrine that luxury brands need tangible products to position themselves in the marketplace. 

Assouline has reached a global audience selling high-end books and luxe library accessories. The brand operates several boutiques located in major cities worldwide, including Paris, London, Istanbul, Mexico City and Soul.  

Before going any further into this Assouline review, let’s quickly take a look at a list of highlights.


  • High-quality products made by a reputable publishing house
  • Beautiful and aesthetic books that are works of art
  • Many boutiques worldwide
  • Partnered with One Tree Planted
  • Free US ground shipping on orders over $200 
Assouline Review

Don’t know where to start? This Assouline review is here to help! We’ll take a closer look at some of Assouline’s most prized books, including their contents, the stories they cover, and their various accolades in the press. 

Assouline Books Review

The company is known for its premium book collection, and we want to take a closer look at each one to see if they live up to their hype. This Assouline review will be taking a glimpse at seven of the brand’s bestsellers. 

Assouline Chanel 3-Book Slipcase Review

The Assouline Chanel 3-Book Slipcase  is a trilogy that celebrates the timeless spirit of the luxury brand Chanel. The set includes three books, including Chanel Fashion, Chanel Jewelry and Watches, and Chanel Fragrance and Beauty. 

Each book presents a different overview and history of every aspect of the Chanel brand, ranging from the biography of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel to the origin story of Chanel fragrances. 

The total page count of the trilogy is around 240 pages, and they include 180 beautiful illustrations. The texts were hand bound using traditional techniques, and the three individual books are nestled in a luxury slipcase. 

The Chanel 3-Book Slipcase has had its fair share of press, too, getting a shoutout in Because Magazine (UK) as well as Harper’s BAZAAR online (Italy) both in December of 2020.

The Assouline Chanel 3-Book Slipcase  would add a sense of class to any living room or library it’s placed in. It’s priced at $75

Assouline The Luxury Collection: Hotel Secrets Review

The brand’s recurring series, Assouline The Luxury Collection: Hotel Secrets is the seventh edition in Assouline’s The Luxury Collection. The text provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most beautiful and prestigious hotels, and uncovers the secrets that lie beneath the pristine décor. 

To name a few of the secrets revealed in this book, you’ll get a personalized tour of Frank Sinatra’s exclusive suite at the Castillo Hotel Son Vidal, discover several antique books in the Hotel Augustine’s thirteenth-century library, and view the chef’s secret menu at Deomes Miramare.  

The book takes a close look at more than 115 of the most exclusive, high-end hotels and resorts from around the world. It conveys the message that behind every property is a hidden story waiting to be revealed. And each story has a deep connection to the culture and people of the land. 

A total of 192 pages, this hardcover book has 200 high-quality illustrations. It’s also received some buzz in popular magazines such as Acquire online and Airows

The Luxury Collection: Hotel Secrets is priced at $60.

Assouline Dior by Christian Dior Review

The Assouline Dior by Christian Dior book was created to honor the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the house of Dior. It provides the ultimate collection of the most iconic haute couture designs by Christian Dior.

This book is the first volume in a series devoted to each designer of the elite, couture house. After careful curation in the world’s great museums and institutions this book was born, and each exquisite design was photographed and exclusively compiled for this collection. 

This extensive volume has 405 pages and includes 400 artful illustrations. It has also received acclaim in various well-known publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times

The Assouline Dior by Christian Dior book is priced at $195. 

Assouline Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee Review

The text by Assouline Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee gives a comprehensive, detailed overview of wristwatches, and includes everything you might want to know about the iconic timepiece. The beautiful, intriguing cover speaks for itself, inviting you to open the cover, turn the pages, and explore a world all about watches. 

Hodinkee is a watch and lifestyle brand that started out as a humble blog, written by the ultimate wristwatch fan, Ben Clymar. Clymar left his job in finance to pursue his true passion for horology (the science of measuring time). Fast forward ten years later and Hodinkee is now a full-fledged magazine and e-commerce hub for some of the world’s leading watch brands.

This guide explores topics such as chronographs, dive watches, horological icons, and more. The 300-page book is a watch connoisseur’s guidebook, and is suitable for both novices and experts alike. 

The Assouline Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee is priced at $95

Assouline St. Moritz Chic Review

Do you have what it takes to be St. Moritz chic? The Assouline St. Moritz Chic book will help you find out. This unique book gives you an exclusive look at a glamorous, bygone era. It includes many interesting stories about famous people that stayed in St. Moritz, and the notable events that happened there. 

St. Moritz is a luxury ski resort located in Switzerland’s alpine Engadin Valley, and this book celebrates the hotel’s elusive allure and timeless history. It’s the perfect keepsake for anyone wanting to relive the resort’s fascinating past. 

From documenting the visits of prominent icons like Sofia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn, and John Lennon, to taking the reader on a tour of the resort’s masterful architecture, this book provides a one-of-a-kind journey.

The 268-page book also has a gorgeous cover that doubles as a sophisticated work of art. 

The Assouline St. Moritz Chic book is priced at $95

Assouline The Impossible Collection of Whiskey Review

The Assouline The Impossible Collection of Whiskey book is one of Assouline’s bestselling products in their vast collection. It’s advertised as being one of their most outstanding volumes published to date.

This compressive book was written by Clay Risen, a true spirits connoisseur and whisky expert. The bestselling author provides a detailed overview of the celebrated alcoholic drink, including its unique varieties, such as the classic Scotch of the Scottish Highlands and Kentucky Bourbon. 

This volume takes you through the history of whisky from its beginnings to present day. The book makes a great addition to the library of anyone who loves this classic drink.

The presentation and packaging of this book was well thought out: it comes in a luxurious wooden box that features a solid, black iron trim. The box was designed to look like a real whisky barrel and will make a great collectors piece. In total, the book has 212 pages and contains over 150 illustrations.

The Assouline The Impossible Collection of Whiskey book is priced at $995

Assouline Travel by Design Review

The Assouline Travel By Design text features numerous, stunning travel photographs from around the world. These vibrant photos were taken by the best architects and designers in America to date. 

Over 150 experts contributed images to this guide, which artfully exhibits the beauty of our world and the importance of travel. Showcasing over 100 locations in 60 countries, the book covers a wide range of exciting regions. 

Aside from the extensive, 350+ photo collection, the book includes 40 pages of exclusive resources for those that love to travel. You’ll learn all about the top hotels in the world, exclusive places to shop, fantastic monuments, and so much more. This prized volume makes the perfect coffee table book.

The Assouline Travel By Design book is priced at $95.

Who Is Assouline For? 

Assouline Review

After checking out the brand’s bestselling products, it’s time for this Assouline review to answer an important question. Who is Assouline for? We think this luxurious brand is perfect for you if:

  1. You consider yourself a renaissance person and want to possess books that capture the essence of culture. Assouline provides a huge collection of luxurious items, including in depth texts, that educate and inform readers on fine arts and culture. 
  2. You’re looking for a gift for someone who appreciates high-quality coffee table books. While they don’t come cheap, Assouline crafts stunning books that are absolutely perfect for gifting to the right person. With their wide selection of products, which focus on many diverse topics and interests, it’s easy to find a stunning, keepsake gift that’ll last a lifetime. 

In other words, if you’re looking for a book that looks like a work of art and is filled with valuable, fascinating information, look no further!

What Is Assouline? 

Assouline Review

As mentioned previously in this Assouline review, this is a high-end book publisher that crafts luxurious coffee table books and classy library accessories. Each of their products is artfully designed to highlight a specific aspect of culture. 

The name Assouline was taken from the last name of the husband and wife team that created the luxury brand and continue to operate it today. 

Is Assouline Sustainable? 

Assouline Review

As a bookmaking brand first and foremost, Assouline uses a lot of paper for obvious reasons. The good news is that the company has proactively teamed up with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization committed to reforestation and planting trees. 

Assouline has pledged to plant one tree for every book they sell, specifically in regions where they source their paper. The company’s long-term goal is this: once these responsibly-sourced trees reach the age of maturity in 15 years, they’ll use them to produce their books. 

This Assouline review has to praise this eco-friendly book brand for providing a great example of positive change in the publishing world!

Assouline Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Assouline Review

We’ve learned a lot about the brand’s most-loved products in this Assouline review, but now it’s time to pass the pen to the customers. Let’s check out some consumer reviews and see what shoppers have to say about this luxury brand.

We looked at Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and their retailer Amara to find out more about the company. 

Starting with Amara, we discovered that the brand has generally good ratings. Many of their books have 4/5 star ratings or higher. Let’s check them out:

  • Capri Dolce Vita: 4.5/5 stars (seven reviews)
  • Amalfi Coast: 3/5 stars (three reviews)
  • Palm Beach: 4/5 stars (four reviews)
  • Ibiza Bohemia: 5/5 stars (nine reviews)
  • Mykonos Muse: 5/5 stars (nine reviews)

A customer praised the bestselling book, Mykonos Muse, despite its high cost: “I loved this book and although it’s pricey, it’s a big sturdy book and looks great on a coffee table!”

Another shopper that purchased the Capri Dolce Vita book left a glowing review about it:

“Another beautiful coffee table book to lose myself in. Fabulous photography. I have personally visited the vacation spot and the essence of the location has been beautifully captured.”

This next reviewer discussed their magnificent experience visiting Assouline’s luxury shop:

“Books, books and more phenomenal books, all displayed beautifully and separately, slightly breathtaking and you’ll want them all.. Here you can browse, lose yourself in other worlds and purchase if you can. The prices are high, but the books are an investment.”

On Trustpilot, we did find some mixed reviews about the brand. Some customers were a bit critical of their customer service, and discussed problems getting their refund, and a lack of response from Assouline’s customer service team.

Yet, after reading the prior customer service reviews, we researched the company’s profile on BBB and found no unresolved issues. This, combined with the brand’s other glowing reviews, leads us to believe that Assouline is a brand that lives up to its word!

Is Assouline Worth It?

Assouline Review

So, that brings us to our final verdict! This Assouline review thinks the book publisher is very much worth it if:

  1. You’re not afraid to spend extra money on a piece of art. If you already collect art, then consider adding Assouline books to your collection. The stunning beauty of these texts would compliment any home and add some sophistication to your space
  2. You want to buy the perfect gift for your favorite bibliophile. There are truly one-of-a-kind books designed to last a lifetime, and Assouline has plenty of them. If you know someone that would love a high-end, culturally-rich book to add to their library, then it’s definitely worth it

To summarize, this Assouline review discovered that the luxurious brand has many items worth purchasing. Especially if you place a high value on art and culture, and don’t mind paying a bit of extra money for exclusive, well-made products. 

Assouline Promotions & Discounts 

Assouline Review

Assouline is currently offering the following promotions and discounts:

  • Free tote bag and gift wrapping when you purchase an Ultimate Collection
  • Free US ground shipping on purchases over $200

They also offer promo codes on their website from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye on their homepage, or sign up for their newsletter to be in the know!

Where to Buy Assouline 

Assouline Review

You can buy Assouline products on their website, or at various retailers. They have a store locator to find a boutique near you.


Assouline Review

Who owns Assouline?

The husband and wife team, Prosper and Martine Assouline, founded the company in 1994 and currently still own the brand over 25 years later. 

Does Assouline ship internationally?

Assouline offers international shipping through partnering with DHL Express Worldwide. However, international orders can be subject to import taxes and custom duties that the recipient is responsible for.

Where are Assouline products made?

Assouline partners with some of the best craftsmen worldwide in workshops across various countries, including Italy, Spain, and the United States.

In these workshops, Assouline ensures that the finest materials are used and products are made with the utmost care during each phase of the manufacturing process.

What is Assouline’s Shipping Policy?

Assouline’s US shipping policy is as follows:

  • They offer Fedex Ground, Fedex 2 day, and Fedex Overnight shipping options
  • They do not ship to PO boxes
  • Orders placed on business days before 1 pm will begin processing on the same day
  • For any order placed on holidays, or on the weekend, processing will begin on the next business day
  • Shipping times will vary based on the shipping destination, but will range from 2-10 business days
  • Shipping prices vary depending on where items are being shipped

What is Assouline’s Return Policy?

Assouline’s return policy is summarized below:

  • If your order arrives damaged, or is incorrect, you’re eligible for a refund or replacement delivery (pending availability)
  • If you wish to return your order for any other reason, the company will provide an exchange or merchandise credit only within 14 days of delivery

How to Contact Assouline

We hope you enjoyed this Assouline review! If you still have lingering questions, the brand’s customer service team can be contacted in three ways: 

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