D’Iyanu African Clothing Review

About D’Iyanu

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

D’Iyanu createx vibrant clothing in the modern African style, whose strong patterns, bright colors, and amazing cuts and designs make for a refreshing addition to the fashion market. Earning praise from The New York Times, Philadelphia Magazine, and CBS, this African clothing brand now has 240K loyal Instagram followers and a booming online store.

This D’Iyanu African clothing review will provide a detailed look at the brand’s clothing line, examining its fabrics, discounts, pricing and shipping information, and what customers have to say about these bold designs.

Overview of D’Iyanu

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

D’Iyanu was founded by Adesola Elabor in 2014. Born in Nigeria, Adesola grew up in Philadelphia, where she launched the fashion brand out of dissatisfaction with her current job and determination to devote her energy and time to a project that held deep meaning for her.

The name of the brand speaks directly to that aspiration: it’s a blend of French and Yoruba, the indigenous language of Nigeria, that translates to “of or from [something] wonderful.” The mixing of languages also evokes the formative identity of D’Iyanu, “signif[ying] the blending of the two cultures which define the brand: African and western.”

Even though the D’Iyanu African wear line was launched relatively recently, it has already found great success. A major reason for this is the brand’s affordability and super-stylish designs, as well as the huge selection of patterns to choose from, thanks to the constantly updating D’Iyanu new arrivals section. 

True to its culturally hybrid name, D’Iyanu fuses traditional African culture with an eye to the latest trends in Western fashion. The result is elegant and runway-ready dresses for women, as well as stunningly colorful and sophisticated clothing in the D’Iyanu men’s catalog.

Does D’Iyanu have both style and substance? This D’Iyanu African clothing review will look to answer that question by going over the brand’s shipping and return policies, bestselling products, and much more so that you have a full rundown of the brands highlights.


  • Classic patterns that are just as vibrant and gorgeous in real life as they appear on the website
  • Large catalog of clothing with many different patterns
  • Special blend of stretchy fabrics that makes women’s clothing hug the figure
  • Quadpay available for installment payment option 
  • Customers say the brand has great customer service and fast shipping
  • Ongoing clearance section on their website with many discounts

This D’Iyanu African clothing review will now give you a survey of some of the top items from both the women’s and men’s collections available at the brand’s online store, as well as answer some key questions about the underlying philosophy of the brand and the materials they use in their clothing.

D’Iyanu African Attire for Women Review

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

The D’Iyanu women’s section is large enough to have a separate review all its own, but for our purposes we’ll limit it to the bestsellers from this category, including the wide variety of D’Iyanu African print dresses. Keep reading for pricing details, fabric specifications, sizing options, and the features that make each item unique.

D’Iyanu Gadise African Print Color-Blocked Dress Review

One of the best-selling D’Iyanu African dresses for women, the Gadise African Print Color-Blocked Dress is made from a unique blend of rayon, nylon, and spandex fabric that gives a tight, form-fitting feel that accentuates your curves with a soft hug.

The modest scoop neck at the front is complemented by the alluring accent of a V-neck detail at the back that reaches to the middle of the shoulder blades. With its short, tight sleeves and beautifully detailed vertical patterning, this is a stylish and classy everyday dress that is suitable for all sizes.

The Gadise African Print Color-Blocked Dress is currently available in XS, S, M, and L and is marked as a clearance item, so it can be returned or exchanged for store credit only. It’s currently on sale for $55, down from $90.

D’Iyanu Zari Women’s African Print Knee-Length Pencil Skirt Review

The Zari Knee-Length Pencil Skirt is form-fitting and tight, but it also has a good amount of stretch thanks to its spandex fabric blend. Walking down the street in this sexy skirt will definitely attract attention, and the African pink-and-turquoise-colored print definitely helps.

The 2-inch waistband comes up to just under your bust, giving your body that coveted hourglass shape, and the hem comes down to the knees. Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL, the Zari Knee-Length Pencil Skirt is on sale as a clearance item for $40, regular $55.

D’Iyanu Folabi African Print Stretch Skinny Pant with Side Stripe Review

The Folabi Stretch Skinny Pants with Side Stripe positively pop with their attention-grabbing gold-and-white patterning on black fabric. The contrasting patterns on the legs make for an intriguing blend of symmetry and asymmetry, and the high waist lengthens your figure by drawing the eyes vertically. 

These D’Iyanu African prints pants are best worn with a simple and elegant top to make each part of your outfit stand out; the brand also recommends wearing them with the Avana Peplum Blazer. You can get the flashy and stylish Folabi Stretch Skinny Pants with Side Stripe for $60.

D’Iyanu Sabra African Print Jumpsuit with Sash Review

The Sabra Print Jumpsuit with Sash stands out with its highly detailed white-on-black print. The pattern is smaller than others in the D’Iyanu collection, but still catches the eye with its all-over coverage. 

The Sabra has a modest V-neck and kimono sleeves that go down to the elbow. The sash can be tied tight and used to accentuate your hips, and the slim legs contrast pleasingly with the loose-fitting top. This breezy jumpsuit with its fun, low-key pattern is available in XS, S, and M for $95.

D’Iyanu Hamama African Print Butterfly Sleeve Peplum Top Review

The Hamama Print Butterfly Sleeve Peplum Top has a wild mix of patterns that are truly impossible to capture in words. With bright red and yellow flecked with smaller details of lime green, black, and white, each pattern block is set next to a contrasting one to make for a fascinatingly asymmetrical look.

True to its name, this queen of D’Iyanu African prints tops has butterfly sleeves that give a stylish shape that also helps your body breathe on those hot summer days. The cinched waist is accented by the long sash, and the flaring bottom accentuates your curves without being form-fitting. Get the colorful Print Butterfly Sleeve Peplum Top in sizes from S to 3X for $50.

D’Iyanu African Fashion for Men Review

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

While African women’s fashions get deserved attention for their curve-hugging designs, the D’Iyanu men clothing options have a lot going on as well. This D’Iyanu African clothing review will not take a look at four of the brand’s bestselling men’s items.

D’Iyanu Men’s African Print Dashiki T-Shirt Review

The super-comfortable Men’s African Print Dashiki T-Shirt has a shallow V-neck gorgeously accented by a bold, plunging pattern that is complemented by horizontal bands at the ends of the sleeves. 

Available in either black or white, the Men’s African Print Dashiki T-Shirt will make you stand out in the summer without being ostentatious. It comes in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, and costs $40.

D’Iyanu Thabo Men’s African Print Dashiki Long Sleeve Shirt Review

Made of soft cotton, the Thabo Men’s African Print Dashiki Long Sleeve Shirt comes in a deep maroon color. The classic Dashiki pattern cuts down in a V-shaped pattern to end at the solar plexus.

One of the most popular D’Iyanu dashiki men shirts, the Thabo’s thin fabric makes it wearable for spring and summer, and provides extra warmth in fall with its long sleeves and crew-neck cut. Sold out in many sizes, it is currently available only in S for $40.

D’Iyanu Jaheem African Print Short Sleeve T-shirt Review

The modern and subdued maroon of the Jaheem African Print Short Sleeve T-shirt makes the white checkerboard pattern across the chest and sleeves stand out, creating a minimalist look for guys who want to go beyond the basic without making a big show of it.

If this is a bit more conservative than some of the other D’Iyanu options for men, that comes with advantages. The simple but attractive pattern and neutral but deep color makes this a great option for dressing up or down, so you can wear it to the office with dress pants or rock it with jeans for casual weekends. It’s currently available only in S, and goes for $30

D’Iyanu Abaeze African Print Traditional Top Review

The Abaeze African Print Print Traditional Top is a true stunner. The rich black background and all-over dark blue paisley flower pattern give this garment a depth and refinement that sets it apart from others.

With its crew neck, button cuffs, and modern fit, this is ideal for formal “dress-up” occasions but could also look incredibly stylish with casual pants and sandals. The matching women’s version adds puff sleeves for an enchantingly dressy effect. Get the Abaeze African Print Print Traditional Top for $65.

What Does D’Iyanu Mean?

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

D’Iyanu is a word created by blending French and Yoruba, the indigenous language of Nigeria. Just as the brand blends modern Western style with classical African fashion, their name embodies both heritages.

The “D’” is the French component of the name, meaning “from” or “of,” while the Yoruba word “Iyanu” translates as “wonderful” or “miracle.” Joined together, they signify “of/from something wonderful”—which evokes the brand’s core belief that “everyone is uniquely and wonderfully made [and so should] dress like it.”

The brand name also speaks to the personal experience of founder and CEO Addie Elabor, who was born in Nigeria and moved to the US at a young age. African art and culture are a big part of her life and identity, but she is also an American and a Westerner. With her splendid catalog of D’Iyanu African clothes, she seeks to express the best of both worlds.

What Is African Clothing Made Of?

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

African clothing is bright and often flamboyant, with intricate patterns to draw the eye and express an exuberance for life. While it has been modernized for today’s market, African clothing maintains a deep connection to its cultural roots with its vibrant patterns and symbolism.

The actual fabric depends on what item of clothing you want to order, but it will mostly be cotton. Satin and silk can also be mixed in: the Kente, for example, is a blend of silk and cotton that comes from Ghana.

D’Iyanu Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

At, customers give the brand a perfect overall score of 5/5 stars. Delving into the comments, this D’Iyanu African clothing review found customers talking happily about the comfort of their clothing, saying also that the items run true to size and make them feel confident.

One review of the Gadise Color-Blocked Dress sums the general reaction up simply, saying, “Love the dress, fits well and very chic. Got the matching cardigan for my hubby so we can be cute together ☺️

Looking to Google, we find reviews talking about the brand’s great customer service. While many of these comments start out with a complaint, D’Iyanu then addresses their concern to satisfaction, and the customer updates their review. 

Customers particularly appreciated the fast shipping, and loved how the clothing matched exactly with the image and fit description on the website. A happy Google customer writes, “I’ve made all my purchases online and I love love love everything! They have Beautiful dresses and the fit is always perfect! Thanks D’Iyanu!”

People on Facebook are also happy with their D’Iyanu orders. One of them writes, “Ordered for my husband and was very impressed with the items we received. Shipping was fast and the quality of the shirts was great. They had a nice stretch and were very fitted!! Will def be ordering more.”

Other people commenting on the D’Iyanu Facebook Page say the fabric is high quality. We found a lot of families and couples posing in matching clothing, or each in their own unique D’Iyanu outfit. They comment on how great the clothing is for family portraits, and how stylish it makes them look with its bold, vibrant colors.

Is D’Iyanu Worth It?

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

This D’Iyanu African clothing review has no hesitation in saying that, yes, the brand is worth it. The pattern and color combinations are stunning and fashionable, and the clothing catalog is large enough to find an item that is just right for you.

Wearing D’Iyanu makes you stand out in the best possible way. Western customers have been subjected to bland, boring, soulless clothing for too long. With their chic and colorful clothing, the D’Iyanu African clothing store wants to help you express the vibrant nature of your soul and push yourself to embrace life.  

D’Iyanu Promotions & Discounts

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

This D’Iyanu African clothing review found a juicy clearance section on the brand’s website, featuring a large selection of items including sweaters, hats, joggers, and hoodies. It looks like these clearance offerings are seasonal—so, for example, if we’re heading into the summer, expect to see discounted winter items in this section.

The really good news is that, while there’s no D’Iyanu discount code or D’Iyanu coupon available, the clearance section appears to be a permanent fixture of the brand’s website. That means you can constantly check it for new discounted items and always find something for sale. It’s a great way to choose a present for a friend who is on the fence about trying out D’Iyanu.

Where to Buy D’Iyanu

D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

This D’Iyanu African clothing review found that you can make online purchases only on the official brand website. Physical locations are limited due to COVID, but you can still get curbside pickup from their showroom in Norristown, PA.


D'Iyanu African Clothing Review

Who owns D’Iyanu?

D’Iyanu is owned by its founder and CEO, Adesola Elabor. The brand is doing so well that this D’Iyanu African clothing review suspects a large company will attempt to buy them soon, if they haven’t already tried.

What sizes does D’Iyanu have?

D’Iyanu provides a US size chart on their website for children, men, and women. The women’s sizes go from XS (0-2) through S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL (24-36). Men skip the XS, starting at S and going through M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

D’Iyanu sizing for kids is a bit different. It starts at 2T/3T and goes to 4T, 5IXS, 6/7IS, 8IM, and 9/10IL.

What is D’Iyanu’s Shipping Policy?

D’Iyanu has a great shipping policy, promising to process your order in 3 business days and then ship in another 4 to 7 business days. There is a flat rate of $6 for USPS First Class Package delivery.

D’Iyanu also has Priority Shipping and Next Business Day delivery options. Priority Shipping arrives in 3 to 4 business days via USPS for $10, while the Next Business Day option will be delivered by UPS the day after you place your order, provided you complete it before noon from Monday to Friday. (Note that Saturday does not count as a business day.)

International orders are delivered via FedEx. The International Express option will have your package to you in 3-5 business days, while International Economy takes 6-10 business days. Customs and duties may entail longer delivery times and additional costs.

What is the D’Iyanu Returns Policy?

If you wish to return your D’Iyanu order, you must do so within 21 days in the US, or 30 days if you’re an international customer. In either case, go over the list below to make sure your return is hassle-free:

1. Set up tracking on your return shipment so that you have evidence of delivery

2. Items on clearance sale can be returned only for an exchange or in-store credit

3. The cost of shipping will not be refunded

4. You must complete the Return Portal form on the D’Iyanu website in order to get a refund; otherwise, you will get in-store credit

5. Your item cannot show any sign that it was worn or washed

6. Your item must still have its tag

7. Masks and mask filters from the D’Iyanu spring masks 2020 collection cannot be returned

8. You must pay for return shipping

9. Swimming items from the Women’s and Girl’s categories are eligible for exchange only

How to Contact D’Iyanu

If you are seeking any info that that D’Iyanu African clothing review did not provide, you can contact D’Iyanu customer service using the form on their website, or by emailing [email protected], calling 484-681-4705, or sending physical mail to: 

910 E. Main St, Suite 202 
Norristown PA, 19401 

D’Iyanu’s customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm EST.

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