Chronicle Books Review

About Chronicle Books 

Chronicle Books Review

Do you believe in the magic of books and storytelling? If so, you’ll want to learn all about a book publisher that regularly brings wonderful, captivating stories and other creations into the world. This Chronicle Books review will introduce you to this independent, American publisher that collaborates with a diverse selection of writers, artists, and game makers. 

Chronicle Books has published several New York Times bestsellers over the years, including the Griffin & Sabine series by Nick Bancock and Olive, the Other Reindeer by Vivian Walsh, which was turned into an animated movie. They also have a strong social media following with 209k followers on Instagram. 

Want to get reading? This Chronicle Books review will take an in-depth look at the brand, including its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Chronicle Books 

Chronicle Books Review

Chronicle Books is an independent book publisher that’s been based in San Francisco, California since 1967. Since the beginning, their mission has been to help bring stories into the world that represent people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life. And, above all else, they “are inspired by the enduring magic of books.” 

The company is headquartered in San Francisco in an old maritime machine shop and warehouse.” Their standalone retail store is also located in this building. 

This Chronicle Books review has created a list of highlights about the brand for you to browse. And, after that, we’ll check out many of their quality, well-loved books and other items. 


  • Diverse selection of books, puzzles, games, and unique gifts 
  • Independent book publisher with over 50 years of experience 
  • There’s an app you can download and shop from 
  • Lots of titles are available on Amazon (and some other sites) 
  • Many positive reviews left by happy and engaged readers 
  • Free ground shipping over $25 
  • Easy 30-day returns 
  • No international shipping 

Chronicle Books Review

With their range of rare, niche products, this Chronicle Books review thinks these items will appeal to a wide range of individuals, not just book lovers. Let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers to see what’s hot on the shelves!

Chronicle Books Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Clown Review

If you’re into satire, poetry, and venturing back to look at the chaos that ensued during Trump’s presidential reign and the impeachment era, you must check out Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown

Written by actor John Lithgow, this is a follow-up to his best-seller Dumpty. Said to be even funnier than the first book in the series, readers are met with a new slew of poems, some accompanied by line drawings that are shocking, hysterical, and move at lightning speed. 

John Lithgow’s Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Clown is priced at $23

Chronicle Books 10 Hugs and Kisses Review

On the hunt for a great present for the newest baby in your life? If so, check out the adorable Chronicle Books 10 Hugs and Kisses

Made available through Beginning Baby from the Chronicle Children’s group collection, this board book is appropriate for ages 0 – 3. Great for new parents, the book uses cute rhymes and bright illustrations to help your little one learn how to count to 10. 

Chronicle Books 10 Hugs and Kisses is priced at $8

Chronicle Books The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Review

If there’s a Disney fan in your life who loves behind-the-scenes type presents, The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 would make a perfect gift. 

This collectors book brings fans an exclusive look at how the Academy Award nominated film came to be. It includes lots of sketches, storyboards, character arcs, and colorscripts that were involved in bringing this Disney animated movie to life. 

The Chronicle Books The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 is priced at $40

Chronicle Books Olive the Other Reindeer Review

Looking for a holiday-themed book that’s unique, funny, and sweet? Olive the Other Reindeer fits that bill to a tee. 

Written by the original author, Vivian Walsh, in collaboration with  illustrator J. Otto Seibold, this is a Christmas story about Olive the dog. This smart pup suddenly has an epiphany and realizes she was likely meant to be a reindeer. After she joins Santa’s crew, the illustrations help to tell the story of an unlikely hero that paved her own merry path. 

Chronicle Books Olive the Other Reindeer is $16.

Chronicle Books Homophones Visualized Review

Sometimes it can be fun to buy a book on interesting tidbits of info that some people may have no idea about. Chronicle Books Homophones Visualized is one of those books. 

Bruce Worden writes a blog entitled Homophones, Weakly which this hardcover book is based on. Through straightforward and interesting illustrations, it tells the story of how there are all sorts of words that sound alike, but mean something completely different. And these words are called homophones. 

Chronicle Books Homophones Visualized is priced at $15

Chronicle Books The Redstone Inkblot Test Review

Looking for a fun new way to analyze your partner or friends? If so, check out Chronicle Books The Redstone Inkblot Test kit and handbook. 

Dubbed the “ultimate game of personality,” this kit features 12 detailed inkblot images for you to examine and decipher. It comes with a 32-page handbook that includes personality profiles,  and explains what the inkblots could mean. It also gives a brief history of inkblots. 

The Chronicle Books The Redstone Inkblot Test kit is priced at $15

Chronicle Books Prism Oracle Review

There’s a reason that the color yellow makes people happy or the color black is associated with mystery. The Chronicle Books Prism Oracle Deck is here to examine what color means to you by tapping into your sixth sense. 

With this Prism Oracle deck by Nicole Pivirotto you get a vibrant, 45-card deck. Each card closely looks at the connection between color, emotions, and energy. Once you start exploring the deck, you’ll learn how to interpret what your individual cards really mean with the guidebook that comes along with the color deck. 

Dig into your intuitive self with the Chronicle Books Prism Oracle Deck that’s priced at $20

Chronicle Books My Neighbor Totoro Journal Review

Is there an art lover in your life who is always jotting things down? If so, they might love the beautiful Chronicle Books My Neighbor Totoro Journal

This journal has front and back artwork, including gorgeous concept art, from the Japanese animated film, My Neighbor Totoro. Among the pages of this flexi-bound notebook, there’s even more Hayao Miyazaki artwork found throughout. So, it truly is a keepsake piece for Totoro fans.

Feeling inspired to get drawing or writing? The Chronicle Books My Neighbor Totoro Journal is priced at $13

Chronicle Books Ralph Steadman Review

There are some really cool coffee table art books out there and Chronicle Books Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink is one of them. 

With this hardcover book, you get to explore the 50-plus career span of this unique U.K.-based artist. He’s well known for famously collaborating with renowned American author Hunter S. Thompson. Steadman is known for his satirical artwork related to politics, and also his analysis of what was happening in London in the 1970s. 

The Chronicle Books Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink is priced at $60

Who is Chronicle Books for? 

Chronicle Books Review

Chronicle Books is perfect for those looking to treat themselves or a loved one to a special book from a one-of-a-kind author, or even a beautiful journal or fun game. 

If you’re searching for something that you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill book retailer, Chronicle Books offers a selection of unique books for adults, teens, and children that are representative of every human experience. 

Also, if it’s important for you to support smaller, independent businesses rather than big box stores or corporations, this small publisher is a great choice. With their vast collection, they have the special items that genuine book lovers yearning for unique stories will love. Plus, as an added incentive, you also get free ground shipping on purchases over $25

Comparison: Chronicle Books vs. Dubray Books

Chronicle Books Review

Of course, the book industry is vast and competitive in nature. So it makes sense to take a look at another book seller in the field and see how they measure up and compare to Chronicle Books. So that’s exactly what this Chronicle Books review will do next. 

Dubray Books is based in Ireland and is listed as one of the top sellers of books in the EU. Let’s see how they stack up against the American book publisher.

These two have some similarities: 

  • Both have an extensive website with thousands of titles 
  • At both, you can shop for a wide array of children, teen, and adult books, as well as journals, puzzles, and unique gifts 
  • Both websites offer easy, convenient returns 

There are some key ways the two differ: 

  • Dubray Books describes themselves as a bookseller, not a publisher
  • Dubray Books offers a monthly book subscription service to customers 
  • Chronicle Books’ titles are more accessible, since you can also shop for their books on Amazon 

If you’re someone who is shopping for books in Europe, Dubray Books is a great option. But for those located in the United States, with their huge selection of great titles, along with their accessibility, Chronicle Books is the better choice.

Chronicle Books Reviews: What Do Customers Think? 

Chronicle Books Review

It only makes sense to include what the book buyers themselves have to say about this independent publisher in our Chronicle Books review. After all, Chronicle Books has been in business for over 50 years, so they’ve likely made an impact in the world. 

Taking a look at their company page on Google, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive overall. Chronicle books currently has a 4.1/5 stars rating based on 90 reviews. One customer left a 5/5 star Chronicle Books review commenting on their unique inventory: 

This is a very fun little book store! They publish everything in there and have a lot of interesting things I hadn’t seen anywhere else.”

You can also shop for Chronicle Books on Amazon. And speaking of their one-of-a-kind list of titles that you can’t find anywhere else, in their ebooks section, Snoop Dogg’s From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes From Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen (Kindle edition) sits at a 4.8/5 star rating based on 19,428 reviews. 

The customer feedback for this ebook is overwhelmingly positive. There are so many raving reviews about how delicious the food recipes turn out, and how fun it is to cook what Snoop Dogg makes at home. One shopper left a 5/5 star review: 

“This book turned out to be really good, I wasn’t expecting much but it’s got great recipes and I like how Snoop introduces each recipe. We’ve made a few recipes out of this book and they all taste fab so well worth the buy.”

This independent publisher also helps to bring many children’s, teen, and young adult books into the world. On the Buy Buy Baby website, Chronicle Books “Baby Giraffe” Finger Puppet Book has an average of 5/5 stars based on four Chronicle Books reviews. 

One customer left a glowing 5/5 star Chronicle Books review about this precious book: 

“My granddaughter loves this book. Giraffes are my favorite animal in the wild, and I’m thinking they will be hers also :)” 

It appears that the Chronicle Books reviews from employees are mostly positive as well. On Glassdoor, the publisher sits at a 3.6/5 star rating out of 55 reviews. One employee gave a 5/5 star Chronicle Books review: 

“Working with dedicated book lovers and an executive team that truly cares for the employees.”

Overall, lots of satisfied customers are leaving positive reviews and recommendations for Chronicle Books. Many of them note that this independent publisher is committed to offering interesting and diverse titles that really capture people’s attention. 

Is Chronicle Books Worth It?

Chronicle Books Review

According to the many engaged and happy customers who are leaving glowing reviews on various ecommerce websites, it appears that Chronicle Book’s collection of captivating, fun, and diverse titles, overall, garner an undeniable, positive response. 

Chronicle Books is a seasoned publisher—they’ve been in the book publishing business for many years. So they know what they’re doing: they know what readers want and understand what should be published. In other words, they have a deep understanding of the book market and industry.

So, you can shop on their website and see their full collection of captivating books, and their assortment of Chronicle Books puzzles, journals, games, and unique gifts. And there’s also a great collection of their products on Amazon. Either way, you’ll likely be very pleased with what you find. 

Chronicle Books Promotions & Discounts 

Chronicle Books Review

Looking to score some deals while shopping at Chronicle Books? It’s your lucky day: this Chronicle Books review has found a couple different ways to save money on their website: 

  1. If you sign up to receive their email newsletter, you’ll receive 10% off your next order 
  2. Chronicle Books offers free ground shipping on orders over $25

Where to Buy Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books Review

You can shop exclusively for Chronicle Books on their website: You can also buy their products at their retail store in San Francisco. 

If you can’t get to San Francisco, you can shop for their vast collection of titles on Amazon. 


Chronicle Books Review

What is Chronicle Books’ Shipping Policy?

Chronicle Books offers free ground shipping for orders over $25. Orders are usually processed between 2 – 3 business days. There may be some delays due to Covid-19 health and safety protocols in the warehouse. 

Your purchase may ship out within the 2 – 3 day timeframe, or there could be a delay of up to two weeks for some items. 

Ground shipping deliveries usually arrive within 7 – 10 business days. The shipping fee is $5 for orders under $25. 

There is no international shipping available at Chronicle Books. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is temporarily unavailable as well. 

What is Chronicle Books’ Return Policy?

Chronicle Books offers 30-day returns for items bought on their website. 

When sending your purchase back to Chronicle Books, please include the original order number in your package. The customer is responsible for return-shipping costs. It’s best to choose a delivery service that can track your order, so you’ll have confirmation when it arrives back at the Chronicle Books warehouse. 

Once your return has been received, a refund will be made in the original payment form. Refunds may take up to two weeks or longer to process. 

The address to send your returns to is below: 

Hachette Books Returns Warehouse

322 South Enterprise Blvd. 

Lebanon, IL 46052

How to Contact Chronicle Books

There are a number of different ways to reach out to Chronicle Books

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 1-800-759-0190 (between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday) 
  • Fill out their contact form here and they’ll get back to your shortly 

If you’re a writer or artist who is looking to submit your work to Chronicle Books submissions, you can email [email protected].

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