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Baronfig Review

How many times have you suddenly hit upon a fantastic idea, but weren’t able to get it jotted down before it fled from your mind? Everyone is full of thoughts, plans, and inspirations, but it’s hard to put them into practice if you don’t get them written down. If you’re looking for help to hold on to all your best thoughts, keep reading this Baronfig review.

Baronfig makes quality office supplies and storage solutions for creatives, workaholics, and anyone whose business runs on ideas. Though its team is small, Baronfig is sought out by some of the biggest companies around, like Facebook, Mailchimp, Adobe, Microsoft, Disney… even freakin’ Google!

The brand has amassed a strong social media following of 12K on Facebook and over 43K on Instagram, and has been spotlighted in such major media outlets as Bloomberg, New York Magazine, and GQ. It also maintains its own podcast, Eureka, that’s full of helpful tips on how to keep those creative juices flowing.

So are these guys the real deal, or just a more expensive way to purchase paper? This Baronfig review will sift through the brand’s top products, promotions, customer feedback, and more to give you the lowdown.

Overview of Baronfig

Baronfig Review

Baronfig began in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign for what would become the brand’s flagship notebook, the Confidant. Not wanting to simply create another generic line of office supplies, co-founders Joey Cofone and Adam Kornfield set up shop in New York and asked anyone willing to provide input about what they wanted to see in the notebook of their dreams.

As Baronfig’s product line expanded, the brand stuck to its philosophy of keeping its tools simple and intuitive, while always keeping in touch with its community in order to constantly improve its products. As this Baronfig review noted above, this attentiveness has paid off in big ways, as the brand now supplies major idea factories like Google, Facebook, and Disney. 

And rest assured, this brand isn’t oblivious to the toll that paper production puts on the planet’s greenery (you know, those things we kind of need so we can breathe). That’s why for every notebook purchased, Baronfig donates money to have a tree planted. This brand is serious when it says that it wants “to leave the world better than we found it.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get this Baronfig review rolling with a look at this brand’s most notable highlights.


  • Products are made to be durable, and storage products are water-resistant
  • Variety of different paper types for whatever you need to write down or sketch
  • Products are stylish to the nines, with simple designs and spectacular color options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships internationally
Baronfig Review

Do you have such incredible thoughts that you wonder how your brain ever conceived them? Are you “ideating” all the time, and just can’t stop the flow of all the liquid gold spilling out of your cranium? Stick with this Baronfig review as we show you the many ways this brand has found to capture your brilliance on the page.

Baronfig Review

Writing, brainstorming, planning, tracking, sketching—whatever your creative process entails, Baronfig has something to help you along. Below, our Baronfig review highlights some of the brand’s bestselling products. 

Baronfig Squire Writing Set Review

Who hasn’t suffered from the many scourges of dollar-store pens? Maybe you lost the cap and the ink dried out, maybe the clicker is busted, or perhaps the cheap plastic body just snapped right in half while you were excitedly scribbling out your latest brainstorm. If you want a pen that will keep up with the pace of your genius brain, check out the Baronfig Squire Writing Set.

The star of the set, naturally, is Baronfig’s trusty Squire Rollerball Pen. It’s sleek, it’s comfortable, and its aluminum body makes it super-durable. You’ll also never have to replace it when the ink runs out, thanks to the twist mechanism that not only releases the ballpoint tip, but also reveals the replaceable ink cartridge.

The three refill cartridges included with the set ensure that the ink will keep flowing right along with your ideas, while the leather sheath lets you safely store your precious pen when you’re done geniusing for the day. Or, if you want to keep it at the ready so you can jot down your latest inspiration at a moment’s notice, you can stick it in the weighted pen stand.

And let’s not forget the color options! Both the pen and the sheath are available in black, rose quartz, charcoal, blue slate, or fig wine. And, if you really want to show off how swank your equipment is, the sheath also comes in bright yellow gold. 

Altogether, the Squire Writing Set would usually cost you $126, but right now, you can get it for $107. That might sound pricey, but this stuff is hella durable and will see you through a lot of your eureka moments. It’s worth the upfront investment.

Baronfig Idea Toolset Review

Does that little lightbulb above your head blink a million times a second, compelling you to grab a pen from the person next to you at the coffee shop so that you can furiously scribble on your napkin? With the Baronfig Idea Toolset, you can capture those mental gems without risking a punch in the mouth.

This set is made up of three of the brand’s bestselling products: the Guardian Pro case, the Confidant notebook (flagship size), and the Squire pen.

The case perfectly fits your Confidant notebook and has a handy loop to store your Squire pen, and it also comes equipped with five handy pockets that can store rulers, highlighters, or other writing aids. Plus, the material it’s made from is water-resistant, so you can be sure that those ideas won’t wash away like tears in rain.

The Confidant itself has a sturdy hard cover, but is designed to stay flat when you open it—no more having to hold the pages down while you write. Its 192 pages can be lined, dot grid, or blank, depending on your preference, and it even comes with a fabric bookmark.

All three items are available in your color choice of fig wine, blue slate, or charcoal. The Squire pen also comes in black and rose quartz, while the Confidant can be gold and the Guardian Pro case forest green.

The Idea Toolset usually sells for $126, but you can grab it now for just $95. You can also save 5% when you sign up to receive a regular resupply of the Confidant every one, three, six, or nine months.

Baronfig Signal Squire Review

If the Squire is the pinnacle of pens, then the limited edition Baronfig Signal Squire is, uh… what’s higher than a pinnacle? Anyway, you’ll be the envy of all your fellow scribblers if you can score one of these babies before they’re gone.

Aside from the sturdy aluminum body and replaceable ink cartridge, the Signal Squire is colored a beautiful metallic green and comes housed in a unique case with a design inspired by mid-20th-century radio sets. Plus, you’ll get to have some added fun figuring out the unique glyph-based signal included in every box.

If you want to scoop up your own Signal Squire, it’s currently available for $65 while supplies last. 

Baronfig Clear Habit Journal Review

A notebook with lined paper is always handy for jotting down random notes, but for more focused work it helps to have one that can provide more built-in structure and organization. To that end, Baronfig teamed with award-winning journalist and author James Clear to create the perfect tool for keeping yourself on track: the Baronfig Clear Habit Journal.

This special-edition Confidant notebook has everything. Need to make a graph to show long-term progress? You’ll find plenty of carefully measured dot grid paper that can be divided into halves or thirds. Need to keep track of what happened throughout a day, a week, a month? Say hello to my little friends the habit trackers.

Of course, if you fill up this journal’s 200+ pages, it might be hard to dig up a specific note that’s buried somewhere in the middle. That’s why every page is numbered, so you can make reference to everything you write down in the conveniently included index pages. 

And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all these possibilities and don’t know how to go about setting up your journal, you’ll also find a helpful guide for using the habit trackers, as well as tips on decision-making, productivity, and even fitness.

All of this comes nicely wrapped up in the journal’s fabric-wrapped hard cover with elastic strap. The exterior also includes two fabric bookmarks to help you quickly find your most important pages, as well as a folder at the back for miscellaneous papers.

So if you’re ready to commit to those new year’s resolutions you set, you can get the 224-page flagship-size Clear Habits Journal for $26, or the 208-page plus size for $29. And if you’re certain you’re going to need more than one journal to keep up with those long-term goals, you can subscribe for regular deliveries of fresh ones and save 5%.

Baronfig Mosaic Desk Set Review

Desks always look clean and pristine when you first set them up, but that never lasts long. The surface will inevitably get covered with loose papers, pens, pencils, and all manner of other office supplies. Before you know it, you won’t be able to find anything amongst all that clutter.

With the Baronfig Mosaic Desk Set, you can both keep your workspace tidy and increase your productivity through better organization. This block of plastic and steel has three pen holders and seven other compartments that can accommodate all kinds of office supplies. 

And, thanks to this thing weighing over 10 ounces, the long, skinny compartments in the middle are even capable of holding notebooks and phones upright for easy display. The Mosaic Desk Set comes in white, grey, or green, and retails for $45 (marked down from $53).

Baronfig Venture Slimline Backpack Review

Ideas can hit you when you least expect it, and sometimes at the most inconvenient times and locations. You might be out and about when you’re suddenly hit with a spark of inspiration, but by the time you’ve unzipped your backpack and frantically rummaged around to find something to write with, the idea is gone. 

The Baronfig Venture Slimline Backpack was designed to provide you with on-the-go ideation support, as you can zip it all the way open and lay it flat in order to create a ready-made workspace. The interior also has nine compartments, including padded storage for laptops up to 16 inches in length. 

You’ll also find four smaller mesh pockets, and two swing pockets that you can access from the sides while you wear the pack. Not to mention the super-secret interior zippered pocket at the bottom, which gives you a handy place to store your valuables.

You’ve got all kinds of color-customization options on the Venture Slimline Backpack: you can get the entire thing in charcoal, fig wine, or slate blue, or mix up the exterior and interior with combos of blue/gold, black/blue, or gold/black. Whichever you choose, this pack will run you $95

Baronfig Guardian Vanguard Leather Case Review

For those who don’t like lugging a large notebook around everywhere they go, Baronfig’s pocket-sized Vanguard notebook is a more conveniently portable option. But how can you best guarantee that the pearls of wisdom you jot down in it will live to see the light of day, and not be ruined by a dunking in a puddle or some other chance misfortune? 

Fear not: the Baronfig Guardian Vanguard Leather Case is made with vegetable-tanned Italian leather to protect your notebook from whatever life has to throw at it. Plus, it has extra pockets for loose papers, receipts, and other ephemera. You could even store your credit cards in there and use it as a wallet, if you felt so inclined.

The going price for this is $45, and it comes in fig wine, gold, rose quartz, or slate blue.

Who Is Baronfig For? 

Baronfig Review

In this Baronfig review’s humble opinion, this brand is great for just about anyone. Whether you’re a creative type who wants to capture their ideas, a savvy businessperson looking to organize their schedule, or someone who wants to get into shape and needs a good habit tracker, everyone can find a useful Baronfig product to help keep them on track.

The durability and longevity of the products make them doubly convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to have to keep replacing cheap disposable pens, or lives in constant fear their notebook will get damaged.

Baronfig Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Baronfig Review

As the brand tends to sell very little of its products outside of the main site, finding customer feedback proved a bit of a challenge for this Baronfig review. But, from what we did find, customers are generally satisfied with the products and the brand itself.

On Trustpilot, Baronfig comes in at 3.9/5 stars based on 8 reviews, several which had high praise for the brand’s customer service. “A great company is also seen by how they treat their clients. I can assure you that the support is fast and straight to the point,” reads one such comment.

Buyers are also pleased with the great functionality of the ever-improving product designs. Reviewing the Confidant notebook, a blogger on Cult of Mac had the following to say: 

Once you’ve written a bit, it stays open. This is thanks to the stitching in the binding, and it not only lets you write instead of wrestle with the pages, but it lets you get to the very center of the sheets – the edge doesn’t disappear into a gully.

Other customers enjoy the more specialized Baronfig products that help them structure their activities and schedules. Commenting on the Clear Habit Journal at Amazon (where the product receives a score of 4.6/5 stars based on 894 reviews), one buyer had this to say:

I’ve struggled with journaling for a long time. I’ve never found one that had the structure that I wanted in a book, until now. This book is easy to use and makes habit tracking easy. I love It!!!” 

In terms of criticism, the only comments this Baronfig review could find were some complaints from international customers who were cheesed off that customs and duties charges were not included at checkout. But honestly, grow up—everyone should know that such fees are almost never tacked on to their purchases directly. 

Is Baronfig Worth It?

Baronfig Review

This Baronfig review has no hesitation saying that this brand is a must-buy for people who really cherish finely made stationery. While the prices of these products might seem quite high initially, the fact that they last much longer than their cheaper counterparts makes them likely cheaper in the long run.

The brand has also shown itself to be a good listener, and is constantly looking to improve its  products based on customer feedback and suggestions. That kind of attentiveness and responsiveness is a sign that a brand is really dedicated to providing the highest quality possible to its buyers.

Baronfig Promotions & Discounts 

Baronfig Review

This Baronfig review found a few ways you can knock some dollars off your purchase:

  • Signing up for the Baronfig newsletter will get you 15% off your first order
  • You can also get a discount on bulk orders
  • There’s also a referral program where you can give your friend $10 off on their first order over $25, and get the same deal yourself once they’ve made their purchase

Where to Buy Baronfig

Baronfig Review

The brand website,, is the one-stop shop for all Baronfig products. There are also select items available on Amazon, as well as smaller retail sites like The Paper Mouse and Handshake Marketplace.


Baronfig Review

Who owns Baronfig?

Baronfig is 100% evil-corporate-overlord-free. The brand is owned by its co-founders, CEO Joey Cofone and Adam Kornfield, along with the rest of their team: COO Jay Desai, customer experience lead Andi Talarico, and senior designer Laura Toffolo.

What is Baronfig’s Shipping Policy?

US orders of $35 and up are eligible for free shipping, as are Canada and UK orders of $75 and up. Baronfig ships to dozens of countries around the world (you can consult the list on the website’s Help page), and provides subsidized shipping for international orders.

What is Baronfig’s Return Policy?

Baronfig has the standard 30-day return/exchange policy for US orders, as long as the items being returned are unused and in their original condition and packaging. International orders are not eligible for returns. 

How to Contact Baronfig

Getting in touch with the Baronfig team might be a little tricky, as the only contact method included on the brand website is the Feedback form.

Fortunately, this Baronfig review did manage to also track down an email address that is supposed to have a much faster response time: [email protected].

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