Silk and Sonder Review

About Silk and Sonder

Silk and Sonder Review

Silk and Sonder is a subscription service that provides beautifully crafted monthly planners for adults and children. They are as much a useful tool for organizing your life as they are a work of art to be displayed and enjoyed.

Founded by Meha Agrawal in 2017, Silk and Sonder is based in San Francisco and originally caught on as a women’s wellness tool. But it is appropriate for any adult, and kids need a place to jot down their events, too! 

Regardless of who’s using it, it helps users stay centered in an increasingly chaotic world. Agrawal and the team accomplish this by sending out a new planner each month to their subscribers. They are themed around a virtue—courage, for example—and include mental health tips and life coaching.

The brand made a conscious decision to go with a physical product instead of a digital service. In their eyes, the tactile sensation of the planner, as well as the process of using a pen or pencil against it, adds a layer of depth and meditative intent.

Silk and Sonder gives you space to track your habits, create to-do lists, plan out your month, and find a quiet mental space to consider your goals and spiritual growth. 

Featured in PopSugar and NBC News, Silk and Sonder is a brand that investors are watching with a keen eye.

In this article, we will go over the details of the Silk and Sonder mood tracker, subscriptions plans, individual features, customer feedback, and much more. In the end, you’ll be able to decide if these planners are worth the buy. 

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Pros and Cons

Silk and Sonder Review

First, let’s start off by getting a better sense of the brand as a whole by looking at a comprehensive list of pros and cons:


  • Well-Designed Planners: Silk and Sonder provides beautifully designed planners that are carefully crafted with thoughtful layouts and sections. They offer a combination of monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages, habit trackers, goal-setting prompts, and reflection spaces, allowing users to stay organized and focus on personal development.
  • Self-Care and Mindfulness Focus: Silk and Sonder emphasizes self-care and mindfulness through their planner content. They include sections for gratitude, affirmations, and mental health check-ins, encouraging users to prioritize their well-being and cultivate positive habits.
  • Convenience of Subscription: The subscription model of Silk and Sonder provides the convenience of receiving a new planner each month. This ensures users have a fresh start with updated layouts and prompts, and they don’t have to worry about purchasing a new planner every year.
  • Community and Support: Silk and Sonder creates a sense of community through their online platform and social media presence. They offer resources, inspiration, and a space for users to connect and share their experiences, fostering a supportive community for personal growth.


  • Cost: The subscription price of Silk and Sonder may be considered a drawback for some people. Compared to purchasing a traditional yearly planner, the monthly subscription cost may add up over time. It’s important to assess whether the value provided by the planner and the ongoing content updates justify the cost for you.
  • Limited Customization: While Silk and Sonder offers well-designed planners, they may not cater to everyone’s specific planning preferences. The layouts and sections are pre-designed and may not allow for extensive customization or adaptation to individual needs.
  • Digital Availability: Silk and Sonder primarily focuses on physical planners, which may not suit individuals who prefer digital planning tools or those who want to access their planners across multiple devices.


Silk and Sonder Review

Silk and Sonder offers several features in their monthly planners and journals that are designed to support personal growth and self-care. Here are some of the key features you can expect:

  1. Thoughtful Layouts: Silk and Sonder planners have carefully designed layouts that include monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages. They provide ample space for scheduling appointments, setting goals, and jotting down important tasks.
  2. Goal-Setting Prompts: The planners include goal-setting sections that prompt users to identify and prioritize their short-term and long-term goals. This feature encourages intentional planning and progress tracking.
  3. Habit Trackers: Silk and Sonder incorporates habit trackers to help users develop positive habits and track their progress. This feature allows you to monitor your daily routines and habits to foster personal growth and accountability.
  4. Gratitude and Reflection Spaces: The planners include dedicated spaces for gratitude journaling and reflection. These sections encourage users to focus on positive aspects of their lives, express gratitude, and engage in self-reflection for personal well-being.
  5. Mindfulness and Self-Care Prompts: Silk and Sonder incorporates mindfulness and self-care prompts throughout their planners. These prompts serve as reminders to prioritize self-care activities, practice mindfulness, and foster a positive mindset.
  6. Inspirational Quotes and Affirmations: The planners feature inspirational quotes and affirmations to provide motivation and inspiration throughout the planning process. These uplifting messages can help users stay positive and focused on their goals.
  7. Monthly Themes: Each month’s planner from Silk and Sonder is centered around a specific theme or topic. This thematic approach adds variety and allows users to explore different aspects of personal growth and self-care each month.
  8. Community and Online Resources: Silk and Sonder offers an online platform and community where users can access additional resources, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals. This feature provides a supportive environment for personal growth and self-improvement.

What Size Is The Silk and Sonder Planner?

Silk and Sonder Review

A Silk and Sonder planner is an aesthetic item as functional as it is beautiful. A lot of thought went into creating how it takes up physical space. This includes design decisions that influence how you should feel when you look at it, open the first page, hold it, and write on the lush pages.

Size is a big part of the design process. At the time of this Silk and Sonder review, the physical dimensions are 7 inches by 8.5 inches. The cover has a 100# paper weight, while the pages themselves are rated at 70#. 

This is the weight commonly used for brochures and more substantial publications. In this case, it adds a subtle tactile depth to your planner that makes each page carry more weight, both physically and metaphorically.

For context, the 7 inches x 8.5 inches size is nearly the same as a hardcover book. So your Silk and Sonder planner will have heft and take up space, but not so much as a full-sized calendar that takes over your desk. It can still fit easily into a knapsack or shoulder bag.

Gold binding and gorgeous one of a kind covers (and interior art) frame your planner with a pleasant look that instantly improves your mental mood. Essentially, it sets you in the right frame of mind to analyze your habits, emotions, and goals.

How Does Silk and Sonder Work?

Silk and Sonder Review

Silk and Sonder designs their planners for long-term use. The benefits of documenting consistent, incremental change through tools like these have been widely observed in peer reviewed scientific journals, particularly in the psychology field. 

The team behind Silk and Sonder knows this and has made a product that sets you up for long-term success. To achieve this goal, a monthly subscription is required for the planners. There is no single-purchase option.

Their intention is to help you commit to a stable regimen of personal growth, improvement, and insight. A one-time purchase would put you on the right track, but getting to see your persistence over the span of a few months or years would make the real difference. 

With that said, this Silk and Sonder review must point out that there are three subscription options: Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. As expected, the monthly cost goes down with each tier. You can also choose which month to begin your subscription, up to two months out.

You may, of course, cancel your subscription at any time—just make sure you do so well in advance, because the subscription renews automatically and, when the time comes, you will be charged for the next cycle.

Through this method you could technically subscribe for one month, receive your first planner, and then cancel your subscription immediately. Silk and Sonder (and their customers) recommend sticking with the program and making full use of the tools provided to members.

There is also a Silk and Sonder 3 Month Gift Subscription. If you decide not to attach a note, the brand will write one, telling the recipient who sent the gift. They also have a specially designed template that you can print out and surprise the lucky person with in advance of their first order.

And speaking of deliveries, if you want the gift to arrive well into the future, contact [email protected] to arrange the details. They are happy to help. This is an efficient tip for melting some stress around those busy holiday seasons. 

Silk and Sonder Review

There is more to experience than monthly planners—the Silk and Sonder Annual Supplement is available as a single-purchase item. It is meant to document long-term growth over the course of a year. This helps you deal with your principles, values, and grandest dreams that determine how you operate in the world, and also how you perceive yourself.

The Silk and Sonder Annual Supplement provides positive reinforcement techniques, life coaching, and also organizational tools for turning huge goals into accomplishable steps. It has saddle stitching, a refreshing cover and interior design, and 56 pages to help guide your year in the right direction.

Maybe you want to take a peek at their offerings, just to get your feet wet before committing to a subscription. The Silk and Sonder app (available for Apple and Android devices) is the perfect way to do that. 

After installing it for free, you will have access to exclusive wellness advice, daily coaching, and a place in the Silk and Sonder Club—offering just a small sample of what their planners contain.

Silk and Sonder Subscriptions

To dive deeper in this Silk and Sonder review, let’s take a closer look at the various subscriptions that the brand offers: including Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and Kids.

Silk and Sonder Monthly Subscription

This is the best place for you to start with Silk and Sonder. It introduces you to their approach to wellness with low commitment—while it’s a subscription, you can cancel at any time and effectively turn this purchase into a one-time order.

Maybe you tried the free Silk and Sonder app or read some of the wonderful reviews online and want to give it a try. Start here and find out if the habit tracking, self-improvement fundamentals, and wellness exercises (just to name a few of many features) are right for you. 

At this subscription length, it costs $20 per month. 

Silk and Sonder Quarterly Subscription

Billing every 3 months, the Silk and Sonder Quarterly Subscription is the brand’s most popular plan. It’s flexible, yet not something you have to revisit each month. Most importantly, it locks you into a commitment to bettering yourself through goal planning, habit tracking, and much more for a short yet meaningful amount of time.

Each planner has a theme. Courage is the theme for June, 2021, and the inviting cover and interior aesthetic makes you want to pick up and engage with it. While it is sized to fit in most bags, it also looks pretty on a bookshelf, mantle, coffee table, or office desk. 

You can sign up for the Quarterly Subscription at $16 per month. 

Silk and Sonder Annual Subscription

The Silk and Sonder Annual Subscription is for the most dedicated bloggers. It’s ideal for people wanting to get their life on track, but also those determined to keep on the right path. As anyone would know from joining the Club, developing mental wellness is a never-ending habit.

For those who may have tried the free Silk and Sonder app or the single month subscription, stepping it up to Annual for more savings and more commitment to taking control of your day is a worthwhile decision. 

You can make the upgrade to Silk and Sonder’s Annual Subscription for $15 per month.

Silk and Sonder Kids – Monthly Subscription

The Silk and Sonder Kids Monthly Subscription is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Similar to the adult version, each monthly planner is built around a theme—except these are about exploration and curiosity, not heavy exercises for mental health.

The artistic design on the interior, and on the cover, is simply spectacular. It attracts children to pick it up with no stress and have fun with it. Through engaging sections, the planner guides them through self-reflections and introduces them to life planning. 

Coming in Space, Pirate, and Western themes, the renewing 3-month Kids Monthly Subscription comes to $45

How Much Is Silk and Sonder?

Silk and Sonder Review

The Silk and Sonder cost depends on how you want to partner with them. Their phone app, for example, is a free service that provides life coaching, positive reinforcement psychology, and a place in the Silk and Sonder Club.

The Silk and Sonder Annual Supplement is a single-purchase planner, not available for subscription or gifting, that is designed to help you tackle issues, goals, and personal growth tracking over a long period of time. 

This aesthetic and cleanly-designed saddle-stitched planner helps you plan your bucket list, habits, and even financials over a long period of time at a one-time cost of $34.

The 3 Month Gift Subscription that you may purchase for a special someone has everything in the regular planner. In this case, it comes with an elegant note explaining the gift, and you can plan for it to arrive at a specific time, well in advance of when you place the order. 

The recipient uses it to track their mood, meditate with coloring pages, reach mindfulness through verified exercises, and so much more, all for a one-time cost of $54.

The regular subscription option for themed journals can be set up at any of the three tiers:

  • Monthly: $20/month
  • Quarterly: $16/month
  • Annually: $15/month

Who Is Silk and Sonder For?

Silk and Sonder is perfect for those who prioritize personal growth, self-care, and organization. It caters to self-care enthusiasts who want to incorporate gratitude, reflection, and mindfulness into their daily routines.

The planner is suitable for goal-oriented individuals seeking structure and motivation through goal-setting sections and habit trackers. It also appeals to those dedicated to personal development, providing thematic exploration and prompts for self-reflection.

Creative planners and journalers can also express their creativity while organizing their lives with the planner’s well-designed layouts and inspirational quotes.

Busy professionals and students benefit from its comprehensive planning pages, and individuals seeking community and support find a sense of connection and inspiration through the Silk and Sonder online platform.

Silk and Sonder Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Silk and Sonder Review

Silk and Sonder Instagram customers have noticed significant benefits to using their monthly planners. They are particularly happy about posing with their beautifully themed planner or simply sharing how it helped them approach their week with mindful intent. The Silk and Sonder habit tracker was another big point of approval and helped users get out of a rut.

One Instagrammer writes, “Had fun setting up some more pages in my June planner tonight on the Zoom Sonder Social! The month’s theme is “Play” and I’m doubling double on swing sets.”

Reddit, which is a notoriously fickle and often negative environment, actually hosts very positive comments about the brand. In this community, it was important that Silk and Sonder journals had structure but also a lot of space for creativity. Another positive aspect was how visually appealing they look.

A Reddit user shares their experience: “I use it and I love it! I find the emotion and habit tracking to be unique and it has kept me focused. It’s great if you’ve ever been wanting to bullet journal but not want to do all the creative work yourself. There is still a ton of room for customization as well.”

Facebook is another solid source for reviews. A happy user writes, “I absolutely love my books! I also got a gift subscription. Totally support what they are doing and what they are building and I couldn’t be more hopeful for their future!”

41 customers give them 3.9/5 stars and, although some complain about rare shipping issues, the fair ones talk about how their planner helped them organize their lives, and also that it’s beautiful and a convenient size. They also liked receiving the 3 Month Gift Subscription as a present. 

Is Silk and Sonder Worth It?

Silk and Sonder Review

Silk and Sonder is worth it for anyone who could use a tool that helps organize their mental space and achieve a mindset of wellness, patience, and optimism. They offer planners for adults and children. Still, most of the planners are geared more for women than for men, in both aesthetics and interior content.

That said, there’s no doubt that everyone will benefit equally from the well-designed life planning and tracking tools—as well as the psychology-derived wellness advice. While the subscription payment model is daunting for some people, keep in mind that you can cancel at any time to effectively turn your monthly plan into a single purchase.

You can even try the Silk and Sonder phone app for free in advance. The Annual Supplement, while meant to be used along with the themed monthly planners, is another option for testing the brand’s overarching design style and effective approach to mental wellness.

Silk and Sonder Promotions & Discounts

Silk and Sonder Review

Sign up for the company’s mailing list and get an easy 10% off your first Guided Monthly Planner. This offer appears to be ongoing, with no expiration date, and does not require a Silk and Sonder discount code.

Sign Up For Silk and Sonder

Silk and Sonder Review

Signing up for a monthly planner subscription is a simple process. Follow the steps put together by this Silk and Sonder review and see for yourself.

1. Go to the silkandsonder.com website

2. Click ‘Subscribe’ from the menu at the top of the screen

3. Scroll down and select ‘Monthly’, ‘Quarterly’, or ‘Annual’ from the options

4. Select which month you want to begin receiving your planners

5. Add the product to your cart

6. Checkout with your personal contact information and payment information 


If you’re looking for alternative brands to Silk and Sonder that offer planners and journals focused on personal growth and organization, here are a few options to consider:

  1. The Happiness Planner: The Happiness Planner offers beautifully designed planners with a focus on cultivating happiness, mindfulness, and personal development. They provide goal-setting frameworks, reflection prompts, and gratitude exercises to support overall well-being.
  2. Erin Condren: Erin Condren offers a variety of planners and journals that cater to different planning styles. They provide customizable layouts, inspirational quotes, and goal-setting sections, allowing users to tailor their planning experience to their specific needs.
  3. Ban.do: Ban.do offers vibrant and artistic planners with a focus on creativity and self-expression. Their planners incorporate fun illustrations, colorful layouts, and uplifting messages to inspire individuals to stay organized and motivated.

When considering alternative brands, it’s important to evaluate their specific features, layouts, and overall aesthetic to determine which aligns best with your planning preferences and personal growth goals.


Silk and Sonder Review

Where is Silk and Sonder located?

The brand is based in San Francisco, California. That’s where the founder, Meha Agrawal, planted its initial seeds, and where they still operate at the time of this Silk and Sonder review.

How do I cancel my Silk and Sonder subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, we encourage you to do so well in advance of the 30-day auto-renew cycle. Follow the steps put together by this Silk and Sonder review:

1. Go to silkandsonder.com 

2. Login to your account

3. Click ‘Account Settings’ from the menu options

4. Click ‘Change/Cancel Membership’

5. Confirm your membership cancellation

What is Silk and Sonder’s Shipping Policy?

The company ships all of their products for free. In other words, there are no unpredictable charges added to your order. The bad news is that they only deliver within the US—at least when this Silk and Sonder review was written.

Orders placed before the 20th should arrive on the 1st of the next month at the very latest. But there is no expedited shipping option. You also need to know that there is a deadline for purchasing next month’s planner: the 25th.

That being said, Silk and Sonder tries their best to be accommodating, and recommends that you contact them if the deadline is missed.

What is Silk and Sonder’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, because the brand’s products are made-to-order, there is no return or refund program currently in place. This Silk and Sonder review combed the fine details, and there’s no mistake about it: once you make the payment, it’s confirmed and basically etched into stone.

How to Contact Silk and Sonder

Silk and Sonder Review

Still have questions after reading this Silk and Sonder review? Get in touch with the brand using any of the following methods: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Use the contact form on their website 
  • Send physical mail to the address below: 

1039 South Claremont Street
San Mateo, CA

Explore more options for planners with Erin Condren, and The Happy Planner two brands that create personalized, customizable paper products for lifestyle and organization.

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