ZENB Pasta Review

About ZENB

ZENB Pasta Review

ZENB wants to change the way you think about plants. Its line of plant-fueled pasta, sauces, and snacks takes a health-first approach to eating, using out-of-the-box ingredients to deliver deliciously wholesome nutrition.

Tons of people are talking about this brand. You’ll find its name in popular media outlets like Bon Appetit, BuzzFeed, and Daily Mail among many others. Join a community of 25k followers across Instagram and Facebook for recipes, photos, and inspiration.

Ready to see what this nutrient-forward brand has to offer? It’s all coming up in this ZENB Pasta review. We’ll cover the company’s background, best-sellers, and feedback, along with promotions, FAQs, and more. Hope you brought your appetite because we’re about to dig in.

Overview of ZENB

ZENB Pasta Review

So… is the “b” silent? Actually, ZENB is pronounced “ZEN-bee” and it comes from the Japanese word “zenbu” which means “whole.” That’s a whole lot of quotation marks, but it’s an important part of understanding what makes this brand so unique.

Using whole foods for its entire range of pasta, sauces, and snacks, ZENB’s ingredients are clean, natural, and smart. Each product includes things like vegetable skins, spices, and nuts to create intriguing flavors and smooth textures.

Founded in 2019, ZENB may be a new brand, but its parent company, the Mizkan Group is not. In fact, it’s got a history that’s over 200 years old. Based in Japan, the Mizkan Group is the same one that owns pasta greats like Ragu and Bertolli, so a brand like ZENB fits in right at home.

The folks at ZENB created the brand to show you the power of plants. Packing its products with nutrition from whole foods, its line gives you the benefits of eating a nutritious diet but the convenience that comes from quick-ready meals. Its innovative foods are available in the US, Japan, and the UK.

ZENB Pasta Review

Now that you know a little more about what this brand is all about, we’ll cover some highlights in this ZENB Pasta review.


  • Range of all-natural pasta, sauces, and snacks
  • Gluten-free and plant-based
  • Fewer carbs than wheat pasta
  • High in protein and fiber
  • Non-GMO
  • Offers deals and discounts

ZENB made a name for itself because of its high-protein, lower-carb pasta, but the brand makes plant-fueled, vegan sauces and snacks too. Short on inspiration? Hit up the recipes section for fresh ideas.

In the next section of this ZENB pasta review, we’ll take a close look at a variety of its veggie-packed pasta. We’ll also check out a few creamy sauces and sweet snacks so you get to know the whole gang.

ZENB Pasta Review

ZENB Pasta Review

ZENB has a pretty concise collection, but it’s big on taste and incredibly versatile. From its range of your favorite pasta, vegan takes on robust sauces, and a handful of fruit and veggie snacks, up next in this ZENB pasta review we will introduce you to the brand’s best-sellers.

ZENB Pasta Agile Review

One of the most exciting things about pasta is the variety of shapes it comes in. Long, thin noodles, angled cuts, circular tubes…the list goes on and each one brings with it its own unique experience.

The ZENB Pasta Agile is cut with precision and in such a way that it reduces its cook time to just 3 minutes. Made from yellow peas only, this simple pasta is perfect for quick weeknight meals. Toss it in with veggies and an olive oil sauce for a healthy lunch or use it in soups for a satisfying bite.

However you use it, you’ll get 17 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber in each 3 oz serving. Grab a three-pack of 12 oz boxes for $18.

ZENB Pasta Penne Review

All pasta is satisfying, but there’s something about Penne that’s downright addictive. Making the perfect canvas for red, white, or pink sauce, this intriguingly shaped pasta also bakes well into casseroles and pasta salads.

ZENB Pasta Penne takes the traditional shape of penne pasta but uses yellow peas as its only ingredient—skins and all for added nutrients. Delivering 17 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber per 3 oz serving, add a set of three 12 oz boxes to your weekly menu for $15.

ZENB Pasta Creamy Mushroom Sauce Review

It’s awesome when new brands come up with smart plant-based ideas. Creaminess is something that a lot of vegan sauces just can’t master, or when they do, they use soy. The ZENB Creamy Mushroom Sauce is soy-free and uses a blend of mushrooms, cauliflower, and cashews to create a perfectly smooth and savory sauce.

Non-dairy and non-GMO, this natural sauce is packed with vegetables and delivers delicious flavors to your favorite meals. Add over noodles, mushrooms, and peas for a perfectly simple alfredo. Pick up a four-pack of 15.5 oz cartons for $24.

ZENB Pasta Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce Review

Store-bought sauces are good in a pinch, but there’s nothing like the homemade flavors from a simmered-from-scratch recipe. The ZENB Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce delivers the home-cooked flavor you know and love, using simple, vibrant ingredients like non-GMO red peppers, sautéed onions, and heart-healthy olive oil.

Thickened with a touch of almond butter for richness, don’t knock this sauce until you try it. Completely natural, it comes in packs of four 15.5 oz cartons for $25.

ZENB Pasta Mexican Cocoa Beet Bites Review

Rich and chocolatey with a touch of exotic spice, the ZENB Mexican Cocoa Beet Bites pack in the nutrition. You’ll benefit from whole-food ingredients like beets and zucchini which both include their skin for extra vitamins and minerals.

Sweetened with low-glycemic date syrup, almond butter is mixed in for a delightfully satisfying texture. With 180 calories per pouch and 7 grams of fiber, they’re the perfect snack, dessert, or light breakfast on the go.

Enjoy a full cup of fruits and veggies in every pouch. Grab a five-pack of 1.6 oz bags for $15.

ZENB Pasta Cherry Sweet Potato Review

Sweet and chewy with a satisfying crunch, the ZENB Cherry Sweet Potato bites blend the nourishing taste of sweet potato with tangy, tart cherry. Delivery an entire cup of vegetables and fruits in every pouch, these gluten-free snacks are perfect for any time of the day.

Made with non-GMO fruits and veggies, these treats only contain natural, smart ingredients, like sweet potatoes with the skin on for added nutrients. Enjoy the light crunch from yellow pea puffs and decadent cacao nibs, along with 3 grams of fiber and just 180 calories per bag.

Sold in packs of five 1.6 oz pouches, grab a box of Cherry Sweet Potato bites for $15.

Who Is ZENB For?

ZENB Pasta Review

ZENB makes pasta, sauces, and snacks with a veggie-forward twist. Using peas for its pasta instead of wheat, its product line is completely gluten-free, lower in carbs than traditional pasta, and 100% vegan.

Ideal for those who live a plant-based lifestyle or those who want to make healthier swaps, if you’re looking for lower-carb choices, you may find ZENB Pasta particularly appealing.

ZENB Pasta Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

ZENB Pasta Review

Swapping over to something new from the recipes you know and love can be tough. Sure, it’s going to be healthier, but how about the taste? This part of our ZENB pasta review is here to find out exactly what the brand’s foods are like.

Scoping out customer feedback from around the web, you’ll find a range of comments and ratings from a few different sources. The first? Take a peek at ratings for some of its best-sellers:

  • Pasta Agile: average of 4.4/5 stars from 18 reviews
  • Penne Pasta: average of 5/5 stars from 25 reviews
  • Veggie & Fruit Bites Variety Pack: average of 3.4/5 stars from 21 reviews
  • Creamy Mushroom Gourmet Pasta Sauce: average of 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Roasted Red Pepper Gourmet Pasta Sauce: average of 5/5 stars from 1 review

The majority of reviews around the net are about the brand’s pasta, so we peeked in on the Creamy Mushroom Gourmet Pasta Sauce to see what it was like instead. It has only one ZENB pasta review that read:

New favorite from ZENB! It reminds me of a mushroom stroganoff type of sauce, and I love that you can really taste the roasted garlic. The cauliflower flavor is very subtle. I will definitely repurchase!

ZENB Pasta Review

Getting a vegan sauce to be creamy and delicious isn’t easy. We love that this one is packed with veggies and tastes similar to a sauce you’ve probably enjoyed growing up.

Now, for the ZENB Pasta reviews. Our first one is from a blog called Emily Reviews. Putting the Macaroni, Rigatoni, and Penne to the test in their favorite recipes, here’s what the testimonial had to say about its taste and texture:

The texture of the pasta is wonderful! It has an al dente chewy texture to it. It isn’t in any way gritty like other gluten-free kinds of pasta. As for the flavor, it does have a (very) subtle pea flavor when you eat the pasta plain. I haven’t noticed it when we use it in recipes though….and it’s not a bad flavor, to begin with.

Other kinds of gluten-free pasta can be odd. With either too strong a flavor or a texture that just doesn’t scream noodles, it’s nice to know that ZENB nails both but brings its special twist to the plate.

ZENB Pasta Review

Our last ZENB pasta review comes from Amazon and is for the Rotini, Elbows, and Penne assorted box. With an average of 4.6/5 stars from 81 shoppers, we’ll look at how that score breaks down before jumping into the comments.

  • 5 stars: 76%
  • 4 stars: 15%
  • 3 stars: 3%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 4%

One ZENB pasta review read, “Truly remarkable! I’ve tried a number of gluten-free pastas for my father, who suffers from celiac, but I never found them particularly good. They often had a stale taste or a grainy texture. This was very good, with a texture remarkably similar to what I’m used to with regular pasta and a nice flavor.”

Overall, customers said the pasta was easy to cook, had slight, enjoyable, but easy to disguise pea flavor, and don’t leave you wanting for traditional pasta. Though the brand’s pasta is certainly its most popular product, its sauces and snacks are also enjoyed by many.

Is ZENB Legit?

ZENB Pasta Review

The worst thing about online shopping is getting excited about an order, paying for it, then waiting forever for it to arrive. Or worse, yet, never seeing it show up. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there that aren’t nice to deal with, but we’re happy to report that ZENB isn’t one of them.

For most customers, shipping is on time, customer service responds quickly, and the products delivered taste good. There will always be some difference in feedback from customer to customer when it comes to taste since it’s a personal thing, but for the majority, ZENB pasta is one of the best-tasting gluten-free pasta out there.

Is ZENB Worth It?

ZENB Pasta Review

A box of ZENB pasta clocks in at about $5 per 12 oz box. Sure, that is a little higher than your average everyday pasta, but it’s made from yellow peas, not wheat so that’s understandable.

Instead of price, when determining if something is “worth it,” it’s important to think about its value. Does ZENB have value? You bet your boots it does. The fact that its pasta is gluten-free, high in protein and fiber, lower in carbs, and non-GMO gives it an incredible value.

When weighing the value against the costs, ZENB turns out to be totally worth it.

ZENB Promotions & Discounts

ZENB Pasta Review

Like noodles without sauce, no ZENB pasta review would be complete without the details on deals. We dug through the brand’s site for every last one it has to offer. Take a peek at what we discovered:

  • Unlock a 30% off discount code when you join the mailing list
  • Refer a friend: give them $5, you get 100 points ($5)
  • Join the Rewards Program to earn points when you shop
  • Subscriptions ship for free

Where to Buy ZENB

ZENB Pasta Review

The brand’s products are sold through You can find select products on Amazon as well.


ZENB Pasta Review

Who owns ZENB?

ZENB Pasta is owned by the Mizkan Group. Established over 215 years ago (yes, you did read that right), the Japanese company is family-run and owns other well-known brands like Ragu and Angostura aromatic bitters.

Is ZENB Pasta Keto Friendly?

While ZENB pasta isn’t keto-friendly, it is gluten-free. These two things are not the same, as even though its pasta doesn’t contain glutinous ingredients, it still contains carbs. With ½ of the number of carbs per serving as traditional wheat pasta, ZENB still contains a little too many to be considered keto-friendly.

Does ZENB ship internationally?

Not right now. ZENB Pasta only ships within the contiguous US—not to US territories, Alaska, Hawaii, or PO/APO/FPO addresses. 

What is ZENB’s Shipping Policy?

All gift subscription orders and those over $50 ship for free. All other orders will be subject to shipping fees calculated at checkout. ZENB uses both USPS and UPS to ship out its orders, and you’ll see all of your options listed after you enter your address at checkout.

From the time you place your order online, ZENB gets it ready to ship out within 1-3 business days Monday to Friday. Orders placed on the weekend will ship out the following business day. When shipped, your order should arrive in 2-8 business days and you can start whipping up your favorite satisfying meals.

Shipping costs vary by how much your order. You’ll see the price range below:

  • Up to $18: $4
  • Orders $18-$36: $5
  • Totals from $36-$50: $8

What is ZENB’s Return Policy?

At the end of the day, ZENB just wants you to be happy with what you buy. If you’re not, all you need to do is email [email protected] and its team will try to make it right. Here are the conditions around the brand’s return policy:

  1. Only damaged or faulty products can be returned
  2. You may be required to provide photos of the damage
  3. You may need to send your damaged or faulty products back to ZENB
  4. Inspect your order as soon as it arrives and get in touch ASAP

Once placed, orders cannot be canceled. And if you happen to find that its products don’t suit your palate, you cannot get your money back. That’s usually the name of the game for all perishable goods.

How to Contact ZENB

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this ZENB pasta review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

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