Marlow Pillow Review 

About Marlow Pillow 

Marlow Pillow Review 

How do you improve a pillow? Well, if you’re anything like Marlow Pillow, you stuff it with cooling microfibers, allow customers to adjust it, and wrap it in a breathable mesh. That’s how they made what they call the People’s Pillow, and their efforts seem to have caught on.

Publications like CNN, Men’s Health, and Food52 have praised Marlow Pillow and their 14k Instagram followers can’t stop talking about them. This Marlow Pillow review will find out what has charmed customers and inspired them to sleep on the cool side of the pillow.

To start things off, let’s look at the brand’s highlights. 


Marlow Pillow Review 
  • The pillow can be made firmer or softer to your liking
  • Proprietary cooling technology
  • Antimicrobial to keep pillows fresh and hygienic
  • Save 20% when you buy two pillows
  • Two-year warranty
  • 365-trial period

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Marlow Pillow Products Review 

Marlow Pillow The Pillow Review

Marlow Pillow Review 

Temperature plays a huge role in determining our sleep quality. In no world would you sleep on a pillow as hot as ash because it’d ruin the rest your body needs. What I’m getting at is this; the titular product of this Marlow Pillow can mitigate one of the biggest issues preventing folks from getting a good night’s sleep via its cooling memory foam.

The Marlow Pillow The Pillow is filled with gel-infused fibers and has a breathable shell to permit airflow to lull you to a cool night’s sleep. You can adjust its thickness and height by stuffing it with more (or fewer) layers. Finally, the pillow has an antimicrobial casing to prevent dust build-up.

You can buy a single pillow for $65 or upgrade it to a king’s size for $85

Customers say: ”It’s a little pricey but it’s definitely worth it. Super comfortable and the perfect combination of firm/soft. I have had no problems with neck pain or back pain and I’m incredibly pleased!

Marlow Pillow Cooling Pillow Protector Review

Marlow Pillow Review 

The Marlow Pillow Cooling Pillow Protector is just as important as the Marlow Pillow for a restful sleep, for one simple reason; pillows are gross. Think about it; we put our dirty faces on them for hours on end and let bacteria propagate. No wonder so many people have allergies.

Given that context, you can likely see why this pillow protector is so important. It can sheathe your pillow to ward off bacteria, dust, and other allergens. Additionally, it’s moisture-wicking and cool to the touch, which can also help you sleep through the night. 

The Marlow Pillow Cooling Pillow Protector is machine-washable and made from a 100% cotton shell. One regular-sized protector costs $29 while king-sized versions cost $35.

Customers say: “Cool Pillow covers. Amazed at how cool these pillow covers keep the pillow all night!”

Marlow Pillow The Sleep System Review

Marlow Pillow Review 

This bundle pairs the two aforementioned items of this Marlow Pillow review. It only makes sense to grab them together because they work synergistically. Plus, buying the Marlow Pillow The Sleep System will save you a bit of cash.

A regular-sized bundle costs $89, whereas buying the pillow and pillow protector separately would cost $94.

Customers say: “For years I have been using a tempurpedic pillow, but it couldn’t be washed and wouldn’t fit in pillow cases. I had to combine it with other pillows because it was not tall enough. The Marlow pillow gives me the correct height and it doesn’t block my nose. The firmness is perfect and when I get a hot flush I just flip it and feel the coolness of its cover.

Does Marlow Pillow Work?

Marlow Pillow Review 

There isn’t a ton of mystery behind why the pillows in this Marlow Pillow review should work. You can make them as thick or thin as you like and they keep you cool at night. Comfort plus cool equals a good night’s rest.

Who would I recommend Marlow Pillow to?

I’d recommend the Marlow Pillow to those who struggle to fall asleep despite following most of the tenants of sleep hygiene. If you go to bed early, keep electronics out of your bed, cut off caffeine around noon, and you’re still not sleeping well, then these pillows are for you. (Author’s note: am I calling myself out? Maybe a bit).

Who I wouldn’t recommend Marlow Pillow to?

I wouldn’t recommend Marlow Pillow if you need pillows that support spinal issues like scoliosis. Those conditions require more intensive care that Marlow PIllows can’t provide. 

Alternatives To Marlow Pillow 

Marlow Pillow Review 

Before you read through the rest of my Marlow Pillow review, check out these brands with other inventive pillows:

  • Sleepsia: a small pillow manufacturer that specializes in lumbar support
  • Pillow Cube: a cube-shaped pillow perfect for side sleepers
  • Zamat Sleep: ergonomic pillows with idiosyncratic shapes

What Do Experts Think?

Marlow Pillow Review 

Sleep experts know that pillows can impair our sleep. Bad pillows can collect germs and force our necks into uncomfortable positions. So while they haven’t outright endorsed Marlow Pillow, the intentionality in the company’s vision is a step in the right direction towards better sleep care. 

Marlow Pillow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Marlow Pillow Review 

While there were enough Marlow Pillow reviews from customers to gather a firm impression of their opinion, they were sadly relegated to two websites; Amazon and the company’s website. 

  • Marlow Pillow website: 4/5 stars based on more than 700 pieces of customer feedback
  • Amazon: 3.9/5 stars based on more than 50 pieces of customer feedback

Shoppers were impressed with their Marlow Pillows, with many describing them as performing exactly as advertised. People appreciated how much they could customize the pillow’s firmness and density.

One customer wrote on Amazon; “These pillows are phenomenal! I was unsure what to expect when the box arrived and the pillows were rolled up, but after opening them and letting them fluff for a few hours they felt great. I REALLY liked how I could control the firmness with the zipper. I tested fully zipped and unzipped and landed in the middle. Perfect first night sleep where the pillow kept its structure and was cool all night. Can’t wait for another restful night.

Other buyers complimented how well the pillows worked in hot weather like during the summer. Here’s a Marlow Pillow review from a shopper who’s dealt with a few too many sweaty nights.

These pillows make sleeping in hotter weather a LOT easier. The included pillow liner is needed because of the inside loose foam. But they haven’t become lumpy after being used for a long while, I like how they can be molded to work best for me.

Not every Marlow Pillow review was as complimentary as those two. There were a few common complaints among the negative customer testimonials, primarily about the price of the product and how it did not hold its shape. Some people felt Marlow Pillow exaggerated their claims about comfort and cooling technology. 

Then again, even those who described Marlow Pillow as too pricey recognized its quality. One customer wrote on Amazon:

Although I feel this set of memory foam pillows is slightly overpriced at $97.50, they do provide a nice balance of support. They are neither too soft, nor too firm and are cool to the touch. The firmness can be easily adjusted, although I had no need to remove any of the memory foam filling. I chose these pillows because they are allergen-friendly and made from 100% vegan materials. They look nice on the daybed they were purchased for and seem to hold their shape well. “

Is Marlow Pillow Legit?

Marlow Pillow Review 

There’s no secret magic to the products in this Marlow Pillow review. They’re legit and trustworthy, not trying to trick you into anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with. 

Is Marlow Pillow Worth It?

Marlow Pillow Review 

As some customers pointed out, these pillows are pricey. However, that’s only relative to other pillows on the market. Personally, I’d pay a bit more to ensure that every night I got a night of better sleep. That’s why I believe the Marlow Pillow is worth it. 

Where To Buy Marlow Pillow 

Marlow Pillow Review 

You can shop from the brand’s website,, or Amazon.


Marlow Pillow Review 

Who owns Marlow Pillow?

Marlow Pillow is a subsidiary of the larger Brooklinen brand. 

Where is Marlow Pillow made?

All of the products included in this Marlow Pillow review were made in China. 

Can I wash my Marlow Pillow?

You shouldn’t wash the Marlow Pillow. You can spot-clean them if you spill something. 

Does Marlow have a product warranty?

Marlow Pillow offers a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects that could compromise your pillow’s quality. 

What is Marlow Pillow’s Shipping Policy?

Here’s all the available information about Marlow Pillow’s shipping policy:

  1. They process orders within 1 to 4 business days
  2. You will get a confirmation number and tracking ID when your order ships
  3. Marlow Pillow use FedEx or UPS for all orders

What is Marlow Pillow’s Returns Policy?

You can fill out a return request form to receive a refund up to 365 days after you’ve purchased a Marlow Pillow

How To Contact Marlow Pillow 

Marlow Pillow Review 

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