Slip Pillowcases Review

About Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Pillow Case Review

Slip is a beauty brand that creates luxury silk slip pillowcases and accessories that provide beauty-boosting effects. The company uses the highest grade, 22 momme mulberry silk for all of their products, which touts benefits like anti-aging and reducing hair breakage.

The Slip silk face mask is a favorite among celebrities like Chrissy Teigan and Hayley Baldwin, and the brand has received quite a bit of attention from the media landing features in Elle, BuzzFeed, Town and Country, Real Simple, Forbes, and many others. They have an exciting 246K following on Instagram. 

This Slip pillowcases review will take a close look at the brand, their best selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are the right choice for you.

Overview of Slip Silk

Slip Pillowcases Review

Although not the first brand to come up with the idea but one of the driving forces behind the silk pillowcase craze, Slip was founded in 2004 by Fiona Stewart and her husband Justin Dubois. Back in 2003, Stewart struggled to find a luxury silk pillowcase on the market to help her sleep more comfortably with her painful cystic acne.

Throughout the lifetime of the brand, Slip has been family-owned and operated, first launching in Stewart and Dubois’ home country of Australia. The brand has since branched out worldwide.

Starting with their signature pillowcase, Slip is now proud to offer a variety of products including eye masks, hair scrunchies, headbands, and the more recent Slip face mask. 

This Slip pillowcases review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Products made from the highest quality 22 momme mulberry silk
  • Provides anti-aging effects by reducing skin breakage at night
  • Prevents facial creases that normal pillows case
  • Reduces hair breakage while sleeping
  • Hair ties eliminate hair creases
  • Envelope and zipper closure options for their pillows
  • Range of beautiful colors and patterns
  • 15% off when you subscribe to the newsletter


  • High price point
  • Some customers describe the pillowcases as too slippery at night
Slip Pillowcases Review

All Slip products are made with their special-commissioned fabric, Slipsilk, which took over 10 years to develop and refine. The fabric delivers a superior combination of the perfect amount of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

The silk Slip uses is made from the highest grade of long fiber, 22 momme mulberry silk. The brand also uses non-toxic dyes to keep their process natural and beneficial for their customers.

Customers love Slip for many reasons but most notably, their Slip silk pillowcase and accessories offer a multitude of benefits including anti-aging benefits. How could this be? It turns out that our pillows can cause skin damage while we sleep at night.

Cotton and other materials pull the delicate skin on our face during sleep and absorb (and ultimately negate) all of the skin-loving products used in our nighttime skincare routines.

Slip eliminates skin creases from sleeping. Pillows cause creases on our faces which is harmful to our skin over time, essentially adding unwanted lines. The Slip pillowcase also helps to combat bedhead and decreases hair breakage when we toss and turn throughout the night.

Although not included below, the Slip silk mask is loved by celebrities. The Slip mask helps to reduce mask-acne and wear and tear on our faces during the day. 

This Slip review will feature their most coveted products from dreamy silky pillowcases to game-changing scrunchies. Let’s dive in: 

Slip Pillowcases Review

Each Slip pillowcase provides the same skin and hair-caring effects but is offered in a variety of colors to help achieve the bed aesthetic of your dreams. From soft tones to jazzy patterns, Slip makes it easy to create your ideal sleeping environment.

This Slip pillowcases review will feature their bestselling pillowcases, available in Queen and King sizes with two different closure options. Select color options are featured below but their pillowcases are offered in a wide range of moody, expressive, and classic colors. 

Slip Pink Queen Envelope Pillowcase Review

Baby pink is a delicate and sensual color that evokes feelings of peace and love, which makes it an ideal color choice for your pillowcase. Setting up your sleeping space to be an environment you look forward to entering each night is an important part of having a proper and beneficial REM cycle. 

Along with that, silk protects your skin and hair and feels cool to the touch, enhancing your sleeping experience that much more. The envelope closure tucks in nicely and remains out of sight. Pairing great with other soft tones, the Pink Queen Envelope Pillowcase is $89

Slip White Queen Zippered Pillowcase Review

You can’t beat a classic. White silk is pristine, shimmery, and gently coos elegance, much like a timeless beauty, Grace Kelly-esque vibe. There’s something about white silk that is the epitome of luxury, perhaps because it requires a lot of care.

If you are a lover of white silk, this Slip pillowcases review recommends cleansing your face thoroughly before bed. The White Queen Zippered Pillowcase features a zipper closure for quick and easy washing. You can get this elegant beauty to add to your nighttime routine for $89

Slip Caramel King Envelope Pillowcase Review 

A rich, earthy neutral, this gentle shade of light caramel is dreamy and soft and matches well with dark or light tones. The Caramel King Envelope Pillowcase features an envelope tuck closure for a seamless look. 

This Slip silk pillowcase King swings both ways from the natural to the urban side of style, but this Slip pillowcase review envisions matching it with caramel sheets, white bed frame, a natural-toned rug, and overflowing greenery.

You can get the Caramel King Envelope Pillowcase to suit your style for $110. 

Slip Pink Marble King Zippered Pillowcase Review

Youthful and fun, the Pink Marble King Zippered Pillowcase brings energy to the bedroom. The Slip marble design is like the sophisticated older sister to the 70s tie-dye effect. This pillowcase adds class to a playful look but in a more elevated (and adult) way. 

This pretty pink pillowcase contains a convenient zip closure to keep your pillow properly secured throughout the night. Pair this pattern with white sheets for a contrasting effect or match with solid pink tones for a subtle pop of color in the bedroom.

The Pink Marble King Zippered Pillowcase adds joy to any bed, making it an even more desirable place to lay your head down for $110. 

Slip Black Sleep Mask Review

If you live in a bustling downtown core or you’re a light sleeper, then you know how vital a good sleep mask is. Chances are that you’ve had your fair share of too tight, uncomfortable, and hair-pulling sleep masks.

The Black Sleep Mask is, of course, made from silk so it slides on and off of your head easily without causing hair breakage. The Slip eye mask isn’t tight around your eyes and offers a cooling effect so you can fall to sleep more comfortably with ease.

Featured above in classic black, you can also opt for the Slip sleep mask navy color or a fun pattern for a playful alternative. Get the sleep you need with the Slip sleep mask for $50

Slip Mixed Scrunchie Set Review 

When scrunchies made their comeback a few years ago, we all celebrated the style and the idea that a larger hair tie could eliminate hair breakage. Turns out, normal scrunchies still pull on your hair and leave giant creases. The soft Mixed Scrunchie Set slides out of your hair easily, majorly cutting down on breakage.

This Slip scrunchies set includes three large Slip silk hair ties in pink, caramel, and black to offer variety and versatility in your hairstyle. If those colors aren’t to your taste, these scrunchies are also available in other color schemes.

Channel 80s hair but in a modern and comfortable way with the Mixed Scrunchie Set for $39. 

Slip Gold Slipsilk Robe Review

Silk robes are the essence of luxury. This Gold Slipsilk Robe was created to somehow be even more regal looking with its eye-catching color. The lightweight, wrap-around design of the Slip silk robes is ideal for effortless lounging around the house or while pampering yourself for a special occasion.

This regal gold robe has slits on either side which make it easy to move or kick back with your feet up. It’s available in one size only with a length of 52 inches. Add glamour to your daily routine with the Gold Slipsilk Robe for the hefty price tag of $500.

Slip Glam Band Black Review 

Headbands work wonders for keeping hair out of your face but most have two major problems: breakage to fine hairs and a tight, uncomfortable fit. Glam Band Black provides solutions to both of those problems by sliding off with ease and fastening comfortably with a hook and loop

The Silk headband is great to use during your skincare regime and is cute and comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house. Also offered in leopard print, you can purchase the Glam Band Black to protect your hair while remaining fashionable for $55

Slip Silk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Slip Glam Band Black Review 

This Slip pillowcases review found customer ratings on Sephora and Inluenster for the Slip Pillowcase, as well as a thread on Reddit discussing the value of their pillowcases compared to other options on the market.

Sephora customers rate the Slip Pillowcase at 4.1/5 stars among 368 ratings. One customer detailed her experience after using the pillowcase for 3 months: “I’ve slept so much more comfortably, my skin products stay on better through the night, and my hair isn’t as much of a mess in the morning. It stays at a cool temperature and is so soft to sleep on. Also, I don’t get sleep creases on my face anymore.”

On the other hand, an unhappy customer noted, “my pillows would literally just slide around and I found it super annoying because I was losing sleep by waking up and having to rearrange my pillows.”

The Slip pillowcase is rated 4.6/5 stars among 76 reviews on Influenster. A customer who rated the brand as 5 stars writes about her three-year experience with the pillowcases. Her review reads:

Another beautiful thing is not waking up with pillow lines. I also have found my night products stay on my face much better with Slip. I wash my case on a cold cycle about once a week. I’m coming on the three year mark.”

Interestingly, another customer had a seemingly opposite experience: “After the first wash the silk started to fall apart and it was not as soft as it was when i first opened the box. I followed the washing direction to the T.” Perhaps the buyer didn’t wash it properly? Who knows.

In a Slip Reddit thread, a user asked if the pillowcases are worth the money. One use responded, “Yes. But make sure you get the zipper ones.” Dually noted, and the Slip Silk Pillowcase Queen: 4.7/5 stars out of 388 ratings on Amazon. Impressive!

Is Slip Silk Worth It?

Slip Glam Band Black Review 

It’s clear to this Slip pillowcases review that sleeping on these pillowcases offers extremely important benefits. Using the highest grade of silk possible allows for the highest quality skin and hair protection.

Customers report that Slip pillowcases do what they claim and that the majority of issues are in regards to the slippery nature or pillows falling out of the envelope closure options. Fortunately, Slip created a solution for that issue with the zippered style. 

Some argue that the effects are the same between Slip and other lesser-quality (and less expensive) pillowcases. If this is true, are Slip pillowcases worth it? This Slip pillowcases review still says yes, and here’s why:

There is a reason why Slip pillowcases are popular- they do make a difference. Slip takes the quality of their pillowcases very seriously, so if you have a complaint, their team will do their best to find a solution. It’s clear that, in terms of quality, you get what you pay for

Slip Silk Promotions & Discounts 

Slip Glam Band Black Review 

Sign up for the Slip newsletter to receive 15% off of your first order. From here, the company will let you know if there is an upcoming Slip pillowcase sale. 

Where to Buy Slip Silk

Slip Pillowcases Review

The best way to get deals is through Slip.com but the pillowcases and other accessories, like the Slip face covering and Slip gift set, are also available at a range of retailers including: 

  • Sephora
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Beautylish 
  • Free People
  • Nordstrom
  • Shopbop


Slip Pillowcases Review

Who owns Slip? 

Slip is a family-owned business run by husband and wife duo, Fiona Stewart and Justin Dubois. 

Is Slip Silk real silk? 

Slip uses the highest quality of long strand, 22 momme real silk. 

How do you wash a Slip pillowcase? 

To wash a Slip pillowcase, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Always use a pH natural detergent and do not ever use bleach
  2. Machine wash on a delicate setting in a delicates bag at a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees C, or hand wash with water below 30 degrees C 
  3. Do not tumble dry
  4. Air or steam dry
  5. Dry cleaning is optional
  6. Iron on low heat

How long do Slip pillowcases last?

Some sources say that Silk pillowcases last from 9-12 months, but according to our review, some customers have had theirs for over 3 years. The company states that your Slip pillowcase will last longer if you care for it properly

What is Slip Pillowcases’ Shipping Policy?

Slip processes your order within 24 hours from when you place it. Orders to the continental US that total over $50 ship for free. Standard shipping to the West Coast takes 1-2 business days and 3-4 business days for the East Coast. Costs for all other shipping options will be calculated at checkout. 

International shipping costs for Slip orders are calculated at checkout. Express orders take between 3-5 business days for delivery. 

What is Slip Pillowcases’ Return Policy?

If your order arrived and was damaged in any way, contact Slip at [email protected] within 14 days of delivery, and they will rectify the issue. To exchange a product for a different color, you can do so within 30 days of purchase. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact [email protected] to initiate a return or solution.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and Slip urges the use of a trackable shipping method. To be eligible for an exchange, your item must be unused and in the original packaging. Slip charges a small freight fee to send a replacement. 

How to Contact Slip Silk

If you need any other information that this Slip pillowcases review did not provide, you can reach the company in the following ways:

  • Email [email protected] 
  • Slip customer service phone number 1-800-513-9247 (US) or 1-212-461-4840 (International)

If you’re not set on Slip, check out masks by Manta Sleep and Blissy.

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