Clear Rear Bidet Review

About Clear Rear Bidet

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Clear Rear has everything you need to upgrade your toilet experience. Known for making bidets, this company believes that their prototypes will provide a more hygienic clean compared to paper. Their collection also includes towels, mists, and stools. 

A majority of customers have flocked to reviewer sites to voice their praise, as there are nearly 4,000 comments posted on Amazon. 

Is it time to touch up your loo, or is it not needed when going number two? This Clear Rear Bidet review will hopefully answer that for you, as we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s worth making the switch. 

Overview of Clear Rear Bidet

Clear Rear Bidet Review

While their founders are relatively unknown, we do know that Clear Rear is on a mission to reinvent the way we think about hygiene. 

Designed to provide a thorough cleanse, this Californian-based brand believes that using their bidet can help reduce toilet paper waste. Made to feel luxurious with every flush, Clear Rear does the most in decking out the average bathroom. 

“Because washing with water feels fresher, cleaner, and cooler. Because using toilet paper can smear, smudge, and scratch your behind. Because it’s simply better for the environment. And because just one experience with a Clear Rear bidet, and you’re on your way to improving your health, hygiene, and happiness,” via a statement made by the brand. 

Before we get into this Clear Rear Bidet review, let’s go over some of their pros and cons: 


  • Provides a collection of bidets and bathroom accessories
  • Their bidets are easy to attach and come with self-cleaning services 
  • Clear Rear states that using their products can help cut down on toilet paper waste and consumption 
  • Bidets are known to provide a gentle and thorough cleanse compared to paper, ideal for people with sensitive skin 
  • Batteries and electricity are not needed to power their bidets
  • Fewer toilet clogs 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 or more 


  • Does not offer international shipping 
  • Bidets may be tricky to use for first-time customers 

Do Bidets Actually Clean You?

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Think of it this way: your fingers are caked with mud, so what is the most efficient way to clean off the excess gunk, dry paper towels or water? Most people would choose the traditional soak since it’s usually the first step in hand washing. 

Now apply the same type of logic to bidets. While a quick swipe of toilet paper may leave behind streaks or excess debris, water can get rid of those ‘extra bits’ with the flush. 

Even if you’re thorough when it comes to the ‘wiping’ method, it can be hard to see if you’ve missed a couple spots. Residual poop can lead to skin irritation and a general sense of uncleanliness. 

And for those who hate the wet feeling of a quick rinse, users are more than welcome to use a bit of toilet paper to dry things off. 

Are Bidets More Sanitary?

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Poor sanitation can lead to a host of infections and diseases down the road. This includes diarrhea, E. coli, cholera, and salmonella, just to name a few. 

There’s no need to sit in panic, as there are multiple ways to help you achieve that thorough cleanse. Bidets are known to provide a rigorous wash that ensures all areas are spot and smear-free. 

Bidets are also a hands-free experience. While the wiping method requires close contact, this more hygienic alternative has users staying clear of accidental smears or toilet rim touches. 

This gadget may not be for everyone: women who use this device may risk infection or alter their normal vaginal bacteria. 

If you’d like to learn more about the ways of the bidet, we recommend reading further into our Clear Rear bidet review. 

How Does The Clear Rear Work? 

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Clear Rear offers two kinds of bidets: The Buttler and the Grand Duke Hot and Cold Water prototype. Both are easy to attach and perform the same type of function. By affixing it to the side of the toilet, users can adjust the pressure of the stream to achieve the right amount of comfort. 

Once you’re done, there’s a self-cleaning nozzle installed to keep your porcelain throne looking spick and span. This Clear Rear Bidet review will go over their two offered models in more detail down below. 

Toilet humor aside, it’s time we start taking proper care of our buns. Clear Rear is all about upping the hygiene game, as they offer various bidet designs. 

With the addition of other accessories such as stools, eco-friendly toilet paper, bathroom mists, and towels, we’ll take a look at a few of their best sellers to help readers get started. 

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Bidets aren’t just for fancy people. This brand wants to make this nifty bathroom tool accessible for everybody in the name of hygiene. 

From the Buttler prototype to the motion-activated night light, this Clear Rear Bidet review will go over a few of their most popular products for you to try out. 

Clear Rear Buttler Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Review

Oh my God Becky, look at that bidet. Affixed with a pressure adjustment knob and self-cleaning nozzle, this Clear Rear prototype is created to up the average commode to the throne of your dreams. 

Designed to give users maximum control when it comes to water temperature, the Buttler Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment comes with two settings: the dainty spritz or the power wash (designed specifically for burrito night).

Those going number 2 can modify the angle of the nozzle, helping to provide a thorough cleanse of the front and backside. 

Meant to fit any kind of loo, the Buttler Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is your one-way ticket to rear refreshment for only $65. For those looking to buy more than one set, Clear Rear offers a slight discount for each additional unit purchased:

  • Two Buttlers: $110
  • Three Buttlers: $195 
  • Four Buttlers: $260 

Clear Rear Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Review 

Readers, can you handle this? The Rear Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment provides a bootylicious experience due to its water pressure nozzle and custom angle adjustment

Designed to dispense the right amount of soak, users can modify the temperature settings to ensure proper comfort and cleansing. Considered a better alternative than toilet paper, there’s no need to worry about smears and excess spots.

Meant to eliminate the ‘toss and turn’ movement, this gadget can act as a thoughtful present to your grandparents or aging uncles and aunties. 

The easy to install Rear Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment only costs $50, compared to the traditional markup of $500. Customers can also purchase this product in bulk for a discounted fee:

  • Two bidets: $90 
  • Three bidets: $132
  • Four bidets: $168

Clear Rear Grand Duke Hot and Cold Water Review

Don’t poop like a peasant, crap like a king with the Grand Duke Hot and Cold Water bidet. Meant to provide a royal treatment, this bad boy comes with an adjustable temperature preference and pressure knob to ensure your princely buns come out looking supreme and dignified. 

It also doesn’t need any electricity to run, harkening back to the good ol’ days of chamber pots. This gadget is built with a self-cleaning mode to keep your hands nice and clean. 

Fit for relieving your ‘knightly duties,’ the Grand Duke Hot and Cold Water bidet costs $80. Unfortunately, this throne has been claimed by many, but keep checking back on their website for any updates on availability. 

Clear Rear Knight Light UV LED Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Review 

It’s the middle of the night. In a hurry to make it to the bathroom, you skip the blinding lights.  But you’re in for a cold surprise: the seat is left up, and your bum is left teetering on the rim. 

To prevent this unwanted occurrence from happening, the Knight Light UV LED Motion Activated Toilet Night Light is meant to provide a bit of visibility in the darkness. 

Designed to detect any signs of motion, this lighting device acts as your saving beacon in times of need. Built with 8 color-changing lights, users can up their pooping experience to a fun night-time rave. 

This product can also mask unwanted odors before it escapes the bathroom door. Made to be sturdy and water-resistant, the Knight Light UV LED Motion Activated Toilet Night Light costs $40. For those looking to buy more, Clear Rear offers a slight discount when you buy in bulk:

  • 2 Knight Lights: $76 
  • 3 Knight Lights: $110 
  • 4 Knight Lights: $144 

Clear Rear Chambermaid Bathroom Toilet Stool Review

Made to correct your posture, the Chambermaid Bathroom Toilet Stool re-positions your pooping stance to prevent excess strain. Ideal for users that deal with constipation or hemorrhoids, this nifty add-on makes the bathroom experience much less stressful.

It can also be tucked away for later use, as this model is designed to be foldable. Say goodbye to those 15 minute-long bathroom breaks. 

Poop in peace by purchasing the Chambermaid Bathroom Toilet Stool for $30. If you have more than one bathroom in the household, customers can buy multiple stools for a discounted price:

  • Two chambermaids: $59 
  • Three chambermaids: $88 
  • Four chambermaids: $117

Clear Rear Your Highness Toilet Seat Elevation Bumpers for Bidets Review 

Designed to prevent that loud ‘bang,’ the Your Highness Toilet Seat Elevation Bumpers for Bidets cushions your toilet to help reduce unwanted noise. Made to slightly raise the throne, these add-ons may be just what you need to complete the perfect pooping experience.

Held together with a durable stick-on adhesive, these pads can be attached to the underside of the toilet ring. Coming in a set of four, the Your Highness Toilet Seat Elevation Bumpers for Bidets cost $20 altogether. 

Clear Rear Bamboo Booty All Natural Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Replacement Review

No need to flush the toilet in guilt: go green with the Bamboo Booty All Natural Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Replacement. Made entirely out of sustainable materials, this plant-based alternative is devoid of harmful substances such as bleach and synthetics. 

Designed to be hypoallergenic, users can wipe worry-free without risking irritation or infection. 

This super-absorbent prototype also won’t clog the drain. 

Ideal for using after the bidet, the Bamboo Batty All Natural Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Replacement has your backside covered. Customers can purchase this product in 4 different ways:

  • 1 pack (24 rolls) one-time purchase: $51 
  • 1 pack (24 rolls) subscription option: $44
  • 2 pack (48 rolls) one-time purchase: $80 
  • 2 pack (48 rolls) subscription option: $69

Clear Rear Bidet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Is Clear Rear a legitimate company? Based on what we’ve seen so far, this brand seems to be on a roll (pun intended). 

A total of 2,075 reviews were made on their company website, with a score of 5/5 stars. A majority of customers praised the functionality of their bidets, as it helped them achieve a thorough and comfortable cleanse. 

Best purchase I’ve made this year for the family. I urge everybody to enjoy benefits of bidet use – sanitary and inexpensive,” one reviewer wrote for the Buttler Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

The Buttler actually has 2,035 of all the reviews on the official website, with a great score of 5/5 stars. All the other products only contain a handful of reviews each.

Amazon holds a staggering review count of close to 4,000 with a high score of 4.5/5 stars

We also found other independent blogs that spoke in favor of Clear Rear Bidet. Online journals such as Mr Gadget and the Gadget Review noted that their prototypes are easy to install. Both agreed that the integrated settings (including the temperature and pressure knobs) helped to provide a pleasant experience. 

“The controls are easy to reach and the knobs are extremely easy to understand. Installation is also a breeze, even for those who aren’t exactly “handy” around the house. Moreover, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket,” via a statement made by Mr Gadget. 

With all that in mind, it seems that many of the brand’s customers love their bidets and accessories, with the wave of positivity flushing the minority of negative comments down the drain.

Is Clear Rear Bidet Worth It?

Clear Rear Bidet Review

After combing through their products and customer ratings, this Clear Rear Bidet review encourages you to check this brand out. While it may seem like an unnecessary add-on at first glance, this toilet paper-saving gadget comes with a whole list of advantages. 

Not only does it ensure a rigorous wash, but bidets can also prevent clogged drains and lower the risk of infections. Clear Rear’s prices are quite reasonable as well, as their bidets are under $70

There’s no need to deconstruct your built-in toilet because the bidets are made to be easily installed without much effort. In terms of negatives, first-timers may find it fussy or difficult to manage the settings of their device. 

Clear Rear may not be for everybody, as some bidets may come with a few caveats for women, according to a few sources online. Overall, if you’re looking to cut your toilet-paper costs while maintaining the same (or better!) level of sanitation, this bidet brand might be the way to do it. 

Clear Rear Bidet Promotions & Discounts 

Clear Rear Bidet Review

This Clear Rear Bidet review found out that customers can save a bit of money if they buy their products in bulk. For example, buyers save 15% if they purchase four of the Chambermaid Bathroom Toilet Stool. 

You can also sign up for a membership card to be notified of any exclusive deals or perks. 

Signing up with your email also nets you a coupon code for the following promotions,

  • $10 off orders over $70
  • $15 off orders over $100
  • $30 off orders over $150 

Where To Buy Clear Rear Bidet

Clear Rear Bidet Review

Customers can purchase their products by visiting getaclearrear.com. You can also find them at select retailers:

  • Clear Rear Home Depot 
  • Clear Rear Walmart
  • Amazon


Clear Rear Bidet Review

Is Clear Rear heated?

We found out that their models only adjust the pressure and the temperature of the water nozzle. The brand’s products do not come with a heated toilet seat or other temperature accessories. 

Does Clear Rear use cold water?

Yes, users can modify the temperature of the water, ranging from hot to cold. You can turn the knob of the bidet to find your optimal setting. 

How do you install Clear Rear?

Each bidet comes with a Clear Rear instruction manual for customers to use. We recommend going to their FAQ page and looking up a few Clear Rear installation videos on Youtube for more specifics. 

What is Clear Rear Bidet’s Shipping Policy?

This Clear Rear Bidet review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders $50 or more. For orders under $50, shipping prices are calculated at checkout. It usually takes 8-15 business days for packages to arrive. 

To help monitor the status of their purchase, customers will receive a tracking number in a confirmation email. Unfortunately, the brand does not provide international delivery. 

What is Clear Rear Bidet’s Return Policy?

The brand provides customers a 30-day window to return their products. They do issue refunds or 90% store credit upon request. To initiate this process, this Clear Rear Bidet review recommends contacting their customer service for more details. 

How to Contact Clear Rear Customer Service

For inquiries that go beyond this Clear Rear Bidet review, you can contact the company via,

  • Phone number: 1-855-326-2682 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Using the chat function on the Clear Rear website

Looking for more options? Then check out Bio Bidet, an American brand of bidets that sells products online and in stores.

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