Manta Sleep Mask Review

About Manta Sleep 

Manta Sleep Mask Review

Manta Sleep is dedicated to helping those with difficulty sleeping, offering unisex products ranging from sleeping eye masks and blue light glasses to weighted blankets. All of these products were created with the same mission in mind: to help everyone achieve better sleep

Manta Sleep is the world’s first modular eye mask for sleeping and gained the attention of many notable media sources like Men’s Journal, The Huffington Post, and The Telegraph UK. The Manta Weighted mask was featured on as a Sleep Award winner. The company also has an impressive 25,000+ likes on Facebook

Celebrities such as Brie Larson and Steve Aoki are huge fans of the Manta Sleep eye masks, using them both at home and when they travel. Steve Aoki says he can’t sleep without the Manta Sleep mask and carries multiple with him just in case.  

This Manta Sleep mask review will give you an all-encompassing look at the brand, an overview of their most popular products, customer reviews, promotions, and give you the information needed to help you decide if these products are worth purchasing. 

Overview of Manta Sleep 

Manta Sleep Mask Review

Manta Sleep was created by Mark Zhang in Jackson, Wyoming. Manta Sleep has a mission “To give light sleepers mastery & control over sleep.”  Prior to launch, Manta Sleep mask founder struggled as a light sleeper and was unable to find a suitable sleep mask. Between 2014 and 2017, he embarked on a mission to create the perfect sleep mask

With 10 years of industrial design experience, this seemed like the perfect next step.  Zhang quit his job and spent two years creating the perfect Manta Sleep mask. In 2017, he decided to share this product on Kickstarter and Indiegogo where they had a spectacular response with over $750,000 in pledges

Manta Sleep was a hit from the start, quickly amassing 23,000 happy customers. Since 2018, the brand has been striving to improve sleep and improve your life by allowing you to “maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock your full potential”

The brand is continuing to create new sleep accessories and innovate their sleep mask designs. This Manta Sleep mask review will now take a look at the pros and cons of their sleep masks.

Here are the key points of our Manta Sleep mask review:


  • Variety of specialized sleep masks to suit different customers
  • Numerous awards
  • Modular and lightweight designs
  • Adjustable strap to fit any head size
  • Adjustable foam eyecups
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • Free standard US shipping
  • Buyers report great customer service
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 


  • Pricier than other sleep masks at $30, though this is to be expected with specialized products
  • Some users found the mask uncomfortable

Manta Sleep has an extensive range of products that are all intended to help you sleep. The sleep masks available include the original Sleep mask, Slim mask, Max mask, Weighted mask, Silk mask, Cool mask, Warm mask, and the Aroma mask, featuring Manta Sleep mask Bluetooth features. You can also purchase the cups and straps individually.  

Other sleeping aids sold by Manta Sleep are the white noise machine, the Manta body pillow, travel pillow, weighted blanket, blackout sticker, earplugs, nose vents, and blue light glasses. All of Manta Sleep’s products are intended to give the user a better more restful sleep. 

The sleep masks are Manta Sleep best sellers, so this Manta Sleep review will focus on this collection. The range of products is created to meet individual needs, with completely adjustable straps for a personalized fit. All of the masks are machine washable for easy cleaning. 

Manta Sleep Mask  

The original Manta Sleep mask features zero eye pressure and a revolutionary design that can be worn by anyone, whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. This mask is predominantly blackout for a soothing, completely dark sleep. It’s built with comfortable soft foam to further enhance your sleep.

The Manta Sleep mask also comes with premium earplugs, and its combined features are designed to boost REM and deep sleep. The fabric is soft and comfortable and comes in a neutral grey color. This is a huge step up from your classic sleeping eye mask and costs $30

Manta Cool Mask

The Manta Cool mask is amazing for sensitive and sore eyes, with a near blackout design. This high-tech mask evenly distributes a cooling sensation using insulated ceramic beads, offering relaxing, pressure-free compression. The mask can be stored in the freezer, but remember not to leave it in there for too long, since this can reduce the mask’s longevity.

This Manta Sleep mask is great for soothing eyes and sinuses if you have puffy, irritated eyes, headaches, or sinus issues. This mask comes in a neutral grey color with baby blue eye patches. This Manta Sleep mask is filled with cooling beads that are not harsh on the eyes and can aid in swelling and discomfort

This Manta Cool mask cooling feature will make you feel well-rested and more alert when you wake up, ready to start your day. The Manta Cool mask is only available in neutral grey and priced at $40

Manta Warm Mask 

The Manta Warm mask was made to help those who have dry eyes or need to alleviate stress. This incredibly innovative design can provide relief in as little as 3-5 minutes using natural steam and pressure-free compression. The mask is designed with hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial fabric to maintain the health of your eyes.

This Manta Sleep mask is great for contact lens wearers or those who feel strain in their eyes. It features a near black-out design, so if you’re looking to completely block out light, this mask isn’t the right one for you.

After microwaved, this mask releases heat that stays warm for over 10 minutes. This mask features the same neutral grey with cute baby pink eyepieces! The Manta Warm mask retails for $40.

Manta Weighted Mask 

The Manta Weighted mask is like a weighted blanket for your eyes, in the best way possible.  Just as relaxing and soothing as a weighted blanket, this mask improves sleep and general mood by evenly distributing weight while not applying pressure to eyelids or eyelashes. The weighted mask also has a streamline design to evenly apply pressure in any position.

The weighted feature adds gentle pressure and helps with stress, anxiety, and even tension from headaches. This mostly blackout mask features a sleek dark charcoal grey and the same comfortable feel like the other masks offered by Manta. The Manta Weighted mask is priced at $40.

Manta Slim Mask 

The Manta Slim mask has all of the amazing qualities of the original mask in a more lightweight form, making it amazing for anyone on the go. This design is super slim and has a barely-there feel, including a slim above the ear strap and anti-stretch elastics

This is a great choice if you find eye masks that you can feel on your face uncomfortable, many light sleepers find it best to hardly feel the mask on your head. Plus, the Manta Slim mask‘s almost blackout design can further maximize your sleep quality. 

Just like the other eye masks, it comes in a neutral grey color. This is a great choice of eye mask if you love to travel and would be amazing for usage on planes. The Manta Slim mask is priced at $30.

Manta Aroma Mask 

Aromatherapy is an effective tool in helping you sleep. Compatible with Manta Modules, the Manta Aroma mask uses lavender (the most prominent essential oil in aromatherapy) to help you relax, hence light purple being the only color this mask comes in. This type of aromatherapy is scientifically proven to relax your entire body through scent receptors in your nose that communicate with your nervous system, hence the targeted scent vents that point to your nose. 

The combination of the predominantly blackout eye mask and the lavender aromatherapy creates a relaxing spa-like environment, which will both relax and help you sleep. To keep the scent lasting longer, Manta includes 5 AAA-grade lavender sachets (individually sealed) which make the scent last 15-30x longer than any other mask on the market. 

The Manta Aroma mask is also microwaveable and machine washable (please remove sachet before washing) and costs only $40.This Manta Sleep Mask review knows the added stress everyone is currently feeling, so the addition of relaxing lavender aromatherapy is a bonus.

Manta Silk Mask 

If you love luxury or are an anti-aging or skincare fanatic, this mask is perfect for you!  The Manta Sleep Silk mask is anti-aging and the silk helps defend against wrinkles and fine lines, while also aiding in softening and rejuvenating the skin. The Manta Sleep mask silk is soft 22 momme which is naturally hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and breathable

This has a 6 layer head strap, it is lightweight, provides close to a blackout effect, and machine washable. The Manta Sleep Silk mask has an elegant yet futuristic look in beautiful silk fabric that will not only help you fall asleep but help you wake up looking younger. The Manta Sleep Silk mask costs $65

Manta Max Mask 

The Manta Max mask has 86% more room and eye space which was designed for long eyelashes or large eyes and is perfect to use for those who have eyelash extensions or sensitive skin. It’s made out of soft, durable, breathable, naturally hypoallergenic premium bamboo and antibacterial fabric, this makes it great for sensitive eyes and skin and cashmere soft

This mask is great for individuals with sensitive skin, is extremely gentle, and is the world’s best extra spacious sleep mask with some blackout potential. You can purchase the Manta Max mask for $40.

Manta Sleep Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Manta Sleep Review

On the official Manta Sleep mask website, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive with an average of 4.8/5 stars, based on a total of 3,628 Manta Sleep mask reviews. For Manta Sleep mask Amazon reviews, Manta Sleep Masks had an average review of 4.6/5, taken from 11,892 global ratings, with 76% 5-star reviews

Looking at the long list of positive Manta Sleep mask reviews, some standout comments were that the mask was comfortable, created darkness, and helped users fall asleep and sleep comfortably

The most helpful positive Manta Sleep mask review stated that “This mask is by far the best I have ever tried…. I particularly like the eyepieces where it gives my eyes some space not smashing fabric on them. If you’re a night shift worker do yourself a favor and invest in this sleep mask.”  

One Manta Sleep mask review on Reddit claims that the product is amazing for those suffering from migraines and helped her alleviate pain. The Manta Sleep mask Reddit threads have also been full of positive comments doting on the effectiveness of the products from Manta Sleep. 

Of the negative reviews, the most common points were that it is too warm, doesn’t comfortably fit your face, doesn’t blackout, doesn’t stay in place, and that it is not good for people who sleep in different positions. A Manta Sleep mask review claimed the eye pads’ pressure “…triggered migraine headaches… even at a loose setting”

While we take all negative customer feedback seriously, it’s important to note that Manta Sleep specifies that certain masks are not 100% blackout. Also, it’s a pretty big claim to say that the masks will work for everyone. Some wearers will be sensitive to pressure, in particular. 

While there are a small number of unhappy customers, most reviewers love the product and find it to be comfortable and improve their sleep. All Manta Sleep reviews, both positive and negative, also said the brand had excellent customer service.

Are Manta Sleep Masks Worth It?

Manta Sleep mask review

Manta Sleep masks are worth purchasing if you’re having trouble sleeping and find that normal sleep masks are not working for you. Many people have trouble falling asleep, with 30-35% of people experiencing insomnia during normal times. This issue is only increasing due to the stress brought on by current world events, as well as more time spent in front of screens.  

Sleep masks are a great solution when you need a little extra help falling asleep. They can help you have a better night’s sleep by blocking out light from screens. Many people use them when traveling on airplanes, in cars, or on trains, but they are also useful for daily use. Sleep masks are also a great option for shift workers who need to get their sleep during the day when it’s bright out. 

Manta Sleep masks are a cut above the rest.They’re extremely comfortable and have an advanced design due to their unique foam eyecups. The adjustability makes them a great fit for sleepers in any position

Do Manta Sleep masks work? Yes! Manta Sleep masks may be a bit more expensive than the average sleep mask, customers are paying for premium features. The Manta Sleep mask provides all of the qualities one looks for in a sleep mask. So, this Manta Sleep review believes that these masks are worth a try

Manta Sleep Mask Promotions & Discounts 

Manta Sleep mask review

There is a Manta Sleep mask discount offering 10% off when you join the Manta Club by providing the site with your email address (this will also give you exclusive deals!). At this time, there is no other Manta Sleep discount code or promotion.

Where to Buy Manta Sleep Masks

Manta Sleep mask review

If you are looking to purchase Manta Sleep masks you may do so on their official website: Or, you can find their products at these other locations: 

  • Urban Outfitters 
  • Amazon 


Manta Sleep mask review

Where is Manta Sleep located? 

Manta Sleep is an e-commerce website, so there is no physical store. Manta Sleep headquarters is located in Jackson, Wyoming in the United States.

Do Manta Sleep masks work for children? 

Manta Sleep masks can be worn by anyone of any age due to the adjustable strap. The smallest circumference of the mask is 20 inches, meaning it would comfortably fit a child and aid them in falling asleep comfortably.

Can I wear Manta Sleep masks if I sleep on my side or stomach? 

These masks can be worn by anyone regardless of sleeping position. All of the masks are designed with the Manta Sleep mask side sleeper in mind because most people do not sleep on their back or stomach. Due to the tapered eyecups and foam fabrication, the mask is incredibly comfortable no matter what your preferred sleeping position.

How do you wash a Manta Sleep mask? 

The Manta Sleep mask washing instructions state that you may wash the mask by using a washing machine for all models except for the Weighted mask, Warm mask, and the Cool mask. These masks must be hand washed and you must never use bleach.

You must always use the included carrying pouch when you are going to wash the mask, to protect the foam. To machine wash: 

  1. Insert the Manta Sleep mask into the included carrying pouch 
  2. Zip it and machine wash
  3. Once it is done being washed, lay it flat to air dry  

What is Manta Sleep’s Shipping Policy?

Manta Sleep offers free standard US shipping and should take 2-6 business days to arrive once shipped. Express shipping is available for both domestic and international orders, but an estimate is calculated at the checkout due to the item’s weight.  

Standard international shipping charges may increase from the standard $5 depending on the weight of the order. This option would be performed by your local post office and will take 7-21 business days after the order is shipped. 

For Manta Sleep mask Canada orders, shipping is available under the same international rules. UAE customers must use P.O. box addresses for standard shipping. P.O. box express shipping is not available to any location

Manta Sleep does not cover duties, fees, VAT, and customs, although these usually do not apply due to the low shipment value.  To track an order, you may use the tracking link or number associated with your purchase, which is sent to you via email after checkout.  

What is Manta Sleep’s Return Policy?

Manta Sleep has a 60-day money-back guarantee on all items except those purchased during limited-time sales events, as these are considered final sale. To return an item, you reach out to the customer service team via the contact page and they will provide a prepaid return label via email.  

You will receive a full refund for the item cost, but not shipping. You also have the option to exchange an item for another product as long as they are of the same price value. For exchanges, you will have to pay for shipping again.

How to Contact Manta Sleep 

Manta Sleep mask review

If you have more questions after this Manta Sleep mask review, you can Manta Sleep contact options include: 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat on the website
  • Mail: 15833 Mill Creek Blvd, 13130 Jackson, Wyoming, US

Written by Alexandra Aulicino

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