Endy Mattress Review

About Endy Mattress

Endy Mattress Review

Dream a little dream of a sound and restful sleep. Doesn’t that sound incredible? With the help of Endy Mattress, that dream can come true. 

Offering up a complete bedroom set from mattresses, frames, and pillows, to end tables and more, this brand was built to help customers achieve a truly soothing sleep.

This business may have only joined the market in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped them from making their mark with 66.7k followers on Instagram alone. 

As a Canadian-only company, it’s impressive to see the number of features written about Endy in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Living, HuffPost, and more.

We all love to see a Canadian-born and grown company, but I won’t let that sway my Endy Mattress review. Checking out history, products, pricing, and more, I’m here to determine whether this brand is worthwhile.

Overview of Endy Mattress

Endy Mattress Review

I’ll admit, this company hasn’t been on the market for ages. In fact, they started up with Mike Gettis at the helm in 2015 and they’ve been making waves ever since.

Endy Mattress was born with the mission of helping Canadians reach a soothing sleep. 

Wanting to improve physical and mental health through a supportive and cooling mattress that encourages and aids sleep, this Canadian-made company focused on research and design to secure a creation that would assist them in their goals.

The real win came from the choice of material. Focusing on a foam base for most of their sleeping products, this high-quality material is centered around simple setups for easy sleep. 

Working from Canada only allowed the business to keep costs low, offering better sleep at an affordable price.

I know that there’s a lot to be discovered here. That’s why I wanted this Endy Mattress review to include a few general highlights before diving into the details.


  • Wide range of bedroom furniture and supplies for a soothing sleep
  • Cooling foam for temperature-regulated sleep
  • Free shipping
  • Canadian-made
  • Reasonable costs
  • Simple set-up
Endy Mattress Review

Technically this is an Endy Mattress review, however, there’s more to this brand than just the sleeping surface. 

I know I can’t cover everything, but this article can at least take a look at the bed setup. Leaving bedding behind, for now, I’m going to show off the basics of building a supportive and secure bed.

Endy Mattress Review

What is a bed without a mattress really? I’d argue not much can be done without this basic piece. 

That’s why I’m starting this Endy Mattress review off with the foundation to every sound sleep – the favored mattresses that support us all as we fade into that REM state for an ultimate power nap.

Endy Mattress Queen Review

Take pride and pleasure in sleep once again with the assistance of the Endy Mattress Queen.

To clarify, I’m not calling this mattress a Queen, just noting its size, but I’m sure this one would suit royalty all the same. 

Completely carved from layers of firm and supportive foam, this mattress is all about a balanced sleeping experience, distributing weight to aid the body in posturing. 

Eliminating the shakes that accompany sleeping with another, this mattress limits the waves of motion that so often accompany twisting and turning during the night.

In addition to its supportive nature, this mattress moves with the sleeper. That means balancing the body for side and back sleepers to keep the back and neck as strong as ever. 

Throw in the cooling nature of the open-cell foam and we’ll all be sinking into a soothing sleep in no time.

Have a royal sleep for $895 CAD.

Endy Mattress The RV Review

Every bedroom setup deserves a proper sleep, even those on the move. That’s why Endy brought The RV Mattress into play. Featuring the same core elements of their regular mattress, this piece is all about ease of setup

Fully foam, this piece comes boxed up and ready to explode into the flat and supportive shape desired in the perfect sleeping scenario. Just unbox, let it expand, and slip it into place for a soothing sleep.

The best part about these mattresses actually comes from their set up as it takes little effort and time. Mattresses come out ready for a cooling nap with no time needed to air out that chemical smell that often plagues foam products. 

This product will be supporting any sleeper within half an hour of unboxing, setting up a good sleep schedule for the next few years.

Go big or go home with this one for $895 CAD.

Endy Bed Frame Review

A mattress on the ground can work, but why go through such an experience if the popular Endy Bed Frame is available. 

Supporting heavy sleepers with ease, these frames are all about simple styles that work in any space to keep things elevated for easy resting.

Endy The Platform Bed Frame Review

Who says bed frames have to be bulky and bold? Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the classic Platform Bed Frame.

Soft grays line the outer piece of this Endy Bed Frame, allowing the neutral tone to blend into basically any surrounding. Simple in style, all that’s seen once the mattress is in place are the fabric gray boards and black feet elevating the bed in a nice and satisfying style

Low-profile enough to blend with basically any room’s theme, this one is perfect no matter the space.

As for the frame itself, the building process is as simple as ever. All it takes is ten to twenty minutes to sit down, read instructions, and get piecing. 

Wooden slats support the mattress while distributing weight, making this one incredibly easy to dismantle and move as the households change over the years.

Available in a range of sizes, the Queen Platform is available for $545 CAD.

Endy The Solid Wood Bed Review

I’m a sucker for a good wooden aesthetic. There’s something about that natural material shining through and cutting up the materialism and industrialism of any space. That’s why The Solid Wood Bed may be our favorite option.

Let’s all agree that the largest issue with most wooden bed frames comes from their sourcing. 

Material is a huge concern with any wooden piece, so it’s reassuring to know that the rubberwood used in this product all comes from responsibly and sustainably sourced locations. Plus, it’s finished in a dark walnut finish which I can’t help but adore.

As for the look, this one definitely gives off those mid-century modern vibes that have become so popular in the world of design. Keeping things simple, the fabric frame is held in place by angled wood pieces, giving this whole frame a simplistic and fun style. 

Despite the minimalist appearance, I can assure you that this $1,500 CAD frame has been carefully crafted to avoid any splitting, drying, or cracking – it’ll keep up the support for years of use.

Endy Pillow Review

Put away any concerns about neck pain once the Endy Pillow has entered the picture. Supporting posture and preventing pain, these pillows are all about securing a comfortable rest to avoid any strain on the body. Rest easy with these best-sellers.

Endy Mattress The Customizable Pillow Review

Right away, I know that the title of The Customizable Pillow captures attention, so let’s dive into the details.

What’s the number one concern with pillows? It’s always been the struggle to find the perfect fit. We all have different needs based on how we sleep – firmness, height, support, temperature – the list is never-ending. 

That’s why this Endy Pillow is all about custom creation.

Customers select basically everything for this one. Starting with standard versus King size, it’s up to the individual to determine firmness and height to create that optimum space for resting after a long day. 

Cooling, supportive, and hypoallergenic, there’s a lot to discover and create with this one.

Start the designing process for $85.

Endy Mattress The Luxe Foam Pillow Review

I have to end this Endy Mattress review section on a good note, and that means taking a look at The Luxe Foam Pillow.

I’ll be honest, this one is a memory foam pillow. Not super original, right? We have to appreciate the support and contouring to the body that this material provides, but we’re looking for an element that stands out from the rest. That’s where the charcoal infusion comes in.

These breathable pillows come infused with a lining of charcoal to offer up endless benefits. Aside from eliminating odors and reducing heat (we all love the cool side of the pillow), this product offers absorption of moisture

That means those who tend to overheat or sweat through the night will be clear in the mornings with the assistance of this cooling and temperature-regulating pillow.

Sleep soundly and sweatless with this one for $125.

Who Is Endy Mattress For? 

Endy Mattress Review

Anyone in need of a relaxing sleep can rest easy once an Endy Mattress is in place. This brand is all about peaceful sleep, no matter the age

Offering six bed sizes, this business is here for kids to teens to adults to the elderly. No matter how old we get, we all desire a good night’s sleep. That’s what Endy is for.

Endy Mattress Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Endy Mattress Review

For this Endy Mattress review, I want to offer readers the best, and that meant looking beyond my honest opinion and into the world of the public. 

I have to say, even without our initial search online, this brand has done well to garner coverage from a number of media sources, including some prizes to their name for innovation and product quality. A good start already.

That said, even our first glance into the world of customer ratings pulled up good numbers. The brand site alone has 4.9/5 stars based on over 26k ratings. 

Customers seem to adore this company and the products they produce, so I’m feeling pretty positive about this one so far.

What makes this business one that people believe in? I’m glad you asked. It all seems to come down to quality and support. I’m not just talking about customer support (though that’s seemingly good as well), but physical support for the body throughout the night. 

One Endy Mattress review noted how it was an “Easy set-up and we were done in 15 mins. This bed has been a significant upgrade from the previous one and our son raves about how comfortable it is.

Since I noted support for the back for sleep, I have to take a moment to acknowledge company support as well. With this one, I’m talking about shipping. 

According to numerous Endy Mattress reviews, this brand delivers “super fast shipping…received it next-day.” 

While not all customers may receive their product quite that fast, the number of customers raving about the fast service definitely points to this one being quick to move after the order has been placed.

Once delivered, it doesn’t take much to get this one up and running. Numerous reports from Slumber Search (with 8.8/10 stars based on over 120 ratings) have noted the health benefits they’ve achieved through the inclusion of this product into their daily routine. 

Finding a nice, medium-firm mattress can be a deadly job, but this business offers up a comfortable solution for back and side sleepers to keep things in place.  

We love our new mattress! No more tossing and turning all night. I have issues with my shoulder and this has helped me sleep on that side. My husband has restless leg syndrome and this has lessened it and when it does happen, it’s not waking me up anymore as I can’t feel him moving around.

Writing this Endy Mattress review I’m not claiming this brand as a solution to all health concerns. I am, however, arguing the good that a solid mattress can do for the body. 

Supporting the joints and muscles with every turn, this medium-firm level sinks just enough to adjust for the body without removing all levels of support from the matter.

The benefit of this favored foam comes from its cooling material and steadiness in times of motion. 

As Sleepopolis (4.3/5 stars) says, “the Endy could be a good choice for combo sleepers or anyone else who likes to toss and turn throughout the night.” 

Stabilizing the mattress to avoid the earthquakes that twisting in bed can cause, this mattress offers a steady solution for bed-sharing to avoid constant waking while supporting individual needs for proper positions.

I’ll sum it up – from all I’ve found during this Endy mattress review, the brand is well-loved. Customers seem to adore its stability, firmness, and cooling technologies. 

While some have admitted that it’s taken time to adjust to the medium-firm fitting, many have acknowledged that the adjustment period was more than worth it.  

Is Endy Mattress Legit?

Endy Mattress Review

Based on all the research I’ve done for this Endy Mattress review, this brand is trustworthy to a T. I didn’t find any red flags online, making this one good to go.

Is Endy Mattress Worth It?

Endy Mattress Review

I’ll be honest, I didn’t come across a lot of cons for this brand. Other than some arguments about adjustment periods, most customers seem to love these products. 

I was pretty impressed by all the love and attention I saw, so I’m happy to give this one a go.

From quality and ease of setup to their quick delivery times, I’d argue that this brand treats their customers right. Add in the affordable prices of pieces and I’m not really seeing a downside with this one.

Endy Mattress Promotions & Discounts 

Endy Mattress Review

At the time of writing this Endy Mattress review, there’s only one promotion in place for customers. Right now the best deal to act on is to bundle and save with $60 off orders over $600 and $130 off orders over $1,200.

Where to Buy Endy Mattress

Endy Mattress Review

In search of a soothing sleep? The best place to start that solution comes directly from Those searching for alternate solutions can check the following locations:

  • Sleep Country Canada
  • Walmart
  • Urban Barn
  • Amazon


Endy Mattress Review

Who owns Endy Mattress?

Endy is currently owned and operated by Sleep Country. The new management took place in 2018 as the company was formerly founder Mike Gettis.

Is Endy owned by Sleep Country?

As of 2018, Sleep Country has taken ownership of Endy. The brand acquired Endy and has since introduced the name to a wider market.

Is Endy Canadian made?

Endy is entirely Canadian-made. Manufacturing in Canada has allowed for faster shipping times and common quality checks to assure the best for customers.

Does Endy Mattress ship internationally?

Currently, Endy does not advertise international shipping, but who knows what the future might hold for this brand. 

What is Endy Mattress’s Shipping Policy?

See something in this Endy Mattress review that draws attention? I definitely spotted a few things along the way. 

That’s why it’s important to lay out shipping info – we have to look out for those with a piqued interest:

  • Shipping throughout Canada
  • Average 1 to 7 business days
  • Free shipping
  • Tracking available

That’s really all there is to know with this one. Endy keeps things nice and simple.

What is Endy Mattress’s Return Policy?

Is your mattress not working out as expected? Sometimes things just don’t suit us, and that’s completely fine. Endy offers a 100-night trial on all mattresses, giving customers time to adjust before coming to the final decision of making that free return

All returned mattresses are either recycled or donated to those in need – either way, they won’t go to waste.

The process itself only takes three simple steps:

  1. Contact Customer Care
  2. Confirm order details and reason for return
  3. Get ready for a product pick up

After that, the refund should come your way in no time. Once the pick-up has been confirmed, the refund will be en route. It’s just that easy.

How to Contact Endy Mattress

Looking to reach out to the brand? The business operates Monday to Friday from 10 am to 10 pm EST and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 6 pm EST. During any of those hours, representatives will be happy to help through the following methods of contact:

  • Live Chat
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 60 Adelaide St E, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 3E4, Canada  

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