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JuneShine Kombucha Review

About JuneShine

JuneShine Kombucha Review

JuneShine is a refreshing, hard kombucha. It’s made in a medley of craft flavors with natural, non-GMO ingredients. Plus, each flavor offers a 4.2-6% alcohol content.

Said to be the perfect summer beverage, JuneShine has received a ton of attention for its delicious taste and probiotic nature. It’s no wonder that the brand boasts 126k Instagram followers, as well as features in noteworthy publications like Men’s Health, Pop Sugar, Well + Good, and The Today Show.

Want to upgrade your weekend bevvie? You may have found just the product to do it. But before you go ordering a case, we invite you to read through this JuneShine kombucha review.

It covers crucial information about the brand and its kombucha, along with customer feedback, answers to FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle.

Overview of JuneShine

JuneShine Kombucha Review

JuneShine started with a question. Why does every other consumable item require transparency about ingredients, but alcohol doesn’t?

Bottles of liquor don’t need to show what they’re made of and beer doesn’t have to say how many calories it contains. There’s this gray area around alcohol that means those with intolerances or lifestyle preferences can’t entirely make an informed decision about what it is they’re consuming in their downtime.

The creators of JuneShine wanted to do things differently, ensuring they were not only transparent but a choice for those who grow tired with boring beverages yet don’t have another RTD option. As healthy folks, Gregg Serrao and Forest Dein chose kombucha for the base of their brew, a beverage already filled with goodness like probiotics and antioxidants.

Adding other natural ingredients like honey, fruit juice, and spices, they ended up with a product that has a ton of heart, character, and health benefits.

The San Diego-based brand strives for excellence always, and that means caring for the earth. JuneShine is a proudly carbon-neutral company, giving back to the earth wherever it takes from it, as well as contributing to 1% For the Planet.

Now that you know a little more about how the brand got started and what it’s all about, this JuneShine kombucha review will give you a quick rundown of its pros and cons before jumping into its tasty flavors selection.


  • Tons of delicious flavors to choose from
  • Contains probiotics and antioxidants
  • Made from natural, non-GMO ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Reasonable prices
  • Subscribe to save
  • Offers same-day shipping for certain areas
  • Offers free shipping for orders over $50


  • Does not ship internationally
JuneShine Kombucha Review

Before we get into its mouth-watering flavors, it’s important to know exactly what the fizzy, fermented drink is. You may have seen it on a menu at a bougie brunch spot, came across an article on Pinterest about how to make your own, or perhaps you bought it on a whim but have no idea what it is or how it can benefit your health.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, just know that kombucha is like any other alcohol—except, it’s actually good for you. Yeah, you read that right.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains a ton of probiotics, prebiotics, and often a few other vitamins and minerals found in tea. So now you can have your healthy bevvie and chill out, too.

In the next section of this JuneShine kombucha review, we’ll explore the brand’s flavors, variety pack, and a trendy piece of gear to take with you on adventures.

JuneShine Kombucha Review

When creating any beverage, it needs to taste good. There’s a ton of kombucha out there that just falls flat, resembling something more like vinegar than the tasty flavor on its label.

The art of kombucha is a fine craft, one that takes knowledge and an appreciation for fine ingredients. Ahead, you’ll read about the brand’s most popular flavors with ingenious pairings and 5-star cocktail-worthy ingredients.

Each can contains 12 oz of kombucha. Depending on the flavor, customers can opt for the following sized packs:

  • 12: $36
  • 24: $72
  • 32: $108

Want your JuneShine delivered to your door every 1-4 weeks? Opt for a subscription to save 15% on the above prices.

JuneShine Midnight Painkiller Review

Exotic and intriguing, the JuneShine Midnight Painkiller takes the fruity tropical flavors of pineapple, orange, and coconut, and spices things up with warming nutmeg. With a heavy-on-the-dry, light-on-the-sweet balance, enjoy the subtle bite of 6% alcohol in each can.

For a touch of excitement—and a little detoxifying boost—activated charcoal is added to the mix. The result? An alluring Friday night cocktail to kick off the weekend right.

JuneShine Blood Orange Mint Review 

A refreshing, summertime favorite, this sweet and juicy combo is a real crowd-pleaser. Surprisingly dry, a hint of sweetness rounds out this 6% beverage.

The JuneShine Blood Orange Mint melds the powerful, yet bright flavor of blood oranges with uplifting mint, a combination that was born to be poured over ice. Garnish with an added mint sprig if you’re feeling extra classy.

JuneShine Grapefruit Paloma Review

Like cracking open a fresh grapefruit, this energizing kombucha elegantly tangles the tartness of the citrus fruit with a twist of fresh lime. This hot weather hit promises a sweet payoff with a touch of dryness to round things off.

6% and ready to party, grab your swimsuit, wide-brim hat, oversized sunnies, and a pack of JuneShine Grapefruit Paloma.

JuneShine Chili Mango Review

This one’s a real curveball. You’ll be sitting back and enjoying the delicious sweetness of ripe mango, and BAM—your tongue is hit with fiery, habanero chili. But that isn’t where the surprises end.

This is kombucha, which means a whole new element is added to the mix, a dryness, with an undercurrent of champagne. Equal parts dry and sweet, these tall, 16oz cans contain 1.5 servings for those who like to enjoy a little extra.

Spice up your life with the JuneShine Chili Mango. Unlike the brand’s other beverages, this flavor is available in a 6-pack for $36.

JuneShine Hibiscus Lime Review

With a modern flavor profile, the JuneShine Hibiscus Lime melds together the delicate sweetness of the bright, magenta flower with a burst of zesty lime.

This variety is lighter than other JuneShine alcoholic kombuchas and favors the sweeter side of life. This boutique bevvie offers a 4.2% alcohol content.

JuneShine Slowtide X JuneShine Quick Review 

In collaboration with Slowtide, an artsy essentials brand, JuneShine has created a tropical beauty of a towel. Featuring dark, leafy greens atop a shady background, this 30” x 60” towel is perfect for beach trips, tanning on the boat, or lounging at the pool.

Represent what you love with the Slowtide X JuneShine Quick Dry Towel for $40.

JuneShine Hard Kombucha Sampler Review

Not sure which flavor to pick? This brand makes it easy to test out its top flavors before committing to a full pack.

The JuneShine Hard Kombucha Sampler includes 6 cans of the brand’s most popular flavors—but if you’d prefer to choose which ones you want, you totally can.

Between 4.2%-6% in alcohol content, the cans will all be 12 oz. Get the JuneShine hard kombucha sampler for $72.

What Kind Of Alcohol Is In JuneShine?

JuneShine Kombucha Review

JuneShine is kombucha through and through. Normally, the health-boosting beverage is just fermented once and contains about 0.05% alcohol, but these ones have up to 6% thanks to the brand’s double fermentation process.

What’s their kombucha made from? Simple ingredients like green tea, honey, fruit juice, and spices, along with the kombucha base, a good bacterial culture called the SCOBY.

Who Is JuneShine For?

JuneShine Kombucha Review

JuneShine is for adults over 21 years old who want an alcoholic beverage that aligns with their lifestyles. Made from non-GMO, pesticide-free, natural ingredients, anyone looking for a healthier way to unwind may find these drinks particularly enjoyable.

Comparison: JuneShine vs. Flying Embers

JuneShine Kombucha Review

We’re living in a time where health is a priority, but so is downtime. Vitamin-enhanced water exists, so why not health-boosting alcohol? JuneShine isn’t the only brand to offer these types of drinks, but to help highlight what makes it so special, we’ll do a quick comparison with Flying Embers.

Flying Embers is another brand that offers hard kombucha, but it also sells hard seltzer too. Because this is a JuneShine kombucha review, we’ll be sticking to its fermented beverages only.

Nestled in our competitor’s kombucha selection lies similar flavors to our featured brand. One example is Pineapple Chili, but they also have some dependable favorites like Black Cherry, as well as some curveballs like Prickly Pear Blue Agave.

The majority of Flying Embers kombucha contains 0 grams of sugar and 0 carbs but offers up to 7% alcohol. The brand also makes lighter options that obtain just 4.3%, so though they slightly outdo JuneShine in alcohol content, they’re pretty alike overall.

Like our featured brand, Flying Embers drinks are gluten-free, but because they use agave, they’re vegan as well, something JuneShine is not. And along with being vegan, the competitor’s kombucha is brewed with an adaptogen root blend for added health benefits.

In terms of price, a 12-pk of 12 oz Flying Embers costs $33, while JuneShine clocks in at $36. Is there a clear winner? Well, it’s all a matter of preference. We think our featured brand has better marketing, but we’ll need to hear from customers to find out if it has a better taste.

JuneShine Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

JuneShine Kombucha Review

The brand’s flavor combinations sound great, but if you’ve never tried kombucha, you may be wondering how they mix with the fermented beverage. If so, then you’re in luck because this is the part of our JuneShine kombucha review where we fill you in on real customer experience with the drink.

Ahead, we’ll take you on a journey through a selection of comments gathered from sources far and wide across the web. So let’s go ahead and get things started with a few ratings from the brand’s website.

  • Hibiscus Lime: an average of 5/5 stars from 37 reviews
  • Grapefruit Paloma: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 37 reviews
  • Chili Mango: an average of 3.2/5 stars from 63 reviews
  • Blood Orange Mint: an average of 4.4/5 stars from 500 reviews
  • Midnight Painkiller: an average of 4.4/5 stars from 347 reviews

Midnight Painkiller is uber-intriguing, and the inclusion of activated charcoal is fascinating, but it has the possibility of being a little odd. To find out, we turned to the comments section.

One sipper described this flavor as having a “mellow ambiance,” and that’s exactly how we thought it would taste. Others remarked on the refreshing flavor as well, and one even said it helped them sleep better.

Noting the drinks’ incredible value (just $2.50/can when you buy a 24-pk), high quality, and “transparent culture,” the review was heavily positive, and the one who wrote it, very pleased with the brand as a whole.

The only negative that the JuneShine kombucha review found was that the cans need to be refrigerated. That means if you buy a 24 or 36 pack, you need to make sure you have enough room in your fridge. Not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind.

Wanting to find a JuneShine kombucha review that went into a little more depth about the drink’s flavor, we swapped over to The Infatuation and dove in.

The reviewer described the taste and general experience they had with the Blood Orange Mint flavor, expressing appreciation for its gluten-free nature. The article read, “it was unlike any other alcoholic beverage I had before…As a regular Kombucha drinker, it was similarly refreshing and easy to swallow.

Some kombucha isn’t fizzy enough, but from what we read here, JuneShine’s has plenty of relaxing bubbles.

And though the JuneShine kombucha review doesn’t outright mention negatives, it does say the best time to drink them is in the summer. Based on the flavors, we’d have to agree.

From all of the evidence, we found that JuneShine is a tasty, refreshing beverage that’s perfect for those who have intolerances or are just looking to choose a healthier down-time sip.

Is JuneShine Worth It?

JuneShine Kombucha Review

It’s always awesome when a brand not only has a great product but a solid mission and team as well. JuneShine appears to be an incredibly decent company, using high-quality ingredients and creating a clean product that’s a few steps up in nutrition and taste from your regular vodka soda.

The brand’s pricing is pretty good too, even though it offers a premium product. We believe that JuneShine is definitely worth the buy, but be sure to try it in the hotter months to experience it in full effect.

JuneShine Promotions & Discounts

JuneShine Kombucha Review

Though the refreshing, hard kombucha is sold for a great price, a few discounts here and there never hurt! Throughout this JuneShine kombucha review, we kept an eye out for deals and found that you can get free US shipping on orders over $50.

Shoppers can also subscribe to regular deliveries every 1-4 weeks to get 15% off their orders. If you’d like to stay up to date on any other promotions the brand offers, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

Where to Buy JuneShine

JuneShine Kombucha Review

The brand’s tasty drinks are exclusively available at We did see them on Amazon as well, but that may be through a reseller.


JuneShine Kombucha Review

Where is JuneShine made?

JuneShine is proudly made in San Diego, California.

What is JuneShine’s Shipping Policy?

Due to the nature of the product, JuneShine only ships within the USA. You’ll need to prove you’re 21 when your order arrives, and the delivery company will not leave your product without first verifying an ID.

If you are over 21, you have a few shipping options that we’ll outline below.

  • Same-day / 2-hour only available in San Diego, San Francisco, and LA
  • Standard 1-3 business days

Orders process in about 1-2 business days. Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Simply click the link to follow your package’s progress.

What is JuneShine’s Return Policy?

Because JuneShine is a perishable product, the brand does not accept returns unless there was something wrong with your order.

If you do receive an order that was damaged, send the company an email at [email protected] along with information about what the issue is and photos if applicable.

For JuneShine merch, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to initiate your return. To do so, first, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  1. All the tags are still attached
  2. You have not worn or washed it
  3. The item has not been damaged in any way

If your item meets those conditions, send a message to [email protected] with your order number, email, and reason for return. The brand will fill you in on what to do next and where to send your item(s).

How to Contact JuneShine

If you need any other information that this JuneShine kombucha review did not include, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand by emailing [email protected].

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