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KÖE Review

KÖE makes delicious organic kombucha that is jam-packed full of probiotics. With seven crowd-pleasing flavors like strawberry lemonade, lemon-lime, and raspberry dragonfruit, the brand crafts its kombuchas to bridge the gap between carbonated soft drinks, tea, and juice.

Despite being the new kid on the block, this kombucha company is already making waves with shoutouts from Buzzfeed, Forbes, and MSN, just to name a few. Its bevvies are sold in more than 2.5k shops, and its Instagram following has already grown to 22k.

KÖE launched in 2018 from the Stratus Beverage Group, a company dedicated to producing great-tasting, better-for-you drinks. Kombucha already has a dedicated cult following, but this KÖE review has found that the new brand was created for the other half of Americans who have never tried it before.

The bevvies taste excellent, and they’re also a lot healthier than the alternatives. Clocking in at 8g of sugar per can with just 35 calories, KÖE makes for a refreshing pick-me-up during those balmy days. The little boost of caffeine that kombucha naturally has doesn’t hurt either!

KÖE kombucha is made by fermenting organic black tea, cane sugar, and kombucha culture over four months. The fermentation adds those wholesome probiotics to the mix, adding a little durability to your digestive system.

Ready to make your gut (and mouth) happy? Before you do, read this KÖE review to get the lowdown on the brand. In the following sections, we’ll take a look at the company’s bestsellers, provide customer testimonials, and answer important FAQs so you can decide if the products are worth the buy.

First, let’s take a look at some highlights of the brand.


  • A delightful array of flavors ranging from watermelon to raspberry dragon fruit
  • Only 8g of sugar and 35 calories per can
  • Certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-alcoholic
  • Shelf-stable
  • Reasonably priced, a 12-pack only costs $30
  • Easily accessible through many retailers

Ready to add some healthy refreshment to your life? In the next section of this KÖE review, we’ll cover the flavors that shoppers are loving the most, from tropical mango to sweet watermelon.

KÖE Kombucha Review

Kombucha is what KÖE does best, and we’re thirsty for more! We’ll take a look at the seven flavors below.

The best thing about all KÖE’s kombuchas is that they’re all organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-alcoholic, making it the perfect party drink during dry January. Or, simply add a splash of your favorite alcohol—we don’t judge.

The brand sells its products through partnered retailers. On Amazon, a 12-pack of 12 fl oz cans in any flavor costs $30.

KÖE Mango Review

KÖE Mango kombucha is light and refreshing. Pop open a can on a summer afternoon and let the delectable scent transport you to a tropical island as you indulge in the sparkling drink.

This organic tonic tastes more like fruit juice than kombucha but has only 8g of sugar per can. It’s delectable on its own, but you can mix it into a homemade cocktail. Just add some vodka, a sprig of mint if you’re feeling fancy, and enjoy!

KÖE Strawberry Lemonade Review

There’s a reason why strawberry lemonade is a staple flavor combination. The berry sweetness marries the lemony tanginess for a complex yet delicious match made in heaven. The sweet and sour balance each other out beautifully!

KÖE Strawberry Lemonade provides the iconic flavor profile but in a good-for-you way. Offering your gut a healthy dose of probiotics, you can sip on this lunchbox-ready can without any guilt.

KÖE Lemon Lime Review

If your morning drink of choice is a refreshing glass of lemon water, try kicking it up a notch with KÖE Lemon Lime. This probiotic elixir is invigorating, carrying stimulating notes of lemon and lime to boost your mood and palate with each sip.

The citrusy drink evokes lazy days at the beach, with the sound of crashing waves, hot sand under your feet, and a can of this kombucha in your hand. Even better, top off a light beer with this to make your own carbonated Radler.

KÖE Blueberry Ginger Review

Who knew blueberry and ginger would be such a match made in heaven? The sweet and sour berry flavor matches perfectly with the subtle spice of ginger, giving you an invigorating Blueberry Ginger elixir that leaves you feeling ready to take on the day.

Ginger is known for its gut-soothing properties, and combined with the naturally occurring probiotics in kombucha, slurping on this summertime sipper will leave your taste buds and your tummy happy.

KÖE Raspberry Dragonfruit Review

A little bit sweet, a little bit tart—with KÖE Raspberry Dragonfruit, you get the best of both worlds. This sweet beverage is an unexpected flavor combo that will leave your taste buds singing.

The shelf-stable can makes it the perfect drink to pop in your basket for a summertime picnic. Pair this bevy with a colorful fruit platter, a mini charcuterie board, and a bottle of rosé for when the sun sets, and you’ve got yourself the perfect date.

KÖE Tropical Review

Escaping to a tropical paradise for a week or two to get some R&R sounds great, but planning and paying for that trip is another story. When you’re in desperate need of your own little paradise, pop open a can of KÖE Tropical.

Flavored with the exciting trio of fresh pineapple, tart citrus, and exotic guava, this dream team packs a tropical punch into each sip. Cue the daydream of swaying palm trees, the sparkling ocean, and bottomless piña coladas.

Speaking of the sultry cocktail, consider adding a splash of Malibu to turn this kombucha into a real tropical treat. A treat without the guilt, of course.

KÖE Watermelon Review

A spritz of lime is added to sweet watermelon for a summertime staple that reminds us of our childhood. But, unlike boxes of watermelon juice, this beverage is actually good for your gut.

KÖE Watermelon kombucha is a carbonated classic. It’s crisp, sparkling, and light in flavor, making it a perfect sweet treat to enjoy on a hot day. Bonus points if you pair it with a juicy slice of mouth-watering watermelon.

Who Is KÖE For?

KÖE Review

We’ve covered a lot in this KÖE review, but who would get the most out of these delectable drinks? The brand is for anyone looking to hop on the kombucha train but doesn’t know where to start. Its crowd-pleasing “booch” flavors make it super easy to fall in love with the fermented tea.

The brand does a great job of creating kombuchas that taste like sparkling fruit juice rather than vinegar tea. If you want to add some probiotics to your diet while sipping on a refreshing bevy, then KÖE kombucha is for you.

What Makes KÖE Special?

KÖE Review

What sets KÖE apart from other kombucha brands is that its beverages are shelf-stable. The convenient cans don’t need to be refrigerated, though the drinks definitely taste better when chilled.

KÖE’s flavors are also incredibly unique and delicious. A lot of kombucha ends up tasting super fermented and acidic, kind of like overpowering vinegar. The brand has crafted its bevvies to have all the benefits of kombucha—without sacrificing taste.

KÖE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

KÖE Review

You’ve heard our take on the kombuchas, but this wouldn’t be a thorough KÖE review without hearing from customers. Next, we’ll hear from commenters on Amazon, DrinkHacker, and Facebook to gain some perspective on the company’s products and policies.

The brand’s website doesn’t share customer testimonials, so we first turned to Amazon. Here, we found the following reviews of the kombucha we examined earlier:

  • Tropical: an average of 4/5 stars out of 262 reviews
  • Watermelon: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 262 reviews
  • Mango: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 262 reviews
  • Blueberry Ginger: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 109 reviews
  • Raspberry Dragon Fruit: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 172 reviews
  • Strawberry Lemonade: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 80 reviews
  • Lemon Lime: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 47 reviews

We decided to dive deeper into Mango since it’s one of the highest-rated flavors. And, from the comments, it’s easy to see why. Take this glowing testimonial:

I am very pleasantly surprised at the delicious taste. I ordered the Mango flavor and it is crisp, light and sparkling. I am looking forward to trying other flavors.

Turning to Watermelon, this KÖE review summed it up quite nicely: “​​OMG! The watermelon is crazy good. I drink it straight up and in smoothies. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to run to the frig and pop one open.

Next, we turned to DrinkHacker to see if the craze was the same there. Listing Mango, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry Lemonade as their favorite flavors, here’s what the reviewer had to say on the taste of Lemon Lime:

Exactly as advertised, with a heavy burst of lime followed by lemon and sugar sweetness. Light and inoffensive, it doesn’t drown everything out in a cloying, syrupy fashion. Worth checking out if you’re a health fanatic missing the taste of Diet Sprite.”

The reviewer concludes that “KÖE serves its purpose fairly well and delivers a reasonably good kombucha at a decent price point.” Overall, the brand earned a 9/10-star score

We sought more customer feedback from Facebook, where the brand earned 4.7/5 stars from 12 shoppers. Here, shoppers describe the flavorful beverage as “delicious.” Take this example: 

The taste of the kombucha is hands down one of the best on the market. I would definitely purchase this product again.

The customer testimonials summarize it pretty well, KÖE is a delicious and flavorful kombucha that is likened to sparkling juice. We have to hand it to the brand for creating an elixir that makes taking probiotics super easy and fun.

Is KÖE Worth It?

KÖE Review

Based on everything we covered in this KÖE review, we have to say that the brand is definitely worth it. From the unique flavors that refresh and tantalize to the reasonable price point of the brand, KÖE makes great-tasting kombucha that is good for your taste buds, your wallet, and your tummy.

KÖE Promotions & Discounts

KÖE Review

This KÖE review learned that the brand sells its products exclusively through partnered retailers, so there aren’t any promos on its site. To keep up to date with partnered promotions, be sure to sign up for its newsletter.

Where to Buy KÖE

KÖE Review

KÖE can be purchased from Amazon as well as a variety of partnered retailers. The website offers a handy store locator tool—simply type in your city and it’ll let you know your options.


KÖE Review

Is KÖE fermented?

KÖE is fermented, like all kombucha, and contains a recipe of organic black tea, cane sugar, and kombucha culture. The fermentation process takes four months.

Can kids drink KÖE?

KÖE can be consumed by people of all ages, including kids. But the brand recommends double-checking with a pediatrician first.

Does KÖE contain sweeteners?

Yes—KÖE does contain sugars that are essential for the fermentation process. It also contains real fruit juice, organic stevia, and erythritol to add sweetness without adding calories.

What is KÖE’s Shipping Policy?

Since KÖE is sold exclusively through partnered retailers, the shipping policy varies between stores.

What is KÖE’s Return Policy?

KÖE’s products are only available through other retailers, so you’ll want to research the retailer’s return policy before purchasing.

How to Contact KÖE

If you have any questions after reading this KÖE review, reach out to the brand by filling out an online form, found on the Contact Us page.

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