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Striven Review

Businesses, no matter how large or small, involve a complex clockwork of employees, scheduling, and financial work. 

If you’re the head of the department, you’re probably well familiar with the difficulties of running a company. While it’s common to have multiple fingers in the ‘industry pie,’ Striven strives to make day-to-day business simpler

Designed to minimize the number of apps, documents, and tabs you have open while streamlining Business management, this online software is considered a hub for connecting employees, keeping track of tasks, and managing inventory. 

They’re useful for several industries, including manufacturing, professional and field services, and boast some seriously impressive success stories, such as helping a collision repair distributor increase their conversion rate by 200%

Because of success like this, Striven has been featured in several online magazines, including Deloitte and Forbes

Established in 2014, Striven is a division of Miles Technologies, a company that offers nationwide managed IT services. Spearheaded by CEO Chris Miles, they believe in “Helping people accomplish more.” 

Organization is considered the make or break of any company, and without dedicated employees, you can kiss growth goodbye. With that in mind, can this software truly help in managing every key component? 

Stay tuned, as in this Striven review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the brand, its services, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if they’re worth swapping up your current ERP. 


  • All-in-one industry-agnostic software 
  • Fully customizable to your business
  • Services for every company of any size
  • Open API development 
  • No contracts, month-to-month

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Striven Review

Striven Review

Striven is an industry-agnostic software, but it also provides product editions that cater to industry specific needs. Regardless of your industry, it’s an all-encompassing platform for your business.

Ideal for companies of any size, they make it easy to scale your company while staying on top of just about every daily, monthly, or annual component. In this Striven review, I’ll dive into the intricacies of the software and what they mean for your company. 

The first thing I think is worth mentioning here is that Striven is a dashboard-based platform. Everything you need to manage your daily to-do list is in one place, accessible by simply clicking from tab to tab on a single web page instead of the 9 you normally have open. 

Allowing access from the browser on your computer or phone means you can stay on top of tasks no matter where you are in your day.

So what’ll be on your dashboard? It depends on your unique company and your unique role within your company. Since dashboards can be customized on the individual level, each one may look a little different.

Depending on your role, you might have features for Human Resources, while others may have Accounting and Reports. Each of these features includes a multitude of options accessible from a drop-down menu in your dashboard. 

From managing inventory and customers to hiring and billing, Striven offers portals for Customers, Vendors, and even Job Applicants and is integrated with Authorize.Net, ShipStation, Yodlee, Microsoft, and Google

Striven proves that managing your business doesn’t have to be as complicated as it has been in the past, pooling together business management tools, HR, CRM, and business analytics all in one place. 

Often chosen by companies because of its exceptional HR tools like time tracking, encrypted legal document signing, and live feed of company notices and events, you can expect similarly in-depth tools within Striven’s Accounting, CRM, and Project Management services.

Oh, and did I mention Striven is available on any device? On sick days, you can cancel and change appointments, reschedule, and talk to your team all without ever leaving your bed. Combining a wide range of big and small highly useful features, Striven provides a unique and invaluable service to streamline all areas of your business.

If you run into trouble along the way, their support staff team is available to help through live chat or screen sharing

In fact, support is one of the main qualities that customers rave about in Striven reviews. I’ll dive into feedback a little further along in my own Striven review, for now, let’s take a peek at how exactly Striven works and what it can do for your company. 

How Does Striven Work?

Striven Review

At its core, Striven is concerned with connecting your company. Providing all-access software which will be utilized by your employees, customers, vendors, and even job applicants, they’ve created an easy way to keep all facets of your company on one user-friendly dashboard

When I say “easy,” I mean it. Organization is king within Striven. Unlike other ERP software, their layout has an intuitive flow that just makes sense. 

Helping to eliminate outdated software, their comprehensive hub serves to help improve inner company relations and grow your business. So how does it work? I’ll walk you through it next in this Striven review. 

Striven’s all-in-one cloud ERP software helps streamline business operations and management. By serving as a portal that connects all facets of your company, with permissions set by you, users have a bounty of data, tools, reports, and more at their fingertips. 

With Striven, you can manage:

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Financials
  • HR
  • Customer Relations
  • Warehouse / Inventory
  • Assets
  • Projects

Making it easier for all of your employees to access these features, Striven also has a Permissions feature that, based on restrictions set by an admin, permits or restricts certain elements from those without clearance. 

Despite offering services that extend out into all corners of sales, operations, employees, and assets, what really struck me about Striven was how easy it is to use and how much it eliminates the need for other services.

In other words, you can happily wave goodbye to outdated accounting platforms, ship services, and frustrating calendars, finding all that you need inside Striven. 

I loved that everything you need is tucked neatly into your company dashboard, fully customizable to your unique business

And despite how much more comprehensive Striven is than other ERPs, they exist for their customers, offering live chat support from 8 am – 8 pm (EST Time) and screen sharing appointments for a more thorough walkthrough with staff. Striven also shared with me that they’ll be expanding their support hours in the near future, so stay tuned.

There are no pricey contracts or hourly fees when it comes to working with Striven. Offering their services for one monthly price package, it’s highly recommended that you book a demo or take a test drive to fully understand how their software can streamline your business.

What Industries Does Striven Work With? 

Striven Review

Striven works with all kinds of industries. Because their software is fully customizable, it can be tailored to just about any company. They’ve worked with industries such as:

  • Construction & Contracting
  • Manufacturing 
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Professional Services
  • Field Services

I think Striven’s services would benefit hybrid businesses that make, provide, or install goods greatly, but in general, they serve a wide variety of companies across many industries.

Thanks to smart features that help companies track ordering, receiving, installation, invoicing, payroll, and more, companies that deal with hard assets often experience a greater sense of organization and ease within their day-to-day operations.

Who Does Striven Partner With? 

Striven Review

Striven consulting partners with a range of services to provide you with all-in-one software. Including IT service providers, accountants, CPAs, consultants, and more, they will partner with anyone with the resources or experience to offer a referral of full ERP implementation. Striven offers 3 Partnership Levels:

  • Affiliate Partner
  • Referral Partner
  • Full Service Partner

Striven has partnered with many businesses such as On Point Profit Solutions and Small Business Outfitters. Partnering with Striven can help grow your practice, offering relationship management as well as compensation.

Striven Pricing 

Striven Review

Striven’s pricing differs from company to company, and it depends on the portals you need, your number of customers, vendors, or job applications, and the number of users accessing the software. 

Pricing also differs for Standard and Enterprise plans. There’s a lot to consider here, but don’t worry, I’ll break it all down for you next in this Striven review.


  • Up to 20 users: $20 per user + $99 monthly hosting 
  • Up to 50 users: $15 per user + $299 monthly hosting
  • Unlimited users: $10 per user + $499 monthly hosting


  • Up to 20 users: $40 per user + $199 monthly hosting 
  • Up to 50 users: $30 per user + $599 monthly hosting
  • Unlimited users: $20 per user + $999 monthly hosting

Choosing to add a Monthly Portal Plan can help you customize Striven even further. Offering Customer, Vendor, and Career Portals, each plan’s monthly pricing is the same depending on the number of customers, vendors, or job applications you have:

  • Up to 50: $49
  • Up to 100: $99
  • Up to 500: $199
  • Unlimited: $499

Additional fees may occur for further customization. The best way to get an accurate idea of what you’ll pay monthly is to schedule a virtual meeting with one of Striven’s Business Analysts. 

Who Is Striven For? 

Striven Review

Striven software is an excellent choice for companies that deal with physical items or hybrid businesses that make, produce, or install goods

It’s ideal for a range of industries from retail and e-commerce to manufacturing and contracting, as well as professional services like medical practices.

Striven was developed to help companies connect and flourish. Their CEO, Chris Miles believes that connected companies “work better, think faster, and make more informed decisions,” but what’s possibly more important, connected companies are happier because it’s easier to get their job done. 

If you’re interested in fostering better communication within your company, helping to ease the load of daily to-dos for your employees, and want to see growth through streamlined productivity, then I believe Striven is for you. 

Striven Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Striven Review

Feedback is a critical part of this Striven review, so I made sure to comb the web for comments and ratings that shed light on what using this industry-agnostic software is really like. shows an overall 9.1/10-star rating awarded by 64 customers.

Striven has developed software that has completely changed the way that we work with customers…From the very first time we talked with the Striven Success Team, we were thoroughly impressed. The Striven team walked us through the setup and helped develop processes that we use daily,” wrote one in their Striven review.

The most common piece of feedback I found during this Striven review was about their excellent customer support. To give you an encompassing view of what customers think, here are a few more ratings I scooped up from around the web:

  • Google: 5/5 stars, 12 reviews
  • 4.8/5 stars, 66 reviews
  • 4.5/5 stars, 64 reviews
  • 5/5 stars, 66 reviews

On G2, no user awarded the software a score under 4/5 stars. The following Striven review helps explains why:

Striven allows me to create customized workflows, and it is easy to calculate velocity and track tasks. Once my bookmarks are established it feels very natural. The support staff are wonderful and our team maintains a multi-faceted business logic using the wide variety of quality tools Striven offers.

On, customers continue to highlight the many positives of using Striven. One wrote, “Customer service is AMAZING. Very responsive and helpful with anything we have needed,” while another said, “Their staff is extremely helpful and responsive. You almost get to know them and they feel like part of your own company at times.

As you can see by Striven’s ratings across websites, it’s a highly regarded software that has made a big difference for a wide range of businesses. Support is definitely an area they excel in, but so is their user-friendly, customizable, dashboard-driven platform. 

In truth, I didn’t find any scores for Striven under 4/5 stars. Considering that the software has been around since 2014, that’s a really good sign.

Is Striven Legit?

Striven Review

Striven is indeed a legit software. Not only do customers highly recommend it, but after meeting with one of their Business Analysts and getting a demo, I do too. To see how Striven can help streamline and grow your business, book a demo or take it for a test drive. 

Is Striven Worth It?

Striven Review

Striven has some of the highest feedback scores for customer support among other ERP and CRM software available. Their aim is to retain customers, providing support and offering a user-friendly platform to manage everything from payslips and hiring to work orders and projects. 

After seeing how Striven works firsthand, I love how customizable it is. While it may require a bit of extra work to set up, it provides a totally unique experience that cookie-cutter ERP software just can’t. 

Something else I love? The fact that this one, single service can eliminate additional services, ultimately eliminating additional fees for your company

That’s why if you’re interested in efficiently managing and scaling your company, I wholeheartedly believe Striven can help.

Striven Promotions & Discounts 

Striven Review

Striven offers a free 7-day Test Drive of their software. Test Drive systems are live environments with pre-set data to give you a feel of what using Striven is like. Once you activate this feature, you will have access for 7 days. 

How To Sign Up On Striven

Striven Review

Interested in an all-in-one ERP that scales with your business? To sign up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Try It Free’ or ‘Get Demo’
  3. Choose to Test Drive the app free for 7 days or Get a Demo
  4. To Test Drive, choose to access the app through Microsoft or Google, or enter your first name, last name, and email and click ‘Get Started’
  5. To Get a Demo, enter your full name, business email, phone number, company name, role, and industry
  6. A team member will get back to you in less than 1 business day


Striven Review

Who owns Striven?

Striven, a fully customizable, scalable business management software, is owned by Miles Technologies. Their company is based in the USA. 

Is Striven expensive?

Striven’s plans start as low as $119 per month (1 user + hosting fee). Adding an additional portal for companies with up to 50 customers, vendors, or applications will cost another $49

Unlike other ERPs, Striven is focused on the scope of work provided, not charging hourly rates. 

In other words, considering everything that Striven offers, it isn’t expensive—especially when it helps eliminates other costs of using individual services (ie. accounting). 

What is Striven’s privacy policy?

When contacting Striven, scheduling a demo, signing up for their free trial, or subscribing to their services, Miles Technologies will collect certain information about you including the following:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Email
  • Phone number 
  • Address

When purchasing services, Miles Technologies will collect your billing information including your name, address, and credit card number. 

Miles uses this data to perform the requested services. They will only ever use your payment information to collect payments. They never share, rent, trade, or sell data with third parties.

They also use advanced security measures to protect your data. If you wish for Miles to delete the personal data they have collected, email [email protected] or call 1-800-496-8001. 

What is Striven’s refund policy?

Striven offers month-to-month plans with no contracts. That means you can discontinue use at any time if you find it’s not the right fit for your company. Striven does not offer refunds. To help you get a feel for how their software works, they offer a 7-day free test drive and I highly suggest booking a demo. 

In their test drive, you’ll get full access to a semi-developed platform in which some information has already been added. 

Basically allowing you to get a feel for the many features Striven offers, you can plug in your company information to better understand how the service will be of service. 

How To Contact Striven

If you still have questions after reading this Striven review, you can call the brand directly at 862-208-2220 or use the contact form. For questions regarding how Striven works or what it can do for your company, schedule a demo with one of their business analysts. 

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