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Joy Happnd Review

Flip through your social feed or favorite magazine and you’ll likely come across the term “manifestation.” According to countless wealthy, healthy, and happy gurus that swear by it, the practice can be totally life-changing. If you put in the work, that is. 

But how do you know where to start? Affirmations, journaling, or meditation? Since so many people boast their success with manifestation (seriously, most super successful celebs swear by it. Hi, Oprah!), there are a lot of different approaches out there. 

While most are based on the Law of Attraction, which Wikipedia defines as “the New Thought spiritual belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life,” finding a coach that aligns with your spirit isn’t always easy. Or affordable.

Joy Happnd offers an in-depth guide to manifestation, sending you a guided manifestation plan, daily affirmations, and a journal to help you keep track of your goals and progress.

Developed by a team of manifestation experts and mindset coaches, Joy Happnd is based on the 12 Universal Laws as featured in Healthline, Vogue, and the New York Times.

What can this program do for you? Read my Joy Happnd review to find out. I’ve packed it with key details about their plans and manifestation in general, along with feedback, FAQs, and more. Let’s start with the highlights.


  • Guides & content to help you learn manifestation
  • Helps eliminate limiting beliefs & money blocks
  • Based on 12 Universal Laws
  • Developed by manifestation experts & mindset coaches
  • Affordable

Joy Happnd Review

Joy Happnd Review

The thing about manifestation is that it has to be done by you. No coach can do it for you. They can give you the right tools, resources, and motivation to succeed, but most of the time, that $1,200 program you sign up for is filled with information you can find online. You’re just paying for them to deliver it to you.

The first thing that really struck me about the Joy Happnd program is that it was developed by a group of manifestation experts, coaches, and high-vibe people using techniques published in Vogue and the New York Times. But before we dive into exactly what they are, what exactly is manifestation?

Wikipedia says that “Manifestation refers to various pseudoscientific self-help strategies that can purportedly make an individual’s wishes come true by mentally visualizing them.”

Countless books and articles have been written about its power, and despite the concept being physically unprovable (how can you prove a specific thought?), even scientists are aware of its effects.

Quantum physics buff and Nobel Prize winner Max Planck said: “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together…We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

So with that background, where does Joy Happnd come in? Well, before getting started with their program, you’ll need to take the quiz available on There are a total of 18 questions in the quiz that help their team of manifestation experts delivers a experience. 

During the quiz, you’ll be asked some basic questions about your gender and age, then they’ll get into some deeper questions about your limiting money beliefs and behaviors, including if you agree with statements like:

  • I usually have to settle for less expensive versions of items.
  • I think about all the things I cannot afford.

As well as questions like: “what did you learn about money in childhood (usually from your family)?” JoyHappnd will help you identify your challenges when it comes to money in areas such as:

  • Tracking finances
  • Lack of discipline when it comes to saving
  • Creating an emergency fund
  • Not making enough 
  • Spending too much money
  • Finding a well-paying job
  • Investing in retirement

Helping you pinpoint your wants and goals, one of Joy Happnd’s Mindset and Manifestation Coaches, Ellie Ryanne, notes that if you’ve tried manifesting before without success, one of the reasons that may be because you didn’t correctly apply the Law of Attraction.

Their program will not only give you the right resources, but it will also teach you how manifestation works and how you can make it work for you. Showing you how to break through self-judgment, anxiety, financial stress, and fears of taking action, this thorough plan has the promise to benefit all areas of your life. The best part? It’s super affordable.

Before I break down their pricing structure for you, let’s take a closer look at how the program actually works next in my Joy Happnd review.

How Does Joy Happnd Work?

Joy Happnd Review

Joy Happnd offers a program that delivers all of its expert-led information. The program was created by manifestation coaches and experts and bases all of their lessons, tasks, and guidance on tried and true methods.

The lessons and activities you’ll receive within the program will be self-led, meaning it will be up to you to dedicate 10 minutes per day to them and employ them in your life.

As with any kind of manifestation program, doing the work is totally on your terms. It can’t happen unless you’re ready and willing for it to happen, and on your journey, you’ll be required to stay consistent if you’re serious about seeing results.

Joy Happnd uses universal laws, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, ancient spirituality, and subconscious reprogramming to help you make lasting changes. Their plan will help you stop struggling with debts, body shaming, self-sabotaging, and more.

It only takes 10 minutes a day to start feeling a change in your mind and life, as the folks at Joy Happnd believe your road to abundance is made up of small steps. They will help you eliminate restricting beliefs and develop thoughts and actions that help you vibrate on higher frequencies.

Once you place your order on, they will send you instructions on how to get your program. Within the program, you will receive:

  • A guided manifestation plan.
  • A Health & Wealth digital journal to track your success and progress.
  • Affirmations for financial abundance and health.

There are a total of 88 daily tasks that will each take 5-10 minutes to help you change the way you think about money and yourself, 15 different techniques to help you grow your wealth and health, and 111 manifestation affirmations.

Throughout your manifestation journey with Joy Happnd, you will take advantage of their 67-page manifestation playbook to help you road map the path to financial freedom and abundance. You’ll thrive with their personalized manifestation guide and 18-page book that shows you how to clearly implement techniques and improve your health and wealth.

You’ll enjoy daily positive affirmations in your inbox and use the customizable manifestation journal to jot them down, note goals, and track your progress. On top of that, you’ll receive daily guidance from Joy Happnd’s manifestations experts and manifestation content.

Want more? Joy Happnd will make sure you get your free copy of the Numbers Don’t Lie ebook filled with 101 pages of information about numerology and how to use it in your life.

While what Joy Happnd delivers is structured, it will be up to you to return to it daily. However, that also means you can follow along at your own pace, and instead of piling everything into a one-hour session with a coach that ends sooner than you would prefer, you have a free range over the material.

With the understanding of how the program works under our belts, let’s move this Joy Happnd review along to pricing.

Joy Happnd Pricing 

Joy Happnd Review

It’s 2023. Who hasn’t seen a life coach at this point? If you’re all too familiar with the high costs of getting personalized advice, then you’ll probably be stoked to find out that Joy Happnd is super affordable.

Is Joy Happnd free? Almost. While it doesn’t serve as a replacement for therapy for larger issues, it can help rid your mind of metaphysical blocks (like believing you can never have nice things). Their low-cost plans start at under $1 per day and are a great place to start. 

You’ll have options to sign up for One Month, Three Months, or 6 Months. The longer you subscribe, the less you’ll pay, and if you take advantage of their offer (claimable within 15 minutes of receiving your results), you’ll pay even less. Here’s what I mean:

  • One Month: $0.99 (normally $4) or $29.99 every 1 month
  • Three Months: under $0.56 (normally $2.22) or $49.99 every three months
  • 6 Months: under $0.44 (normally under $1.78) or $79.99 every 6 months

Whichever plan you choose, when you sign up during your special offer, you’ll save 75% of what you’d normally pay. And regardless of your choice, you’ll still have the exact same experience within your unique Joy Happnd plan.

Who Is Joy Happnd For? 

Joy Happnd Review

Joy Happnd is ideal for people struggling with limiting beliefs about their personal health and finances. It’s a great option for anyone looking to welcome more abundance into their lives through simple, yet powerful manifestation principles.

Using a guided manifestation plan, affirmations, and a daily journal to bring about change in your life, this web-based program requires very little commitment, just 10 minutes per day. So it’s also a good choice for busy individuals.

If the whole manifestation thing is a little woo-woo for you, don’t click off this Joy Happnd review just yet. The techniques that they use have been featured in noteworthy publications like the New York Times, Vogues, and even Healthline

While these techniques may be more esoteric than based on science, there are more than a few studies that suggest the power of positive thinking is enough to create change in our health and mental state, reducing stress and intrusive thoughts.

Even though that may be so, does Joy Happnd actually work? I’ll walk you through what customers think about the program next.

Joy Happnd Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Joy Happnd Review

The point of manifestation services like this one is to help us overcome subconscious blocks we have, helping us change the way we think, and ultimately live. For that reason, this section will be dedicated to feedback from those who have actually used it.

After digging through their website, I’ll include several of the comments customers made here to help give you an overall view of what it’s like to use. Of the kind of results the manifestation program can bring, this Joy Happnd review tells all:

“I kept on going, working 60 hours a week and struggling…While in the background, my credit card balance silently grew and grew. One day I found Joy Happnd. Started the manifestation program and after 3 months I manifested a well-paid job in a field that I have been trying to get into for over 10 years and finally got out of debt.”

The same Joy Happnd review mentioned feeling more at ease and confident that the Universe will provide for them.

Identifying limiting beliefs is the first step to changing them and that’s why it’s so important to start your manifestation journey with this service’s quiz. Before you even sign up or enter your email, you will see precisely which areas you’ll work on and what will be offered in your unique program.

Joy Happnd helps you identify the source of your metaphysical blocks, then uses affirmations and a guided manifestation plan to retrain your thought patterns.

“I was always skeptical about manifesting. I always thought it was a load of crap. But then, I found Joy Happnd. It helped me realize that all of my struggles were because I didn’t have the right mindset when it came to manifesting. I not only manifested my goals and attracting money, but [found] inner peace,” wrote another user in their Joy Happnd review. 

From feeling stuck in life to troubled relationships, our mindset is responsible for more than we give it credit for. Choosing to make one small change like adding 10 minutes of Joy Happnd’s program into your daily routine may be enough to see big results.

The next Joy Happnd review we’ll look at speaks to the power the program has in more areas than one. It reads:

“I’ve been using Joy Happnd for the past few months and it has helped me in more ways than one. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders with regard to not having enough money for traveling or living expenses. I have also started to love my body and how I look!” 

Another user spoke about their success while on the plan, writing: “I’ve become a full-time entrepreneur, left my soul-crushing engineering job, and manifested $50k within 2 months.”

While not everyone may experience the same results, it was uplifting to read about the kind of effects a Joy Happnd plan can have. I wasn’t able to track down feedback outside of the brand’s website, though they do mention that more than 120k of their plans have been ordered.

Judging by those numbers and the success stories you’ve just read in my Joy Happnd review, this program clearly has power. But will it work for you? It’s pretty low risk to find out, and it looks really promising. I’m a full believer in the power that these types of programs can have.

Is Joy Happnd Legit?

Joy Happnd Review

Joy Happnd is a legit company that delivers its services through email – you’ll get access to your programs straight after signing up. Once you do, they will deliver all of your course materials, giving you full access to the journal and lessons while sending daily guidance. Developed by manifestation experts, this program uses methods that have worked for a large number of people.

Is Joy Happnd Worth It?

Joy Happnd Review

Over the past few years, I’ve become quite interested in manifestation, but it always seems like so much work to make the things I want to happen come true. I’ve dabbled in a few different manifestation techniques, but I’ve missed out on the structure that a program like Joy Happnd can provide.

I really enjoyed taking the JoyHappnd quiz, and even if you don’t decide to move forward with their service, I recommend taking it. It was quite an eye-opening experience for me to see how many limiting beliefs I have around abundance, and it really inspired me to make a change.

Practicing affirmation and manifestation takes work, and while you can manifest on your own, if you don’t know where to start, Joy Happnd can help. Why choose this program over a certified coach? It depends on the results you’re looking for, but I love the freedom of a plan like this one, plus, individual sessions with coaches can get super pricey.

If you choose the 6-month subscription, Joy Happnd costs just $0.44 per day, and the best part is that you can use their service any time, not just one hour every week as you would with a life coach.

Giving you the tools to change toxic thought patterns and limiting thoughts, their manifestation process uses tried and true methods featured in Vogue and Healthline. What’s more, it’s proven to be life-changing for many. So do I think it’s worth it? When weighing the positive Joy Happnd reviews against the plan’s price, it is 100% worth it.

Joy Happnd Promotions & Discounts 

Joy Happnd Review

While writing my Joy Happnd review, I noticed that the longer you subscribe, the less you will pay. And if you sign up during your 15-minute offer, you’ll pay 75% less no matter which subscription you choose.

How to Sign Up on Joy Happnd 

Joy Happnd Review

Ready to take control of your life and money? To sign up for Joy Happnd, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Enter your email to get your results.
  4. Pay online.
  5. Get access & download your program.


Joy Happnd Review

Who owns Joy Happnd?

Joy Happnd was developed by a team of manifestation and mindset coaches, as well as a few forward-thinking, high-vibe people who use the program’s techniques themselves.

What is Joy Happnd’s Privacy Policy?

With Joy Happnd, you’ll be dealing with some personal information, understandably, you’d be interested in finding out how your data is protected. While using the service, they will never sell your information to third parties, and they will work to maintain your privacy.

When you visit, certain computer data will be collected, like your computer’s IP address. Any information you input to their website will also be collected, like your email, name, etc. But in general, Joy Happnd only collects such information for:

  • Providing you with their service.
  • Communicating with you.
  • Screening potential risk or fraud.
  • Providing you with information or ads that relate to their products or services.

Joy Happnd asks some personal questions in their quiz, but they are all necessary to effectively calculate your results. The information collected in the quiz is required for you to use the program. But if you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can choose not to use their services.

In terms of your computer’s data, if you switch on “Do Not Track” in your settings, Joy Happnd will not track your data. Any time you wish to remove all of your data from their server, it may result in your ability to no longer access their services.

What is Joy Happnd’s Refund Policy?

Joy Happnd offers monthly, three-month, and 6-month subscription plans. If you choose the one-month plan, you will not need to cancel as your plan will not auto-renew after the first month.

Joy Happnd is a subscription, and that means that longer-term plans may auto-renew. This means you will need to cancel your plan with the service to avoid being continuously charged.

If you choose either of the other plans and you don’t want to see the full three or 6 months, email the brand and they will let you know what to do next.

How to Contact Joy Happnd 

Joy Happnd Review

If you’re all done with this Joy Happnd review and still have questions, email [email protected] to get answers. They respond to all emails within 24-72 hours. They are even available on weekends.

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