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Beckett Simonon Shoes Review

About Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon is an innovative men’s fashion brand offering high quality and stylish shoes that are good for the planet. Experienced artisans use premium materials to handcraft the products using traditional shoe-making techniques, which guarantees the longevity of the product.

This Beckett Simonon shoes review will give you insight into the company and the products they offer so you can make a better informed decision before you make your purchase.

Overview of Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review

Nicholas Hurtado and Andrés Niño originally offered their products in retail stores, which were sold at misleading prices. They created Beckett Simonon in 2011 to ensure that customers were getting top quality products for a price that better fits their budget. 

They came up with a simple solution: they would be the ones in charge at all times. By sourcing from third parties, their products were crafted to be personalized for every individual, and selling online avoided dramatic markups in retail stores. 

Beckett Simonon takes pride in creating a unique experience for their consumers. They believe shoes should give you the comfortability and confidence you need and depend on. They even crafted their own foot-shaped molds, so that you can get the most out of your shoe.

At their studio in Bogatá, Columbia, Beckett Simonon carefully crafts each shoe with materials sourced from Argentinian and Italian tanneries with a guarantee of the finest leather that will last for years.

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review

Choosing what shoes to wear can be daunting. With so many purchasing options, from online, to retailers to second-hand, it’s difficult to make a decision. The brand wants to take that weight off your shoulders by providing you with the key features that make Beckett Simonon shoes an easy decision to make. 

The brand believes to set themselves apart from their competitors in these ways:

  1. Their promise of comfortability due to foot-shaped molds that have been carefully created from customer feedback.
  2. Their high quality materials sourced from the finest leathers.
  3. Using traditional shoe-making techniques to ensure the longevity of the product.
  4. The finishing touches, such as: sanding, waxing and hand polishing. 

This Beckett Simonon shoes review explores the benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • The products are made to last, so you will save money and reduce waste
  • Handcrafted under ethical and responsible conditions
  • Shoes will never be out of stock since they don’t sell from inventory.
  • They keep you updated throughout the production process by sending pictures and videos.
  • Shipping returns and exchanges are free anywhere in the U.S
  • You can cancel for a full refund even if your order is in production, and get a full refund or exchange anywhere in the U.S within 60 days of purchase


  • The products are more expensive than the average shoe, though the prices are significantly less than most high end footwear retailers 
  • They only operate online, so you are unable to try on shoes and refunds are more of a hassle 

Beckett Simonon Reids Sneakers Review

The Reid Sneaker is perfect for someone who is looking for a more simple and minimalistic addition to their outfit. The Reid Sneaker offers a trendsetting look and will take your casual ensemble to the next level. The sneakers can also be paired with a business style outfit if you feel like dressing your suit down. 

For $149, the Reid Sneaker features Argentinian leather, available in four different colours. Shea butter and carnauba wax give the sneakers their sleek and subtly shiny look. The shoe only gets better over time, naturally taking the shape of your foot. The Vanchetta leather lining gives your feet extra space, helping to regulate temperature and absorb moisture. Say goodbye to smelly feet!

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots Review

The Chelsea Boot is a go-to style that everybody loves. This sophisticated shoe can easily be worn on casual or special occasions. Their desirability lies in their timeless simplicity and the subtle leather shine. Everyone will envy you when you wear these. Beckett Simonon offers multiple Chelsea Boot styles, depending on the look you want:

  • The slightly elongated shaft and tapered waist of the Bolton Chelsea Boot fits comfortably under most suit pants and slim-fit trousers, with a suede option also available
  • The Easton Side-Zip Chelsea Boot features minimal detailing and a discreet zipper, with an almond shaped toe adding a contemporary vibe that works well with jeans, chinos, and suits
  • The Preston Chelsea Boot line has a western flare, designed for durability and unique marking patterns with wear. Suede is also available in this line.

Beckett Simonon Chelsea boots come in shades of brown, black, and burgundy, each priced at $229

Writing this Beckett Simonon shoes review, I found the Preston Chelsea Boots in Black to be my personal favourite. There’s just something about a laceless, flat-soled boot that is visually appealing to me. The elastic side panels allow you to slip the boot on and off as you head out the door to work, school or just to run some errands. The boot looks perfect for every occasion. 

Beckett Simonon Oxford Shoes Review

In this Beckett Simonon shoes review, we obviously can’t forget about the staple Oxford. If you’re indecisive like me, you’ll find it hard to pick from one of the 11 different Oxford styles Beckett Simonon has to offer. Each style will add a different style element to your outfit. You’re sure to find a pair that best represents your own personal style.

For $199 you’re able to choose from: a classic, yet understated option like the Dean Oxford, available in shades brown, burgundy, and black. A shoe like this should be in every man’s wardrobe. It pairs well with the simplest of outfits or can be dressed up with a suit and tie. A pair of shoes like this should be an essential piece in your closet. 

Think back to the last time you were invited out and you had to buy yourself a new pair of shoes. The great thing about Beckett Simonon shoes is that they’re built to last. You’re paying for high quality and reliable footwear for years to come.

If you’re not into leather, there is also a suede option for the Dean Oxford. For $199 you have your choice between brown or chestnut. The suede style is for those who don’t want the traditional black, leather shoe. This style is made from water-repellent calfskin suede, so you won’t have to fret about water leaving a mark, stain or discolouration on the shoe. Because there is nothing worse than accidentally stepping in a puddle.

If you wanted to add a little more flare, try out the Yates Oxford. The carefully brogued details will give your outfit some character without trying too hard. With five different colour options, you can’t go wrong. Shoes are a perfect way to accessorize, especially when you’re wearing something as plain. Broguing adds the smallest detail that can make you stand out from the crowd, in a subtle way that still makes a statement.

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

In this Beckett Simonon shoes review, you read what I have to say about the brand. What do verified, paying customers have to say? Based on over 5,000 reviews, Beckett Simonon’s website shows 100% of reviewers would recommend Beckett Simonon products to a friend. 

One Beckett Simonon shoes review said this about the Garcia Sneakers: “I’m honestly floored at how comfortable, well-made, and beautiful these sneakers are.10/10 will be recommending them to everyone I know and will be buying another pair soon.”

This Beckett Simonon shoes review praised the Morgen Trainers: “The sneakers are high quality and a great value for the price. They fit true to size and I’m pleased with my purchase.”

While writing this Beckett Simonon shoes review, I sifted through pages upon pages of the reviews and the majority of reviewers all said the same thing: the products were comfortable, delivery was quick and easy, the products are of superior quality, and their shoes are still in excellent shape.

Beckett Simonon Sizing

Some brands have shoes that fit differently than others, leaving you to size up or down. Ordering online makes it especially hard as you’re unable to try them on. This Beckett Simonon shoes review will give you better insight on to what size shoe will fit your feet perfectly:

  • Beckett Simonon Shoe Size quiz on their site (takes 30 seconds)
  • The site suggests ordering your Brannock device size. This is the tool that is in most shoe stores which helps you figure out the size of your foot.
  • All of the shoes are made with a standard D width
  • The sizes range from 7 to 14 

Beckett Simonon Promotions & Discounts

I hunted for a Beckett Simonon promo code and found:

  • Beckett Simonon discount code: Get 20% off your first order, plus free shipping and returns, when you sign up for their newsletter with your email.
  • They also have an affiliate program where once you’re approved as an official Beckett Simonon Affiliate, you are eligible to receive a 20% commission on first orders for customer referrals. 
  • The best way to get a Beckett Simonon coupon is to sign up for their free VIP newsletter where you will receive exclusive deals and promo codes for special offers.

Where To Buy Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review


Beckett Simonon products can only be found online. This allows customers to save money, since retailers markup the price of products. Retailers typically price their product 8 to 10 times higher than the manufacturing cost.


As of now, their website is currently the only place you can purchase Beckett Simonon boots. 


Beckett Simonon products are not sold on Amazon.


Shipping Policy

Beckett Simonon only ships within the US. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • Free shipping for those within the US
  • Expected delivery date is 8-12 weeks
  • You will receive a tracking number with you order
  • If your package is stolen or missing, email [email protected] to place a claim with your order number

Return Policy

Beckett Simonon offers a warranty on all their products. All requests, fees, and processes are subject to change depending on the location, value, and condition of purchase orders. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy:

  • To initiate a return or exchange you can fill out a form on their website or call them at 1-844-423-2538
  • Free returns within the US
  • 60-day money back guarantee on unworn products 
  • If the size isn’t right they can do a quick exchange
  • One-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects
  • If you change your mind, you can cancel your order for a full refund

Contact Beckett Simonon

For more information, inquiries and services, the customer service team can be reached by submitting a request on their main site, chat, phone or through email.


Phone: 1-844-423-2538

Email: [email protected]

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Asked by Charles (7 months ago) Reply

Placed an online order with Beckett Simonon on 9/7/20. Called customer service on 9/29/20 to check the status of the order. Was told with a straight face that the shoes are currently in production and I might get them in November or latest December of 2020. I better darn well really like these shoes, if I’m going to have to pay first and wait 3/4 months to receive them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Asked by David Thornton (7 months ago) Reply

This is one of those companies that springs into existence on the Internet, uses a lot of stock photography and makes virtue-signaling claims about its corporate culture, takes money up front and delivers some kind of product…maybe. Someday. If it’s not “lost” in shipping. And the review on this site are bought and paid for – go ahead and read through the site, you’ll see what I mean.

Hard pass on both Beckett Simonson – initials “BS” – and honestbrandreviews.

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