Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Rothys vs Tieks: Style Showdown  

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Rothys makes their shoes with a mindfully sustainable approach from start to finish. Rothys emphasizes sustainability through caring for people from the production and innovation perspective to the valued consumer. Crafting five silhouettes for adults and children, Rothys offers comfortable shoes that show a wild side and crank up the colour. 

How often have you longed for a foldable shoe to fill the gap on those nights where you ambitiously sport heels, or to slip into your bag for work? Tieks fill the void through their avant-garde reinvention of the ballet flat. Tieks embodies versatility, easy wear and comfort. Tieks are durable to match your pace, and the design of the shoe embraces flexibility, so you don’t have to make any compromises in the name of fashion. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

The following comparative Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review will examine key elements of the brands and their products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Rothys Loafer vs Tieks Ballet Flats

The Rothys loafer strikes an enviable balance in elegant looks and casual comfort. Rothys has established self-identity with classic solids, bright colours and bold patterns, and they keep to their formula, which means that they deliver a reliable, long-lasting shoe that fits into your daily needs and wardrobe changes. The loafer energizes a classic. The shoe is an extension of you, the kind of piece that feels right, and that you don’t have to overthink. 

Whether you’re walking across town for the perfect latte on a Saturday morning or speeding your pace to pick up the dry cleaning on time, the Rothys loafer has you covered. At the end of a busy day, you can toss the loafer into the wash, and your shoe will look renewed for your next packed day. When you receive a compliment on your Rothys loafer (and you will!), you have an added boast—it’s eco-friendly. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Tieks Ballet Flats

Tieks ballet flats are all about functional but fabulous glam. The venturesome colours and exotic patterns include metallics, sparkles, cheetah print, snakeskin, floral, and shining red. The eye-catching ballet flats are alluring. Some of the intricate patterns are even painted by hand.

With 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather, the shoes will feel like an extension of your bare skin. The non-elasticized cushioned back will keep the shape of your flexible shoe, and the non-skid rubber soles and cushioned instep will motivate you to dress them up or down for any occasion. 

Winner: Tieks

Choosing a winner for this round was a tough choice, since both shoes offer many of the same brilliant features. Both models are designed for comfort, though Tieks flats are a level above with a cushioned sole and back. While Rothys loafers have the added benefit of being machine washable, there are only 25+ options to choose from, compared to Tieks’ 75+. While the loafers are a classic shape, their casual-looking material cannot be dressed up or down to the level that Tieks flats can. In this case, the ballet flats triumph over the loafer.

Rothys The Point vs Tieks Ballet Flats

The Point is dainty but daring with its charming cut and distinctive colours. The Point embellishes the pragmatic. The Point is woven purposefully with a blend of premium merino wool, along with Rothys signature thread. The industrious thread is spun from repurposed plastic water bottles, so you can cruise in style while supporting the health of the planet. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Tieks Ballet Flats

Additionally, the outsoles of the Point are made of vegan leather, so that you can impress your friends over dinner hour conversation. Rothys shoes are made by a dedicated team who are united in their purpose and dedicated to delivering it. You’ll know when you step into The Point and fit it into all of your upcoming occasions that hard work pays off. 

Winner: Rothys

Rothys’ The Point stood out especially for its machine washability. While it’s still offered in less colors compared to Tieks, The Point’s sophisticated shape allows it to compete with the versatility of the ballet flats. Rothys maintained balance in their do-anything, go-everywhere shoe. While you can wear Tieks with basically any outfit, you’ll run into a problem if they get dirty.

Rothys Kids Loafer vs Little Miss Tieks Flats

Rothys’ Kids Loafer is bright and energetic. Rothys expertise is designing good-looking footwear ideal for rambling in the playground, joining in on the soccer field or walking to and from school. The inspiration behind the shoe is to let kids feel and be carefree. As a parent, you want your kid to look put together when they head off for the day, but you also wish for them to be flexible and adaptable to their environment. The Rothys Kids Loafer allows your child to experience both benefits. 

Rothys kids loafers are reimagined water bottles. This inspiration can increase your child’s awareness of our planet and the dangers humankind poses to its health. Any parent knows that playtime can be messy! You want your child to express themselves creatively, and the machine-washable feature means you don’t have to worry about the fate of their footwear. At the end of the day, you can throw their well worn Rothys into the wash, and they’ll be ready for another day of spunk. 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review
Little Miss Tieks Flats

The Little Miss Tieks line comes in mini mini razzleberry and mini cotton candy. The mini version of Tieks are thoughtfully crafted. The Razzleberry, for instance, a striking colour, is a blend of unmistakable raspberry reds and pinks with a splash of blackberry purple. Little Miss Tieks will allow your child to express their personality openly. Additionally, Little Miss Tieks are suitable for school days or formal occasions. 

Your little one will walk in comfort in their Little Miss Tieks. Crafted in Arzignano, Italy with 100% premium, soft, patent leather, they have a non-elasticized and cushioned back for your child to skip through their day. The non-skid rubber soles and cushioned instep make the Tiek transitional to any activity. 

Winner: Rothys

We carefully analyzed kids footwear in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, and we looked for the shoe that allowed your child to play and engage worry-free, without any reason to hold back. The Rothys are made to ramble and frolic without concern for the aftermath. The washable shoes can be used for a full day of adventure and renewed before the morning light. As much as the Tieks offered distinct colours and great comfort for all sorts of occasions, Rothys passed the test as entirely kid-friendly



Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Rothys has a three-tiered mission: to perfect the fit, the make, and the care of your shoes so that you can live an uninhibited life. Rothys crafts comfortable shoes; with their out-of-the-box, no break-in period comfort, Rothys will be your favourite pair of shoes. The make of Rothys footwear is thorough and rigorous. The extra step of focusing on eco-friendly materials makes Rothys more exacting about their decisions. Their sustainable workshop in Dongguan, China, makes this effort achievable. 

Rothys makes their shoes from their signature thread, which is comprised of repurposed plastic water bottles and bio-based algae Strobel boards. Lastly, Rothys are a rare shoe in that you can wash them. By removing the insoles and putting both the shoes and insoles in the washing machine on a cold and delicate cycle, you’ll have a fresh and clean pair of shoes. Rothys’ attentive trio for quality ensures care of the whole foot. 


Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

The name of the game for Tieks is versatility. While they have a delicate and beautiful appearance, Tieks are durable and extremely comfortable. Perhaps best of all, they’re foldable. The flexibility of the Tieks flat rubs off and enhances your flexibility. Tieks crafts their shoes out of a single piece of leather. The 100% premium and soft leather moves with your foot and molds to you over time. For even further comfort, Tieks hand stitches their insoles with full-grain leather and foam cushioning. 

Tieks designs a famous foldable split-sole accompanied by non-skid rubber outsole patches. The sole is always the compelling signature Tieks baby blue. Tieks ballet flats come in over 60 styles, staking their claim as the most versatile ballet flat across the globe. Tieks makes their shoes out of the finest Italian leathers and textiles, and this is apparent through their gorgeous colours and patterns. You will feel the flex of the foot with the rhythm of your walking. Best of all, fold, slip them in your purse, and go!

Winner: Rothys

We compared quality in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review and boy, it was a close call! It was Rothys quality that won by a hair because of their sustainable process and mission, which supports their triple faceted approach to quality—the fit, the make and the care. 

We learned that the intensive quality of manufacturing sustainable materials in a sustainable environment makes for careful and quantitative decision making. It leads to an enhancement of the small details which count, like Rothys’ signature thread. This dedication to thoughtfulness is the leading factor that makes Rothys a well-rounded shoe, one that can support each of your needs instead of honing narrowly on one or two. 

While Rothys was our winner for quality in our Rothys vs Tieks shoes review, Tieks has undeniable assets. With more than 60 exquisite colours and patterns to choose from, Tieks does have a unique and loveable look. Its feminine exterior is bolstered by quality fabrics and technical aspects that keep you grounded and cushioned. Not to mention the research and detail involved in creating the perfect foldable shoe. Tieks may have come second with quality, but it is still a cut above the rest. 

Customer Ratings 

Rothys Customer Reviews

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

The main echo of Rothys customer reviews was that the customer service was awful. Customers reported instances where they were unable to get in touch with a customer service representative and unable to find answers to their concerns. They also reported the difficulty of navigating the website. Customers encountered challenges such as an inability to find their size in shoes. Customers also had negative comments on the shipping experience with Rothys.

On the other hand, customers also stated that they loved their Rothys shoes, and they have many pairs. As much as other customers loved Rothys shoes, they found them pricey, and this was a barrier to buying more pairs, though they wished to. The shoes are durable, and their machine washability is a great asset. Customers remarked on being able to walk the city top to bottom without any discomfort in their beloved Rothys. 

Tieks Customer Reviews

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

Tieks customers said that their Tieks were the most comfortable shoes that they owned and that it felt as if they were wearing slippers when they pulled them on. Others reported that they did not have any rubbing or blisters after their first wear and that Tieks were comfortable for full, active days. Customers felt that Tieks were adaptable and could transition easily from day to night. 

Time and again, customers remarked on the quality of Tieks, which contributed to the zero break-in time. Customers loved the variety of colours and styles available. Customers also praised Tieks customer service. Overall, customers report living in their Tieks, which continue to look new. Customers agreed that Tieks were 100% worth the buy.

Winner: Tieks

Our analysis through our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review was that customer reviews revealed the most significant dissonance between the two brands came down to customer service. Tieks was superior. Those who reviewed the Rothys brand commented that customer service was terrible, that the website was unnavigable and the shipping process was disappointing. 

When it came to the quality of the shoes themselves, both brands excelled. Customers commented for both brands that there was no break-in period, that the shoes were the favourites of their closet repertoire, and that they were eager to purchase more pairs. 

Shipping & Returns 

Rothys Shipping

  • 5 to 9 business days for standard shipping
  • Shipping is free
  • You can try as many sizes as necessary until the fit is just right
  • Can track your order using your account or the Order Status Finder
Shipping ProcedureExpected Timeline
USPS Standard Ground (Free) 5-9 business days
UPS Expedited ($25)2-3 business days
UPS Rush ($35)1-2 business days
International Shipping5-10 business days

Tieks Shipping

  • Free shipping and returns on all US orders
  • Fast shipping in 2-4 days
  • Other options available at checkout for a guaranteed delivery day
  • Great options for international shipping at checkout

Rothys Returns

  • Rothys accepts unworn, unwashed shoes in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt
  • You may try your shoes for fit but do so indoors
  • Rothys is offering limited free time returns for shipping on Canadian orders, but Rothys does not offer exchanges for Canadian orders
  1. Return or exchange in person: visit a ‘Happy Returns Return Bar’
  2. Return or exchange online: visit the ‘Returns Center’
  3. Return or exchange in-store: 2448 Fillmore Street in San Francisco

Tieks Returns

  • Unworn Tieks can be exchanged or returned for a refund at any time
  • Shipping is covered both ways in the US
  • If you received your Tieks as a gift, you can complete your gift exchange online

Winner: Tieks

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

There were equal assets in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review of shipping and returns. Both brands offered free shipping in the US, but Rothys also offers it internationally. That said, Tieks US orders shipped in a mere 2-4 days. Rothys had three easy return options, including the Happy Returns Return Bar, but Tieks covered shipping both ways in the US. Both companies offered highly user-friendly shipping and returns with generous policies. 

Price & Value

The Point$196-$236
Kids Loafer/Little Miss Tieks$88$135

Winner: Rothys

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

In our analysis of price and value in our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, Rothys had the edge. On the lower end bracket of their flats pricing, Tieks had the upper hand on Rothys, but their pricing stretched significantly higher than the Rothys shoe. Admittedly, there was no shoe in the Tieks category with which to compare the Point. The Rothys Kids Loafer was much more inexpensive than the Little Miss Tieks. 

We Choose: Rothys 

Rothys vs Tieks Shoes Review

We tallied up the categories from our Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review, and the jury is out: Rothys is the top brand of shoes. Rothys surpassed Tieks with The Point and the Kids Loafer, as well as in quality. When it came to shipping and returns, the brands tied. 

Our review of Rothys vs. Tieks emphasized Rothys’ sustainable approach to managing their people, decisions, materials and procedures, which is scrupulously detail-oriented. Rothys is a cut above other brands. Not only does Rothys take their job seriously, but they also have fun with their emboldened colours and patterns. Your Rothys will express the authenticity of your personality, making you stand out from the crowd. 

In our Rothys vs Tieks shoes review we found that Rothys mixes elegance and comfort, cultivating the kind of balance that other footwear companies strive for but rarely strike. They have truly chosen two admirable paths. The first encompasses durability, washability and wearability and the other a versatile formula for fun.

Rothys creates a foundation in their shoes that allow their customers to feel themselves, and that is the platform for any great day and any accomplishment small or large. It doesn’t hurt that we are having an eco-friendly imprint on our earth while we carve territory in our Rothys!

Next, check out our in-depth reviews for Rothys and Tieks.

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