Jaxxon Jewelry Review

About Jaxxon

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Jaxxon is a fine jewelry brand known for its men’s collection, which ranges from wedding bands to pendants to gold chains. The Los Angeles-based company sells high-quality jewelry directly to consumers without any industry markups, using materials that are ethically sourced from northern Italy.

Founded in 2017 by partners Josh Deemer, and Josh Pierce, Jaxxon derived its name from what the founders somewhat cryptically describe as “our persona as a community[:] An ambitious group of go-getters who strive to develop and showcase the best version of themselves and others.”

The surge in online shopping among Gen-Z and millennials has helped Jaxxon grow rapidly. Its products are now available in over 100 countries, and the brand has now expanded into women’s jewelry

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or your special guy? In this Jaxxon jewelry review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, its products, customer reviews, and more to help you decide if this bling lives up to the hype.

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Pros and Cons

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Jaxxon carries a range of products for both men and women. Here are some potential pros and cons of this brand:


  • High-quality materials: Jaxxon uses high-quality materials such as 18K gold and genuine leather to create its jewelry, ensuring that each piece is durable and long-lasting.
  • Unique designs: Jaxxon offers a variety of unique and stylish designs that are sure to stand out and complement any outfit.
  • Versatility: Jaxxon’s jewelry is versatile and can be worn on a variety of occasions, from casual to formal.
  • Affordability: Jaxxon offers high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • Large Selection: They have chains, bracelet, rings, earrings, pendants, and accessories along with various other pieces.
  • Various Sizing: They offer 18″ – 20″ – 22″ – 24″ – 26″ chains with 2mm to 10mm thickness, and a variety of sizes of bracelets, cuffs, and rings.

What Makes Jaxxon Stand Out?

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Here are some factors that contribute to Jaxxon’s uniqueness:

  • Fashion-forward designs: Jaxxon offers a range of modern and trendy designs that are sure to stand out and make a statement. Its pieces are often inspired by current fashion trends, making them relevant and fashionable.
  • Unisex options: Jaxxon offers many unisex jewelry options, which makes it stand out from other brands that may cater to only men or women.
  • Quality materials: Jaxxon uses high-quality materials such as 18K gold and genuine leather, ensuring that each piece is durable and long-lasting.
  • Affordability: Despite using high-quality materials, Jaxxon’s jewelry is priced affordably, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers. This is a factor that sets Jaxxon apart from other luxury jewelry brands.
  • Social responsibility: Jaxxon is committed to social responsibility and sustainability. The company uses eco-friendly packaging, and a portion of its profits goes towards charitable causes.

Overall, Jaxxon stands out by offering high-quality, fashionable, and affordable jewelry that is also socially responsible. Its unique and versatile designs make it appealing to a broad range of consumers, and its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility sets it apart from other jewelry brands.


Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Jaxxon uses high-quality materials in its jewelry to ensure that each piece is durable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. The combination of materials used also adds to the aesthetic appeal of their designs. You can find the following materials in their pieces:

  • 18K gold: Jaxxon uses 18-karat gold in its jewelry, which is a high-quality and durable material that is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a durable and hypoallergenic material that is often used in Jaxxon’s men’s jewelry. It is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion and is easy to maintain.
  • Genuine leather: Jaxxon uses genuine leather in some of its bracelets, which is a durable and flexible material that is comfortable to wear.
  • Cubic zirconia: Jaxxon uses cubic zirconia in some of its jewelry as a cost-effective alternative to diamonds. Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that has a similar appearance to diamonds but is much more affordable.
  • Semi-precious stones: Jaxxon also uses semi-precious stones such as black onyx and blue lapis in some of its jewelry designs.

6 Jaxxon Jewelry Bestsellers

Though I’ve come to learn that this brand is best-known for its chains, it also carries a wide selection of other items, from Jaxxon pendants to rings, bracelets, and more.

For the purposes of my Jaxxon jewelry review, I’ll be sticking to some of the company’s bestselling chains and bracelets for men.

Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain – 3mm Review 

The gold-bonded Jaxxon 3mm Cuban Link Chain is the thinner version of the Jaxxon Cuban chain. Made of sterling silver coated in 14K gold, this is a slick-looking accessory that can be worn alone or layered with other chains. 

Versatile enough to be worn to the gym or out on date night, this Italian-made necklace is designed for long-lasting shine, so it won’t tarnish or turn your neck green—and if you’re not feeling the gold, I’d recommend checking out the pure sterling silver version.  

Make this Jaxxon Cuban link chain a staple part of your ensemble for $109

Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain – 5mm Review 

Jaxxon’s most popular chain, the classic Cuban Link Chain – 5mm can be dressed up or down with ease. I think it would look equally as great over a white tee, a bare chest when you’re chilling at the beach, or as the final touch to a finely cut suit for club night. 

The 5mm Cuban link chain comes in four lengths ranging from 20-26cm, and you can get it in one of four different colors. The gold, rose gold, and Jaxxon silver Cuban link chain will run you $159 each, while the stunning solid black rhodium version costs $169

Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain – 7mm Review 

Let them know you’re here with the attention-grabbing Cuban Link Chain – 7mm. The thickest variety of Jaxxon mens chains, this is for those who aren’t afraid to draw eyes—it’s got the same classically simple style as its Cuban link brothers, but its assertive size make it a full-on display piece. 

If you’re springing for this, I’ll take a chance and say you’re not into the minimalist look. Maybe you’re even looking for more pieces to complete your look. If so, see how this chain matches up with some of the Jaxxon mens rings. Available in both gold-bonded and silver varieties, the Cuban Link Chain – 7mm is $249

Jaxxon Rope Chain – 2.5mm Review 

If you’re into layering your jewelry, the Jaxxon gold Rope Chain can be your go-to. I found that this chain has some weight to it, so the way it sits around your neck is very aesthetically pleasing. Each link is carefully diamond-cut, creating some serious sparkle and gorgeously intricate detail. 

Similar to the Cuban link chains, the Rope Chain is perfect for everyday wear. Pair this with an all-black ensemble and another Jaxxon gold chain, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. And if yellow gold isn’t your thing, you can also go for the same design in rose gold or rhodium-coated silver.

The gold and silver version of the Rope Chain retail for $139, or you can get the rose gold for $129

Jaxxon Figaro Chain – 6mm Review 

Jaxxon jewelry’s simplicity makes it great for layering, but the Jaxxon Figaro Chain works best when it stands alone. I read that this customized chain was created by spacing the links two links further apart than on the standard Figaro design, resulting in a real statement piece that’ll have all eyes on you. 

If you’re feeling it, pair this with a relaxed, tropical button-down for a truly luxurious look. Be the talk of the town with the Figaro Chain for $169

Jaxxon Cuban Link Bracelet – 10mm Review 

With its classic design, the Cuban Link Bracelet is a truly timeless and infinitely versatile piece of men’s jewelry. It can jazz up a casual outfit without clashing or looking overly ostentatious, and I think it would complement a sharp suit beautifully. Whether you’re hitting the court for some 3-on-3 or taking your lady out for a 1-on-1 at a classy restaurant, this bracelet can go anywhere with you.

This bracelet has three size options (7.5”, 8”, 8.5”), and comes in either gold-bonded sterling silver or rhodium-coated sterling silver. Take the second-guessing out of your jewelry choice with the Jaxxon Cuban Link Bracelet for $159

Is Jaxxon Jewelry Real Gold? 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

The brand has a considerably pricier line of solid 14K gold jewelry, and the gold-bonded items covered in this Jaxxon jewelry review above are plated with the same karat weight. So, yes, Jaxxon jewelry is real gold. 

Will Jaxxon Chains Tarnish? 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

I discovered that the brand’s gold-bonded chains are pretty resilient, so they’re not going to tarnish if they come in contact with water.

With that said, the company does recommend that you dry them right after getting out of the pool or shower with the custom jewelry cloth that is included with your order. 

If you have a Jaxxon silver chain, the brand highly recommends that you keep it away from water, as it will eventually lose its signature shine. 

Who Is Jaxxon For? 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

After checking out the line, I think Jaxxon is perfect for men who are looking to invest in luxurious but classically simple jewelry pieces5. By cutting down on the flash factor (even with its biggest pieces), the brand caters to both jewelry connoisseurs and those men who are just starting to tentatively dip their toes in the world of accessorizing.

And guys don’t get all the fun either: the brand carries over that same spirit of aesthetically pleasing simplicity to its women’s line of chains and bracelets. 

Comparison: Jaxxon vs. Vitaly

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Jaxxon is one of many e-commerce jewelry brands that are out to court younger millennials. In this Jaxxon jewelry review, I checked out one of the company’s (friendly?) competitors, Vitaly, to see what telling differences we could divine when looking at the two brands side by side.

To start with, I noticed that Vitaly’s accessory collection is definitely edgier than Jaxxon’s. The brand describes itself as an “experimental design studio,” and that self-conception definitely translates into its fashion-forward, frequently futuristic-looking pieces. By contrast, Jaxxon’s jewelry line is considerably more traditional, even though just as finely crafted.

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

I also thought it was worth noting that Vitaly is a bit less pricey than Jaxxon, but not by much. So the real dividing line between these two brands is really a matter of taste: are you going for old-school class and luxury, or a 22nd-century cyberjacker kind of look?

Jaxxon Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

As always, it’s what the people think that counts, so here’s the point in this Jaxxon jewelry review where I seek out customer testimonials about the brand and its products.

The better news is that all of the reviews at are funnelled directly from Trustpilot, which is one of the most reliable sources of honest customer feedback. And the best news of all I have to report is that of a total 20K-plus individual ratings, Jaxxon pulls in a highly impressive average of 4.8/5 stars.

Many of the glowing reviews cite the brand’s great customer service and the excellent quality of its jewelry. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about their experience ordering from the company: 

I recently purchased the Cuban link chain and decided to opt for a smaller size. Unfortunately, I did not have my order number handy, but after reaching out to Jaxxon’s customer service, Gabby made the exchange process very simple. Can’t say enough about Gabby and the help I received!” 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

As to product quality, the Cuban Link Bracelet has a lot of fans, who gave it a 4.8/5-star rating from a total of 100 reviews. “This is probably the best piece in the entire collection. It looks great, it shines great, you can wear it with anything. A game changer.”

Not to be outdone, the 5mm Cuban Link Chain also pulled in 4.8/5 stars from nearly 14.8K reviews. Pointing to the great unisex appeal of these pieces, one review recounted how the buyer was seduced into picking up her own piece after buying this one as a gift:

I actually got the men’s for my boyfriend, and I happened to fall in love with it as well which led me to purchasing the women’s necklace. Honestly for the price you pay, it’s worth it. So far, it’s working out well for me especially because I am allergic to most jewelry that isn’t completely gold or silver…. I will be purchasing more in the future 🙂 thank you!”

The company also seems to garner customer loyalty, as per this comment from a repeat buyer: “This was the 6th chain I’ve purchased from Jaxxon. This one was a gift for my sister, and she loves it. Great quality as always.” 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Out of the thousands upon thousands of Jaxxon reviews, I realized that only about 3% of them are negative which is a pretty negligible number.

After doing some digging for this Jaxxon jewelry review, I’m happy to say that the brand’s customer care team seems to quickly respond to and resolve buyer issues. On the company’s Trustpilot page, I saw that Jaxxon replies to 99% of its negative reviews and offers to make things right.

Is Jaxxon Worth It?

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

High-quality men’s jewelry is hard to come by, and based on what I turned up in this Jaxxon jewelry review, I can say with confidence that this brand is worth checking out.

Jaxxon creates timeless pieces that will be in style for years to come, and it puts the same care and attention to detail into its more recent women’s collection.

Additionally, it’s hard to pass up Jaxxon jewelry given all of the positive feedback the brand has received. From the many reviews I read through, it’s obvious that customers love these pieces, and the company also gets more shine for its excellent customer service.  

In comparison to other e-commerce jewelry brands, Jaxxon is a bit more pricey, but I believe that you get what you pay for. So if you’re looking to invest in beautiful, classic-style jewelry, Jaxxon should definitely be on your radar.


So you’ve decided Jaxxon isn’t for you? There are several similar jewelry brands on the market to explore. Here are a few suggestions:

  • GLDN: GLDN makes handmade, lovingly crafted jewelry pieces that can be personalized for an added touch. The brand uses a variety of metals of various prices so that their jewelry can be enjoyed by everyone. 
  • Frost NYC: Touted to be one of the largest jewelry manufacturers of their kind in the United States, Frost NYC has built its reputation among urban jewelry lovers for its unique custom-made pieces with ‘iced out’ detailing that complement their street style.  
  • Bayam Jewelry: Bayam Jewelry’s men’s collections include chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. Best of all, they are all real gold, make thoughtful gifts, and are great accents to your look. 

Jaxxon Promotions & Discounts 

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

If you sign up to receive text message updates from the company, you can get 15% off your first order.

You can also check out the 20% off Build Your Own Bundle page on the brand website, and I’ve found it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on the regular “Sale” section to see what pops up.

Right now Jaxxon also has 20% off sitewide now through 2/14 with code VDAY20.

Where to Buy Jaxxon

Jaxxon Jewelry Review

You can buy Jaxxon jewelry exclusively from the brand website, This direct-to-consumer model is what allows the brand to avoid standard industry markups.


Jaxxon Jewelry Review

Where is Jaxxon made? 

Jaxxon jewelry is made in northern Italy. I’ve learned that’s where some of the finest jewelry in the world is made. The brand claims that all its precious metals are “ethically sourced” from this region too.

What sizes does Jaxxon have? 

Each necklace and bracelet comes in different lengths. You can check out each individual product page to see the range of sizes; the brand also helpfully specifies which length of each item is its most popular. 

What is Jaxxon’s Shipping Policy?

Jaxxon offers free express shipping in the US, and free standard shipping for international orders. You can also opt for an expedited shipping option (Rush Air or Next Day Air) for an additional fee, which will be calculated at checkout.

Order processing can take up to 3 business days prior to shipping. Here, I’ll list the estimated times for delivery, depending on location and shipping type: 

  • US
    • Express—2-7 business days
    • Rush Air—3-4 business days 
    • Next Day Air—1-2 business days 
  • International
    • Standard—4-14 business days

What is Jaxxon’s Return Policy?

Jaxxon offers only a 7-day window to return unwanted items, which must be in their original packaging to be accepted. Solid gold items are all final sale, as each jewelry piece is made to order. 

To initiate a return or an exchange, visit the return portal on the brand website. 

How to Contact Jaxxon

Any questions that my Jaxxon jewelry review didn’t already cover? If so, you can contact the brand via the following methods: 

  1. Text: (213) 376-2959
  2. Phone: (213) 663-1585
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Live chat on website

Customer service response hours are 6am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.

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