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About Caddis Glasses 

Caddis Glasses Review

Caddis Glasses is an American eyewear company designing bold, fun, and comfortable glasses for 40+ crowd that has found themselves in need of reading glasses. This company carries sunglasses, progressives, reading glasses, and anti-blue light lenses.

This eyewear provider has been featured in Medium magazine and has attracted a strong customer following. My Caddis Glasses review has found that this brand has over 45k followers on Instagram and 11k followers on Facebook. 

Part of Caddis Glasses culture is to joyfully embrace the aging process, even if it comes with changing eyewear needs!

By rejecting ageist marketing and narrow social perceptions of getting older, Caddis Glasses has found a niche amongst customers who love their age and how they look, and want their reading glasses to reflect their personal style.

This Caddis Glasses review will break down this brand’s buying highlights, their best-selling products, and real customer reviews, so you can decide if you’d like to see the world through some eyewear from this trendy brand!

Keep reading my Caddis Glasses review to learn more about the company’s story.

Overview of Caddis Glasses 

Caddis Glasses Review

Caddis Glasses was founded in 2016 by American entrepreneurs Dustin Robertson and Tim Parr. Parr noticed that even though most people over the age of 40 need reading glasses, the average store selection was either tacky, uncomfortable, or way overpriced. 

Parr wanted to change how we look at both eyewear and aging, to provide fun and high-quality reading glasses that were way too stylish to be a mere afterthought in your everyday wardrobe.

Gradually, other creatives from around the US got on board to help shape the line. The brand launched their first run of readers out of their warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017, eventually expanding into a full range of eyewear. 

Their mission is to be an “anti anti-aging” force in the eyewear world, encouraging customers to embrace getting older and find comfortable eyewear that suits their changing vision needs and personality.

Their approach to business is refreshingly down to earth and no-nonsense, and their marketing has a frank, humorous tone that modern customers will love. 

If you’re interested in what this brand has to offer, join this Caddis Glasses review as I look at the highlights of buying from this unique company.


  • Varied product line includes reading glasses and multi-focal glasses
  • Blue light glasses to protect your eyes from computer and phone screens
  • Vibrant, colorful styles and contemporary shapes
  • $5 US shipping and free exchanges for US customers
  • Positive, pro-aging message

Caddis Glasses Review

My Caddis Glasses review will now shop through some of this growing brand’s best-selling eyewear. 

Whether you need sunglasses, progressives, or a new pair of readers, Caddis Glasses has an option for you.

Caddis D28 Progressive Glasses Review

These funky lenses will help you clearly see your world up close and far away. The D28 Progressive Glasses helps your eyes focus on things both near and far without having two separate prescriptions combined in one lens. 

According to Caddis Glasses, these specs aren’t your typical bifocal lens. Instead they’re progressives, meaning they have no prescription at the top of the lens and progress to your desired magnification (from 1.00 to 3.00) at the bottom of the lens. 

My Caddis Glasses review found that the D28 Progressive Glasses are made from a durable 100% acetate, and measure 141 mm wide with a 145 mm arm length

They have a chunky, bold aesthetic in colors that really stand out! Choose from the following options:

  • Brackish – ombre sea glass green
  • Turtle – tortoiseshell
  • Dolphin head – grey ombre
  • Fog – transparent white
  • Gloss black – all black
  • Minor blues – translucent royal blue
  • Bullet coffee – brown and cream
  • 80-20 – black with blue arms

Buy the D28 Progressive Glasses for $149

Caddis Hooper Progressive Glasses Review

If you have a thing for a hint of ’70s-inspired, carefree aviator style, these glasses were made for you! The Hooper Progressive Glasses combine the best of aviator structure with lenses that will help you see up close and in the distance, too. 

The Hooper Progressive Glasses lenses come with an oversized wire frame in your choice of silver, gunmetal, or gold. Their lenses are gently tinted in either yellow, green, or blue, giving them a warm, vintage vibe.

These glasses contain the Caddis “Frequency Lenses,” which have the following features:

  • Stops 45% of blue light from reaching your eyes
  • “Anti-reflective coating”
  • Anti-smudge coating

They measure 149 mm wide and 145 mm arm length, and are available in prescriptions from 1.00 to 3.00.

Buy the Hooper Progressive Glasses for $159.

Caddis Root Cause Analysis Sun Review

All glasses wearers know how annoying it is to squint in intense sunlight while wearing your regular lenses.

The Root Cause Analysis Sun glasses solve this problem, by translating your prescription into progressive sunglasses so you can enjoy bright summer days and see clearly, too.

These lenses will have no magnification at the top and progress to your strongest prescription, from 1.00 to 3.00, at the bottom. By looking through the top of the lens you’ll see things in the distance, while the bottom will help you read your book or scroll through your phone. 

The Root Cause Analysis Sun glasses have large lenses that will block UV light from your eyes and upper cheeks. They measure 149 mm wide with an arm length of 145 mm.

This style is rock-star bold, with a straight top and rounded bottoms. You can order these glasses in matte gopher brown and gloss black. 

Buy the Root Cause Analysis Sun for $149.

Caddis Miklos Sun Review

If you have a more toned-down sense of fashion, check out the Miklos Sun glasses. These Caddis sunglasses are more subtle and classic than some of the brand’s other styles, with a slightly narrower profile and a plain black or tortoiseshell frame

The Miklos Sun sunglasses feature simple rectangular lenses with rounded edges and a blunted corner for an interesting, elongating shape.

According to Caddis Glasses, the Miklos Sun is a flexible pair that will fit almost any face. They have a width of 142 mm and an arm length of 145 mm

Miklos Sun’s lenses are available in the following prescriptions:

  • 1.00
  • 1.50
  • 2.00
  • 2.50
  • 3.00

These Caddis glasses are also progressives, ideal for people who need reading glasses but don’t want to have a pair permanently parked on their head! Their anti-sun coating will also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when you’re out enjoying summer days. 

Buy the Miklos Sun glasses for $149.

Caddis Readers Review

These reading glasses are perfect for bookworms with a bold style! Keep reading my Caddis review to learn more about their best-selling reading eyewear, the Mabuhay and the Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses.

Caddis Mabuhay Reading Glasses Review

The Mabuhay Reading Glasses are made for men and women who want a lightweight and stylish pair of reading specs. 

A modern take on the classic aviator shape, these glasses have a thin frame and colorful tint to help bring out your inner Tami Taylor or Carrie Bradshaw. They’re 140 mm wide with a 140 mm arm length

These chic lenses have a set of features to protect both your glasses and the health of your eyes:

  • Anti-blue light technology – Caddis suggests it stops 45% of harmful rays from screens
  • Anti-smudge coating
  • Anti-scratch hard coat – to extend the life of your lenses

You can order the Mahubay Reading Glasses in prescriptions from 0 to 3.50 and in colors polished gold rose, chrome light blue, or polished gold green. 

Pick up the Mahubay Reading Glasses for $105.

Caddis Porgy BACKSTAGE Reading Glasses Review

The Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses are that flattering, classic, everyday go-to pair of glasses. They have thick arms which connect to gently rounded rectangular lenses. They’re a comfortable 147 mm wide, with an arm length of 145 mm.

The simple, unfussy design of the Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses will appeal to people who need a pair of glasses that will match easily with just about any outfit, for any occasion.

The frames of these Caddis readers are made from 100% acetate, which Caddis Glasses claims is an excellent material for the best “fit, function, and durability.

These readers feature the brand’s signature “Frequency,” lenses which contain anti-blue light technology to protect your eyes during screen time. They also have anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings, so they should stand up well to daily use and the elements.

You can order the Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses in the following colors:

  1. Minor Blues
  2. Dolphin Head
  3. Gloss vodka
  4. Heritage green
  5. Gloss black
  6. Matte gopher
  7. Turtle

These glasses are typically available in prescriptions 0 to 3.50. Buy the Caddis Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses for $95.

Who Is Caddis Glasses For? 

Caddis Glasses Review

Caddis Glasses caters to an older demographic of men and women who are transitioning into using reading glasses or progressive glasses.

This company prides itself on offering stylish and bold glasses for people with milder prescriptions who rely on reading or progressive lenses to fully enjoy their surroundings. 

Glasses wearers will appreciate that this company has created lenses that give solid protection against blue light and are resistant to scratches and smudges. They also have a reasonable selection of pre-set prescriptions and size options, making them viable for a wide range of wearers.

Caddis exists to change the perspective on what prescription glasses should look like, and on what styles more mature people are supposed to be wearing. This brand makes it clear that part of their mission is to embrace aging and help fulfill their older customer’s vision needs

That said, the brand have great style and unique takes on over-the-counter readers and progressives. Younger people may also enjoy the fun style and good quality of Caddis Glasses.

In fact, any person with a prescription of up to 3.50 could shop through their selection of reading glasses, progressives, and sunglasses, and find a fantastic fit for them.

Caddis Glasses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Caddis Glasses Review

This brand shares Caddis Glasses reviews on the product pages of their official website. These customer reviews are largely positive, as Caddis buyers have praised the company for their comfortable styles, affordable pricing, and friendly customer service

One woman who purchased the Porgy Backstage Reading Glasses shares in her Caddis Glasses review:Great looking quality eyewear! love the color options and the progressive lenses mean I don’t have to keep taking them off when I look up from my reading.”

This Caddis Glasses review has also found that the brand shares customer feedback on their official Facebook page. Many customers on this page report that they find these glasses to be “sturdy” and have high-quality frames and lenses

Facebook users also praise the brand’s durability and comfortable fit. One shopper shares in her Facebook Caddis Glasses review: Love the fit! Super study not cheap feeling. Love the color & selection. The blue light block is amazing!  I use my phone a lot for business.”

Another woman echoes this experience, writing in her Caddis Glasses review: “I’m a convert. I love the readers I ordered. They are MUCH sturdier than other readers I’ve had. I love the hip style. They are comfortable and my eyes are happy.”

This company was also reviewed by the writer at, who tried out their 

Nepetalactone cat-eye glasses. She liked their style and fit, and appreciated the blue light protection, too. 

She shares in her Caddis Glasses review, “The glasses fit me well and were solidly constructed. I also appreciated that they were blue light blocking. Other companies usually charge extra for this feature and it is usually coated on, but Caddis figured out how to infuse the lenses using a proprietary technology it developed.”

Overall, Caddis Glasses reviews show that customers have been satisfied with their purchases and are generally happy with the style, fit, lens quality, and pricing of their Caddis Glasses.

Is Caddis Glasses Worth It?

Caddis Glasses Review

Caddis Glasses is a refreshing brand in more ways than one. They have a candid and down-to-earth culture that challenges people to reject ageist marketing ploys (and the subpar reading glasses they’ve been offered elsewhere). 

Caddis Glasses’ website features beautiful, intriguing older models in their bold and stylish eyewear, proving that great fashion has no age limit!

Customers can see people who look like them wearing these glasses, and the company’s entire tone and philosophy is both clever and welcoming. 

Judging from the generally positive Caddis Glasses reviews online, this company is also delivering on their promise of beautiful, high-quality frames and lenses. Their products are known by customers for being flattering, durable, and functional

My Caddis Glasses review also found that this brand understands that modern customers expect online shopping to be both fun and convenient

They have virtual try-on options, plenty of images and descriptions, offer flat rate $5 shipping across the US, and have free exchanges, too. Caddis Glasses makes it easy to enjoy your buying experience and feel confident that you’ll be satisfied with the end result! 

For these reasons, my Caddis Glasses review can recommend treating yourself to some stylist eyewear from this growing company.

Caddis Glasses Promotions & Discounts 

Caddis Glasses Review

Caddis Glasses does not currently have any promotions or discounts available. Check their official website,, to stay up to date on their latest deals. You can also sign up via email to get access to exclusive discounts.

Where to Buy Caddis Glasses

Caddis Glasses Review

You can buy all Caddis Glasses at their official website. Some of the brand’s glasses are also sold through other retailers – you can search the list of Caddis Glasses stockists on their Store Locator page


Caddis Glasses Review

Who owns Caddis Glasses?

American entrepreneur Tim Parr owns Caddis Glasses.

Does Caddis Glasses ship internationally?

Caddis Glasses shares that it does ship internationally, though it does not specify if any countries are excluded from their shipping policy.

What is Caddis Glasses’s Shipping Policy?

This company has partnered with USPS to ship from their Salt Lake City warehouse on weekdays. 

They pride themselves on offering flat rate $5 shipping on all US orders, which should be filled a day after you made your purchase. Your shipment will include a tracking number that will be sent to you once your order is processed.

What is Caddis Glasses’s Return Policy?

This Caddis Glasses review learned that as long as your specs are still in mint condition and you bought them within the last 60 days, domestic customers are welcome to return them!

When you log in to your Caddis Glasses account, you can select the items you’d like to return and print your prepaid shipping label. All returns will be charged a flat rate of $5. Your refund will be made within 2 days of the company receiving the product back.

If you choose to exchange your purchase, you can do so for free! Just follow the returns process and select “Exchange” to proceed. 

This brand shares that they will not refund any final sale merchandise or promotional items that were given away for free. International customers are not eligible for free exchanges and will have to contact Caddis Glasses to make their returns.

How to Contact Caddis Glasses

You can reach Caddis Glasses in the following ways:

  • By mail: 150 West Commonwealth Ave Ste. 202 Salt Lake City, UT 84115
  • By phone: 801-464-4039
  • By email:  [email protected]

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