Lensabl Eyewear Review

About Lensabl Eyeglasses

Lensabl Eyewear Review

Lensabl is an online eyecare brand that sells a wide selection of lenses, frames, and contacts. This brand also offers optometry services like online prescriptions and lens replacement.

Their direct-to-consumer model allows customers to pay a fraction of what they normally would at their optometrist. 

Lensabl has received praise from The Strategist, Tech Crunch, Best Products, and has been featured on Popsugar, CNET, and Esquire, among many other news outlets. 

This Lensabl eywear review will take a look at the brand, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their eyewear and services are worth a closer look.

Overview of Lensabl 

Lensabl Eyewear Review

Andy Bilinsky and Mike Rahimzadeh founded Lensabl in 2016 with the mission to provide an easier and more convenient way for customers to buy glasses and contacts.

They’ve proven to consumers that there’s no need to pay high retail prices to get a prescription or pick out frames. When customers buy from Lensabl, they save an average of 70% of what they’d spend at an optician. 

Next up in this Lensabl eyewear review are the pros and cons of the brand. 

Lensabl Highlights

  • A wide selection of lenses available including Digital HD Progressive and Computer lenses
  • Customers can get a prescription and pick out frames from home
  • Customers save an average of 70% compared to other brands
  • Every day and designer frames available 
  • All lenses include blue-light protection, anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection
  • Partnered with tech-forward Bose and Spectacles sunglasses
  • Helpful and efficient lens selection process
  • Payment options with affirm
  • Can be reimbursed by your insurance provider
  • Free ground shipping
  • International shipping available

Lensabl’s glasses and sunglasses collections have a frame to suit every face while also offering contact lenses, lens replacement, and eye exams.

Lensabl has packaged your lengthy, pricy, and sometimes annoying trip to the eye doctor into a friendly, quick, and affordable online experience.

For a bonus, you also have the option to make interest-free payments with affirm. Next up in this Lensabl eyewear review is a breakdown of their bestselling eyewear

Lensabl Glasses Review

Lensabl is known for their eyeglasses, the company was in fact started to provide a better alternative than traditional retail stores. And so we’ll review a few popular Lensabl Glasses and other products you might be interested in.

Lensabl Bose Alto Sunglasses Review

Channel your inner rockstar with the Bose Alto Sunglasses. At first glance, these sunglasses look like a trendy, attractive pair of shades. But of course, everything within the Bose collection features supremely cool, built-in sound features.

With open-ear audio, you’ll get 3.5 hours of music streaming right from your sunglasses. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity brings your favorite playlist from your iPhone or Android device to a built-in microphone. You can also use it to answer calls hands-free!

Extremely modern and technologically driven, you can adjust the volume on your Bose sunglasses by holding the button located on the frame.

Plus, if you turn your head to the left, the volume decreases, whereas to the right, it increases. You can also use the button on the frames to play, pause, or skip tracks on your playlist. Roam freely to the beat with the Bose Alto Sunglasses for $200. 

Lensabl Snapchat Spectacles Originals Review

The Snapchat Spectacles Originals allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world around you while collecting memories phone-free. These Lensabl Snapchat glasses allow you to capture real-time footage or pictures of your surroundings.

What’s more, these sunglasses feature:

  • 5GB of storage (3000 photos or 150 videos)
  • Waterproof construction
  • Wireless Snapchat app sync
  • Tinted lenses with UVA & UVB protection 
  • A built-in microphone

The Spectacles can capture 70 videos in a single charge but can also be charged on-the-go with their travel-friendly charging case

Snapchat Spectacles Originals Onyx sunglasses have the option to choose between Moonlight or Eclipse Lens colors. Whereas the Midnight and Twilight colors are available for the Snapchat Spectacles Originals Sapphire sunglasses.

Both designs are available with Single Vision lenses for $275 or Progressive for $345. If you prefer your lenses to be polarized, there is an additional $50 charge. 

Lensabl Westward Leaning Pioneer Review

The Westward Leaning Pioneer glasses are one of the brand’s most popular sunglasses that can be adapted as clear, sunglasses, Transitions, and blue light blocking lenses made of polycarbonate.

Coming in Black, Layered Tortoise, Classic Tortoise, and Navy, these wayfarers have reclaimed redwood inlay for an added touch of style.

What’s more, Westward Leaning designed these frames to have durable construction, high-quality hinges, and suitability for all face types to last you for years.

Originally handmade in Japan, the Westward Leaning Pioneer glasses could be your new readers or your beach-day glasses for just $185-$262 depending on the lenses you choose.

Lensabl Lens Replacement Review

Lensabl offers all of the same features you would be offered at an optometrist. They break down the features of each lens to choose the exact type you need, whether that is Lensabl prescription lenses or non-prescription. 

Lensabl Lens Replacement is user-friendly for those who recently changed prescriptions or are looking to upgrade frames. For a replacement, say to Lensabl’s transitions lenses, all you need to do is follow the simple but thorough seven-step process:

  1. Choose Lenses: prescription, reading, non-prescription
  2. Choose Prescription Type: Lensabl Single vision, progressive, bifocal
  3. Choose Lens Type: clear, blue-light-blocking, sunglass, transitions
  4. Select Lens: CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.67, 1.74 High-Index
  5. Select Upgrades: Ranging from Polished Edges to Crizal Prevencia AR
  6. Enter Your Rx
  7. Add any additional comments

To obtain a clear understanding of their prices, this Lensabl eyewear review chose all of the basic or default choices for a total of only $77 for a pair of prescription lenses.  

Lensabl eyewear includes both casual and designer frames that range in style from classic, sporty, and modern. Whether you need frames or a prescription package, this brand has your eyes covered with premium and protective eyewear.

Lensabl Contacts Review

Lensabl carries well-known brands like Acuvue and Air Optix. To place a Lensabl contacts order, you simply find your brand, enter your prescription, and place your order.

This Lensabl eyewear review notes that you need to have your prescription verified by your eye doctor. You can request an email copy of your prescription or Lensabl will call your doctor to verify it. 

Most Lensabl contact lens brands offer frequencies of 12-months, 6-months, or 3-months. Depending on the number of contacts included in each box, you’ll receive between 2-4 boxes per eye for the 12-month option.

When you order contact lenses from Lensabl, you will receive free torn lens replacement, first-class support, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Some of the popular brands the company carries, like Alcon, come with a Lensabl Alcon rebate of $50. Note that Lensabl also has astigmatism lenses and Toric lenses and prices vary between brands.

For example, a 12-month supply of Acuvue Oasys is $680 but a 12-month supply of Air Optix is only $200. When you subscribe, you’ll save 6% off your order, receive two boxes of contacts for each eye every 6 months, and you can pause or cancel at any time

Lensabl Eyewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lensabl Eyewear Review

This Lensabl eyewear review gathered reviews from, Sitejabber, the BBB, and Reddit, to provide a more in-depth overview of the customer service, lens replacement, and Lensabl turnaround time

Lensabl reviews on the BBB showcase generally happy experiences: “100% thrilled with the entire process, extremely helpful & well done, great updates, quality shipment/packaging & easy to order. Lensabl has this down to a science and doing a fabulous job. Highly recommend.”

Next, Lensabl is rated 4/5 stars among 1620 reviews on the brand website with customers praising the fast and informative services:

This is now my 4th time using Lensabl and all I can continue to say is wow! I used the print your own label option and within a day, Lensabl had my glasses.”

Lensabl is rated as 4.22/5 stars on Sitejabber with one 5/5 star review mentioning the brand’s superior service and great price:

“So much less expensive than other options, the immediate clarity of my lenses [was] perfect, even better than my original prescription fulfillment. I especially loved the option for non-smudge, dust, and fog-resistant, blue-ray protection!

One Lensabl eyewear review on Reddit praises the brand’s quality and customer service, “I am super impressed with the quality of my glasses and the wonderful customer service from Lensabl.”

Is Lensabl Eyewear Worth It?

Lensabl Eyewear Review

Lensabl has an average rating of 4/5 stars across review sites which falls into the ‘Excellent’ category. The majority of negative reviews are in regards to long order times and quality but that is not experienced by the majority of customers.

While we have not been able to find a reliable Lensabl eye exam review, it’s important to note that online eye exams are not as thorough as exams performed by your eye doctor

But still, this Lensabl eyewear review enjoys that the brand carries a variety of glasses ranging from basic styles to designer frames, and also the fact that they offer the same lens services available at your optometrist.

Lensabl also offers contact lens subscriptions and the ability to receive a refund from your insurance provider. Their provided services prove why customers find their services beneficial and their customer support friendly.

This Lensabl eyewear review believes the brand is worth trying out if you’re in the market for affordable, high quality eyewear and all the other services they offer for customers to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Lensabl Eyewear Promotions & Discounts 

Lensabl Eyewear Review

For information on a Lensabl promo code or Lensabl coupon code, sign up to their mailing list. Be on the lookout for Lensabl Groupon deals and don’t forget that the brand offers free shipping on all orders

Where to Buy Lensabl Eyewear

Lensabl Eyewear Review

Lensabl is a direct-to-consumer brand meaning you can only use their services and purchase eyewear directly from

They do carry brands that are available from other retailers. But when you shop Lensabl, you’ll receive discounted prices.


Lensabl Eyewear Review

Where is Lensabl located? 

Lensabl’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. 

Does Lensabl take insurance? 

The Lensabl insurance policies allow you to submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

What is Lensabl’s Shipping Policy?

When you place an order for lenses, Lensabl will send a box with a Lensabl shipping label included. Once received, the company will turn Lensabl lenses into glasses and fit them into your frames before returning them to you. 

All orders take 1 business day to process. If your prescription needs to be verified by your doctor, this can take 2 additional business days. Be advised that lens production takes about 4-7 business days.

When your order is shipped, Lensabl will send a confirmation email with a tracking number. 

Lensabl offers free ground shipping on all of their US orders which takes between 2-4 business days to arrive. If you would like to expedite your order, choose USPS First Class Priority Shipping at checkout for $8 or UPS Expedited for $15. 

For Canadian customers, you will need to pay to mail the frames to Lensabl’s LA lab. When you complete your order, Lensabl will send a shipping address and instructions on how to pack your frames. The shipping fee for Canadian orders is $35

Lensabl offers additional international shipping options but they are not available on their website. You can email [email protected] to calculate the international shipping rate.

You’ll also need to pay any other shipping fees listed at checkout.

What is Lensabl’s Return Policy?

The Lensabl return policy differs for their eyewear, lenses, and contacts. Lensabl eyeglass lenses are final sale unless your lenses were made incorrectly.

If you think that they were made with the wrong prescription, you have 30 days from the day you receive them to contact the brand. 

Lensabl everyday eyewear can be returned within 14 days from receipt of purchase if in brand new condition. Certain lens types have a restocking fee of 25%. If you wish to return frames, you will be responsible for the shipping fees. 

Contact lenses can be returned for a full refund within 14 days if in brand new condition. If you received faulty, ripped, or incorrect contacts, send an email to [email protected] and they will attempt to remedy the situation. 

Prescription Bose frames (frame only) can be returned within 30 days if in brand new condition. If you would like to make an exchange for your Bose frames or any other everyday eyewear frame, you can only exchange the size or style.

You are responsible for return fees and will be charged 25% of your order for a restocking fee. 

How to Contact Lensabl

If you need any other information that this Lensabl eyewear review did not provide, you can chat with a Live Expert of the Lensabl customer service team via the online chat feature on

Or, you can email [email protected] or via the Lensabl phone number at 1-(800)-984-5367.

If you’re looking for similar brands check out our Eyeconic Eyewear Review and also Warby Parker.

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