Liingo Eyewear Review

About Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo Eyewear is all about self-expression. Their sleek collection of modern frames for men and women are made in-house in the USA and comes with free prescription lenses. 

Liingo is a cleverly named brand that helps their customers to look great through their “ii’s.” Featured in The New York Times, Healthline, and many other notable publications, the company is loved for their affordable collection – one we’ll soon explore in this Liingo Eyewear review. 

When searching for glasses online, it’s not hard to become overwhelmed by the choices. Before you make any decisions, take a peek at this Liingo Eyewear review to understand the brand better and get a feel for its glasses. 

We’ll provide customer feedback and information on promotions, too, to help you decide if they’re truly worth the buy. 

Overview of Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo Eyewear knows the frustrations typically involved in buying glasses. 

Trying on frames in front of a pushy receptionist, outrageous designer prices you feel obligated to pay, and the back and forth drive to buy, pick up, and get adjustments are just some of the reasons why online eyewear brands exist. 

And yet, most of them still have crazy markups and don’t let you try before you buy. 

Liingo Eyewear, founded in 2016 by Brandon Adams, Douglas Harris, Amy Larson, and Peder Singleton, set out to take the pressure out of buying glasses, eliminating the awkwardness of in-store try-ons and eye-popping prices. 

In 2017, the brand was acquired by 1-800 CONTACTS, but Harris remains the CEO. You won’t find contacts on the brand’s website for that very reason, but the contact brand has a direct link to Liingo’s website, undoubtedly increasing their traffic. 

Headquartered in Draper, UTAH, Liingo Eyewear is made in the USA

Before we take a closer look at the brand’s collection, this Liingo Eyewear review will give you a quick overview of their pros and cons: 


  • Offers a selection of men’s and women’s eyewear in multiple styles and colors
  • In-Home Try-On available for select frames
  • Virtual try-on tool
  • Made in the USA
  • Free adjustments
  • Periodically offers Liingo Eyewear coupons
  • Free shipping & returns
  • 60-Day Delight guarantee


  • Limited selection of styles, does not carry designer brands
  • No kid’s section 
  • Only suitable for prescriptions above -14.00
  • Does not ship internationally

As soon as you land on Liingo Eyewear’s webpage, you’ll know they do things differently. It has an organized spaciousness that’s truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to eyewear sites. 

Each product page is thoroughly crafted, displaying details in an easy-to-understand format with graphics. You’ll see the frames on a few model’s faces – both men and women with different face shapes to get a feel for how they may look on yours. 

Of course, you can always use the virtual try-on tool to find out as well, and some frames are even available for in-home try-ons

Offering their own line of specs and shades, the brand offers a mix of metal and acetate frames in a spectrum of colors and designs. 

Regular lenses are included, but the brand also provides Progressive/ Multifocal lenses and Non-Prescription as well. Progressive lenses cost an extra $150

You’ll have the option to upgrade to Blue Light, Light Responsive, or Sunglass lenses for an additional cost regardless of which lens type you choose.

In the next section of this review, we’ll take a look at the brand’s most popular prescription glasses picks. 

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo Eyewear Review

All of the brand’s frames featured below come with polycarbonate lenses, a UV-protective, durable thermoplastic known for its tough attitude. 

This Liingo Eyewear review will include their best-sellers in classic and modern shapes and colors, from black to dreamy blues and totally see-through hues. 

Liingo Eyewear Murray Review 

The go-to shape when it comes to glasses, Murray is a rectangular frame with slightly rounded edges. 

Made in 5 colors, from traditional black to tortoiseshell to a soft green, these frames are a great match for those who love color and those who can’t get enough of black. 

The Murray frames are light and durable, and you have the option to make them Liingo Eyewear prescription sunglasses if you want vision and eye protection in one. 

Test out how they’d look by clicking the ‘View as Sunglasses’ link below the main image. Get the Liingo Eyewear Murray glasses for $79

Liingo Eyewear Sandy Review 

Sandy is a simple frame with eye-catching color contrast. Offered in 4 colors, we love the way these glasses fade from solid color down into transparent, giving them a modern look on a traditional shape. 

Choose from 4 striking shades of matte jade, matte ruby, matte amber, and matte onyx. The latter is definitely a favorite, blending a strong black down into clear for a standout – but not over-the-top – style. 

Sandy is available for $79

Liingo Eyewear Savannah Review 

Everything that was cool in your grandmother’s day is coming back around, including glasses. Savannah has the typical granny shape, with wide, square frames that look as if you’re one step away from baking up a pie or knitting a pair of cozy socks. 

Of course, the thing about vintage style is that today, it’s cooler than ever

So, though these frames resemble your dearest gran’s, they’re anything but, thanks to their see-through material and edgy color choices, like riverfront, ice, and overcast. 

Bring back the oldies but goodies with Savannah for $129

Liingo Eyewear Marion Review 

Marion takes the traditional Clubmaster shape but adds a little flair. With slightly squarish edges and thin wire bottoms, these frames exude professionalism

Available in noir, Gatsby, and bronze, this Liingo Eyewear review is especially keen on the middle option that features a sleek black upper frame with golden rims – so Gatsby, and so suave

A great choice for smaller faces, get Marion for $79

Liingo Eyewear Piper Review 

Piper is full of personality, with thick edges to hold the many color options, making these frames stand out on your face. 

Not exactly for those who wish to blend in, these glasses come in 6 shades but we’re in love with Poppy – a bright, blossoming red that brings life to your face. 

Perfect for a range of face shapes, these attention-grabbing frames are $79

How does Liingo get your prescription? 

Liingo Eyewear Review

Once you’ve decided on your frames, all you need to do is upload your prescription. It’s an extremely easy process regardless of the option you choose to get your Rx to Liingo

  1. Take a photo of it and text or email it to their team
  2. Ask your eye doctor to fax it to Liingo 
  3. Use the new prescription app to access your current prescription at no cost 

If you choose option 2, you can still go ahead and make the purchase, but Liingo has to receive it before they can process your order. 

Does Liingo eyewear accept insurance? 

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo doesn’t accept insurance on their website, so you will need to go ahead and pay as normal. But afterward, you can submit your receipt to your insurance provider and they will reimburse you.

You can also use your FSA or HSA to pay for your glasses. To apply either to your purchase, simply enter your card number details just as you would a credit card and checkout. 

Who is Liingo Eyewear for? 

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo Eyewear is a great choice for busy professionals. Their polished collection, helpful website tools, and convenient at-home try-on service are perfect for those who are short on time or that may not be able to leave their house/ desk throughout the week.

Liingo would also be a good option for seniors, or anyone, who does not want to deal with the back and forth of buying and possibly returning eyeglasses. Since everything is shipped directly to your door, the worries of walking, parking, and lines are eliminated. 

With that said, if you have a prescription that falls below -14.00 or requires high-index lenses, Liingo won’t be able to accommodate your order. 

Comparison: Liingo Eyewear vs. Peepers   

Liingo Eyewear Review

There’s a ton of eyewear brands swimming about on the internet, but even though they appear the same, they all have big differences. We did a quick comparison of Peepers and Liingo Eyewear below, to show you the strengths and differences of two similar brands. 

Peepers’s style is just as sophisticated as Liingo Eyewear’s. Both of their websites have a spacious, mature feel to them, featuring a mix of bold and classic frames for the modern man and woman. 

Peepers only sells readers, meaning their glasses are at fixed prescriptions – even their sunglasses. 

Peepers make their own frames just like Liingo, but they do not carry other brands. This, along with fixed prescription strength, is what makes the brand so affordable. We’re talking readers for as low as $30

Liingo’s prices are also very low: about $80 for a pair that includes prescription lenses. Because the brands are different when it comes to lenses (fixed versus prescription), you can’t really compare the prices. But in terms of the frames themselves, they appear to be of similar quality. 

Peepers make kid’s glasses as well with the same fixed prescriptions as their adult frames have. All of this brand’s lenses are blue-light-blocking, whereas, if you want Liingo Eyewear blue light filter glasses, you’ll need to upgrade your lenses and pay a few extra dollars. 

While the quality of the two brands appears to be on par, Peepers has a more limited selection. Customers will not be able to add on prescription lenses, so this brand isn’t suited for a greater range of eyeglass wearers like Liingo Eyewear. 

Liingo Eyewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Liingo Eyewear Review

We know the search for the right eyeglass brand is a tough one, especially when there are so many competitors out there. Customer reviews are a lifesaver, providing insight into what a brand’s quality, shipping, and customer service are like. 

And no Liingo Eyewear review would be complete without hearing from customers for that very reason. So, below, you’ll read a selection of testimonials gathered from sources far and wide across the web.

A Liingo Eyewear review on Healthline lists the pros and cons of the service. Revealing the perks of the brand, the review notes the “likely cheaper” prices “than other options available” and the brand’s other ways they help customers save money. 

Glasses can get expensive, so it’s great to find one that has good-looking frames for affordable prices

The cons the reviewer found were all about the limitations of the company. They don’t offer children’s frames, nor can they ship the frames outside of the US. 

The review noted the brand’s “limited lens options” as well, as they cannot accommodate prescriptions below -14.00

Liingo Eyewear has a 5/5 star rating from 130 customer reviews on their Facebook page. Shoppers write of “amazing customer service,” a “consumer friendly business model,” and “quality frames.” It looks like they are an all-around great service. 

We found very few negative reviews among the others that were bursting with happiness over the fit and service of the glasses and company. 

One Liingo Eyewear review that doesn’t recommend the brand reads, “Lowest quality glasses I have ever worn, I’ve had my glasses for about 4 months, and both lenses are scratched, they smudge ridiculously easily, and one of the hinges is bent.” 

This doesn’t sound good, but it doesn’t seem typical of the brand, either. 

Liingo Eyewear has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau but no customer reviews. The site displays just 3 complaints over the past 3 years, all of which have been dealt with. This lets us know that the brand deals with issues promptly and values their customers. 

Let’s take a peek at what the complaints were about. 

They were mainly issues with prescriptions, as one complained that “the prescription reader had a specific Rx limit,” and they could therefore not receive their order, yet they had already been charged for it. In the end, the issue was resolved. 

For the majority of customers, Liingo Eyewear has been an easy-to-use service delivering quality frames. Although we came across a few that speak of the opposite, most are pleased with the company. 

Is Liingo Eyewear Worth It?

Liingo Eyewear Review

Liingo Eyewear is a user-friendly service that offers affordable frames. Prescription lenses are included in the cost of the frames, making the brand a less expensive option than many others on the web. 

The only limitations we found with Liingo Eyewear is in regards to their prescription limit. It seems that is one of the largest issues a few customers have with the service, out of the many who love the brand for their low prices and great customer service

If the prices weren’t already low enough, the brand offers free shipping, and a 60-Day Delight guarantee to help customers save a few bucks and make sure they get the right pair. 

Coupled with helpful online tools and the at-home try-on service, we believe Liingo Eyewear is worth the buy

Liingo Eyewear Promotions & Discounts 

Liingo Eyewear Review

Throughout this Liingo Eyewear review, we kept an eye out for any deals the brand featured on its website. See below to discover what we found:

  • Refer a friend – Give $20, get $20
  • Free adjustments
  • Free shipping & returns

Where to Buy Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear Review

To buy Liingo Eyewear, head directly to


Liingo Eyewear Review

Who owns Liingo Eyewear? 

1-800 CONTACTS acquired Liingo Eyewear in 2017. Brandon Adams, Douglas Harris, Amy Larson, and Peder Singleton originally founded the brand, and Harris is still the CEO. 

Where is Liingo Eyewear made? 

The brand has stated that most of its eyewear is made in a top-notch lab facility located in the US. We don’t know exactly where their manufacturing facility is located, but the brand’s headquarters are in Utah. 

What is Liingo Eyewear’s Shipping Policy?

Liingo Eyewear only ships within the USA. You should receive your glasses in about 2 weeks from when your prescription is validated online. Shipping is always free. 

Once your order ships, Liingo will send you a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to follow your package’s progress. 

What is Liingo Eyewear’s Return Policy?

Liingo Eyewear has a 60-Day Delight guarantee that states if you do not love your glasses, you can return them for a full refund within that time. To make a return, you’ll need to email [email protected] and let them know. 

Be sure to include the following details with your email:

  • Full Name
  • Order Number
  • Reason for return

Once your return request has been received, you’ll get further instructions on what to do next. Returns are free (within 60 days), meaning you’ll get a prepaid shipping return label that you will need to attach to the outside of your package. 

How to Contact Liingo Eyewear

If you need any other information that was not included in this Liingo Eyewear review, you can get in contact with the brand by using one of the methods below:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Contact Form
  3. Phone: 1-800-430-EYES

Their customer service hours are Monday – Sunday 9 am – 9 pm EST.

If you’re looking for similar brands? Check out Eyeconic Eyewear, Lensable and Warby Parker.

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