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When it comes to something you wear every day, like glasses, it’s best to find a piece that speaks to you. Most brands tend to lean towards comfort or style, but VoogueMe aspires to do both. With hundreds of eyeglass and sunglass styles for men, women, and children, it’d be hard to find something they don’t offer!

We aren’t the only ones talking about it, either. The brand’s unique selection has captured the eyes of over 193k Instagram followers and 350k Facebook users, with feeds that feature smiling faces decked out in the coolest frames. 

If you’re ready to see yourself a little more clearly and admire your new and improved reflection in the mirror, stay tuned to this VoogueMe review.

We’ll give you a wide-angle view into all there is to know about the brand, including our top picks from the variety of frames to customer testimonials, important FAQs, and more to help you decide which pair was made for your face.

Overview of VoogueMe

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After realizing there was an endless amount of bland and overpriced glasses on the market, Susan Chan sought to rewrite the narrative. So, she founded VoogueMe in 2017, a one-stop shop for stunning frames and prescription lenses in one place, all at an affordable price, too.

Designed and crafted in self-owned factories in China, VoogueMe now offers frames worldwide. With that in mind, all frames are created to suit timeless silhouettes as well as trending shapes, offering options for people everywhere. Plus, quality is at the heart of the brand, recognizing how their work can help make life easier for their customers.

On top of that, these unique specs designed with self-expression in mind are super easy to access. Simply click a few buttons, filter through your fav styles, and punch in your prescription. Your new pair will find its way to your mailbox ASAP!

Now that we know a little more about where the brand came from, let’s go over a few basic features before jumping into the product details!


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  • Wide selection of unique and high-quality eyewear
  • Design your own lenses
  • Affordable pricing
  • Plenty of promotions 
  • Free shipping over US orders over $59
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 365-day warranty
  • 30-day hassle-free returns
  • Try on view

Aviator, cat eye, geometric, round… the shapes and styles offered by the brand are endless, with different picks to suit all different tastes and face shapes. The same rings true for colors, sizes, and materials, so you can easily find what works. 

Plus, you can plug in your information for a lens curated to your specifications, fitting seamlessly into your choice of frames. To help you pick from the wide variety of options and give you a glimpse into all the brand offers, our VoogueMe review will guide you through some of the brand’s top-sellers down below.

Ready to take a look? Before we dive in, there’s one thing we should mention in this VoogueMe review: you can even try on the glasses before you buy them!

This quick and easy process helps you determine which pairs you think will suit you best, bypassing common issues with online shopping. Here’s how it works:

  1. First things first, pick a few pairs you’re interested in. You can easily filter the selection by price, size, color, shape, material, and lens type
  2. Ensure that the website has access to your phone or computer camera
  3. Click the “try on” button on the bottom left of the screen
  4. Upload your photo
  5. Check out how the specs would look on you, and then head to checkout!

VoogueMe Glasses Review

Do you know the phrase “out with the old and in with the new?” Get ready to replace your old eyeglasses with a spunky pair that actually reflects you while helping you see better. You’ll find funky patterns, classic styles, cool shapes, and unique colors to update your wardrobe. Plus, the prices are low enough that you’ll be able to add more than one to your cart!

Any of the frames can be fitted with specific lenses, or you can opt to add those later. Up next in this VoogueMe review, we’ll look at some of the best-selling options to help you narrow down your choices, whether you’re looking for a cat-eye frame, geometric shapes, or timeless options.  

VoogueMe Walburga Review

Where the rectangle meets cat-eye shape, you’ll find the Walburga frames. The chunky, thick rim flatters almost every face shape, while the slight cat-eye elongates the eye shape and draws attention to the windows to your soul.

Whether an ombre purple suits your fancy or you’re more of a pearly green tortoise kind of person, one of the four bold shades should appeal to you. The gold wire detailing on the legs adds a shiny touch to every pair, turning your everyday specs into a stunning accessory.

Add the Walburga frames to your cart for a bold and patterned look for only $20.

VoogueMe Janina Review

Choose from four options: rainbow tortoise to clear and gold with the Janina specs. The large, square-shaped frame and cat-eye corner adds height to the cheekbones and pulls the shape of the eyes upward for a foxy look. 

The shiny gold wire runs across the top of the frames to add a little sparkle to any ensemble, continuing through the legs, though the rubber ends provide a comfortable fit. While the Janina frames normally retail for $24, some color options are on sale for $15.

VoogueMe Ayomide Review 

Born from high fashion styles, the Ayomide frames are something straight off the cover of Vogue. The wide block shape offers an oversized fit and a trendy, nerdy, yet sophisticated look. 

The metal temples and rubber-ended legs are durable and comfortable. Plus, you can choose to add a pop of color to any look with the washed rainbow effect or let the shape do all the talking and opt for the neutral chocolate brown color.

The Ayomide specs offer a chic look that will elevate even your most casual fits, with some styles retailing for $31.

VoogueMe Ailsa Review

A funky geometric shape, incredible color options, and an affordable price? The Ailsa frames are the whole package with a thick, hexagonal design that will add a bold touch to anything you wear. 

The black plastic legs come with a comfortable circle end that rests behind your ears, and the thick nose pads lay lightly on the bridge of your nose. You can choose between 3 different colors, including a black and white tortoise, a colorful vintage stripe, or a marbled green.

The Ailsa style adds dimension and structure and is currently on sale from $30 down to $24.

VoogueMe Kyaw Review

If the sun’s not bright enough, add some more sparkle into your life with the Kyaw frames. The unique shape features a bedazzled rim, a simple gold trim, and a detached black leg. 

The square design and black tinted lenses, alongside the double row of shiny jewels, have Hollywood vibes, and the gold detailing adds that extra elegant touch. Find your inner sparkle with the Kyaw shades, which retail for $35 but are currently on sale for $27.

VoogueMe Edita Review 

The Edita sunglasses combine a round, doe-eyed shape with a bulky square frame for an ultra-chic and super cool look. Wear the all-white pair with a monochrome ensemble, or take your pick from the other 5 shades to fit your daily vibe.

The rounded plastic frame is deconstructed at the corner, completed with gold wiring to create a squared-off edge. The durable plastic will withstand all your beach days and sunny afternoons, while the tinted brown lens will protect your eyes from the bright sunshine. 

Add the Edita frames to your collection for only $39, though some colors go for only $20.

Who Is VoogueMe For? 

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Of course, VoogueMe is designed for glasses wearers. It doesn’t really matter what kind of frame or lens you’re looking for because the brand pretty much carries it all.

If you want a bold, colorful rectangular frame with some blue light-blocking lenses, you’ll find a pair that fits. The same goes for any other combo you can think of!

If you’re ready to upgrade your glasses, from regular old sunglasses to specific prescriptions, we deem this VoogueMe review and the brand’s website a great place to start (and likely finish) your search. 

VoogueMe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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With so many options and such affordable pricing, you might be wondering if the frames and lenses live up to the hype. To help determine if this brand is worth the try, we consulted comments from Amazon, TrustPilot, and US Reviews to include in this VoogueMe review.

to see what customers are thinking.

First, let’s see how the specs we’ve looked at so far rank up on the brand’s website:

  • Walburga: 4.95/5 out of 107 reviews
  • Janina: 4.9/5 stars out of 184 reviews
  • Ayomide: 4.8/5 stars out of 125 reviews
  • Alisa: 4.95/5 stars out of 49 reviews
  • Kyaw: 4.9/5 stars out of 27 reviews
  • Edita: 4.9/5 stars out of 10 reviews

One buyer of the blinged-out Kyaw shades was skeptical of the brand at first but was ultimately happy she gave them a go, saying, “I bought two pair of glasses and these sunglasses and they look and feel like I paid 400 to 500 bucks a piece but I did not. all my glasses were under 100.00 even after choosing the most expensive lenses.”

Similar praise can be found for the Janina glasses, where one 5-star reviewer was also thoroughly impressed with the customer service they received:

“Was my first time ordering glasses online. Was a little nervous but they were great and I received so many compliments on the glasses. I had a problem and input the wrong prescription and they were very accommodating to help me. Have ordered 4 more pairs and have told everyone about this site!!!”

On Amazon, the Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women has rated 4.2/5 stars out of 45 reviews. One shopper writes that the pair is well rounded, earning compliments for style and doctor approved effectiveness: 

“These glasses are amazing! I work all day on my computer and I do not have any pain from eye strain. I have received many compliments as well. I love the cat eye design and the comfortable fit. I would highly recommend these glasses!”

On US Reviews, the brand is rated 5.4/10 stars. Most of the complaints center on the long wait time to receive their shipment. There is also some concern about quality from a Chinese brand, though we did find one buyer who, while they also experienced a prolonged wait time, was ultimately happy with the product they eventually received:

“I love my glasses. I knew it was going to take a while to get them. But since then I’ve ordered my sister and my daughter a pair. They are definitely high quality and definitely worth the wait. Yes, it took about a month, but so satisfied. Comes with a sturdy case a the tool to adjust screws if the ever became loose.”

Another shopper wholeheartedly agrees, saying, “I received my order today. The delivery took awhile. Nevertheless, good things come to those who wait. These glasses are meant for me! I have a large head. They fit so well!!! They are stylish, and well made.”

Overall, customers complain only that they wish there were more color options in the different frames… And we consider that a compliment more than anything else! Though perhaps there will be a few more color options in the different styles in the future!

It does appear that shipping times tend to be slower, though many VoogueMe reviews comment that the quality frames are worth the wait, and that’s something to be expected since shipping has been slower in the past few years.

Plus, any issues with actual prescriptions or frames are quickly solved, as evidenced by the brand’s quick responses on TrustPilot, seeking solutions and providing customers with replacements and refunds. 

Is VoogueMe Worth It?

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The brand boasts excellent customer reviews about the service and the glasses, a wide selection of styles and color options, and lenses that are easy to customize to fit in any frame. To put it simply, the brand’s focus on providing shoppers with glasses that actually appeal to personalities and facial features is unique and admirable!

All things considered, we’re going to conclude this VoogueMe review by stating that the products are worth the try! Plus, the brand is super affordable, though prescription lenses cost extra on top of the frames. But, there are plenty of VoogueMe coupons for even more money off, which we’ll cover down below!

VoogueMe Promotions & Discounts 

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Looking for a deal before you hit the checkout button on your new shades? Here’s what we found at the time of this VoogueMe review:

  • Black Friday sale: frames starting at only $1
  • Buy one, get one pair of frames at 50% off
  • Free shipping over US orders over $59
  • Win up to $100 off on a spin wheel (when you open the website)
  • Clearance frames up to 80% off
  • Receive $56 off when you sign up for emails

Where to Buy VoogueMe

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To shop a wide selection of chic sunglasses, from sophisticated styles to trendy options, visit or Amazon!


VoogueMe Review 15

Who owns VoogueMe?

While doing our research for this VoogueMe review, we found that the brand is owned by its founder, Susan Chan.

Does VoogueMe ship internationally?

If you’ve got your eyes set on a new set of VoogueMe glasses frames, you’re in luck! The brand offers worldwide shipping options, with costs depending on location. 

What is VoogueMe’s Shipping Policy?

If you can’t wait to see your VoogueMe order (pun intended), you can check the progress with the company’s tracked shipping options. Also, orders can be modified within 24 hours of being placed, so you can always add an extra pair of glasses. 

For frames only, processing takes only about 24 hours, while prescription lenses can take up to 7 days before they ship. In the US, shoppers can opt for two different shipping options:

  • Standard shipping (10-17 days): $6 or free for orders over $59
  • Express shipping (5-9 days): $19 or free for orders over $49

What is VoogueMe’s Return Policy?

While all VoogueMe glasses have a 365-day warranty, the brand asks that returns be made within 30 days of receiving the order. Simply contact the company with your order details to start the return process. 

How to Contact VoogueMe

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We hope you enjoyed our VoogueMe review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them using the following methods:

The brand’s customer service operates Mondays to Sundays between 4:30 PM-1:30 AM the next day (PST).

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