Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

About Foster Grant Sunglasses

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

Need a new pair of sunnies? If so, don’t just opt for the first set you see. Foster Grant Sunglasses provides a vast array of celebrity-inspired frames to choose from. Aside from the company’s independent selection, customers can find a curated collection of designs made by Hollywood starlets such as Sofia Vergara and Kat Graham. 

Hundreds of customers are flocking to Foster Grant Sunglasses to snatch a pair. Don’t believe us? Their Instagram page boasts a following of over 32.1k. They’re also featured in various magazines, including the Los Angeles Times, Business Wire, and The New York Post. 

If you’re heading off to sunny Los Angeles, a pair of shades is an absolute must. But, if you’re missing a set, perhaps this brand can offer you a stylish fit. Stay tuned, as this Foster Grant Sunglasses review will take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Foster Grant Sunglasses

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

The Atlantic City boardwalk provides vendors ample opportunity to make a living. Take, for instance, Sam Foster, an aspiring businessman who started off selling sunglasses in 1929. 

As Grant’s designs became synonymous with the Hollywood image, his pedestrian side-hustle quickly grew into a hot-topic company. FG sunnies were the ‘it’ product during the golden age, as celebrities such as Raquel Welch were repeated customers. 

After the company’s iconic “Who’s That Behind Those Foster Grants” marketing campaign, Foster Grant continued to expand as a business. For instance, they’ve partnered with several non-profit organizations in an effort to give back to the community. Moreover, their studios are located globally, including those in New York, London, Milan, and Hong Kong. 

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Foster Grant states that they’ll always be a fashion-forward company. “Our design philosophy and our promise to customers can pretty much be boiled down to two words: real style. “Real style” means eyewear that’s effortlessly fashion-forward, yet personal and unpretentious.”

Before we get into this Foster Grant Sunglasses review, let’s go over some initial highlights: 


  • A wide selection of frames and lenses to choose from 
  • Provides blue light filtering and clip-ons 
  • Offers a frame finder on its website 
  • Customers can find their reading strength by using their online guide 
  • Has a 90-day warranty on select products 
  • Free shipping on orders $30 or more 
Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

Squinting isn’t stylish—and yes, it doesn’t do much in improving vision. The thought of cruising down Malibu shouldn’t be met with eye damage and retina eye floods. Of course, sunnies are the best way to keep your sight in check while keeping cool. 

Chic, sleek, and perfect for the summer, it’s ideal to look for a pair that can last from season to season. This is where Foster Grant comes in. 

From aviators to cat-eye frames, Foster Grant Sunglasses offers a vast array of fashionable designs at an affordable price. In addition, customers can also find blue light lenses, clip-ons, fit-overs, and reading glasses offered in the same stylish fit. 

I’m sure that some of you get especially overwhelmed when shopping for spectacles, but there’s no need to worry. FG offers a frame finder and a reading guide to help first-time buyers out. 

With that out of the way, this Foster Grant Sunglasses review will spotlight a few of their best-selling designs to help narrow your shopping time.  

Foster Grant Sunglasses Women’s Review

There’s nothing more mysterious and cool than a pair of chic sunnies. Plus, with the addition of the face mask, you’ll look exactly like a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi. From Solar Shield sunnies to Prelude Polarized shades, this Front Grant Sunglasses review will highlight three of the hottest designs offered in the women’s section. 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Arrowhead Solar Shield Review

Picture this: you’re cruising down the California highway at sundown. With music on blast, the picturesque landscape of pink clouds and lavender skies merge together to make an Instagrammable moment. 

With that being said, the scenic view means absolutely nothing if you can’t see at all. Instead of pushing the visor down, the Arrowhead Solar Shield sunnies can help dull those flashing lights. 

Designed to fit on top of your eyeglasses or readers, these shades come with UVA/UVB protection and a tinted wash. Don’t worry, the Arrowhead Solar Shield sunnies are far from dad glasses, as they feature a rectangular tortoise frame for added style. Fashionable and functional, it’s a great accessory to keep in your glove compartment. 

Offered in various color combos, the Arrowhead Solar Shield sunnies from the Foster Grant sunglasses womens collection retails for $13. It’s definitely a bargain, considering it originally sold for $26

Foster Grant Sunglasses Elaine Gunmetal SunReaders Review

If you’re not into flashy frames, the Elaine Gunmetal SunReaders come with no bells or whistles. Offered in a basic round shape, these glasses feature a sleek keyhole nose bridge design. 

The lenses come with UVA/UVB protection and are completely scratch-resistant in case of accidental drops. As an added bonus, these shades are built with a reader portion. It’s an excellent pair of sunnies if you’re a bookworm who loves the great outdoors. 

Constructed with adjustable nose pads and stylish tortoise temple tips, the Elaine Gunmetal SunReaders are offered in a variety of prescriptions. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how strong or weak your vision is, as these sunnies are provided at the same price of $21

Foster Grant Sunglasses Prelude Polarized Review

It’s time to channel your inner California girl. The Prelude Polarized glasses are the perfect accessory for the ‘fine, fresh, and fierce,’ as it features a stylish aviator frame. Built with a thin nose bridge and accentuated temple tips, these dainty glasses can help you feel like a Venice beach bum. 

Not only do these sunnies look great, but they’re highly functional as well. Offered with sun protection and blue light filtering, these FG shades are a must-have for avid squinters. 

Currently, the $31 Prelude Polarized sunglasses are available in rose gold and standard gold. If you’re one to match sunnies with your outfit, we suggest a straw hat and a breezy beach cover-up to help imbue those classic summer vibes. 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Men’s Review

Sunnies aren’t exclusive to Cali girls. Guys can also rock a pair of shades. If you’re in need of some stylish specs, this Foster Grant Sunglasses review will spotlight a few contenders worth considering.

Foster Grant Sunglasses Olympic Solar Comfort Review

The Olympic Solar Comfort glasses belong to dads and dads only. Featuring a wrap-around design composed of black frames and tinted lenses, these ‘fatherly’ specs definitely scream ‘backyard barbeque vibes’ due to their cheesy silhouette. 

Aside from aesthetics, they’re an excellent pair to have for driving, as they’re designed to block out harmful UVA/UVB rays. These shades are also scratch-resistant, which is a godsend for butterfingers. 

Of course, the Olympic Solar Comfort glasses aren’t complete without a classic polo tee, dad shorts, and an ugly pair of runners. Offered with a complimentary cleaning cloth and a drawstring case, you can snatch a pair up for $26

Foster Grant Sunglasses Principle Ironman Review

We’re not done with dads yet! The Principle Ironman sunnies are another example of fatherly fashion. Designed for everyday wear, these shades feature the same wrap-around frame as the Olympic Solar Comfort glasses. 

They’re definitely far from your ordinary dollar-store specs, as they come with a protective coating against sun and scratches. Set with white temples and red tips, the Principle Ironman shades are a slight nod to the Ironman Triathlon color theme. 

Created for running, jogging, and other outdoor activities, the Principle Ironman sunnies from the Foster Grant sunglasses mens collection sell for $21

Foster Grant Sunglasses Summerwood Haven Review

I can’t put my finger on it, but the Summerwood Haven shades from Foster Grant are giving me Audrey Hepburn vibes. While it’s far from the iconic ‘Manhattan’ design, these sunnies share the same monochrome hue. 

Featuring soft-curved edges with square lenses, it’s definitely a nod to old-school vintage due to its classic silhouette. If anything, these specs are a slightly fancier version than Principe Ironman and the Olympic Solar Comfort frames. 

Built with Optify lens technology and BendtoFit temples, the Summerwood Haven glasses are made to last a lifetime. It also comes with a neat tortoise frame and amber tint lenses for added style. In terms of price, these FG specs cost $17 instead of the original $34

Who Is Foster Grant Sunglasses For? 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

If you’re a stickler for stylish specs, you’re Foster Grant’s ideal customer. This eyewear company is home to hundreds of celebrity-inspired sunnies for trendsetters to choose from. It’s also a great brand to support if you’re not a fan of glasses shopping. 

The process is relatively simple and straightforward, and you don’t have to own a valid prescription in order to buy their designs. 

On the plus side, Foster Grant Sunglasses are completely affordable. Most of their sunnies cost $30, which is definitely more cost-effective than opting for a designer brand. 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

Foster Grant claims to hold the #2 spot for the world’s best sunglasses, but what do customers have to say about their products? For more in-depth feedback, we did some digging online to see how their services and glasses fared in the real world. 

Unfortunately, there are little to no reviews posted on the company’s official website. But, we did uncover testimonials on Amazon. We’ll share our findings down below:

  • The Men’s Pixel HD Polarized Aviator Sunglasses: 40 reviews with 3.5/5 stars
  • The Men’s Backstop Polarized Wrap Sunglasses in Black: 122 reviews with 4/5 stars 
  • The Women’s Prelude Aviator Sunglasses: 148 reviews with 4.2/5 stars 
  • The Women’s Sutton Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses in Tortoise/Brown: 592 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 

According to hundreds of reviews, Foster Grant Sunglasses are nothing short of style, quality, and practicality. Customers love how fashionable and affordable their frames are. In addition, others commented how much it reduced glare while driving. Take it from one happy reviewer, who left a full-star review for the Women’s Sutton Polarized Sunglasses

“I just purchased my 6th pair. These are the best deal I have ever come across. They are super cute (on my face anyway) and a game changer with the polarized lenses. You just don’t find polarized lenses with a cute frame for this price.” 

Aside from Amazon, this Foster Grant Sunglasses review discovered more feedback on Influenster and Facebook. Together, there are over 423 comments posted for their products. While there is no overall score for FG sunnies, most customers agree that the brand is well worth the money. 

“They’re extremely comfortable and excellent at keeping the sun rays from damaging my eyes. I love sunglasses that can protect my eyes but are still light enough that I can see things around me. This is the perfect combination,” one Influenster reviewer shared for the Women’s Cat 1 Sunglasses

“I have recently purchased three pairs of glasses and the customer service was outstanding,” one Facebook user wrote. “They’re very responsive and helpful! I will not hesitate to recommend this company and their products.” 

Some independent blogs, such as Mom Does Reviews, also left a commendable critique of the brand’s selection of sunnies. “No distortion of any kind happens when I wear my Foster Grant sunglasses. I really think the value of these sunglasses is great — and, I have to say, I feel like a movie star wearing them.”

So, what’s the consensus? Is FG a reputable brand to support? According to multiple customers, it’s a company that offers high-quality sunnies at a reasonable price. Stay tuned for our full verdict below! 

Is Foster Grant Sunglasses Worth It?

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

If you’re on the hunt for fashionable specs, Foster Grant Sunglasses can be your go-to brand. They offer an impressive selection of high-quality shades, and best of all, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant fee for celebrity-inspired frames. 

As far as online shopping goes, we’d say that FG provides a straightforward experience for those who hate in-store buying. While you’re free to visit their studios, customers can easily access their frame finder and reader guides for personalized recommendations

For sunnies that offer a fair balance of function and fashion, this Foster Grant Sunglasses review recommends that you check them out. For those who need some extra convincing, we suggest you stay tuned for our next segment. 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Promotions & Discounts 

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

This Foster Grant Sunglasses review found out that they have a clearance section in which select designs are offered at a discounted price. You can also sign up for the brand’s rewards program, where members receive exclusive access to insider perks and deals. 

Where to Buy Foster Grant Sunglasses

Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

Looking to buy a new pair of shades? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. Aside from visiting their physical locations, you can also find them at select retailers, including:

  • Amazon 
  • Walmart
  • Target 
  • Walgreens 


Foster Grant Sunglasses Review

Who owns Foster Grant Sunglasses?

Foster Grant Sunglasses is currently owned by FGX International. 

Does Foster Grant Sunglasses ship internationally?

This Foster Grant Sunglasses review found out that they ship to some locations outside of the United States. This includes Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

What is Foster Grant Sunglasses’ Shipping Policy?

This Foster Grant Sunglasses review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders $30 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $7. In terms of wait times, it typically takes 7 to 10 business days for packages to arrive. They also provide other delivery options, such as 2-Day and Next Day shipping, for customers to choose from. 

To help monitor the status of your order, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Foster Grant Sunglasses’ Return Policy?

Foster Grant offers a 90-day window for customers to send back their unused orders. Returns are completely free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for shipping. It’s worth noting that this policy doesn’t apply to in-store purchases or orders made through a partnered retailer. You should also know that these terms vary for BOGO items. 

To initiate the return process, customers must contact the brand through phone or by email. Once the request has been made, It typically takes 14 to 20 business days for refunds to be processed. 

How to Contact Foster Grant Sunglasses

For inquiries not related to this Foster Grant sunglasses review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: 1-800-426-6396 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the live chat function on its website 

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