Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

About Quay Australia  

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Here’s the key to confidence – owning your look, walk, and attitude. The best way to do that? Slipping on some Quay Australia glasses to get that quality style that’s sure to grab attention on any street. 

With an inventory of sunglasses and jewelry, Quay (pronounced key) Australia is selling more than accessories; they’re selling confidence.

This brand has built their way up since opening in 2004 and now has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone. 

Offering new collabs with celebrities like Desi Perkins and Kylie Jenner, this company keeps on top of the game through their innovative approach to design, marketing, and general attitude. 

On top of their famous collabs, these shades have been worn by A-listers like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and more. Don’t miss out on Hollywood favs!

We’re bringing the heat with this sunny brand. This Quay Australia sunglasses review will break down the products, prices, pros, cons, customer testimonials, and more to determine whether this brand is one worth buying.

Overview of Quay Australia 

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Community and confidence are the foundations of this brand, launched in 2004. Co-founders Linda and Allen Hammond brought free spirit and individuality to the market by creating unique and affordable sunglasses. 

Originally made with music festivals in mind, these inspired designs have since moved beyond summer sounds and have become synonymous with confidence, quality, and self-expression.

The brand operates in the US with their headquarters settled in San Francisco. The family-made company saw their son join the team in 2009 and Quay Australia has since gotten a new CEO into position to maintain values and keep business booming.

History in place, it’s time for this Quay Australia sunglasses review to check out some highlights associated with the brand:


  • Offers a wide range of unique and stylish sunglasses and jewelry for men and women, including new prescription lenses
  • Great customer reviews
  • Popular collabs with celebrities 
  • Affordable pricing compared to other brands on the market
  • Financing options available with Afterpay
Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

It’s easy to list off pros and cons of a business without a thought, but let’s check out the prices and designs that built the brand. We’re moving our Quay Australia sunglasses review into the popular shades that claimed this company its fame. 

We will note that jewelry and other accessories make up a decent portion of this company’s supply as well – while we’re focusing on the impressive specs, make sure to check out the other accessories they offer.

Quay Australia Women’s Sunglasses Review

Starting off our Quay Australia sunglasses review strong, we’re diving into the women’s selection first with some of our favorite, best-selling styles. Whether worn for fashion or function, these shades will do both jobs with ease.

Quay Australia High Key Sunglasses Review

With a twist on a classic look, the Quay Australia High Key Sunglasses turn the tide when it comes to color, style, and fit.

We’re starting with the lenses of these aviator-style specs – the typically black pieces instead take center stage with an ombre effect. Fading from a deep black down into a clear vision, these lenses make the whole look. 

Not a fan of the fade? There are a total of 17 lenses to choose from for these frames.

Metal frames keep the look simple and stylish, and the oversized setting perfectly sits where you desire with their adjustable nose pads. Stop the sun’s blinding rays or throw them on to finish off a look. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, these shades are made to deliver.

The High Key shades are available for $65. Looking for something along the same lines but a little different? Check out the Quay Australia Amanda Steele collection for a similar style.

Quay Australia Jezabell Sunglasses Review

Round off your summer look with the Quay Australia Jezabell Sunglasses.

Keep it clean, stunning, and stylish. That’s the goal, right? Well, the Jezabell frames check the boxes every time with their traditional rounded lenses and minimalist design. We’re leaving behind oversized style and just sticking with shades that look cute and get the job done.

Ready for the color profile? (They do need to match the outfit after all…) These gold frames can be matched with any of the five lens options to create the palette to perfectly match your skin tone and fashion sense.

The Jezabell frames are available for $65. Take a look at the Quay Australia Mandate glasses for a different take on a sunny style if you’re ready to take the plunge on something unique.

Quay Australia After Hours Women’s Sunglasses Review

Break up the monotonous designs of typical aviator style with a bolder frame and color. When it comes to the Quay Australia After Hours Women’s Sunglasses, these frames deliver in every sense of the word.

The slight wing-tip of these frames gives that kick of confidence needed to strut the streets on any summer day. Centered around square frames rather than round, these bulkier frames add a feminine touch through the tips and caramel color to keep things interesting. 

Basic enough to outlast any trend and unique enough for those looking to create their own fashion, these frames have the edge when it comes to their competition.

For those not feeling caramel frames, these glasses have 11 options of frame and lens colors available. Find that perfect fit and get to it.

These frames are available for $55.

Quay Australia PSA Sunglasses Review

Remember the good old days when beaches were all about feeling good and less about fashion? Quay Australia’s PSA Sunglasses throw out a retro design that we’re more than happy to hold onto.

Sticking with a classic square lens, these thicker frames get the job done. Working with any outfit, these shades transfer easily from summer specs to stylish evening or winter wear to show off that attitude we all love. 

Timeless in its look, these $65 sunnies are the ones we all need to have ready to throw on.

Three different options are available for lens and frame colors. We’re fans of the basic universal black option, but get crazy and change it up with the Tortoise and Brown selection to make a bigger statement.

Quay Australia Men’s Sunglasses Review

Moving onto men’s fashion in this Quay Australia sunglasses review, we’re checking out the most popular products in this line. 

From classic frames to a twist on the traditional, this brand delivers solid looks that inspire the confidence and attitude that we all need to get through the day.

Quay Australia Men’s High Key Sunglasses Review

Here comes the male equivalent to one of our featured best-sellers in the previous section, the Quay Australia Men’s High Key Sunglasses retain the same style and grace in a unisex fashion that works on anyone.

We’ll be honest, the aviator look never gets old. Especially when it comes in 17 different lens and frame styles

Mix and match (maybe get a few pairs) and find the best style. Reduce glare and keep your vision clear to see just how much admiration these $65 frames get from your friends.

Like these shades? Check out the Quay Australia Muse shades for a blue light option that sticks to the aviator style.

Quay Australia Evasive Men’s Sunglasses Review

Get ready to sell a new fashion that looks unique but not too crazy. The Quay Australia Evasive style keeps things simple and striking.

Polarized lenses make this piece, reducing all glare from the sun or the spotlight. Sleek metal frames surround the lenses, but the focus is all on the top’s thicker build. The rounded lenses keep things organic and free from the locked edges of square designs.

There are two options for color – black and black, or black and smoke. Just how mysterious do you want to look, that’s the real question. No matter the choice, these $65 lenses deliver on dark and edgy.

Quay Australia The Playa Men’s Sunglasses Review

We’ve been waiting to show off these bad boys. The Quay Australia The Playa Sunglasses are for a different breed – one confident in color and self-expression.

Ready for the color options? Black and pink, black and pink polarized, or black and fade. All three options are easy favorites and it’ll be hard to choose just which to go with.

Here’s what really makes this Quay Australia aviator style different from the crowd – they’re frameless. That’s right, floating frames are connected by the bridge with adjustable nose pads to keep things fit to any face. 

Oversized to avoid that sun, these frames are available for $65.

Quay Australia Nightfall Men’s Sunglasses Review

Switching up the style, we’re looking at something completely new with the Quay Australia Nightfall Sunglasses.

Bold and blocky in design, these one-piece rectangular specs throw it back to snowboarding goggles. Designed to shield out the sun in one simple stretch, these frames come in six different frame and lens options

Stick with a simple black or go bold with a bright blue lens made to match the ocean.

Grab them quick for a cool $75.

Who Is Quay Australia For? 

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Quay Australia is a brand built for the masses. These stylish specs were designed for men and women, many designs actually crossing boundaries as unisex. 

The sleek and individual designs are typically geared towards young adults, but a variety of celebrities have shown that this style works for any age.

Quay Australia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Nearing the end of this Quay Australia sunglasses review, we’re turning to verified purchases to confirm the quality of this brand. Customer ratings are key to any recommendation, so we’ve scoured the internet to find all the facts about how these products hold up.

We’re starting with a big one: Influenster. This site rates Quay Australia at 4.6/5-stars based on 1,170 customer ratings. 

These customers rave about the designs and quality-builds of the lenses they’ve purchased. We’ll admit, there aren’t many Quay Australia reviews based on their other accessories, but the sunglasses seem to be a hit amongst buyers.

One five-star reviewer stated, “These are so sleek. I am obsessed with them! I feel so classy and sassy in them. I can’t wait to rock them this summer. The price point is great, and they’re wonderful quality. I want to stock up on even more!

The lower price (compared to other uniquely designed brands) is a major selling point for customers. 

As this Quay Australia sunglasses review has stated before, the company was founded on bringing the cost down and quality up to make affordable options available. It’s good to know those values have been maintained since its founding.

One other customer posted, “This is my go-to shop for sunnies. I’ve purchased 3 pairs from them total, but these marble shades have been my favorite lately because they’re so unique and I always get compliments when I wear them!

This brand provides protective casing for each pair of sunglasses purchased, keeping products secure for travel at all times. Individual fashions paired with quality materials make this brand one customers keep coming back to.

Google reviews also rate this company well, sitting at 4.4/5-stars based on over 470 ratings. These ratings come from various avenues across internet sales. 

Customers retain their praise for the company, with love not only for the sunglasses but also their prescription and blue glasses styles:

These are the cutest frames! I had my prescription put in them and everyone who sees them compliments me! I love them so much. I’m glad I went this route when choosing frames for my prescription. If you want a pair of frames for your prescription I would go for it. These make me smile every time I look at myself!

Blue glasses especially have made their way into the latest trend. With a major push for individuals to protect their eyes from straining against the constant barrage of screens, this brand pushed for a stylish setting to reduce that strain:

Love these! After wearing them I noticed that my eyes were not as tired at the end of the day. I wear these when my eyes are too tired from my contacts and always notice the difference. I actually ended up purchasing 3 different pairs because they work so well.

Amazon lists a variety of these glasses, their popular styles all well-reviewed by customers. The bestselling Desi collection alone rates at 4.7/5-stars based on over 1,060 ratings. Customers love the prices, look, and celebrity connection to the line.

“The sunglasses are honestly perfect. If you’re looking for great painter aviators without a price tag of Ray-Ban‘s this is the one. Looks really cool and has a celebrity look. They are super stylish and I really like them! For the price tag they are a great buy.”

Other Quay Australia products are also well-rated on Amazon:

  • Quay Australia Women’s High Key Mini Quay X Desi: 4.7/5-stars based on over 1,060 ratings
  • Quay Australia After Hours Tort/Brown Fade One Size: 4.8/5-stars based on over 60 ratings
  • Quay Women’s All In Mini Sunglasses: 4.7/5-stars based on over 130 ratings
  • Quay Women’s Ever After Sunglasses: 4.5/5-stars based on over 190 ratings
  • Quay Women’s Sweet Dreams Sunglasses: 4.6/5-stars based on over 135 ratings
  • Quay Australia High Key Men’s And Women’s Sunglasses Classic Oversized Aviator: 4.6/5-stars based on 1,960 ratings
  • Quay Australia Nightfall Black/Smoke One Size: 4.3/5-stars based on over 80 ratings

Quality builds make this company the hit that is today.

Is Quay Australia Worth It?

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Based on our research, this Quay Australia sunglasses review can safely recommend this brand’s products for purchase. 

Shade off those bright sun rays with a spectacular pair of sunglasses or block out that blue light to keep those eyes healthy and relaxed. 

The vast majority of customers are satisfied with their purchases and keep going back for more.

Quay Australia Promotions & Discounts 

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

For those looking to save (who can blame you?) this company has a few good options for discounts and deals. The first thing to note is the constant Buy One, Get One deals offered throughout the year. Check constantly for similar promotions that pop up every few months.

The best discount to get is 25% off for professionals. What professionals you ask? We’ve got a list. For those working in these fields and fitting the bill, make sure to get that extra money off for the service you provide in your daily job:

  • Military
  • First responders
  • Medical Professionals
  • Teachers

Don’t worry students, you haven’t been forgotten. All students also receive a 25% discount on their purchases.

Where to Buy Quay Australia  

Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

After some research, this Quay Australia sunglasses review has narrowed down just where all this brand can be found (aside from simply at, of course). Here’s a quick list of a few alternate options for shopping:

  • Nordstrom
  • Sunglasses Hut
  • David Jones
  • Amazon


Quay Australia Sunglasses Review

Who owns Quay Australia?  

Quay Australia was founded by Linda and Allen Hammond. The current CEO is Jodi Bricker.

Where are Quay Australia Sunglasses made?  

All Quay Australia sunglasses are made in China. Manufacturing is closely monitored to assure quality products in every shipment.

What is the Range of Prescription Quay can fill?  

For those struggling with near or farsightedness, this company has you covered. Currently, Quay Australia offers single vision +4 to -6 and astigmatism of +/-4 ranges in their prescriptions.

What is the Quay Club and What are the Benefits? 

Want to go beyond a regular customer and join the Quay Club? This is a VIP program that’s available to join for a $50 annual fee. Once you’re a member, there’s a whole list of benefits including:

  •  4-piece welcome gift
  • Free shipping on every order
  • The annual fee becomes future credit – that’s $50 off the next purchase!
  • 20% credit earned after purchases (basically comes down to $5 spent equals $1 in your pocket)

What is Quay Australia’s Shipping Policy?

Our Quay Australia sunglasses review tracked down all the essential shipping info to know before ordering that next pair. Two service options are available for shipping:

  • Standard, $5

o    5-7 business days

  • Express, $20

o    2-3 business days

All orders outside of the contiguous US states (Alaska and Hawaii – we’re talking to you) can take between 2-4 weeks for delivery. Military bases take a bit of extra time due to that ever-important security standard. It’ll be a 4-week expected delivery time for soldiers (sorry!)

Tracking codes will be sent out to customers once a package has shipped. Keep an eye out and watch the days pass as those new shades get closer and closer.

What is Quay Australia’s Return Policy?

Need to make a return? We’re sorry to hear it! But Quay Australia accepts returns with a full refund for 30 days after delivery. Returns can be sent after that, yet only credit will be offered in exchange.

Returns are a fairly standard process:

  1. Head over to Quay Australia Returns and use the order number and billing zip code to sign up for the service.
  2. Select the product being returned, then follow instructions to complete the order
  3. A $5 shipping charge will be taken from the refund, but a shipping label is offered in exchange.
  4. Package the item alongside invoice, return slip, and order info. Make sure the product is carefully packaged to avoid damage upon return.
  5. Once the glasses (tag, case, and all) have been returned, a refund will be issued.

Should the return be due to a defect or damage, check the warranty. Glasses are covered for 12 months but make sure to read through before returning to ensure your personal sunglasses are covered completely by the warranty. 

Jewelry replacements are available for 90 days from purchase, so check those purchases upon arrival for a full replacement.

How to Contact Quay Australia 

Any questions or concerns left after reading through our Quay Australia sunglasses review? Send a quick email to customer service at [email protected] and a representative will get back to you with any information required.

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