Pit Viper Sunglasses Review

About Pit Viper 

Show off on the slopes, at parties, or really just anywhere with Pit Viper sunglasses and accessories. 

Featuring clothing, accessories, flags, and their famous sunglasses, this company doesn’t play around when it comes to delivering products for that extreme sport lifestyle.

Pit Viper glasses have a cult following amongst their loyal fans and once you’ve bought them, you’ll reportedly never go back. 

At least their 830k followers on Instagram certainly didn’t. They have also been featured in large publications such as Outside Mag and Men’s Journal, however, these glasses don’t need that boost of attention to keep their sales going strong.

This Pit Viper sunglasses review will look into the company, products, prices, customer testimonials, and more to help determine whether this brand is a trustworthy buy.

Overview of Pit Viper

Founded in 2012, by Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin, they searched longingly for a pair of sunglasses that could withstand his wild life of sports, parties, and just having fun. 

Taking it a step further, he began developing specs that could “be shot at, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and still maintain their sun and wind bucking ability.

Born from this list were Pit Viper glasses, the product that built the brand. Big on form and function, these glasses look a little…different from traditional glasses. 

We’ll give a disclaimer now and say these looks aren’t for everyone, but if you like the style then all of the functional benefits are a nice bonus.

This American company has run strong for 9 years with a marketing campaign that keeps things real and doesn’t focus on trying to sound too professional. 

Keeping true to their radical roots and having fun selling their products, this brand has become quite popular over recent years due to their reliability and wild fashion.

Durable and unique, these glasses have an extensive list of highlights to consider before purchase:


  • Offers a wide range of sunglasses alongside their line of apparel and accessories
  • Durable design
  • Unique fashion
  • Offers polarized lenses
  • Z87+ safety rating
  • International shipping
  • Afterpay options

Want some more info on the benefits of this brand? We’re moving our review into products to check out what all this company has to offer in their stock. 

We’ve focused on sunglasses and apparel, but there’s much more offered by Pit Viper, so check out the rest of their stock online.

Pit Viper Sunglasses Review

It would be foolish not to look at the products that built this brand. Pit Viper glasses not only garner reviews for their looks, but also for their build. 

Durable in their design, these best-selling products have saved many reported customers from incidents that would’ve cost them more than their sight.

Pit Viper 1993 Polarized Sunglasses Review

Strong and sturdy, the Pit Viper 1993 Polarized Sunglasses are touted as more than worth the money.

Fun fact – these glasses come in two size options. Grab the Pit Viper double-wide lenses sit almost half an inch longer than the single-wide option for maximum protection. 

No matter the size chosen, be comfortable in knowing that these glasses provide 100% UV protection. With their multi-colored look, they’re absolutely sure to stand out amongst the crowds of lame, regular sunglasses.

Sold with wrap-around earpieces to never lose the shades and a cloth to keep them clean, this company has thought of everything. Keep these $100 bad boys hanging around the neck for easy access on any sunny day.

Pit Viper The Absolute Freedom Polarized Sunglasses Review

Nothing screams extreme sports like The Absolute Freedom Polarized Sunglasses.

These Pit Viper polarized sunglasses provide safety and a new (out)look for life. The lenses create an orange/brown look-thru color to keep life interesting while protecting from UV rays. Showing off attitude and style while keeping wearers safe, these shades are an easy favorite.

The Pit Viper Absolute Freedom style keeps things cool with their blue lenses and confetti décor on the arms. Why not get a party going everywhere you go? We only get one life, so it may as well be fun.

These sunglasses are available for $99.

Pit Viper The Boomslang Intimidator Sunglasses Review

The name really says it all with this one – The Boomslang Intimidator Sunglasses. Tell us that doesn’t sound cool. We dare you.

Keep your eyes covered, protecting both you and your reputation. These shades cover all angles with side pieces to assure nothing can get to those stunning eyes. The polycarbonate lens looks through to a world of blue to keep things cool all year round.

These glasses set their own limitations with their sizing sitting directly between the single and double-wide frames offered in other styles. At 5.66” long, these $119 glasses keep things protected without taking over the whole look.

Pit Viper the Cosmos 2000 Safety Glasses Review

These may be our favorite pair of shades on this Pit Viper sunglasses review. Take one look at The Cosmos 2000 and you’ll understand immediately.

Styled with black with yellow accents, these glasses bring the dark mystery of the cosmos to Earth with ease. 

These futuristic sunnies are best for those looking to add to their style without wanting to go as far as the multi-colored lens options available. Get the attention, look great, and take on life through a new grey lens.

The one and only downside? These $120 glasses aren’t polarized. Their look more than makes up for that though.

Pit Viper The Peacekeeper Safety Glasses Review

Stay safe and look great with the Pit Viper The Peacekeeper Safety Glasses in your life.

These Pit Viper safety glasses keep things casual. Simple blue lenses with black confetti designs have things covered at all times. Whether they’re worn during work or play, those eyes will be protected all day.

Stay safe, but also channel your inner “Macho Man” Randy Savage for $120.

Pit Viper Apparel Review

Newer to the scene, Pit Viper apparel matches the energy of this brand’s other products to keep the party going. 

Most clothing is available from S to XXL, making these styles suitable for a range of customers. We’ve selected a few top styles to show off in this Pit Viper sunglasses review.

Pit Viper T-FLEX – TECH TEE Review

Men and women everywhere – this cool and casual style is for you. The Pit Viper T-FLEX TECH TEE provides pattern, color, and a perfect fit.

Swapping out traditional cotton, this brand brings in a super-stretch polyester material to make up this design. Lightweight, breathable, and containing 50+ UV protection, this shirt suits every summer sport. 

Featuring a sizing chart to help customers find their fit, you can pair it with some shorts for a great summer style or even some jeans for a sunny spring walk in the park. 

The casual light blues and purples prevent you from sticking out amongst the crowd. Blend in, feel great, and have fun with the dinosaur scale pattern.

This Jurassic-tastic shirt is available for $40.


Straight from the LXIX line of this brand, settle into the sun with the COCO BRONZE HOT MESH HAT.

When they say “hot,” they’re not talking about temperature. This five-panel pattern defies the heat, shading the entire face with its wide brim. Should the summer sun get to be too much, an absorbent band lines the inside to stop any sweat from pouring down.

Adjustable thanks to its back strap, one size really does fit all with this simple cap. Throw it in the beach bag, wear it to the skatepark, or even just around home. This fun fashion is one you won’t want to miss.

This cap is available for $35.

Pit Viper Coco Bronze – Men’s Court Short Review

Tired of those restrictive jeans and cargo shorts that limit all movement? Time to give the Coco Bronze Men’s Court Shorts a shot and try something new.

The washed appearance of the dark material gives these shorts almost a denim appearance. Keep the dark jean style, but feel cool and collected knowing these shorts are crafted from cotton, polyester, and spandex. 

Ready for any movement at any time, these elastic-waisted shorts bring the fun back to functionality.

The best part of these? There’s a hidden pocket. Who doesn’t love a secret pocket for the valuables – you know, a wallet, keys, maybe a spare snack that doesn’t want to be shared with the whole crew.

The Men’s Court Shorts are available for $70.

Pit Viper Coco Bronze – Women’s Boba Tank Review

Keep things looking casual with the Coco Bronze Women’s Boba Tank.

As the last product in this Pit Viper sunglasses review, we’re ending with a classic style. Perfect for surfing, skating, or just summer fun, this purple tank also pairs really well with Pit Viper’s Hot Mesh Hat.

Don’t want the cap? No big deal. This tank is a solid buy on its own. Made entirely from Supima Cotton, this soft and smooth tank falls naturally off the body (avoiding the tight clings of other tanks on the market). Just be cool and comfy all day. That’s not too much to ask.

Grab this tank to add to the closet for $40.

Who Is Pit Viper For? 

The Pit Viper store definitely has their own unique following. This brand markets towards those into sports, partying, and hard work. Do those necessarily go together? Not always, but the protection of their sunglasses speaks volumes towards all three areas.

The flash and flair of these products tend to lean towards a market of teens and young adults. Sticking to color, unique designs, and a website deliberately designed to look like it’s from the ‘90s, these products attract a distinct crowd.

You either love them or you don’t. There’s no in-between.

Pit Viper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here’s the hard part of this article – there aren’t too many Pit Viper sunglasses reviews out there. The website doesn’t have its own review section, so no ratings are available for the store or products there aside from two ratings left per product page.

TrustPilot has a listing for the brand, but it rates the company at 3.1/5-stars based on 11 reviews. That’s right, 11. Safe to say that’s not a general consensus that can objectively be trusted regarding the products and company.

We will say that despite the low numbers, some customer reviews genuinely praised their products. One 5-star reviewer posted, “One of the best sunglasses out there. Great quality and very comfy. I have 3 pairs now and use them for cycling.

One reviewer on TrustPilot noted the slow shipping and how his package was actually lost by the mail service. 

Once Pit Viper had been contacted, the brand sent new products out for no additional fee and tracked every movement to ensure it reached the household. Turns out that customer service does care.

Alternate Pit Viper sunglasses reviews are found on a variety of media outlets, rather than individual customers. 

The Outdoor GearLab rated their glasses 4.1/5-stars, stating they were “A gaudy but high-performing, super-adjustable pair of sunglasses at half the price of most models.

Other reviews posted on Reddit still garner smaller numbers, but when it comes to this brand versus competitors, Redditors agree that Pit Viper is worth the purchase.

One Redditor elaborated on this by saying,

I hated on Pit Vipers then one day bought a pair strictly to ride in. Absolutely love them. I don’t even care if they look ridiculous. They are comfortable and provide all the eye protection I need. I wear them outside of biking now. I have the “Mud Slingers” for low light.

Other reviews on Reddit commented on the wide lens shape, good protection, looks, and performance. Though some find the style a little over-the-top, those who enjoy the design have nothing but praise for these products. 

Is Pit Viper Worth It?

For the final thoughts of this Pit Viper sunglasses review, it’s worth it – if you like the look of these sunglasses or products, then go for the buy. From the reviews seen, this brand stands up strong against the elements. 

The products seem durable, protective, and worthy of any party or extreme sport. Blocking out sun rays, dirt, stones, and any other elements that may hurt the eyes, these shades are well designed to hold up against time and tough situations.

As long as the look works for you, go right ahead with a purchase.

Pit Viper Promotions & Discounts 

Pit Viper isn’t known for their promotions, but they do have a discount for those in the military. The brand doesn’t list how much of a discount is given, but any money off is a good thing.

Where to Buy Pit Viper  

Here’s an important note to take from this Pit Viper sunglasses review – if you’re looking to buy, make sure to check for a list of retailers. 

These sunglasses are often copied by scam brands and sold for twice the price. Save yourself the money and time, order directly from the brand website itself.

If the website doesn’t work for some reason, there’s a full list of all partner retailers online, so make sure to buy from one of those sources:

  • Aistru
  • Altitude Sports
  • Big White Ski Resort
  • Do North Outfitters
  • Jonny Sprockets
  • Mud Sweat and Gears
  • Roots Outdoor NC
  • Sullys
  • Vicious Cycle


Who owns Pit Viper?  

Pit Viper is owned by the founder, Chuck Mumford. Mumford established the brand in 2012.

Does Pit Viper Offer Prescription Sunglasses?  

Pit Viper lenses cannot be swapped out for prescriptions. With that being said, with the RX Pit Vipers, prescription lenses can be fitted to sit just inside the lenses of other frames. 

It’s an additional step, but more than worth the effort to strut a new style and retain your sight while doing it.

Does Pit Viper Offer a Military Discount?  

Yes, this Pit Viper sunglasses review has discovered the brand offers a military discount. The amount is not listed online, so those who fall under the category should contact the company for more information.

Where are Pit Viper Sunglasses made? 

All Pit Viper sunglasses are designed in Salt Lake City, Utah and are made in Taiwan and China.

Does Pit Viper Ship Internationally? 

Yes, Pit Viper does ship internationally. Countries can be set upon going to the website. Information is provided for each country regarding taxes and duties for shipping, a very nice touch indeed.

What is Pit Viper’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to make an order? Here are your shipping options:

  • Standard Shipping
    • 3-5 business days
    • US shipping $5 for orders under $25
    • Free shipping for orders over $25
  • Priority Shipping
    • 2 business days
    • Prices are dependent on location

All orders over $250 will require a signature to make sure the pieces are delivered to the right person. It can be annoying to wait and sign, but it guarantees a safe delivery.

Tracking codes will be emailed out once the package has shipped. These emails can occasionally show up under spam folders, so if the package has shipped and you don’t see a number, check the spam folder before reaching out to customer service.

Ready for those international fees? Well, they really depend on location:

  • Canada
    • $10 flat rate for orders up to $400
    • 10-20 business days
  • Australia
    • $15 flat rate for orders up to $400
    • 10-20 business days
  • Everywhere else
    • $15 flat rate for orders up to $400
    • 15-25 business days

Duties and taxes may be applied depending on the country you’re shipping to. These costs can be calculated at checkout to get it all out of the way.

What is Pit Viper’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Pit Viper sunglasses? The brand offers full refunds within 45-days of purchase. Keep this in mind and remember not to start counting from the delivery date if you want that money back.

International customers must pay return costs by themselves, but US residents will receive prepaid labels for each return. To make a return simply:

  1. Check out the Returns section of the website to use the portal
  2. Fill out the required information
  3. Package products in original packaging
  4. Slap on the label and ship it out

That’s all it takes. Remember, 45 days is all you’ve got unless the product falls into the exceptions.

What are the exceptions you ask? Any damaged or defective items can be returned after the limit once the customer emails customer service photos and explanations of the issue.

If the glasses arrived with an issue, email [email protected]  with pictures or video of the defect, order number, and shipping address. Customer service will get back as soon as possible with an exchange or equal solution.

One final note – if you somehow manage to break these glasses, this brand will actually be impressed. To take advantage of the warranty, they have a few requirements before sending out a replacement pair:

  1. Film a re-enactment of how the glasses broke. The more dramatic and overstated, the better. We’re talking over-acting, lighting, multiple parties involved. Go big or go home.
  2. Email good old Brian at customer service the video, photos of the broken shades, and the original order number
  3. The video will be watched, critiqued, and should you impress*, a replacement pair will be sent out.

*It’s not actually dependent on whether or not the video impresses. A replacement will come. But it may as well be good if it’s being done. We’re talking Film Festival worthy. No pressure.

How to Contact Pit Viper 

Need some more information after reading through this Pit Viper sunglasses review? Reach out to the company with any questions and they’ll be more than happy to get back with an answer. They have three methods of contact available:

  • Phone: 1-844-420-7355 Toll-Free
    • 8 AM – 7 PM Monday to Friday and 11 AM – 6 PM Saturday and Sunday
      Mountain Time
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Fill out the Contact form on their website

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