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Zeelool Review

Anyone who wears glasses knows how easily a pair can make or break a look. What some select on a whim can alter the perception of a personality just based on the color and style chosen. 

Time after time we’re forced to choose wisely as those frames don’t come cheap. At least they didn’t until Zeelool entered the picture.

We’ll admit, this brand isn’t quite as well known as some others in the industry. They haven’t been heavily featured online in the press or media, but they’ve still made an impact. 

In the short years since their 2017 launch, this brand has managed to claim over 387k followers on their main Instagram page, and that’s not even looking to their specialized pages for gendered styles and individual countries.

The point is – we as a world need to know more about this brand. That’s why this Zeelool review is dedicated to determining all of the most important information and compiling it in a single location. 

Products, prices, ratings, shipping services – we’re checking it all out to determine whether this brand should be a buy.

Overview of Zeelool

Zeelool Review

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of background available for this brand. The company has kept names and dates close to the chest, but we do know that they first popped up in 2017

The idea for inexpensive frames, fun styles, and self-expression came to the founder after their child broke their glasses (again) and they realized that they’d be shelling out over $500 for new frames in an old style. Forget that.

We may not know the name of the founder or current owner, but we do relate heavily to that story. Too many times have glasses snapped, costing hundreds in replacement for outdated fashions. 

That’s why Zeelool’s main values center around low costs, high fashion, and unlimited self-expression.

Considering how many people in the world have to wear glasses every day, there should be more options than the single pair we can all afford every few years. People deserve options to mix and match depending on outfits and attitudes. 

They deserve to show off their fun side just as much as their professional side. That’s why Zeelool keeps costs low – to help people afford a wider collection that shows off their personal style.

The best part about this brand (other than their expansive and unparalleled collection) has to be their quality. Not only does Zeelool focus on style, but they follow through with reliable frames made to withstand the pressures, accidents, and adventures of everyday life

Using solid and superior materials, these frames manage to keep costs low without sacrificing on strength, which is always a bonus in our eyes.

We will admit though, those aren’t the only pros our Zeelool review has found through research. We’ve got quite the list of highlights:


Zeelool Review
  • Offers an expansive inventory of glasses and frames
  • Low costs
  • Reliable integrity of materials
  • International shipping 
  • A range of lenses from progressive to single vision to blue light and more
  • Financing options available with Afterpay

It’s impossible to cover the whole range of what this brand brings to the table, so we’re going to separate it by men’s and women’s styles for now. 

With that being said, there are also options for reading and kid’s glasses as well, so don’t be afraid to go diving into the depths to really find what fits the need. We’ll say it now – their answer likely exists in the endless options.

Zeelool Women’s Glasses Review

Who doesn’t love a lady in glasses? Especially if they’re the fun and funky Zeelool Women’s glasses.

We know that fashion tends to be personal, so rather than choosing our favorites to show off, we’re sticking with some of the most popular pieces from this brand for now – trust us, it won’t take long to craft an individual list of personal picks.

Zeelool Sean Eyeglasses Review

We wanted to start this Zeelool review section with a classic style, so the Sean Eyeglasses stood out as the perfect fit.

These classic cat-eye frames will never grow old. A touch of attitude, a dash of elegance, there’s no losing with these tipped frames that just scream out intelligence and grace

Crafted with solid plastic to provide strength in the most turmoil of times, these frames will be a steady presence in anyone’s life as they guide the way with a clear vision of the world.

Let’s not forget to mention our color options. Forget classic black, we’ve got some fun ones with these frames. From red to blue to the always popular tortoise pattern with light and dark hues battling for attention, there are selections to spare. 

For those who really like the style, stock up with more than one color to really be ready for each day.

Tackle the traditional in a new way with these frames for $29.

Zeelool Dolores Review

Go for gold and never settle for less once the Dolores frames have entered the picture.

These Zeelool glasses are all about a wide and bright view. Shining like the sun itself, these full-frame yellow glasses circle the eyes to really make that color pop. 

Contrasted by black arms and yellow earpieces, anyone who wears these frames will be buzzing like a bee, just full of life and all it offers!

Made with TR90 plastic, these glasses seem to do the impossible – combine flexibility and strength. The give of the material means that anyone who typically struggles with breaking can turn to these ones for that added flexibility to save the day. 

They’re sturdy, reliable, and offer all the good vibes with their stunning sunny color. At the time of writing this Zeelool review, these glasses are on sale for $17 rather than their regular $29 price.

Zeelool Emma Sunglasses Review 

Right away, we have to note that the Emma Sunglasses aren’t necessarily for the world, just those who love to make an entrance.

These shades really do let you the best in life through their rose-tinted glasses. Stunning, sweet, and reminiscent of the beauty of pink lemonade, their pink and golden shades complement each other perfectly for that satisfying summer vibe. 

Add a bikini, a book, and a beach, we’re good to go.

Despite being made from metal, these solid frames avoid the heat, leaving only reliable connections to the lenses we love. 

Speaking of lenses, we have to add in the sensational UV protection offered in this rosy view, protecting eyes from the harsh and harmful glares of the sun we all hate to love.

Heat up any summer look with these glasses for $14.

Zeelool Men’s Review

Show off that intelligent appearance with these Zeelool Men’s best-sellers. Selecting from more classic and contemporary styles (we’ll leave the wacky options up to personal discovery) these frames are all about being cool, calm, and collected in every situation.

Zeelool Arthur Eyeglasses Review

Strike out into the world with a solid and sharp new look featuring the Arthur Eyeglasses.

These babies are all about that sleek, contemporary style. Working with straight lines and edges, these square frames keep life (and you) looking sharp at all times. There’s nothing crazy or off-putting about these stunning and solid frames. 

Available in a bold black, there’s no way people won’t be looking to you for the test answers once these smart styles are added to daily wear.

The best part about these frames? They’re offered with a number of options. Whether working with blue light, single vision, or in need of the transition to a progressive lens lifestyle, these frames can work with them all. 

They answer each and every call, providing that perfect sight in compact and reliable frames that aren’t afraid of a bit of adventurous living.

Set out with these stylish frames for $10, on sale from the regular price of $23.

Zeelool Arale Eyeglasses Review

We’ll admit, the Arale Eyeglasses are a look unlike any other. We love them for it.

Featuring a similar style to tortoise shells, these rounded glasses really diverge from the typical through the bridge. Swerving away from the standard curved mid-point, the Arale frames instead take things in a more geometric direction. 

Flat across the nose, the shapes and tones of this frame just beckon out to the steampunk fanatics of the world.

We can’t forget about color. Inspired by a collaboration of steampunk and more natural aesthetics, these frames take on a grayish brown tone, offering differing shades to mimic the golden hues of wood. Overall, they’re stunning; that’s all is to say.

Start showing off that new image for $26.

Zeelool Ainslee Sunglasses Review 

Afraid of getting too wild? The Ainslee Sunglasses perfectly balance that feeling of fun and formal with ease.

This pair of sunnies is actually pretty simple. The striped design alternates in thick pieces of clear, black, and deep red shades to form the soothing pattern. The wild side here clearly comes from the stripes, but the chosen colors tone the frames down to something appropriate in pretty much any setting.

Made for either men or women, this acetate frame is all about a solid foundation. 

Whether using these with a prescription, blue light lenses, or just as light and sunny shades, the square frames with their curved edges soften the appearance to make the look approachable and easy.

Pair these frames with practically any look for $13.

Who Is Zeelool For? 

Zeelool Review

Those without 20/20 vision, this brand is for you. We understand that not everyone wants to be ordering prescription lenses online, but the variety available from this one is unbelievable. 

Great for cheap reading or blue light glasses as well as those required lenses used for daily vision, this brand has been verified for providing the correct prescriptions at a lower cost.

Great for ordering a bit of variety into a daily accessory, this one keeps prices low and options high in a perfect balance. From men to women to children, our Zeelool review team has found styles for any and everyone.

Zeelool Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zeelool Review

We wanted our Zeelool review to reflect honest opinions, so we had to turn to the world of online ratings for the best idea of how this brand stacks up. 

A first glance shows that they’re a bit of a mixed bag. While there are definitely customers that adore the brand, there are just as many with some personal issues in place, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

One of the best sources we found for Zeelool reviews came from an old standby, TrustPilot. This platform rates the business 3.8/5 stars based on over 2,100 ratings. 

While there are some mixed ratings, many customers actually ended up adoring the products and service.

I love my new glasses! They were so pretty I got different color variations of the same frame and one of them I couldn’t find on any other site! I ordered from the US and it took a little over two weeks to get here.

One of the things most often highlighted in the top reviews on this platform is the delivery services. Customers report quick shipping times, contrasting opinions and accounts of those with lower ratings. 

We will say that the frames themselves seem to be widely appreciated due to colors, patterns, and overall solid crafting – that’s never a bad thing.

In fact, one Zeelool review seems to encapsulate all of the best aspects of the business in one post: “I have ordered 2 pairs of frames from this company and I am delighted. They are perfect. Delivery was fast and follow up of ordering was excellent service. I highly recommend this company.

We have to say, TrustPilot isn’t the only one on the interweb with insight into this brand. In fact, US Reviews offers a bit of a dimmer perspective with a 4.4/10 rating. Despite the lower number, the most recent reviews all praise the brand. 

One individual even stated, “I’m honestly surprised by the bad reviews here. Delivery was shorter than I expected. The frame is cute, the prescription lenses (single vision) seem good so far, but my experience has been great.

The same customer later (in their lengthy review) combatted claims against customer service by noting “I connected customer service after I placed my order and they got back to me within a day.” 

It seems to vary from person to person, but many have experienced great service and delivery from the company time and time again.  

I ordered the wrong PD for my prescription and even though it was my own fault, they offered 50% off of my next order. My order was only slightly affected by holiday shipping and arrived within a timely manner. I don’t understand why I saw so many negative reviews here. They are pretty transparent in their services and I got exactly what I ordered.

Aside from the services, the products themselves seem to come out well. On Amazon, the Zeelool Vintage Oversized Thick Cat Eye Glasses popularly sit at 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,100 ratings. It makes sense due to them being such a classic style, but the fact remains that thousands of individuals adore these frames enough to buy multiple pairs. 

One Zeelool review mentioned the attention gained by these frames specifically, stating they’re “so cute!! Gotten a lot of compliments in the few days I’ve had these, thick strong durable framewill definitely purchase another style.”

Their sturdy quality is another element popping up consistently in the review section. From mentioning they’re “so well made and sturdy, [but] look and feel very expensive!” to posting about how they “are definitely a winner. Sturdy, no plastic feel at all. Plus, it’s nice to spice up your eyewear for all occasions,” it’s clear that this brand is loved.

These frames aren’t alone in their attention. They’re just one of the many featured pairs on Amazon to draw in hundreds of purchases. Check up just a few of these other big hitters:

  • Zeelool Stylish Thick Oversized Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women: 4.4/5 stars based on over 385 ratings
  • Zeelool Women’s Metal Browline Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses: 4.3/5 stars based on 305 ratings
  • Zeelool Vintage Oversized Thick Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women: 4.1/5 stars based on over 320 ratings
  • Zeelool Stylish Oversized Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer Gaming Eyewear for Women: 4.4/5 stars based on 400 ratings
  • Zeelool Women’s Oversized Blue Light Blocking Glasses Butterfly Shape Eyewear: 4.3/5 stars based on over 160 ratings

We know that Amazon doesn’t use the official Zeelool names, but the frames are the same quality, build, and come from the same distributor for an equal cost. 

We’ve already highlighted some customer complaints about service and shipping, but the other issue brought up tends to revolve around refunds. It seems some customers experience delays in getting that money back, leading to further frustration – totally fair.

With that being said, it’s a mixed bag as others have experienced completely different interactions. We will say that the quality seems to be top-notch in most reviews, so that aspect is a safe bet.

Is Zeelool Worth It?

Zeelool Review

We’ll be honest, this Zeelool review is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to what we’ve learned. We do believe that their extensive range of frames is unmatched, and we don’t want to limit people to what’s only available in a brick-and-mortar store. 

We think the quality and options are worth giving a shot, especially at such low prices. That said, their service and shipping seem to be more debatable amongst customers.

Our solution? Get the frames via another retailer if you’re especially worried. It’s clear that the quality builds seem to be universally admired, so take the best without the worst. 

Zeelool still makes their profit off of the frames, but customers don’t have to chance iffy service and shipping speeds. Simple and sweet, customers still save money, time, and end up with top-tier frames.

Zeelool Promotions & Discounts 

Zeelool Review

We have to admit that while writing this article we found Zeelool coupon codes everywhere. Upon entering the site, deals start flashing. It’s clear that this brand is all about savings. 

We’ve listed just a few of the top discounts available right now to keep in mind when purchasing:

  • Wheel of discounts offering up to $18 off
  • Women’s Day Sale up to 80% off
  • Buy one pair, get one 50% off
  • Student discount of 12% off

Where to Buy Zeelool 

Zeelool Review

Our Zeelool review discovered that one of the reasons costs remain so low comes down to availability. Selling solely through their site at and through Amazon, this business cuts out the middleman and goes from manufacturer to your home for cheap.  


Zeelool Review

Who owns Zeelool?

From what we can tell, the brand is possibly trademarked by Zhengzhou Xiaomoshou E-Commerce Co. Unfortunately, there’s no clear identity of the founder or owner listed online.

Does Zeelool ship internationally?

Yes, they do! They’re very proud to offer extensive international shipping.

Where is Zeelool made?

Zeelool products are made in China. No worries about quality though as China is one of the best in the game when it comes to eyewear.

What is Zeelool’s Shipping Policy?

Have we got the info for all of you – from ETAs to delivery fees, it’s all easily accessible online. Rather than sending readers out to do a search, we’ve put together a quick list of the three shipping speeds available. 

Since it’s dependent on the country, we’ve gone with a typical US shipment for our example:

  • Standard Shipping
    • 14 to 21 business days
    • $7
  • Advanced Shipping
    • 10 to 14 business days
    • $10
  • Business Express
    • 7 to 12 business days
    • $19

We do have to note that free shipping is available for orders over $70 and that will be calculated and applied at checkout before ordering. 

All shipments are tracked with info sent out to customers once a package is en route. Keep an eye on the tracker and get ready for a new look.

What is Zeelool’s Return Policy?

Need that money back? There’s no worry here as Zeelool offers a 365-day warranty on all products for damages and defects. Those who just don’t like the product or have buyer’s remorse have 30 days to initiate a return for a refund.

Here’s the deal, this whole return process is actually pretty standard. It’s really the same few basic steps as any other location:

  1. Send an email to customer service about the request to return and reasoning (include order number and address for faster service)
  2. Wait for a response with further instructions and a return address
  3. Package up the item for return with the new label and ship it off

Obviously, if there are any issues with the production itself, email customer service as soon as possible to let them know for a replacement or refund. As for normal returns, all we can do is offer up these steps with no real ETA for that money back.

How to Contact Zeelool

Zeelool Review

Have any lingering questions after this Zeelool review? Totally fine (we sometimes have questions too). The best way to conquer this curiosity – reaching out from Mon – Sun 4:30 PM – 1:30 AM next day (PST)

Not the most typical hours, but that’s all we can offer aside from these easy ways to get in touch:

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