Softstar Shoes Review

About Softstar Shoes

Softstar Shoes Review

Softstar creates handcrafted barefoot-inspired shoes made from sustainably sourced materials to make men’s, women’s, and children’s feet happy. 

This Softstar shoes review found that the brand has been featured in The New York Times, Runner’s World, Blue Mountain Eagle, PR Newswire, Gear Junkie, The Courier, and many other magazines and blogs. The brand also has 24k followers on Instagram, and 21K on Facebook. 

The brand also won the 2018 DeMuro Award for its workshop innovations and was nominated for an American Made Award in 2013.

This Softstar shoes review will check out the brand and its best-selling shoes, provide examples of customer reviews, information on promotions, and more, to help you decide if Softstar’s natural, minimal shoes are the right fit for you. 

Overview of Softstar

Softstar Shoes Review

Softstar’s story is simple, just like their shoes. The brand was officially formed in 1985 after the husband and wife team, Tim and Jeanie Oliver came up short when searching for healthy, minimal shoes for their daughter.

The couple began selling to their family and friends and their simple idea took off. Today, many of their best-selling styles, including their Softstar Leather Moccasins, are in high demand and have comfort and durability that lasts.

Their shoes are handmade from the Softstar workshop in Philomath, Oregon by a team of talented artisans. The brand refers to its team members as “elves,” truly matching the whimsical and outdoorsy vibe the brand embodies.

Speaking of outdoorsy, the brand is very environmentally conscious and is constantly inventing new ways to lower its carbon footprint in the manufacturing of its shoes. They succeed by implementing:

  • Natural leather
  • Extra-Sustainable Ecopell
  • Merino Wool
  • Genuine Sheepskin
  • Green Adhesives
  • Reusing materials
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Composting

Their commitment to sustanability shows as the brand has been recognized by Oregon Business for over 5 years as one of its 100 Best Green Workplaces.

Softstar Shoes Review

All together, these practices create a weightless, barefoot feeling while remaining strong and in good condition for years. With cold nights at the cottage just around the corner, we recommend Softstar Zero Drop Boots for around the fire. More on that later.

Now that you know a little more about how the brand got started, this Softstar shoes review talk more about some of the things we truly love about them.


  • Sustainably sourced & eco-friendly leather, sheepskin, and Vibram soling
  • Promotes foot’s natural shape & spread
  • Wide toe box to let toes breathe and wiggle – important for properly movement
  • Children’s shoes are crafted to help their feet grow naturally
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Made from natural materials
  • Conforms to your feet
  • Offers accessories to repair foot conditions
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Customers say shipping is fast & packaging is lovely 
  • Free shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Happy Feet Guarantee
  • Easy returns

Softstar Earthing shoes mimic barefoot feels, encouraging healthy foot movement and helping you to connect with the earth.

This Softstar shoes review will break down some of the brand’s shoes and accessories, from kid’s summer sandals to cozy adult slippers, and functional laces that promote activity and exploration. 

Softstar Grounding Shoes Review

Softstar Kid’s shoes are minimal, but keep your little one’s feet protected.

This Softstar shoes review will feature some of the brand’s best-selling shoes, including warm booties, non-skid moccasins, and freeing summer sandals that encourage your child’s growth and development within and without. 

Softstar Baby Roo Moccasin – Suede Leather Review

Colorful and adorable, the Baby Roo Moccasin – Suede Leather protects your baby’s good while setting their feet up for success in the future.

These moccasins allow your child’s foot to move as it will, without constricting it and inhibiting growth on their bones in any way.

These Softstar handmade moccasins come in either Chocolate/ Moss or Turquoise/Purple color combinations, both of which are bright, fun, and expressive. 

The Baby Roo Moccasin – Suede Leather is made from natural materials and mimics the barefoot experience with added protection. The specially-made Softstar shoe soles are non-skid, helping your little one stay up and walking strong.

The inner soles of these Softstar moccasins are made from soft sheepskin that will keep your child’s foot dry and prevent chafing when not wearing socks. Great for indoor and outdoor adventures, the Baby Roo Moccasin – Suede Leather is $50.

Softstar Child Laguna Sandal Review 

It’s important for kids to run, play, and explore the world. It’s also important that their feet get to branch out as well on their own natural accord.

Regular shoes can create foot problems later in life, which is why the Child Laguna Sandal was created. With a Velcro closure, these sandals are easy to put on, adjust, and take off, and are perfect for hot weather where feet need to breathe. 

Made from natural leather dyed with non-toxic colors, the Child Laguna Sandal comes in a Purple/Peacock color scheme that is vibrant and full of life.

Encourage your child to grow with the Child Laguna Sandal for $65.

Softstar Child/Youth Rambler Review

Need something comfortable and durable for your child’s day shoe? The Child/Youth Rambler provides all the coziness of a classic moccasin without falling apart through wear-and-tear.

Made with a strong Vibram sole and a concealed elastic in the ankle these shoes are meant o stand the test of time while also having a moisture-wicking insole. Plus, these shoes come in 5 girl and boy-friendly colors.

Need more? These shoes also have genuine sheepskin and suede innersoles that provide the option of wearing the shoes with or without socks. Grab your pair of the Child/Youth Rambler for only $65.

Softstar Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slipper Review 

After a long day on your feet, coming home and slipping into cozy, fuzzy, comfortable shoes is a dream come true. The Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slipper is made for use inside of your house – do not take these outside!

These Softstar sheepskin slippers are made from genuine short wool sheepskin, suede, and soft cow leather, so they will stain and damage easily.

No, these shoes were created for snuggly nights spent next to a fire reading your favorite book and enjoying a hot cup of your favorite beverage. 

The Softstar Shoes Fireside Slipper has adjustable cuffs that can be rolled up or down, keep your ankles covered, or let them breathe. Know that these slippers will stretch as you wear them, so give them a couple of wears if at first, you find them not roomy enough.

Available in Stonytip, the classic natural beige color, the Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slippers are $125. 

Softstar Adult Hawthorne Chukka Review

A comfortable shoe for work that can also double as your everyday footwear for the cottage is hard to come by, but the Adult Hawthorne Chukka is willing to try.

These comfortable shoes are made from Dublin leather, making them incredibly lightweight and flexible. The added bonus of a zero-drop sole means that these shoes are durable enough to take on terrain and last for a long time.

Coming in 4 colors, these shoes can be your everyday shoes for all occasions without the discomfort of tight dress shoes. To prove it, these shoes can be worn with or without socks due to the suede innersole.

The Adult Hawthorne Chukka comes for the price of $190.

Softstar Adult Primal Sawyer Review

Softstar has claimed that this next set of footwear “make you forget you’re even wearing shoes!”

The Adult Primal Sawyer differs slightly from the Hawthorne Chukka since its unique wide sole design makes it coincide with the foot’s natural shape while being extremely lightweight.

The extra-wide toe box provides your toes with room to breathe the way they are meant to. Plus, these shoes’ zero-drop Vibram soles make the shoes even and more durable so they last long without compromising on comfort.

These Adult Primal Sawyer also comes with additional Nubuck leather uppers and a BeathOprene padded tongue to make the most out of the shoe’s breathability, reliability, and comfort.

The Adult Primal Sawyer comes for the price of $135 and is offered in 4 neutral colors.

Softstar Adult Dash RunAmoc Review

These shoes are meant to go the distance with you as a lightweight, durable, and flexible shoe with a 5mmVibram Omniflex sole and responsibly sourced materials with the added benefit of a wide toe box for ease of movement.

Wear these Adult Dash RunAmoc shoes with or without socks for the price of $150.

Softstar Adult Primal Merry Jane Review

Now something for the ladies. The Adult Primal Merry Jane shoes are meant to be your easy out-and-about shoe or even something minimal for the office.

Made with a wide toe box to allow your feet to breathe, the Vibram sole and soft leather make you feel as if you are walking on air, while the customizable buckle allows you to adjust your shoes to a preferred tightness without the pain of blisters from friction.

With only 5 oz of weight to it, these could be your next optimal shoe for anything and everything in 4 neutral color options. The Adult Primal Merry Jane shoes come at the price of $150.

Softstar Adult Ballerine Flat Review

Every girl has a busy lifestyle, and running out of the house at the last minute is a given. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a shoe to slip on in a rush that is also supportive, durable, flexible, and goes with whatever you are wearing?

The Adult Ballerine Flat does all of this and more. Made from high-quality leather uppers and a suede sole, these shoes are meant to be light and breathable without causing moisture throughout the day.

These shoes are made with the brand’s signature Vibram sole for a barefoot feeling all day and an elastic trim that molds to your feet every time.

The Adult Ballerine Flat comes for the price of $155.

Softstar T-Form Metatarsal Pads – Pedag Review

Most shoes aren’t designed to help feet. In fact, many of them actually cause foot problems by limiting your foot’s natural movement and toe spread when you walk.

The T-Form Metatarsal Pads – Pedag helps to restore your foot’s natural arch, realigning toes, and easing foot issues like metatarsalgia, arch pain, capsulizes, and neuromas. 

The T-Form shape of these pads steers clear of the big arch of your foot, instead, helping the one directly under the ball of your foot to correct your toe position.

The T-From Metatarsal Pads – Pedag has a memory foam core for comfort, and an external goatskin cover for that classic Softstar natural feel that you’ve come to love.

To use, peel off the adhesive back and stick to your favorite shoe. Get your foot back into shape with the T-Form Metatarsal Pads – Pedag for $10. 

Softstar Lock Laces for Primal and Dash RunAmocs Review

Traditional laces are great, they give us the adjustment we need and they make shoes look great. There are just two little problems: they come undone at the worst times and for those of us with any type of hand issue, they’re a pain to tie and untie.

The Lock Laces for Primal and Dash RunAmocs secure laces into place in a cinch. Slide the lock up to loosen and down to tighten. Lock laces are easy to use for both kids and seniors, or anyone who is fed up with regular laces. 

The Lock Laces for Primal and Dash RunAmocs are designed for Softstar grounding shoes, Primal and Dash RunAmocs – the brand’s two active shoes used by hikers and runners.

If you find your Softstar barefoot shoes are too tight, simply pull up on the lock a little. The patented double eyelet lock grips the laces and ensures they stay secure. Available in black, grey, or navy blue, the Lock Laces for Primal and Dash RunAmocs are $8. 

Softstar Nikwax – Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing Review

Full-grain leather is soft, beautiful, and…easily water-damaged. Of course, you can try to wear your shoes only on days that it doesn’t rain, but it may just be easier to waterproof them to help them last longer.

Use the Nikiwax – Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing spray to keep them protected. You can even use it on leather and suede that is already wet. When you use it, be sure to follow these steps guidelines:

  • Brush off any dirt with a damp cloth
  • Shake the bottle well
  • Apply generously from a distance of 5cm, or use a sponge
  • Remove after 2 minutes with a cloth
  • Let dry before you wear your shoes outside

The Nikiwax – Nubuck and Suede Waterproofing spray provides Durable Water Repellency while making sure your shoes stay breathable.

When leather gets wet and doesn’t dry properly, it can rot, which is the last thing you want for your favorite pair of shoes, keep them protected with this spray for $11

Softstar Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Softstar Shoes Review

To give you a better idea of what Softstar Shoes are like, this Softstar shoes review took to the internet to find helpful customer reviews.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some reviews that speak on Softstar shoes, sourced from the brand’s website, Outdoor Gear Lab, and Reddit. 

The Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slipper is rated 4.9/5 stars by 94 customers on The vast majority of those who wear these shoes love them and write of their high quality and comfort.

One customer that mentioned quick shipping and their comfy feel wrote, “My slippers arrived quickly, thoughtfully packaged, looked and smelled really nice, so I bared my feet and put them on. They were so soft and cozy.”

The PRIMAL RunAmoc is rated 4.5/5 stars by reviewer Lyra Pierotti on

After wearing these shoes for casual activities as well as hiking, Pierotti told her readers that they are, “excellent casual, walking and light urban running shoe[s] for the barefoot enthusiast.”

In terms of the roominess that these shoes boast, Pierotti said, “[It ensures] ease of toe splay and allow[s] you to lift your toes easily as well. The soft leather is comfortable with or without socks.”

A Softstar Shoes Reddit review for the Dash, a lightweight shoe meant for casual to athletic activities, talked about the pros of the shoe. The Reddit user wrote:

“I love the way they feel, though. Super-light, very flexible, thin soles (I have the 2mm “street” soles), nice wide toe box. Walking in them doesn’t feel much different than walking in socks, IMO.”

Are Softstar Shoes Worth It?

Softstar Shoes Review

Softstar has been around since 1985, making minimal shoes that encourage natural foot development and movement while promoting foot health. The benefits of wearing Softstar shoes are vast, including superior comfort, resolving foot issues, and helping the earth.

Customers enjoy the details and wear of the brand’s shoes, writing that they are flexible, lightweight, and allow their toes to move around. We recommend referring to the Softstar shoe size chart for more information on sizing. 

As for the brand itself, they are a small team with a big heart, using sustainably sourced materials to handcraft their shoes, and reusing and recycling where possible. Plus, the manufacturing practices are some of the most environmantally-friendly you can find.

While researching, this Softstar shoes review thought the company was basic and straightforward, with no frills, but they’re willing to work with customers who have special requests, such as expedited shipping, or a custom color scheme.

Their prices are also reasonable for well-made, high-quality shoes that can last a long time if cared for properly.

Although, some have concerns about the comfort and sizing of the shoes as well as worry about the dye on the shoes rubbing off.

If you do have an issue with the brand, they don’t take it personally. They offer a 45-day return policy on all of their shoes for a full refund.

If you’re looking for a shoe that allows the free movement of your foot, but protects it from the elements, this Softstar shoes review believes this brand is a good choice, and that their products are worth the buy. 

Softstar Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Softstar Shoes Review 1

This Softstar shoes review found that the only promotion the brand currently has going on is their offer for free shipping.

They also hold a Softstar Shoes sale semi-annually. Subscribe to their mailing list for information on any Softstar Shoes promo codes the brand may have.

Where to Buy Softstar

Softstar Shoes Review

The only place Softstar shoes are available is directly from, or visit their showroom in Oregon. 


Softstar Shoes Review 2

What is Softstar’s Shipping Policy?

Softstar ships to almost every country in the world. To find out if they ship to your country, click the flag at the top of the Softstar webpage.

Once you place your order, processing takes about 1-4 business days, but the brand notes that it could take up to 10 business days in busier seasons. 

Although no shipping options are listed on their website, they do offer free standard shipping, of which a time estimation will be given at checkout and depends on your location.

If you need your order quickly, give Softstar a call and they will try and expedite your order. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that contains a tracking number that you can use to track your parcel’s progress. 

What is Softstar’s Return Policy?

You can return your Softstar shoes within 45 days of receipt if they are in brand new condition. This means that if you have treated your shoes with leather care products, you cannot return them.

Shoes that were bought in a clearance sale, or were specially made-to-measure cannot be returned either. If your return is valid, then you will receive a full refund to your original method of payment.

You will be responsible for all return shipping costs. US customers have 2 options to make a return:

  1. Print a prepaid shipping label ($9 will be deducted from your refund amount)
  2. Ship it yourself 

Softstar also has a Happy Feet Guarantee that covers any flaws due to the workmanship, fit, or durability of the shoes.

Those who would like to make an exchange, rather than a return, can do so by contacting customer service and following the same process as a regular return. 

Softstar Shoes Contact Info

If you’d like to get in contact with a Softstar Shoes team member to find out any other information that this Softstar shoes review did not include, you can do so, Monday – Friday 9am–11:45am and 12:30pm–4pm (PT), by calling (541) 753-5845.

It’s always better to have more options. Check out our reviews for other top sustainable footwear brands:





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